Kitchen Ideas: The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

Kitchen Ideas – The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

All eyes and ears focus here. Whether you’re toying the idea of renovating your kitchen with a new color scheme or changing lighting and tiles, we got you! Maximize the seemingly endless options for material textures, shapes, patterns, and hues.

This article will help you ace your design project so make mental notes about the nifty design essentials that might come in handy.


I. Top 10 Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022

Remodeling your kitchen is a perfect venue for you to add a splash of your personality to one of the most used, and sometimes abused, spaces in your home. Add features that combine both aesthetics and functionality. There are many aspects you should consider to successfully refurbish your kitchen so you definitely need to bring your A-game.

1. Dark Color Palette

If you antagonize the idea of adding color to your kitchen, defy the norms of opting for white as your main kitchen color and go for darker tones. Who knows you might just love it especially if you’re in for some drama and flair.

2. Kitchen Open Shelving

No one entertained the idea of exposing the inner horrors of their kitchen clutter. But open shelvings can look fiercely mod and may even add a certain charm. If you still can’t embrace the idea, try small portions of your space first and see where you go from there.

3. Unique Sink

Sexy may not be spelled as S-I-N-K but, if the unique and functional design is not sexy, then what is? Did you know that there are sinks with built-in chopping boards, integrated drainboards, or nautilus-shaped ones? All these are clever, sleek, modern, and artistic styles that promote the status of your sink.

1. Kitchen Design Ideas-Unique Sink

4. Kitchen Hardware

Cabinet and faucet handles are some of the most abused parts of the kitchen. A matte black kitchen faucet may go well with your overall aesthetic but is it ergonomic? Make sure it hits both the design and function aspect well.

1. Kitchen Design Ideas-Stand Out Backsplash

5. Stand Out Backsplash

Both a simplistic chic and an insanely stunning mosaic tile backsplash can steal your guest’s attention when they step in your kitchen. It’s just a matter of right execution and tying up the design of every nook and cranny. Come out victorious in choosing which one is perfect for you.

6. More Kitchen Islands

For some, kitchen islands are the true heart of a home. It serves as a cooking and prep spot, a casual dining venue, and storage space. More and more homes are now considering the idea of adding more than one island.

7. Range Hoods

Range hoods are most often the least given priority in a kitchen remodeling. If not for these hoods, your house will be filled with all the odor and gases when you cook. Nowadays there are several range hood designs and materials that can add oomph to your kitchen.

8. Wood Cabinets

Wood has finally found its way back into the kitchen design trend this year. Having your cabinets made from this earthly element since it adds that warmth and embracing appeal for a functional space like a kitchen.

1. Kitchen Design Ideas-Wood Cabinets

9. Upper Storage

All spaces in the kitchen matter especially to storage space. Save yourself from the additional worries by concealing eyesores and other clutter in closed upper storage. If mixed with the right hardware, you can easily pull off the overall neat look you want to achieve.

10. Two-toned Kitchen Cabinet

Pristine white kitchens are a thing of the past. Two-toned kitchen cabinets are what’s hot right now and this trend will stay for good. Try darker hues for some cabinets and a lighter one for those in easy to reach areas.

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II. 8 Popular Kitchen Layout Ideas that will Instantly Transform Your Kitchen

A kitchen is not only a social place in the house but one that has a specific function. Achieve the perfect layout by not sacrificing its functionality and flow of people. Whether you have an expansive kitchen or a small one, you must always consider ergonomics and ease of movement as you plan the layout.

1. U shaped Kitchen Layout

A U-shaped kitchen is perfect for kitchens with some floor area to spare. The three walls give you the needed space for counters, workspace, and storage. For bigger areas, you can still have an island in the middle.

2. Island Kitchen Layout

Islands can be the perfect focal point amidst an expansive and intimidating kitchen. You may use these as workspaces, preparation tables, or even as additional storage. Or you may also turn it as dining nooks.

3. Galley Kitchen Layout

Homes with a two-walled style use the galley kitchen layout. Although this has not been seen in recent designs, it is perfect for small spaces. Both sides allow that feeling of openness even in cramped spots in this kind of layout.

2. Kitchen Layout Ideas-Galley Kitchen Layout

4. One Wall Kitchen Layout

A linear design kitchen is typically used for small homes to conserve floor space. This is also the perfect option for those who want to veer away from expensive construction. You can still play around with this layout in terms of organizing your appliances and kitchen accessories.

5. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen is a U-shaped that lacks one wall. Because of this, they lead to a wider illusion of space. This is best for open space style houses with kitchens that flow seamlessly into other rooms of the house like the dining or living room.

6. Open Kitchen Layout

This layout allows ease of movement from the different parts of the house. An open kitchen design makes the area feel wider too since there are no walls in between. With this layout, friends and family can chat with the cook in the kitchen without the need to shout or raise their voice.

7. Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Peninsula kitchen layout has an additional island connected to an existing one. So from an L-shaped kitchen, you get a U-shaped one, or a U-shape becomes a G-shaped layout. This is perfect if you want to enhance your existing layout and try a new one at a lower cost.

8. Corner Kitchen Layout

Small corner kitchens are best if you live in a flat or house with very minimal space. To make it work, ensure that you have good lighting to minimize the cramped feel of the kitchen. Hanging a mirror in one of the walls can also create the illusion of a bigger corner.

III. 15 Kitchen Color Ideas that Will Brighten Your Home

By changing kitchen shades, you can easily achieve the overall look that will liven up your house. The classic white will never go out of style but it won’t hurt to add some pop of color. Repainting and incorporating other elements is a fun way to revamp the space and make the rather dull kitchen more homey and warm.

1. Dark Navy

Others say that the kitchen is the heart of a home. There’s no rule that says you cannot have a dark navy-colored heart that will give it a sophisticated look. Pair it with lighter shades to tone down that drama and mystery.

3-1 Kitchen Color Ideas-Navy Blue Kitchen Paint Color

2. Gray Green

Gray green has just the right tinge of lightness that gives its neutrality. It is perfectly inviting when touches of complementary colors here and there are added. Be fearless when it comes to experimenting with colors.

3-2 Kitchen Color Ideas-Gray Green Kitchen Paint Color

3. Pure White

White is distinctly neat-looking and instantly gives you that feeling of a clutter-free space. Apply this classic look and take the design up a notch by matching with bronze or wood finishes. It’s always nice to still have some contrast somehow.

3-3 Kitchen Color Ideas-Pure White Kitchen Paint Color

4. Pale Yellow

This elusively summery hue is as soft as buttercream on a cake. Perfect for a toned-down kitchen with dainty sets and pieces. White and gold go well with this color so delight yourself with accessories of these shades.

3-3 Kitchen Color Ideas-Pure White Kitchen Paint Color

5. Blush Pink

Think pink. This shade is a sure ball winner when you want to feel that positive vibe in the kitchen. If you want your kitchen to be as sweet as cotton candy, try blush pink. It is a more muted yet classy pink and yet still makes your kitchen stand out.

3-5 Kitchen Color Ideas-Blush Pink Kitchen Paint Color

6. Marine Blue

More contemporary kitchens are now painted marine blue and this instantaneously leads to a formal vibe. It’s less moody and dramatic than black. Having a dark-colored kitchen also allows you to play with contrasting accent pieces.

3-6 Kitchen Color Ideas-Marine Blue Kitchen Paint Color

7. Pale Mint Green

Mint green is always a refreshing color to see. Why not consider this aesthetic on your next renovation project for that subdued yet visually-appealing design. Complement it with pendant overhead lights but nothing too fancy.

3-7 Kitchen Color Ideas-Pale Mint Green Kitchen Paint Color

8. Soft Gray

There is more to gray than just being a dull and lifeless color. It’s soothing, calming, and relaxing. Perfect for minimalist cooking areas that are a thing nowadays. Maintain that freshness by adding standout lighting fixtures and you have a perfectly remodeled kitchen.

3-3 Kitchen Color Ideas-Pure White Kitchen Paint Color

9. Light Blue

Sometimes, adding a pop of personality to a kitchen does not necessarily mean having brightly-colored walls. You can try color-blocking walls and painting one side with light blue. Soothingly perfect since the lighter shade works well in giving a bigger illusion to cramped spaces.

3-9 Kitchen Color Ideas-Light Blue Kitchen Paint Color

10. Forest Green

Malachite. Verdant. Emerald. These are common shades of green we’ve seen in the kitchen, but forest green is making its way. Splash this color on your cabinetry, counters, or even your tabletops. You will be surprised at how refreshing it is. Join the green movement!

3-10 Kitchen Color Ideas-Forest Green Kitchen Paint Color

11. Sky Blue

The sky’s the limit. But in the case of kitchen color, sky blue possibilities are endless. Splash this up the ceiling for that Venetian Macau-inspired look. It may be unexpected but definitely does wonders in visually expanding the space of your kitchen.

3-11 Kitchen Color Ideas-Sky Blue Kitchen Paint Color

12. Lilac

That timeless garden of lilacs appeal when applied to the kitchen is beyond magical. To complement, why not have subdued yellows as accent pieces for that perfect dainty kitchen aesthetic.

3-12 Kitchen Color Ideas-Lilac Kitchen Paint Color

13. Matte Black

Sleek and sexy matte black is usually what people want to achieve for their contemporary houses. Matte black equals a certain level of sophistication even in the kitchen. To break the monochrome, consider having gold or silver hardware or perhaps lighting fixtures.

3-13 Kitchen Color Ideas-Matte Black Kitchen Paint Color

14. Blue and White

Just like the Chinaware, the blue-and-white combination is the classic kitchen color that calms this rather busy part of the household. It adds color without feeling too aggressively intrusive. To achieve this look, play with cabinetry and tile colors.

3-14 Kitchen Color Ideas-Blue and White Kitchen Paint Color

15. Eggplant

Eggplants belong in the kitchen as part of your grocery list but it may come from your hardware purchases too — eggplant-colored paint, that is. The color brightens any dull space. It may not need to be painted all over the kitchen. Having a splash of it on an accent wall, or backsplash is enough.

3-15 Kitchen Color Ideas-Eggplant Kitchen Paint Color

IV. 10 Kitchen Storage Ideas that Will Free up Your Kitchen Space

You can’t just shout “Order!”, slam your gavel and expect your kitchen clutter to magically walk their way towards their designated storage places. It is crucial to arm yourself with tons of storage ideas and hacks that will save you from the misery of endless cleaning in the future. Not all kitchens come with all the needed storage but there are ways you can make it work.

1. Add Under-shelf Storage

Shelves can do the job of keeping away kitchen clutter from the judging eyes of your guests. Convenient under-shelf baskets may come in various designs and materials. These provide additional storage to keep bowls, kitchen towels, cups, mugs, and other kitchen essentials.

2. Stretch to the Ceilings

Not all accessories or tools are used with the same frequency. Some are just nice to have but in reality, may just be needed once in a blue moon. Use high storage like the spaces above windows to keep these lesser-used ones.

3. Try a Pull-out Pantry

For a crowded kitchen space, a pull-out pantry installed in a 5-inch gap between your fridge and the wall can make wonders. With this in place, simply grab your essentials and slide it back into nothingness. Neat, yeah?

4-3 Kitchen Storage Ideas-Pull-out Pantry

4. Get Drawer Organizers

It doesn’t mean that because you have drawers already, you’ll just dump everything there. Maximize the space by utilizing kitchen drawer organizers to separate handheld tools by size or function.

5. Try Floating Shelves

Both fashionable and functional, floating shelves have that distinct appeal that makes the room feel much bigger and it lets light come in just like that. You can do long elegant shelves or quirky short ones.

4-6 Kitchen Storage Ideas-Island Drawers

6. Give Your Island Drawers

Kitchen islands take up much space so make it work for you by adding drawers for storage. In these drawers, you can conveniently store all essentials from the small kitchen utensils to even your pots and pans.

7. Hang a Plate Rack

Ideally located above the sink, a hanging plate rack serves as storage for dinnerware while providing additional space in your countertops. Also, frequently used items may be placed here for easy accessibility when you need them.

8. Keep Countertops Clear

Countertops are always the victim of today’s busy lifestyle as we tend to just dump everything there. Ensure that you always have usable space by clearing away things. Drying racks can be hanged above your sink. Stow bulky appliances you don’t always use in cupboards.

9. Add Shelves to the Backsplash

Bring out the best in your backsplash and elevate it to a whole new level with shelving or even magnetic knife holders. The additional storage space can add to the functionality of the backsplash.

4-9 Kitchen Storage Ideas-Backsplash Shelf

10. Consider Refrigerator Drawers

Mini ref drawers are not only spaces for discreet extra food storage. More often, refrigerator drawers are just supplement storage that spares your main fridge from being cluttered. But do note that these come with really steep price tags.

More kitchen storage ideas at YouTube Channel: George Buildings

V. 15 Kitchen Lighting Ideas for a Stunning Kitchen

Good lighting can make wonders for your kitchen. Just like backsplashes, light fixtures may be a statement or conversation pieces that can elevate your design aesthetics without hurting the bank. Play with materials, shapes, and sizes. Arm yourself before you transform your kitchen and read through the ideas below.

1. Radial and Symmetrical Form Kitchen Pendant Light

Look up, eyes on the prize! Radial kitchen pendant lights are very much in right now. Having this lighting fixture is a smart move that you won’t regret doing. It gives that classic look that binds the overall décor.

2. Aligned Golden Hanging Pendant Light

A linear hanging pendant light in gold hues is ideal for cosmopolitan and contemporary kitchens. Pair it with chic bar stools and classic marble countertop and you’re sure to have a kitchen your friends can’t stop talking about.

3. Rose Gold Kitchen Island Light

Ahh, the elegance of rose gold champions in all aspects. Gorgeous is an understatement. It’s the perfect ambient light source for the kitchen. Knowing you have this in your kitchen makes cooking feel fab rather than drab.

5-3 Kitchen Lighting Ideas-Kitchen Island Light

4. Long Hanging Pendant Light

Maximize your high ceiling and choose long hanging pendant lights. Enjoy more doses of ample task light if you place these above your island. This design says so much about class and sophistication.

5. Polished Sconces Kitchen Wall Light

Sconces are generally placed closer to eye level. Choose among the variety of options that matches your design aesthetic. Be thorough in planning where to put the wall light, near your casual dining spot or as an under cabinet fixture for additional workspace lighting?

5-6 Kitchen Lighting Ideas-Kitchen Table Light

6. Sleek Art Kitchen Table Light Fixtures

To stay true to contemporary style, your best option is to have sleek metal light fixtures. Avantgarde designs may come in abstract forms with varying texture and layers. Using different finishes adds up to its sophistication perfect for a statement illumination piece in your kitchen.

7. Country Kitchen Lighting

Country homes have that distinct rustic appeal that is always inviting and warm. You can opt for delicate lantern pendants that understated elegance. Try using distressed materials also for the more homey aesthetic.

8. Circular Kitchen Pendant Light

Aiming for something fresh and bright? The circular pendant lights should be your go-to. These orbs are the perfect addition to your sleek kitchen. It gives more premium to your preference and style without overpowering the rest of the elements of your kitchen.

9. Modern Lamp Shades Kitchen Table Lighting

Many go for more contemporary elegance. This is easy to achieve now especially that varied types of materials, colors, and textures are but common. Use modern lampshades to add your persona to your kitchen space.

5-9 Kitchen Lighting Ideas-Lamp Shade Kitchen Table Light

10. Branch Pendant Kitchen Sink Lighting

Let your kitchen embody elements of nature. Use some rather unconventional materials for a pendant lighting above your sink. Dried wood may be uncommon but it’s a guaranteed show-stopper!

11. Brass and Glass Hanging Kitchen Light

The navy blue walls plus the brass and glass lighting hanging as your kitchen’s focal point give that unique appeal. The lightness of the material contrasts the bold blue color. It subdues the whole feel of the space and adds more warmth to a rather stiff space.

5-12 Kitchen Lighting Ideas-LED Kitchen Light

12. Industrial Style Led Kitchen Lighting

Sometimes fixtures are from repurposed industrial items. Lightings for one can also take on this design. Installed light may come from reclaimed wood or any metal. With just the right amount of treatment, this will serve the purpose and add more vibe to your home.

13. Aqua Glass Kitchen Ceiling Light

Glass always seems to be a bright idea for kitchen lights. It is perfect since glass can be colored to your desired hue, such as aqua. Plus its inherent shine adds more appeal to the overall statement.

14. Refined Rustic Kitchen Track Lighting

With pendant lights created from the concept of farmhouses, you can bring that industrial theme to your kitchen. The rustic pendant lights come in tones of copper, bronze, and gray. These provide a warm glow with a chic, minimal look.

15. Mirror Ball Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Missing the disco you spent your nights at years ago? Why not bring it to your kitchen? Mirror ball pendant lights are a bright and funky addition that can remind you to strut your moves while cooking.

VI. 8 Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Inspire You

Windows allow natural light to come in your kitchen, and in any part of the house. It can greatly affect the overall look and functionality of your workspace such as the case for your kitchen. Find a healthy balance between practicality and aesthetics.

1. Semi-sheer Shades Kitchen Curtains

Although a bad insulator, semi-sheer kitchen curtains can still give a certain level of privacy. As an added bonus, they can let maximum rays of light in because of the delicate almost transparent fabric.

6-2 Kitchen Curtain Ideas-Linen Shade Kitchen Window Curtain

2. Neutral Linen Shades Kitchen Window Curtain

Neutral is something you can never go wrong with. It’s always a safe choice especially if you’re aiming for something that ties the aesthetics of two parts of your kitchen together. Best to hang these above your kitchen window.

3. Floor Length Kitchen Curtains

Unlike sheer shades, hanging floor-length curtains cover the whole window and therefore assure you of your privacy. Just keep your floors pristine all the time. You wouldn’t want your pitiful floor-length curtain to be a mop as its alter ego.

4. Fabric Kitchen Window Valances

If feeling vintage and classic as a victorian cook, use valance curtains. These are dainty pieces of fabrics hung atop your window. Having these gives an aura of elegance to your space since this style dates back to the Renaissance period and Victorian period.

5. Classic White Kitchen Window Treatments

If you have a focal point in place in the kitchen, you don’t want your kitchen curtain to steal the limelight. Go for the classic white shade to tone it down.

6-5 Kitchen Curtain Ideas-White Kitchen Window Treatments

6. Woven Country Kitchen Curtains

Mix elements like marble, brick, and the much talked about terracotta tiles. Complement the look you’re going for by hanging woven shades that permit the right amount of light to illuminate your kitchen.

6-7 Kitchen Curtain Ideas-Printed Fabric Modern Kitchen Curtains

7. Printed Fabric Modern Kitchen Curtains

Fabrics are one of the easiest ways to use to reflect your personality. Go light or go dramatic over your prints. You can even be quirky and fun. The possibilities for this are just outright endless.

8. White Shutters

Fabrics out of way, go for simple yet timeless window treatments. Think of classic white shutters. This is best paired with dark accents as the white just pops out amid darker hues. This easily hits the sweet spot for this look that never goes out of style.

VII. 6 Best Kitchen Floor Ideas to Update Your Style

It is best to arm yourself with the proper know-how for crucial kitchen renovation decisions. You wouldn’t be just spewing money out for this project, right? For kitchen flooring, you have so much to choose from. Just consider your budget along with the design or theme you are going for.

1. Wood Floor Tiles

Hardwood easily tops the choices because of the choices of colors and shades it offers. Maintenance is easier compared to tiles and it gives a more homey and warm vibe to your kitchen. The downside is the price since some wood types really come at steep prices.

2. Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl is a fairly priced synthetic material. But it works well as a kitchen flooring since it’s durable and splash-proof. You can choose between sheet vinyl and vinyl tile, which mimics ceramic tile.

3. Kitchen Laminate Flooring

If budget is your concern, opt for laminate flooring instead of hardwood . It may not feel as genuine, but it is as durable. Also, adding padding beneath the top layer makes it an ergonomic alternative. Plus, you can DIY the installation too.

4. White Kitchen Floor Tiles

Classic not boring. White tiles are outright easy flooring solutions. Best if your kitchen has a bold aesthetic with dark colors or a statement backsplash as the floor will definitely need that understated appeal.

5. Ceramic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles are your best bet when it comes to variety and customizability. If your kitchen is one of those with awkward spaces, use ceramic tiles to fit them. Not to mention, they are known for their durability too.

6. Bamboo Kitchen Floor Covering

Going green and looking for eco-friendly flooring solutions? Try bamboo for your kitchen floors. It’s more sustainable and is one of the sturdiest materials you can find. When scratched or damaged, repair can be a breeze too.

VIII. 12 Kitchen Tile Ideas to Show off Your Style

Your kitchen is meant as a space for all the hard work. So show some love, personalize it while protecting your walls with tiles. There’s a myriad of options you can choose from material-wise, design, or even color-wise. Below are some of the examples that will help you make that crucial decision.

1. White Kitchen Tiles

When your perfect cabinets or sleek light fixture stand out, the kitchen tiles must take a back seat. White tiles are perfect for this. For small spaces, it even helps it look more airy, neat, and light.

2. Mosaic tiles

Do not be intimidated by how intricate mosaic tiles look. This is one of the easiest things you can DIY. Some tiles are already pre-attached on a mesh that you can just mount.

8-2 Kitchen Tile Ideas-Mosaic Tiles

3. Mediterranean Kitchen Wall Tiles

When you’re into warm and light color schemes with ornate patterns, it is best to go Mediterranean. This particular style is a perfect blend of patterns and neutral hues.

4. White Marble Tiles

Using white marble tiles exudes nothing but elegance. This material can be placed in your kitchen walls, flooring, and even countertops. It may be processed into small tiles or bigger slabs depending on where you’ll put it.

8-5 Kitchen Tile Ideas-Slate Tile

5. Slate Tile

The thin sheets of metamorphic rocks always top any homeowner’s dream renovation material. Why? Aside from being functionally durable, it provides a rustic yet modern look that many die to achieve. Note, however, that it requires sealing to make it stain-resistant.

6. Granite Tiles

Granite is perfect for the kitchen because it’s coated with anti-slip material that protects you from accidents. Although not a wide variety, it also comes in different colors. Add crystals to its surface for the extra shimmer.

7. Glass Tile

Glass tiles are like your own version of bling in your kitchen. But make sure you hire professional installers since glass is translucent and adhesive can be seen when not properly done.

8. Hexagon Floor Tile

Chic and mod. That’s what your friend says about your contemporary hexagon tiles. Just tone down on some elements of the kitchen though to keep the design neat and smart.

8-8 Kitchen Tile Ideas-Hexagon Floor Tile

9. Brick Wall Tiles

The contrast of the smooth walls and the textured brick wall tiles is nothing short of genius. This instantly gives your kitchen that industrial feel perfect for the most hardworking room in the house. There’s also something inviting about a kitchen with brick walls.

8-10 Kitchen Tile Ideas-Votorian Floor Tile

10. Victorian Floor Tiles

Classic hues and distinct geometric patterns adorned with florals are some of the things you will love about Victorian tiles. These beautiful tiles make you feel like living in a castle, such as how Queen Victoria did, right?

11. Marble Mosaic Tile

Moody and bold marble mosaic tiles blend well with all the elements of your kitchen. You can use them as backsplashes for focal points in your kitchen or choose focal points that may serve as conversation starters.

12. Stone Tile

Stone always bags the top spot for tile materials you can choose from. It is low maintenance and can withstand the wear and tear of your kitchen. And what’s better is that it has varying textures that can match your workspace decor.


All renovations are expensive and the process is intensive if not grueling. Get a run for your money when it finishes. All of the ideas mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. You can still discover more if you go head on with the research. Sometimes, you might even be overwhelmed with the limitless design options. Just stay true to your purpose and your design aesthetic so you won’t wrack your brains out doing the project.

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