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Pivot doors are made from different kinds of materials such as wood, metal, or glass. These materials can create many design possibilities beyond your imagination. Glass pivot door is one of the hottest trends in the designs of luxury homes. Glass swing door provides added benefits because glass allows natural light to pass through the interiors of your home.

A glass pivot door is not your regular doors because it does not necessarily have to open at the end of one side of the door. This type of door does not come with hinges, instead, it has a pivot point that is often a few inches from the door frame. It comes with a self-closing mechanism that swings up to 360 and in all directions. This creates a feeling of having a secret passage making the movement of the door extremely elegant.

Although the glass rotation door has a lot of benefits, it is not necessarily the right choice for every home. Here’s all you need to know before considering a glass pivot door for your home.

I. Glass Pivot Door: the Ultimate Guide

1. What is a Glass Pivot Door?

Homeowners want to have doors, especially entry doors to make and statement and look appealing. Glass pivot doors have become one of the most preferred choices because of its flexible function, enhanced aesthetic appeal, sophisticated designs, and seamless movement,

A glass swing door is a large-sized swinging door. Pivot hinges are attached at the top and bottom of the glass door, often at the center or off-center, allowing it to smoothly rotate at 360 degrees on its vertical axis with a uniquely-designed pivot box.

Glass pivot doors do not come with hinges on the side similar to traditional glass doors. The position of the hinges supports the weight of the glass and allows even weight distribution to keep it stable.

A glass pivot door is heavier and larger than regular hinged doors and can be opened to its left or right. Glass pivot doors are ideal in spaces that are not enough to accommodate a swing door in either direction.

Pivot doors are available in single or multiple glass panels. It can open inwards or outward. It comes in a wide range of finishes and designs making it easy to choose one that can match the architecture and interiors of your home.

2. Features of Glass Pivot Door

  • Innovative Pivot Hinge System

A glass pivot door comes with a pivot hinge system that is a self-closing mechanism. The system allows the glass swing door to swing up to 360 degrees or in all swing directions. It also makes glass pivot doors of up to 150 kg feel as light cotton or feather. When installed and fitted, the pivot hinges in a glass pivot door are invisible.

  • Elegant Movement

The difference between a regular hinged door and a glass pivot door boils down to how to door moves. A pivot door smoothly pivots or moves on a vertical axis depending on the position of the top pivot and pivot hinge system.

Feature of Glass Pivot Door
Feature of Glass Pivot Door - Passage of Natural Light
  • Passage of Natural Light

A glass swing door is transparent and therefore allow huge amounts of light to enter your home. Natural light reduces the use of artificial light thus lowering your energy costs. Allowing sunlight to enter your home enhances the aesthetics of your indoor spaces.

  • Hidden Doors

Door frames give regular hinged doors various visible lines. Glass swing doors can be frameless and can function without handles. The hinge system of a glass pivot door can be hidden inside the glass door. This means your glass pivot door can be free of any visual distractions.

  • Impressive Profile

A glass swing door comes with an impressive and sleek design. The style of a glass pivot door can undoubtedly enhance the décor and interiors of your home.

3. Are Pivot Doors with Glass Dangerous?

Glass pivot doors have during recent years, grown in popularity. These doors can give your home a unique feel and look. It allows more sunlight into your home and allows you to enjoy a larger exterior view. However, is a pivot door with glass dangerous?

A glass pivot door does not have hinges on one side, rather it swings on a single axis with pivots fixed at the top and bottom of the glass door at the same distance from the ends of the frame. Pivot doors will only function on these two pivots securing the glass door.

Pivot doors with glass are larger than traditional doors to create generous and wide openings. Despite their large size, pivot doors with glass are safe because they offer a smooth operation. The hardware can be adjusted to make the closure and travel speed of the door faster or slower.

While it is true that glass can shatter or crack when hit hard, you can use tempered glass with your pivot door to make it withstand everyday use.

There is nothing to worry about having a pivot door with glass. The mechanisms and hardware secure the glass allowing a smooth and safe movement.

4. Does Glass Swing Door Open Both Ways?

A glass pivot door does not come with hinges on one side of the door frame. Pivot doors move on its axis based on the pivots attached on the top and bottom of the glass. Pivots can rotate 360 degrees, thus, it can open both ways – inwards and outward. Depending on the position of the pivots, you can also opt for your glass swing door to open in a single direction.

5. Benefits of Glass Pivot Door

Glass swing doors are not as popular as hinged or framed doors. However, in recent years, many homeowners and architectures have learned more about the many benefits of having a glass pivot door.

  • Glass pivot doors add to the sense of design.

Pivot doors may offer a luxurious feel and can enhance the design and interiors of your home. They come with a simple design yet a modern appearance complemented by generous and wide openings.

  • Glass swing doors provide stability and convenience.

A glass swing door opens and closes through pivots fixed on the top and underneath the door. The pivots support the glass door to make them stable. Pivot doors are ideal for heavy doors and glass doors because its hardware and pivots keep the glass door stable and in place.

Glass pivot doors do not need a frame because it pivots and not swings making opening and closing the door much easier. It also requires less clearance area than a swing door.

Benefit of Glass Pivot Door
Benefit of Glass Pivot Door1
  • Glass pivot doors allow uninterrupted view of the outdoors.

Glass swing doors allow you to have an uninterrupted view of the exterior of your home because it does is clean and does not come with lines that can obstruct your view of the outdoors. You can sit in a chair inside your home, and have a crystal-clear view of what is happening outside.

  • Glass pivot doors are available in sizes larger than traditional doors.

Glass pivot doors are usually larger than traditional doors. The hardware of a glass swing door allows the smooth operation of panels that are taller and wider than traditional doors. Glass pivot doors can be as wide as you want them to be without hampering its smooth operation.

Since a glass picot door can be wider and taller, they are ideal as front entrance doors in your home. While they are heavier and larger than traditional doors, glass picot doors are secure and stable because the pivots and hardware keep the glass support the glass and keep it in place.

6. Are Glass Pivot Doors Expensive? How much does Glass Pivot Divider Cost?

Glass pivot doors are luxurious and provide more benefits to your home than traditional doors. A glass pivot door can cost about 30% more than a traditional door with sidelights and about twice as expensive as standard-width traditional doors.

If your budget allows, a glass pivot door is one of the best doors you can have to enhance the appeal and beauty of your home, especially when used as the main entranceway.

Glass Pivot Dividers Cost
  • Size of the glass swing door

The size of the glass pivot door will affect its price. Remember that glass pivot doors are taller and wider than traditional doors/

  • Glass option of the pivot door

You can choose from many types of glass to be installed in your pivot door. While clear transparent glass is the most popular, you can opt to go with frosted glass, sandblasted glass with customized designs or patterns, colored glass, or acidified glass. You can also opt to used tempered glass.

  • Glass pivot door accessories

The type of pivot hinge system, hardware, handles, levers, and other accessories you choose for your glass pivot door all come with additional costs.

Regardless of the style you require, there is a right glass swing door for your home. The cost of a glass swing door varies from affordable or budget to high-end glass pivot doors. The price of a glass pivot door is typically between $3,000 to 20,000.

Some customization, delivery, and installation will add to the final cost. Every glass swing door is different so there is no price is the same.

7. What are the Glass Options for Pivot Door?

There are many glass options you can choose to install with your pivot door.

  • Clear Glass Pivot Doors

if you want the look of timelessness and simplicity for your entryway or patio door, you can choose to have a clear glass pivot door. Clear glass doors are available in a wide array of shades, colors, and finishes. Clear glass gives a wide and unobstructed view of the exterior of your home.

Clear Glass Pivot Doors
  • Frosted Glass Pivot Doors

There are many uses for frosted glass in your home décor. A frosted glass pivot door can help bring in natural light and a comfortable atmosphere for your home. You can use frosted glass in pivot doors that could otherwise be made of wood.

Frosted glass pivot doors can create separate spaces. Frosted glass can also provide some privacy for your home or any space.

Frosted Glass Pivot Doors
  • Frameless Glass Pivot Doors

Frameless glass pivot doors can blend very well with various interiors of your home. A frameless door will give you the minimalist look you want to achieve. Top and bottom hinges or pivots are almost invisible in frameless glass pivot doors. A frameless glass pivot door also allows you to have a larger space for the glass so you can have a better view of the exterior of your home.

Frameless Glass Pivot Doors
  • Aluminum Framed Glass Pivot Door

Aluminum is used to enhance the framework of your glass swing door and also to create stylish entryways for any designer homes. An aluminum frame can finish any thickness of glass. It can also be customized to achieve the look you want to achieve.

Aluminum frames for glass pivot doors can be treated through powder coating, anodizing, color transfer, or Electrophoresis. Aluminum is also not too pricey.

Aluminum Framed Glass Pivot Door

8. Glass Pivot Door or Glass Sliding Door for Shower? Which One is Better?

  • Glass pivot doors

A glass pivot door for showers comes with pivot hinges (one attached on the top of the door and the other on the bottom) to allow the door to open in both directions. These doors can open inwards or outward because they can swing 180 degrees.

Glass pivot doors are suitable for showers that are under 60-inches. This area is too small for a glass sliding door.

  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • Comes with space-saving qualities
  • Strong and stable
  • Cannot be completely sealed
  • Glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors for the shower are suitable for stand-alone showers as well as a combination of tubs and showers that are over 60-inches wide. The sliding door usually comes with 2-3 glass panels that slide across a track to open and close.

Tracks for glass sliding doors are usually installed at the bottoms. Some modern sliding door designs are frameless and trackless. Sliding doors allow homeowners to effectively use the small space they have in the shower.

  • Ideal for small bathrooms
  • Allows the tub to be accessible from both sides
  • Handles can double as towel racks
  • Not too wide openings
  • Difficult to clean tracks and hardware
  • Requires maintenance to prevent metal tracks from rusting

9. How to Choose the Best Glass Pivot Door?

It is often easier to choose hinge doors because most homeowners are acquainted with them. With hinged glass doors, the weight of the door rests on the hinges that are on one side of the door.

Homeowners are still not too accustomed to glass pivot doors. Choosing the best glass swing door requires a lot of research and study.

  • Door Design

The design of a glass swing door depends on the type of glass you intend to use. There are a variety of glass options and they differ in size, design, and style. Your main consideration, though is the glass should be tempered because they are stronger than regular glass.

Glass Pivot Door Design1
Glass Pivot Door Design2
Glass Pivot Door Design3

The door design of your glass swing door can either be:

  • Clear glass is transparent. It allows light to pass through them. It is the most common pivot door design.
  • Frosted glass comes with a smooth and soft appearance. They are available in different designs and colors. They provide a sense of privacy.
  • Hammered glass comes with one-side indentations. Its texture creates great visual effects when light passes through it.
  • A tinted glass design is slightly dark and opaque. It is usually available in black, gray, or bronze.

You will also need to decide on the material of the pivot door frame. Some pivot doors can, however, be frameless.

  • Sidelight Options

Sidelights are vertical and narrow windows that are found on one side or both sides of the door frame. Sidelights allow more sunlight to enter your home. They also provide an enhanced aesthetic look. They are often used on front doors but can also be used on interior and exterior doors.

Many homeowners prefer sidelights that come with decorative glass inserts. Privacy is often the main concern with sidelights. The best solution is to use decorative glass because they can provide different levels of security while still allowing sunlight to enter your home.

  • Handle and Closure Options

There are various types of handle and closure options for glass swing doors. An entrance pull handle comes in various lengths, colors, and shapes. Pull handles allow for the easy push or pull of the glass pivot door.

You can also choose to use a standard lever handle or a flush pull. Many, though, opt to not use handles. Most experts recommend an entrance pull because it is user friendly.

Your choice of pivot system depends on the width and weight of your glass picot door. The main pivot systems include:

  • Floor springs are hydraulic pivot sets used when you want the pivot door to close automatically.
  • Non-hydraulic pivot sets are used for lightweight glass swing doors. You cannot control the speed the closing speed of the pivot door.
  • Transom closers are concealed on the pivot door’s transom header bar. You can control the closing speed of the door.

10. Who Makes the Best Pivot Door in China?

On choosing the right type of glass pivot door for your home or apartment, where do you plan to source? Local supplier? Or how about importing doors from China? China is one of the best sources of glass pivot doors. Here are some window and door manufacturers, which boasts excellent manufacturing and affordable price.

  • George Buildings Pivot Doors

George Buildings is a one-stop service provider and building materials supplier. Its factory, exhibition hall, and showroom are in in Foshan City in Guangdong Province, China.

George Buildings offers materials selection, design, delivery, installation, and warranty. The George Factory has seven manufacturing bases for their wide range of products. The company has a team consisting of 200 people working on designs, engineering details, and sales.

You can visit George Buildings’ 10,000 square meter showroom to view their wide range of products. With George Building you are assured of the best quality products and value-added services to make your dream house a reality.

George Buildings has clients from the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and from almost anywhere in the world.


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  • RY Door Systems

RY Door Systems is one of the top manufacturers of pivot doors in China. Located in B-501 Changjiu Center, No. 88 Zhujiang Rd., Shijiazhuang, Hebei China, this company has over 10 years of experience in design and development of pivot doors.

RY Door Systems has designed and manufactured a lot of pivot doors in various styles, designs, and finishes. This pivot door manufacturer specializes in modern, highly insulated, safe, secure, and low maintenance entrance doors. Their aluminum doors are highly customizable to match the interiors of any home.

RY Door Systems can make your pivot doors with or with panels and glass panels. They offer top-notch advice and work closely with you to ensure that the pivot door design you choose is within your preferred style and function.

  • Samekom Door Cooperation

Samekom Door Cooperation is one of the most professional manufacturers in China of aluminum frame doors. They manufacturer premium doors including pivot entrance doors as well as aluminum swing and slide doors.

Samekom Door Cooperation has a factory that is known to have the biggest capacity to manufacture aluminum frame flush doors in China. They have a creative design teams that has deep understanding of modern trends and regulatory and engineering requirements.

Samekom Door Cooperation can help you create the best door solutions for your home.

Apart from the above three manufacturers, we’ve also made a research on the top 10 China window and door manufacturer list, based on the product reliability, customer satisfaction, and market recognition.

11. How do you Install a Glass Pivot Door?

Before installing a glass swing door, it is important to determine first where you want to locate the pivot hinges.

  1. Assemble the header bars with the corner brackets.
  2. Install the hinges.
  3. Mount the pivot hinges on the glass door. Start with the bottom hinge, then the top hinge.
  4. Install the handle on the glass door.
  5. Stand the glass door.
  6. Position the glass door on the bottom pivot hinge plate.
  7. Find the correct position of the pivot block for the top hinge.
  8. Install the header bar filler.
  9. Install the hinge seal.
  10. Try to open the door.
  11. Clean the edge of the glass for oils and prints.
  12. Clean the edge of the glass.

12. How do you Maintain Glass Swing Door?

  1. Clean the glass door with regular glass cleaner or water.
  2. Clean the aluminum frame with mild detergent.
  3. Rinse well with clean water.
  4. Dry with a soft cloth.
  5. Wash frequently during the winter to prevent accumulation of slush and salt. Avoid using too many ice-melting chemicals.

13. Glass Pivot Door Ideas for your Project

  • Glass Pivot Door for Your House

You can use a pivot entry door built according to your specifications. Glass pivot doors can enhance the aesthetics of your home. It can also bring in more sunlight into your home and allow you to have an unobstructive view of the exterior surroundings of your home.

Glass Pivot Door for House
Glass Pivot Door for House1
Glass Pivot Door for House2
  • Glass Pivot Door for Your Hotel

Make the entranceway to a hotel lobby look inviting and glamorous with a pivot entry door for your hotel. A pivot door with tempered glass is strong and shock-resistant making it withstand the numerous guests that will pass through this glass door.

The glamorous, sleek, and modern appeal of a pivot door with glass will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your hotel lobby and some interior doors.

Glass Pivot Door for Hotel
Glass Pivot Door for Hotel1
Glass Pivot Door for Hotel2
  • Glass Pivot Door for Your Office

Glass pivot doors can efficiently organize and divide individual spaces in the office. Glass pivot doors in the office can enhance the aesthetics of the space, bring in more sunlight, and make to a certain extent, soundproof, too.

Glass Pivot Door for Office
Glass Pivot Door for Office1
Glass Pivot Door for Office2

II. 10 Best Glass Pivot Doors Types

As the appealing look and operable mechanism, pivot door is quickly becoming a preferred choice for many families, rising to be the hottest home design trend for both new and remodelled properties. Here I have collected 10 types of best and popular glass pivot doors for your choices.

1. One-panel Clear Glass Pivot Door

One-panel Clear Glass Pivot Door

Pics from Instagram

A one-panel clear glass pivot door is built to swing in or out or both in and out. A pivot door is differentiated from a door with hinges attached to a frame in the sense that it spindles or rotates. A one-panel clear glass pivot door is usually heavier and larger than a one-panel hinged door because of the absence of frames, in most cases.

  • Provides homes with a unique look.
  • Look great as patio doors and front entry doors
  • Offers a seamless look
  • Easily blends well with indoor interiors
  • Tends to warp over time
  • High cost of materials and installation

2. Large Entrance Glass Pivot Door

Large Entrance Glass Pivot Door

Pics from Instagram

The entrance door of your home is the part that creates the design statement of your home. Passing through a large pivot front door allows entry into a modern and light-filled home.

The large area of glass allows more sunlight to pour through your home while keeping the door consistent with the aesthetic of your home. The pivot front door provides a generous and wide opening, as well as a simple modern appearance for your contemporary home.

A large pivot entry door is a great alternative to traditional revolving doors and sliding glass doors.

  • More durable than swing doors
  • Free-moving and dynamic
  • Provides mote entrance space
  • Offers a bright and well-ventilated space
  • Blend well with any home décor
  • Serves as both entrance and exit points
  • Needs a wide entrance space
  • Expensive materials and installation

3. Minimal Office Glass Pivot Door

Minimal Office Glass Pivot Door

Pics from Instagram

A glass pivot door can transform your office into a spacious area. Glass pivot doors are tasteful solutions that can provide privacy to each private room in the office while at the same time providing a sense of openness and luxury. A glass pivot door also provides clear transitions from one room to another. More importantly, glass pivot doors will give your office a modern and clean feel while enhancing the interior design.

  • Transforms rooms in your office from ordinary to stylish and modern designs.
  • Allows the free flow of natural light into the rooms
  • Creates an inviting and comfortable working environment.
  • Available in various design options
  • Glass requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance

4. Modern Exterior Glass Swing Door

Modern Exterior Glass Swing Door

Pics from Instagram

A glass swing door opens in either direction or opens in both directions. They can open either outward or inwards. Glass swing doors are usually fixed by two hinges to the door frame. Swings doors have been available for ages but continue to be popular with some tweaks to give them a modern look.

A modern exterior glass swing door can be framed in different materials such as wood, plastic, or aluminum and can be customized to your space. Most swing doors come with a manual operation but automatic options are also available with added benefits.

Modern exterior glass pivot doors are ideal if you want to have a classic look. They are also the best options if you have a smaller budget.

  • Extremely convenient
  • Offers a good impression for your home
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with reliable and simple mechanisms
  • Swing doors close on their own
  • Swing door designs can withstand numerous open and close cycles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Needs a specified amount of space to open
  • Requires a door frame that requires an additional cost
  • Door frames reduce the height and width of the doorway
  • Cheap hardware cause hinges to rust causing the swing door to creak and make it difficult to open

5. Villa Modern Pivot Entry Door with Sidelights

Villa Modern Pivot Entry Door with Sidelights

The pivot front door of your home provides the first impressions. A modern pivot entry door provides a cleaner look and a cool design because there are no visible hinges. A modern pivot entry door allows more light into your home without offering clear views of the interiors of your home.

If you like to have more natural light entering your home, you can opt to pair your modern pivot entry door with sidelights. Sidelights (a single sidelight or one on either side of the pivot door) can make the entrance to your home appear larger.

  • Offers a streamlined and seamless look
  • Features a smooth operation
  • Pivot doors create a great connection for the interior and exterior of your home
  • Sidelights make your entrance appear larger and allows more light to enter your home
  • Expensive

6. Frameless Glass Pivot Shower Door

Frameless Pivot Glass Shower Doors

Glass pivot shower doors open in and out by swinging 180 degrees. Hinges can be installed on one side of the glass pivot shower door or mounted on the center to have a revolving shower door.

Frameless glass pivot shower doors are panels of robust tempered glass that do not need metal support but handles and metal hinges can be added. They provide a modern and clean appearance. Homeowners choose frameless pivot shower doors because they are available in many stylish design options.

  • The hinges can swing the pivot shower door inward and outward.
  • Make bathrooms feel airier and more spacious.
  • Frameless glass shower doors are available in a wide range of design options, configurations, and sizes.
  • Allows the design of other elements in the bathroom to stand out.
  • Easier to maintain because there is nothing that will collect moisture and soap scum.
  • Not as stable as framed glass pivot shower doors
  • Can be complicated to install

7. Slide and Pivot Glass Door for Bathroom

Slide and Pivot Glass Doors for Bathroom

You can choose to have either a slide or pivot glass door for your bathroom.

Slide glass shower doors move (slide) from side to side. They often have two vertical sides and come with tracks at the bottom where the door will slide. Some designs though are trackless.

Slide glass doors are ideal for bathrooms with a combination of stand-alone showers and tubs that are less than 60-inches wide. They come with 2 to 3 glass panels that open and close by sliding through the tracks.

Pivot glass doors are installed in bathrooms with standalone showers that are less than 60 inches and too small for slide glass doors. They open outward from one side.

  • Slide glass shower doors are ideal for small bathrooms because they slide from side to side and do not need space to open out.
  • Slide glass shower doors provide a seamless aesthetic appeal.
  • Pivot glass shower doors do not have bottom tracks
  • Pivot glass shower doors are great for high-end and luxury bathrooms
  • Bottom tracks of slide glass shower doors can be difficult to clean because the rollers can accumulate grime, soap water, and rust.
  • Slide doors have limited access space because the doors are fixes.
  • Pivot glass doors are not suitable for small bathrooms because they need more space for the door to open outward.
  • Water may spill out of the shower and onto the floor when opening the pivot glass door.

8. Aluminum Frame Pivot Door with Glass

Aluminum Frame Pivot Door with Glass

Pics from Instagram

Aluminum frame pivot door with glass is an ideal choice if you want to create a stylish and appealing statement for your home. Aluminum is a strong material. It can increase the amount of light coming into your home. It can also support large areas of glass even with a slim frame.

  • Highly durable
  • Long lifetime
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Provides warmth, beauty, and style
  • Thermally sound
  • Creates a modern feel
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maintenance-free because it is easy to clean
  • Can be expensive
  • Aluminum is a conductive material that can cause condensation to form on the glass panels

9. Residential Exterior Pivot Glass Front Door

Residential Exterior Pivot Glass Front Door

Pics from Instagram

A residential exterior pivot front door is unique and sophisticated. This door opens and closes through a pivot installed underneath the door. When the door is fully open, it provides a clean transition between the interior and exterior of your home you will see from anywhere.

Pivot doors are known for their stability. The support the frame gives to the glass door from its pivot at the base is a strength not found in other types of doors. Installing a pivot is one of the most effective ways to keep a solid and heavy glass door stable.

Having an exterior pivot door allows you to have a full view of the exterior surrounding of your home from indoors. It also brings into your interior space a lot of natural sunlight. Exterior pivot glass front doors can use aluminum, fiberglass, or wood frames.

  • Pivot glass doors are convenient because in most instances they do not need a frame to be properly installed.
  • Pivot doors need less space to open so it is ideal for smaller homes.
  • Exterior glass pivot doors look great and come with unique aesthetics.
  • It may not match the interiors of traditional home designs.
  • Pivot glass doors do not seal well as compared to traditional doors (swing doors, sliding doors, or folding folds).

10. Internal Crochet Glass Pivot Door

Internal Crochet Glass Pivot Door

Pics from Instagram

An internal crochet glass pivot door comes with a high-quality European design. It usually features a tempered glass that is about four times stronger and more durable than regular glass. The crochet glass design allows privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room.

  • Top and bottom pivots allow the door to fully swing open and close.
  • Crochet décor is aesthetically appealing.
  • Easy to clean and maintain because of limited glass exposed
  • No customization options

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