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    George Buildings Aluminum casement windows can create a modern but timeless look. Available in varying designs, these windows feature a strong frame material that can last a long time. Along with other benefits, an aluminum casement window is a right choice in terms of design and style preference.

    Aluminum casement windows are excellent for ventilation. Unlike with other types of windows, you can place it higher on the wall. You may open it even if it is raining outside, not worrying that moisture will get inside. It is a unique type of window, which we at George Buildings think you will like to have in your home.



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    Aluminum Casement Windows Materials

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    Aluminum casement window is made of Aluminum building profiles frame. Fan Structure of the window, sub-ordinary aluminum  windows and the aluminum windows. Aluminum casement windows with beautiful, sealed, high strength, widely used in the field of construction engineering. In home decoration, commonly used aluminum  windows packaging balcony.

    The surface of the aluminum is smooth and shiny after oxidation. The Window Sash frame is big, can set the glass of bigger area.To let indoor light sufficient bright, enhanced the facades between indoor and outdoor contrast. Aluminum is easy to extrusion, profile cross-section size accurate, high-precision processing. So in the decoration of many owners have chosen to use aluminum windows.

    Types of  Aluminum Casement Windows

    Aluminum Casement windows are divided into push-pull type and top-hung type. Its advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good airtightness, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inward opening type is convenient for cleaning windows. The outward opening type does not take up space when opening.

    How To Choose Good Quality Aluminum Casement Windows

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    Recognition of  Signs
    Manufacturers with formal or production licenses shall indicate the product logo on the obvious parts of their aluminum products. Including: manufacturer name or trademark, product name, product model
    Aluminum Casement window performance
    Strength, which is mainly reflected in the selection of materials for doors and windows.Whether it can withstand ultra-high pressure.Air tightness is mainly reflected in the structure of doors and windows. Whether the inner and outer frames of doors and windows are tightly structured. And whether the doors and windows are tight.
    Casement window glass
    Now the doors and windows produced by regular manufacturers mainly use float glass and low-emissivity coated glass. Float glass is much better than flat glass in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission and avoiding visual distortion. Low-emissivity coated glass has better quality in terms of heat insulation, heat preservation, light transmission, and UV filtering.

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