10 Tips & Tricks to Choose the Best Pool Tile Plus 20 Surefire Pool Tile Ideas

10 Tips & Tricks to Choose the Best Pool Tile Plus 20 Surefire Pool Tile Ideas

Our love for pool aesthetics probably came from the Romans as they adorned common pools and baths with natural tiles and colossal pillars. Now that we are in the modern era, swimming pools are trendy water features for any home and choosing the best tile for it does more than just aesthetics.

You have to thoroughly choose the best pool tile because it will save you money, enhance the look of your home and give you the pool fun without fear of sliding. As is the case, we will cover some useful tips and tricks in choosing the best pool tile. We will also give you a rundown of some pool tile ideas that you can consider.

I. 10 Tips and Tricks to Choose the Best Pool Tile

1. Consider Less is More

Nothing beats the idea of less is more. If you have a minimalist home design, go for neutral colors like white and charcoal black, gray and black, midnight blue and white and more. If you have an industrial design home, go for neutral-colored mosaic pool tiles. For rustic homes, use slates for the pool wall and the classic white pool floor tile to complement it.

2.Feature a Natural Beauty

To get a natural beauty for your pool, you have to blend the pool tiles with the aesthetics of the surroundings. The go-to pool tiles that are versatile for any kind of environment would be the natural finish of stone tiles.

They create a myriad of looks from antique, to rustic, to classic and modern. Aside from this, they are also slip-resistant so you are going for safety and natural beauty. For the pool floor tiles, go for sandstone, limestone, or granite. For the pool walls, go for slates.

3. Think Small

Tip to choose the best pool tile - think small

Larger tiles are good for easy cleaning and in lessening stain buildup but thinking small could give your pool more style and character. Your swimming pool should make a statement and smaller tiles are more workable in this case than larger tiles. You can make mosaics out of it and it is easier to install the theme that you like without cutting too much.

Smaller glass and porcelain pool floor tiles are good choices. Mosaic tiles for the pool wall is an interesting addition. Small Spanish or Mexican slates are the icing on top.

4. Create a Touch of Character

Ever seen hotel pools? They often come with interesting images at the center and complementing designs that will enhance the theme you are eyeing for. If you are building the pool for the kids, why not put a dolphin pool tile design? Or a mermaid pool tile? Or even go overboard with some superhero pool tiles that they would love?

You could also go for abstract pool tile designs, make the illusion of walking baby turtles or nautical designs to spruce your pool up. The point is, you need pool tiles that exude character so choose the right color combinations and choose the right theme that will bring out your character as well.

5. Aim for Mix Things up

Go out of that monochromatic look. Along with the pool tiles of your choice, you also have to add other elements that will create a strong impression for your poolside. So although you use white pool floor tiles only, adding a lush greenery or a tropical landscape that will surround it will give you the island vibe.

Small pools with concrete pool walls, outer tiles and some xeriscape on the side will give you a good desert oasis pool design. Steel decks, surrounding seats and brick-like mosaic pool tiles will give you a country feel. The point is, mixing different elements that complements your home is the best mix and match that you will have to put effort on.

6. Add a Splash of Color

Tip to choose the best pool tile - add a splash of color

The most common color for pool tiles is always blue or white. White tiles give you the signature blue water while blue tiles give you a tinge of dark blue or pale green color. But then again, when it comes to pool tiles, you can always use shades of unusual colors like aqua blue, charcoal black, chocolate brown, or fiery red.

White and orange are also modern trends. Some even go hot pink. Mosaic blends feature three colors at once. There really is no limit to what you can do with your pool tiles.

7. Opt for the Right Material

Tip to choose the best pool tile - opt for the right material

The go-to pool tiles are always porcelain or ceramic but note that you can also choose durable glass. Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in an array of designs and color combinations that you can choose from. They are also easy to clean, do not chip easily, less expensive to install and maintain.

Now glass tiles can be very durable too but they come with a price. If you are looking for a quality finish with best mosaic patterns, go for glass tiles. They are sturdier than how they look. They are resistant to corrosion brought about by the chemicals from cleaning materials. Although costly, glass tiles are becoming a popular choice for interior pool floors.

If there are kids around, go for porcelain or ceramic tiles. For an all grown-up pool, investing on a durable glass tile with fancy patterns will give your pool a notch up.

8. Try out a Stand-out Style

There are a lot of stand-out pool styles that you could go for. If you love those intricately designed, hand-painted like small pool tiles and large slates surrounding it, go for a Mexican style pool. Spanish style pools rely heavily on brick pool tiles or tan slates to surround it and a clean white or blue pool floor tiles and some blue or white accent tiles could top that too.

Mediterranean style pools will greatly complement villas, classic style homes and vacation homes. This style relies on natural stones like white slates for the surrounding and granite interior floor pool tiles.

Basically, it depends on your home’s aesthetic and your personal character too. So choose a standout style that would incorporate both.

9. Add Drama to Your Pool

Tip to choose the best pool tile - add drama to your pool

You can go more than just blue and white combinations for your pool floor and pool wall tiles. You can have mosaic pool floor tile flaring with more than three colors and go neat with the pool wall tiles by choosing natural stones. You can also add accented tiles of complementing darker colors to enhance the pool ensemble.

Check your color wheel and find the best complementing colors like royal blue for the accent tile and burst orange for the pool floor tile. Add that with a touch of tan slates and that is more than enough color drama for the pool.

10. Keep Maintenance in Mind

When choosing the best pool tile, you must make sure that they are in it for the long haul. It is not enough that they are inexpensive on your first purchase, they also must be durable and low maintenance.

For this, porcelain and ceramic are the lowest maintenance ones for the pool’s interior floor and pebble, slate and natural stone for the pool walls. These materials include only soft brushing with a pool cleaner solution. No need for expensive bleaching and stuff.

They are not that prone to chipping and breaking. They are not vulnerable to permanent stains. They often come with a lifetime warranty and their colors do not fade even after too much bleach cleaning.

II. 20 pool tile ideas to make your day a blast

1. Iridescent Classic Mosaics

Iridescent Classic Mosaics

Source from 500px

If you want that glossy, glassy finish with a flair of color combinations that will give your pool a fine, modern touch, go for iridescent classic mosaics. They are visually appealing but are not that slippery too. They give the right illusion of depth and you can make a variety of themes out of its array of colors.

2. Sparkling Glass Tile

Sparkling Glass Tile

Installing sparkling glass tiles as your pool tile (be it interior, exterior floor tile or as pool wall tiles) is like a pool straight out of Beverly Hills. They glisten with the sun and night lights. They are comfortable to the feet and are not that slippery. To enhance your pool ensemble with these sparkling glass tiles, you can add colorful or glitter grout.

3. Shade of Colors

Shade of Colors

Source from Instagram

This type of pool tile is a mosaic of a single color or one color wave. As such, if you want various shades of green for your pool, go for beige or rose-colored mosaic tiles. If you are eyeing for a gray-green color, go for ash or creamstone shades. If you want a tinge of blue-green, cuarzo or inox shade mosaic is the perfect choice.

4. A Mediterranean Paradise

A Mediterranean Paradise

Source from Instagram

This pool style is composed of vivid pool tile colors that are either hand-painted or solid-glazed. The outer tiles are usually made of either cobblestone or terra cotta. Complementing these pool tiles would be citrus trees, arches or fountains, shaded areas and low walls.

5. Natural and Seamless Look

Natural and Seamless Look

Source from Instagram

If you are going for that waterpark feel, a natural and seamless pool is the perfect fit. Choose natural stones like limestone or granite, coral stones, herringbone slates and concrete pavers will go well with a deep blue pool with white or blue floor tiles.

6. Clear Sense of Ocean

Clear Sense of Ocean

It is one of the most beautiful pool designs especially if you live near the ocean. To have a clear sense of ocean pool design, you have to go for clear fiberglass walls and glazed glass pool floor tiles. Infinity pools literally overlooking the ocean is also a bold but worth it choice.

7. Sleek Black Accents

Sleek Black Accents

Minimalist and modern design homes are where you will mostly find these sleek black accented pools. You can have an all-black pool floor tile, pool wall and pool pathway and add some night lights around it for an astounding night swimming experience. You can also put black pebble tiles for the pathway, complementing a bright white or blue interior floor pool. Black interior pool floor tile reflected on glass walls is also very modern and sleek.

8. Minimalist Chic

Minimalist Chic

For this design, you will use a lot of white concrete. Go for white or beige cobblestones for the pathway and pool wall tiles. Clear white porcelain or ceramic tile will complement well with the chic vibe. Adding wood features for the shade area and the entire pool fence and some lush green elements will keep it classy and clean.

9. Fun Accent Tiles

Fun Accent Tiles

Source from Pinterest

This is the design that will allow you to go over the top. The patterns can be anything. You can use tri-colored mosaic for the interior pool floor, hand-painted pool walls, glazed accent pool tiles and natural stone pathway. So you can make one side Spanish-styled, the walls Mexican and the pathway just classy.

10. Subtle Marble Effect

Subtle Marble Effect

This one is commonly used in large indoor pools. The irregular line patterns in the marble tile gives an interesting depth as it reflects the pool water if you intend to use it as an interior pool floor tile. It also adds a fine touch to the pool walls and the pathway. Going with white, beige or tan marble pool tiles are default choices but you can always explore other options.

11. Modern Aesthetics

Modern Aesthetics

Be it long, rectangular, indoor lap pools with steel and concrete accents only, concrete pool flooring and brick tile walls, reinforced wood elements and more, you can add as many elements as you can to get a modern aesthetic pool. You can go for gray and black tones, earth-colored pool tiles and concrete tiles to top it all off.

12. Gradient Blues

Gradient Blues

To get that gradient blues pool design, you have to choose the best blue and white mosaic tiles out there. There are a lot to choose from like azure, tule, aqua or navy blue gradient ceramic or glass tiles.

13. Black and White Mixed

Black and White Mixed

For that vintage, 50s look, choose a penny round, black and white design. You can also use black interior pool floor tiles and white pool wall tiles for contrast. An alternating black and white porcelain or glass tile pattern is also vintage and chic at the same time. Throw in some poolside seats, baja shelves and some neutral-colored garden umbrellas will enhance the design.

14. Bold Patterns

Bold Patterns

This design is just oozing with natural, neutral colors and a lot of fiberglass and wood elements. When thrown in one poolside design, you would get the right touch of minimalism that will complement any type of home aesthetic be it a respite in the wood, an oasis in the desert or just a fresh clearing in the midst of lush greens.

15. Graceful Waterline Band

Graceful Waterline Band

This one features irregular-shaped pools like an over-curved kidney-shaped pool, rectangular and ovate pool mix and match or raised water lines with brick or concrete pool tiles. Pebble finish tiles will look good in this type of pool design. Cement pavers for the deck is also a fine touch.

16. Shining Fish Scales

Shining Fish Scales

If you want your pool to pop up vivid colors, it is time to discover those glossy fish scale tiles. They are iridescent mosaic glass tiles shaped like fish scales. They come in all colors and sizes, popping with gradient colors of blue and green and glossy fish scale tiles that glimmer. They are not that slippery so they can be used flexibly as interior pool floor tile, accent tile or pathway tile.

17. Durable Porcelain Selection

Durable Porcelain Selection

You can choose from a range of porcelain tile patterns with this design. You can install tri-colored gradient porcelain pool floor tile, non-skid porcelain pavers for the exterior floor, and patterned porcelain pool tile for the waterline.

18. Reclaimed Wood Look

Reclaimed Wood Look

To give you that rustic effect, there are reclaimed wood look pool tiles that you could use for decking. They look exactly like wood but unlike them, they will not expand or become brittle with moisture. Modern homes are also now infusing reclaimed wood look tiles for indoor pools in a manner similar to marble tiles.

19. Blue and White Combination

Blue and White Combination

This is the classic pool colors that we are used to and they do not disappoint at any rate. Using blue and white penny round pool tiles reflect clear water under the sun and under night lights. Mosaic blue and white tiles are good for waterline tiles or interior floor tile. Embellish the entire design with lots of white and beige and you have a classic pool design.

20. An Artistic Touch of Mosaics-inspired

An Artistic Touch of Mosaics-inspired

You can make your pool interior as your canvas through glass mosaic tiles that you can mix and match. Get abstract, replicate the faces of Greek gods and goddesses, flower patterns, flush of colors with glossy mosaic tiles.


To conclude, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the best pool tile for whatever pool design that you are trying to construct. The go-to pool tile designs at present would be gradient tiles and glass mosaic tiles because of their interesting tones and ability to reflect light. Solid colored tiles are also common choices for pool floor tiles, waterline tiles, pool decks and pavers.

The bottom line is, you have to know what pool tile you are looking for and you have to base it in terms of your spending stretch, the maintenance afterwards and the overall aesthetics of your home. From these, choosing the best pool tile for you will just be a stroll in the park.

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