10 Reasons to Choose Hopper Window Installed in Your Home

10 Reasons to Choose Hopper Window Installed in Your Home

Hopper windows are gaining popularity in recent years. Do you ever think installing hopper window in your home? Here, I will give a complete guide plus ten reasons for why it is wise to install hopper windows for you. That way you can better compare the function and find the right options to suit your needs.

1. What is a Hopper Window?

A hopper window is one that is often installed in the basement or bathroom. It is a small window that opens inward or downward. It opens at either 90° or 45°. This window is often installed on the top portion of the wall, almost near the ceiling offering better ventilation.

The hinges of a hopper window are located at the bottom and it opens by tilting outward at the top. It can be opened and closed with a crank-style handle located at the bottom of the window. When the window is open, the pane is supported so a gust of wind does not close it.

The upward tilt of a hopper window blocks debris and dirt from entering your home. It also maintains security and saves on energy.

A hopper-style window is suitable for areas that need a lot of ventilation because they open completely. A basement window is often a hopper window. So are those found in bathrooms.

what is hopper window

2. What is the Size of Hopper Window?

A hopper window can come in various sizes. A standard hopper window for the basement is usually 3 feet wide and 1 to 2 feet tall.

Many people think that hopper windows are only small windows for basements. While it is true that most hopper style windows are small, they are also available in larger sizes. It can go as large as 50-inches x 30-inches and can provide good airflow during the summer months.

3. Comparison: Hopper VS. Awning Window

Awning and hopper window comes with similar designs. They look exactly the same when closed. They however work differently. A hopper window, however is an upside-down awning window.

  • Opening Directions

hopper window
awning window

The sashes of a hopper-style window open inward. The sashes of an awning window open outward. This means that while they are the same type of window, they are installed reversely.

It comes with two hinges at the top corners. A locking mechanism is at the center bottom of the window. To open the window, twist the pull-over lever and swing in the window. It swings from the top of the sash. It can open at 300 and 900.

An awning window comes with a crank mechanism and opens outward. Its sash rests at a downward angle when open.

An awning window swings outward from the bottom of the sash while hopper window swings inward from the top of the sash. In short, hoppers will open inward towards the house and an awning window opens outward away from the house.

  • Location of Hinge Installation

A hopper window comes with hinges either at the top or bottom. When you open this window, it looks similar to a chute or hopper.

An awning window comes with hinges at the top. When you open this window from the bottom and it to open, it creates an awning.

  • Light Absorption

Awning and hopper window allows natural light to enter your home. Hopper style windows open inward while an awning window opens outwards. This means an awning window allows more natural light to enter your home.

4. Consideration for Window Installation in Your Home

There are some items you need to consider when choosing the windows to install in your home

  • In Which Room do you want to Install Windows?

The room you are going to install windows will dictate the type of windows you need. Each room will require a certain type of window depending on the purpose and function you need the windows to perform.

  • What Window Aesthetics do you Enjoy?

The interior and exterior aesthetic of your widows are as important in choosing a window type. this is so because you need to be able to appreciate your windows from the inside as well as from the outside of your home.

The windows you choose should be proportionate with the ceilings, walls and floors of the room.

4. Consideration - window aesthetics
  • What Climate do you live in?

The climate in your area affects the type of windows you need to choose. Windows come in different materials, styles, and energy ratings. There is a specific window type of each climate type. Choosing the wrong windows will not allow you to maximize energy efficiency. There is also a possibility that you will need repair and replace windows often when you chose the wrong type of windows for your climate.

  • What Goals do you have for Your Windows?

The basic functions of a window are to control the airflow and let light in your home. the maximization of these functions varies per type of window,

Do you want an unobstructed view, more ventilation, or both? Knowing what your goals are for your windows will allow you to easier decide on the type of window to go for.

5. What are the Advantages of Hopper Window Installed in Your Home?

Choosing the right kind and style of windows for your home is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make when buying new windows for your home. One important consideration is thinking about the main function of the window, the direction it faces, and the direction it opens. These factors determine the comfort as well as the amount of natural light and ventilation that enters your home.

Hopper stye windows have hinges in the bottom and open towards the inside of your home. It therefore, offers many advantages.

① Hopper Style Window Tends to Add More Unique and Modern Style to Your Home.

Hopper Window - add style
Hopper Window - add modern style

A hopper style window is a unique and contemporary window style that can create a huge impact in your modern-styled home. Opening toward the inside of your home, hopper windows adds to the aesthetic in the interior and exterior of your home.

Hopper windows are ideal window style for kitchens, basements, and bathrooms, as well as for any room in your home.

These windows are not just a basement hopper windows anymore. Many homeowners are now realizing the many benefits of this window for other parts of the home. They are now an excellent choice for many areas in the home because other than their functional benefits, they add more style to any home.

② Hopper Window is Great for Ventilation.

You can partially or fully open this window. It means this type of window(also called hopper vent window) allows cool air inside while keeping the rain outside. It creates good room ventilation especially when installed high up on the wall.

Hot air rises but since it opens from the top, hot air will flow outwards and allow fresh air from the outside to enter the room. Even on a rainy day, you can open hopper windows to allow cool air to get in while keeping the rain out.

③ Hopper Window is Great for Energy Efficiency.

Most hopper windows have insulated glass that can help in the energy efficiency of your home. They are tightly sealed when closed and, therefore, reduces air leaks. You do not need to keep your HVAC running all the way to the basement because this window can achieve the room temperature you prefer.

When open, this window allows natural light to enter your home. You will, therefore, reduce your need for artificial light to keep a room well-lit during the day. You can open hopper windows wide to allow fresh air and natural light to enter the room.

Hopper Window - Great for Energy Efficiency

④ Hopper Style Window is Highly Secure.

This type of window is not easy to break in making it secure. It typically comes with a sturdy locking system preventing intruders from entering your home. Additionally, it is typically small, making access to the inside of your home through it difficult.

⑤ Hopper Window is Easier to Clean.

It is easy to clean this window because it opens inwards allowing you to clean the interior and exterior parts of the window from the inside of your home.

⑥ Hopper Window is a Great Option for a Room with Limited Wall Space.

A hopper window is typically small and, therefore, does not need to much space to install. Hopper windows can give your space good ventilation and natural light without sacrificing a lot of wall space. It, therefore, is ideal for small rooms.

⑦ Hopper Window is Excellent at Reducing Humidity.

Hopper Window - Excellent at Reducing Humidity

This window type brings in fresh air and natural light into your home but keep out the humidity. You can partially or fully open hopper windows, thus, they work well when you need to reduce humidity in a room like the laundry room or bathroom.

This type of windows works well in reducing humidity in bathrooms and basements. They provide good ventilation, notwithstanding their size.

Opening this window in the bathroom before taking a shower will let the moisture out and prevent the bathroom from steaming up.

A few of these windows in the basement and making sure to open them regularly will keep the from stuff in the basement from being damp. These windows can also rid your basement of musty and moldy smells.

⑧ Hopper Window can Help Keep the Room Nice and Cool.

This window opens inward allowing fresh air to come in. It can, therefore, allow spaces in your home to be cool.

⑨ Hopper Window with Tempered Safety Glass is a Secure Choice for Basement.

Most of these windows are installed with tempered glass to make it safe especially for basements. It can be difficult to break into a home with tempered glass windows because of their durability.

⑩ Hopper Window is one of the most Affordable Window Styles Suitable for Home.

These windows are available at affordable prices. They are small and come with a simple design. They are also lightweight and easier to install.

6. What are the Disadvantages of Hopper Windows?

While a hopper window has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

  • Hopper Windows do Take up Space since they Swing Inwards.

These windows swing inwards so you are not feasible for tight spaces. There should be a clearance to allow the it to open inwards.

  • Hopper Windows can be Difficult to be used as an Escape during an Emergency.

While hopper windows will keep your home safe from intruders, it can be difficult to escape through this window during an emergency. Most of them are installed higher up in the walls. They are relatively small, too.

7. Where is Perfect for Installing Hopper Windows?

Hopper windows can be installed in any area of your home. They, however, work best in some areas.

  • Hopper Window is Ideal for Basement.

A basement hopper window is designed to allow natural light into your basement. Basements do not usually get too much natural light, reason why it is often a stuffy and dreary area of your home that is unusable expect to store some unused home stuff.

They bring more natural light into an otherwise dark basement. This type of window is often wide and short making it perfectly fit tight spaces that are typical of basements. Whether your basement is fully or partially above ground, a hopper style window is ideal for your basement.

Hopper Window - ideal for Basement
  • Hopper Window is Perfect for Bathroom.

Hopper Window - Perfect for Bathroom

This window provides any space in your home with good ventilation, a good amount of natural light, and deal with humidity issues, without requiring too much wall space. This makes a it ideal for a bathroom.

This window also allows you to enjoy all these benefits while giving your bathroom the privacy it needs.

  • Hopper Window can be used along Paths and Driveways.

This window can be used along paths and driveways because it opens inward and need minimal wall space. With the ventilation hopper windows provide, they can help improve the quality of indoor air. Natural light coming from the paths and driveways can enter your home through hopper windows.

8. How much do Hopper Window Cost?

It comes with an affordable cost, notwithstanding the many benefits it can provide for your home. Prices of hopper windows vary depending on its specifications.

  • Size of the hopper style window

A hopper stye window is intended for small openings. hopper windows are available in square and rectangular shapes. It is available in standard sizes. It can also be customized.

hopper windows are available in various sizes. They are typically small windows with a standard width of 14 to 24 inches and a standard length of 32 inches. As the window increases its width, so does the price.

  • Other features of hopper window

Other factors that may affect the price of your hopper windows include framing materials.

When choosing a framing material for your hopper window, make sure it matches the other windows especially when installed in areas other than in basements and kitchens. The frame material affects the total cost.

– Aluminum

Aluminum is a sturdy frame material. Aluminum, though tends to conduct cold from the outside and therefore increases the moisture level in your home. Choose the aluminum frame that has the U.S, Energy Star certification of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S, Department of Energy to ensure its U-factor rating.

Aluminum Hopper Window

– Vinyl

This window frame is low in maintenance. It is also low in cost and are available in various colors. Vinyl hopper window frames, though need to be reinforced with a metal frame to increase its durability.

– Fiberglass

This is a sturdy window frame. It is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum but is sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

– Wood

Wood frames can warp if not constantly repainted. You can, however opt to have the outside portion of your window frame cladded in with treated aluminum.

– Composite windows

This type of window frame is durable and weather-resistant because it is made from a blend of various materials. Composite windows can be made from metal and vinyl or wood veneer with fiberglass.

Glass. You can opt to use regular or tempered glass for your hopper windows. You can also opt for an energy-saving Low-E coating. You can also use privacy glass.

Hardware. This includes the cranks, handles, and locks. They can range from plastic to bronze, or brass. The cost of the hopper window varies depending on the finishes of the hardware.

Add-ons. Add-ons to your hopper window may include screens for protection against insects especially when installed in low-lying areas. You can also choose to add grilles.

  • Installation Cost

Installing a hopper window may look easy. Remember, though that the frame, glass, hardware, and other elements need to be perfectly fitted. This is to make sure your window will seamlessly open and close and also so it is tightly sealed.

The average installation cost of this window is about $270 per window plus a per hour labor cost. Hiring experienced professionals to do the job rather than skimping out and hiring someone with a cheaper rate will cost you less in the long run. Windows installed by experienced professionals are not only installed properly but quickly, too.

Hopper Window - Installation Cost

9. Find the Best Hopper Window Manufacturer

Getting a new or replacement window is always a challenge. If you are choosing to install a hopper window in your basement, bathroom, or any area of your home, choosing the best manufacturer should be a top priority to maximize the benefits of this window type. How do you choose one?

  • Choose a window manufacturing company with an extensive selection of hopper windows including frames, glass types, hardware, and other add-ons. Make sure the manufacturer carries a line of energy-efficient windows.
  • Chose a manufacturing company that carries not only standard hopper window sizes but can customize your orders as well.
  • Choose a manufacturer that offers solid warranties for materials and labor. Manufacturers who offer longer warranties for their products and services are confident of their qualities.

A hopper window is one that is often installed in the basement or bathroom. It is a small window that opens inward or downward. It opens at either 900 or 450. This window is often installed on the top portion of the wall, almost near the ceiling offering better ventilation.

10. How to Open Hopper Window?

A hopper window is a small window that comes with hinges on the bottom allowing it to open inward or downward while tilting the upper portion of the window. This makes hoppers windows look like an upside-down awning window that opens outward and from the bottom.

The hinges allow the window to fully open. To open, turn the crank-style handle in the inside bottom and push the window. You do not need to reach out for the crank.

It also comes with supports on both side so the window remains secure and does not slam while open. The supports fold when the window is closed.

You can open it partially at a 45-degree angle or fully at a 90-degree angle. With hinges at the bottom, you can safely open a it safely and confidently.

11. How to Install Hopper Windows?

Hopper style windows can be installed in any room in your home. They, however, work well in the basement and bathroom where they can be installed high up on the wall. It also works well in areas where you want to be fully ventilated and well-lighted while still maintaining some privacy, like in a bathroom.

Here are the steps on how to install a new hopper window. if you are installing a replacement window, remove the old window and from the opening. Cut the remaining frame with a reciprocating saw.

To install a new hopper window:

  1. Prepare the Opening. Remove any mortar and debris.
  2. Fit the window into the opening. Make sure the window fits snugly.
  3. Install the shims to position the window in the center of the opening. The shims should be spaced equally around the frame to make sure the it in the center of the opening.
  4. Secure the window in place with the screws. The screws should go through the mudsill and penetrate the frame.
  5. Seal the window using the caulk.
  6. Further secure the space between the frame and the window with a foam sealant.

A hopper window is an ideal addition to enhance the aesthetics of your home. They are no longer limited in the basement and bathroom. You can now have it installed in any room in your home.

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