How to Import Bathroom Fittings from China?

How to Import Bathroom Fittings from China

Do you need bathroom fixtures and bathroom fittings for your residence or for hotels, apartment buildings, and other lodging facilities? Are you a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor of bathroom fixtures and fittings? If you answered yes, it’s a good idea to consider importing from China.

Bathroom fixtures are objects in the bathroom that are firmly fixed in place, like the toilet, bathtub, shower, and washbasin. Bathroom fittings are devices that are fitted in addition to the fixtures. They are used to control and guide the flow of water. Some examples are faucets, shower valves, showerheads, and shutoff valves.

I. Why Import Bathroom Fittings from China?

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China is the largest manufacturer of sanitary ware products in the world. It is an excellent source of bathroom fixtures and fittings primarily because of the country’s capability of producing a wide variety of products, and its low cost of manufacturing.

1. Affordable Price

The world turns to China when looking to buy practically any product at a low price. China can sell goods at very affordable prices, not just because of cheap labor.

It has focused on the mass production of products in their factories, which significantly lowers their total cost. This makes products cheaper.

Through the years, the Chinese economy has evolved to become a piece of well-oiled machinery. It includes a vast network of suppliers, distributors, parts manufacturers, government entities, and customers who are all part of the production process through competition and cooperation. The country’s business ecosystem has made it easier to bring down the cost of manufacturing and thus make Chinese products cheaper.

2. Delicate Design

Many international brands give their designs and tools to their Chinese manufacturer-partners.

China produces a lot of white-labeled goods that it exports, often carrying the famous brands provided by importers.

Technological innovations in the manufacturing sector have brought about endless design possibilities. With expanding global trade, Chinese design has also evolved to cater to a wide range of customers with different design preferences, from classic to modern designs.

3. Innovative Technologies and Superb Manufacturing

In China, technological advancement and manufacturing capacity go hand in hand. China has access to the latest technologies used to manufacture high-quality products on a large scale.

The abundance of raw materials in China is also its great advantage. The availability of raw materials such as feldspar, kaolin clay, silica, and others, has enabled Chinese manufacturers to meet the growing domestic and international demand for sanitary ware products.

innovative technologies and superb manufacturing-bathroom fittings

4. Broad Market

The growing demand for sanitary wares from both residential and commercial sectors created huge business opportunities for domestic and international companies.

China is Asia’s largest producer and also its biggest consumer of sanitary wares. In this country is where you’ll find a broad range of products that includes bathroom cabinets, washbasins, toilets, pedestals, bathtubs, bidets, urinals, sinks, and a whole lot more. All at different prices and quality levels.

II. What are the Categories of Bathroom Fittings in China?

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Here are some of the standard bathroom fixtures and fittings that can make your bathroom comfortable and appealing.

1. Common Types of Sanitary Ware

Bathroom Cabinet

Store and organize all of your bathroom supplies in a bathroom cabinet, keeping everyday essentials at your fingertips.

Chinese factories produce a wide selection of high-quality bathroom cabinets like mirrored cabinets, patterned glass cabinets, wall hung cabinets, tiled mosaic cabinets, and many more. You can find different configurations to fit your bathroom space requirements and design preference.

bathroom cabinet-George


A toilet uses water to discard human waste, flushing it through a drainpipe to another location. We’ve seen impressive upgrades in bathroom fixtures in today’s digital-savvy world. We now have intelligent toilets that are widely seen in Japan, where these bring comfort and convenience. Others like the simple, basic toilet with its classic flush function.

Ceramic Basin-George

Bathroom Faucet

A faucet controls the flow of water from a tank, such as a drum or a pipe. In selecting a faucet, it must be easy to use or comfortable to grip. An ideal faucet set includes not a good tap but also has controls for hot and cold water. In a bathroom, you may need a sink faucet, bathtub faucet, and shower faucet. Faucet options include single-hole faucets, single handle faucets, faucets with spray heads, center set faucets, and wall-mounted faucets.

Wash Basin

A sink or washbasin is a fixture used for washing hands or small objects.There are many kinds of washbasins, each with a unique design, shape, and faucet configuration that enhances the appearance of the bathroom. These are 5 popular sink types: Pedestal Sink, Vanity Top Sink, Vessel Countertop, Drop-In Sink, and Wall-Mounted Sink.

Shower Room

A shower room, shower booth, or shower bath has an overhead shower nozzle that sprays water for washing down a person’s head and body. There are simple designs to complex systems for shower rooms, but all work to clean and massage every part of the body.

Bathtub & Jacuzzi-George

Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

You don’t need to have health issues to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. After a long, stressful day, you need to unwind and soak your body for a nice, hot tub bath that gives you plenty of rest and relaxation.

2. Classifications of Bathroom Hardware Materials

ABS plastci- George

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is very tough. It is used to make some bath products for mobile homes and RVs. It is also used to make shower walls when the bathtub might be acrylic, gel coat, or similar materials. It’s a good choice when you want a strong, stiff, and inexpensive plastic that holds up well to external impact.

Stainless Steel- George

Stainless Steel

Its durability and corrosion resistance makes it a perfect material for sinks. Stainless steel is harder than brass. It features nickel and chromium to create a shiny silver-like appearance. It would have a hard texture and will not dent or wear out easily, but it can show stains quickly.



Its bold color gives copper bathroom fittings a rich, luxurious feel. Copper has antibacterial properties and is easy to find. Copper ages naturally and develops a beautiful patina that creates a barrier protecting it against corrosion. But its shiny copper finish requires maintenance.

aluminum alloy-George

Aluminum Alloy

In terms of weight, aluminum alloy products are very light. With impact resistance and load-bearing characteristics, products made from this material can be used to hang some heavier items. The surface of the Aluminum Alloy is white. Upon closer look, you will feel that the products are very rough.

III. Where to Find Bathroom Fitting Manufacturers and Suppliers?

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1. Guangdong


As the ceramic capital and trade center of China, Foshan City is located in Guangdong province. Foshan is China’s largest and most important manufacturing base of ceramics. Many famous sanitary ware brands have established factories or sales centers here. They include TOTO, Kohler, Suncoo, Roca, Dongpeng, and others. Foshan is the manufacturing hub of bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, and shower rooms.

Foshan Bathroom Fitting Mall


Situated in the eastern Guangdong province, Chaozhou City is its porcelain capital. Currently, Chaozhou is the largest production base of domestic ceramic sanitary wares.

Manufacturers in Chaozhou primarily produce ceramic items such as toilets, basins, bidets, pedestals, and others. Most of the ceramic sanitary ware factories are located in Guxiang, Dengtang, Fengxi, and Fengtang.


Kaiping city is located in Guangdong. This city is known as “sanitary city,” where many sanitary wares are produced. Shuikou town is the most significant base of domestic faucet and hardware fittings manufacturing.

2. Zhejiang


Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province is a fast-growing seaport city situated beside Luqiao Airport. As China’s largest smart toilet manufacturing base, Taizhou is home to over 30 large private producers engaged in the production of sanitary wares.

3. Fujian


Nan’an city is situated in the southern Fujian province. Known for its ceramic production, Nan’an is a center of celadon production. Celadon wares are those green glazed bowls with carved and combed or dotted decorations. Located here are factories of faucets, showers, and angle valves.

4. Trade Shows

Going to a trade show is a great way to meet several suppliers at one time. Know that these trade shows are typically held over several days, with hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors. You’ll likely waste so much precious time and effort if you don’t have a strategy of spending time with pre-qualified suppliers only, those whose products and services you already have some information on.


The Foshan International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair or CeramBath is the largest and most influential ceramic and bathroom exhibition in China, with around 800 leading brands of ceramic tiles and bathroom products.

Cerambath is organized by Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co. Ltd.

In this expo, buyers from around the world will see new ideas and innovative concepts in the ceramic tiles market. The expo is a great platform for businesses involved in ceramic and bathroom products.

Canton Fair

The China Import and Export Fair or Canton Fair is China’s largest trade expo. Each year, the trade fair is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. Canton Fair 2020 was held online for the first time in its 62-year history.

Mainly a platform for import and export trade, it showcases the different products and services of various private and well-known companies in China and around the world.

Every year over 180,000 buyers trek to Guangzhou to source products from over 60,000 Suppliers. The Canton Fair is held over nearly 2 weeks, and is composed of three phases:

bathroom fitting showroom

●Phase 1 exhibits different goods and services related to electronics, machinery, hardware, building materials, chemical products and vehicle parts.

●Phase 2 is more on consumer products, gift items, and decorations.

●Phase 3 contains Garments and textiles, bags, shoes, recreation items, office materials, medical supplies, and health products.

IV. How to Choose Bathroom Fitting in China?

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1. Focus on Product Quality and Safety

If you want to focus on product quality and safety, better stick to brand names you can trust. Delta, Hansgrohe, Kohler, Moen, and American Standard come to mind. These brands are tried and tested, and most recommended by consumers. In addition, better check the factories of manufacturer, see the factory production scale, production line operation as well as check the quality certificate, ensuring the product quality.

focus on product quality and safety

2. Focus on Price and Practicality

Often, especially for budget-conscious consumers, price and practicality come first. Look for suppliers offering an affordable range of sanitary wares, without sacrificing product quality. George, manufacturer in China is a near-perfect blend of performance, practicality and price.

3. Focus on After-sales Service

How do your suppliers take care of valued customers after buying their products? Establishing relationships with customers and taking good care of them will likely make them come back to you to buy more products. Quick response, problem solution, and necessary on-site disposal are highlights of suppliers. Find the supplier with the best after-sales service will make you energy-saving and optimize your experience.

V. What is the Best Solution to Import Sanitary Ware from China?

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1. Find the Right China Manufacturers

Finding the right Chinese manufacturers for your sanitary ware needs requires thorough research about the production capability of specific Chinese suppliers. But your research shouldn’t stop there. You need to know how to do business with China and how your supplier does business in China.

The previous section points to where you can find manufacturers and suppliers. You need to spend time to carefully consider what company you will choose to manufacture your sanitary wares.

2. Find a One-stop Project Solution Provider

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is sound advice, but may prove to be time-consuming and headache-inducing if you need to negotiate with many different suppliers for different areas of your business.

The best option is to find a Chinese supplier that’s also a one-stop project solution provider, a company capable of providing not just the products you need, but also all other services you need to import sanitary wares from China.

design service-George

Design Service

Your dream bathroom starts with great design. Creating designs for bathroom fittings requires a deep understanding of the customer’s needs, style, and budget. The design should combine the updated aesthetic with functionality, to tailor customers’ wishes.

material recommendation-George

Material Recommendation

Does your supplier randomly recommend materials based on budget alone? A good supplier aims to understand the client’s needs first before making any kind of recommendation, which should be based on whether it solves the client’s problem.

one-stop product supplies-George

One-stop Product Supplies

A supplier with an extensive inventory of all kinds of bathroom fixtures and fittings is heaven-sent. This makes the procurement process a whole lot easier, as you have to talk to only one supplier for all your needs.

Logistic service-George

Logistics Service

Find an expert in logistics that can handle extensive paperwork and navigate through complex trading regulations. Along with competitive shipping costs, does the logistics service provider offer warehouse service, loading solution, and customs clearance processing?

VI. Problems You May Encounter when Importing Bathroom Fitting

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1. Problem of Communication

Communication problems not only refer to the language barrier but also when you rely on misconceptions or assumptions when making decisions. It’s important to clearly state what you want, be transparent in your dealings, and keep communication lines open, to avoid costly misunderstandings.

2. Problem of Quality

Many businesses hesitate to source products from China mainly because they’re not confident of getting quality products from Chinese suppliers. You usually get what you pay for. Quality comes at a price.

3. Problem of Delivery Time

Remember Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Many factors can cause delivery delays: production problems, regulatory problems, shipping problems, paperwork problems, natural disasters, etc. Think of all that when factoring in delivery time. Anticipating potential problems can reduce the chance of delays in delivery.


4. Problem of After-sales Service

A common problem that customers encounter is the long resolution time of their problems. In looking for a Chinese supplier, ask short-listed candidates about their process of handling customer complaints and how long customers are made to wait before their issues are resolved. Choose a supplier with a good track record in terms of after-sales service.

VII. Conclusion

China is being the largest exporting manufacturer of bathroom fittings in the world, due to the reasonable price with high quality, a wide range of products, up-to-date designs and innovative technologies. Start planning to import bathroom fittings from China is a brilliant idea, save money and get high quality with perfect balance of price and quality.

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