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Custom Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for reliable, modern, and energy-saving cabinetry solutions for indoor residential and commercial use, George Buildings is a topnotch choice for affordable wholesale production and expert installation. When it comes to walnut kitchen cabinets, George is also a dependable choice for a wide selection of cabinetry from villas, apartments, houses and restaurants.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Modern walnut kitchen cabinets

You can see this type in both lighter and darker shades, perfect for any contemporary-styled kitchen. The beautiful varying grain patterns combined with an appropriate finish will provide a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Black walnut kitchen cabinets

While white is the more popular choice, for its timeless nature, black is easier to pull off than you might think. Combine it with the natural beauty of walnut and you get elegant and sleek cabinets that can have a place in any modern kitchen. All-black or in contrast with white, you can not go wrong with this option.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Dark walnut kitchen cabinets

Coming in various shades of black, these types of cabinets are more versatile since you have more wiggle room to play with the contrasts. Pairs well with either a lighter or darker floor nuance, and white paint on walls to provide the gleaming feel usually associated with walnut.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Light walnut kitchen cabinets

The lighter shades provide a more familiar feel to the room, perfect for more traditional style kitchens. Can be paired with other white cabinets for a luxurious feel or a lighter shade of floor tiles.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Walnut kitchen cabinets with white countertops

Perfect for contemporary style kitchens, the white countertops (with granite being a popular choice) will provide the room with more brightness and a sense of spaciousness that the darker shades lack, creating a beautiful contrast.

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Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

Antique walnut kitchen cabinets

This type of cabinet gives character to any kitchen it finds itself in. Whether you are going for a modern style with a “back to the past” feel or simply a traditional kitchen, this antique walnut cabinet will surely be the star of the room. You can choose from minimalistic shaker styles or more intricate ones.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Brown walnut kitchen cabinets

This shade is a great neutral element for your kitchen that will allow you to make use of stainless steel appliances or glass so you can go for a modern and bright feel. Combine the natural beauty of walnut with the modernity of steel and you get a truly contemporary kitchen.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Laminate walnut kitchen cabinets

Add to the natural sought-after features of walnut with a laminate layer and you get a glossy, clean surface, perfect for more professional environments. A touch of class combined with the contemporary style walnut is known for is sure to attract some glances.

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Walnut kitchen cabinets

Natural walnut kitchen cabinet

Emphasizing simplicity and naturalness, this type of cabinet helps focus on the design of the kitchen as a whole, but due to the beautiful grains, walnut does not give the impression of being under-decorated. Provides a great contrast with white countertops or milky floor tiles.

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    George’s walnut kitchen cabinets are perfect for any type of kitchen layout, style and feel. Here are our product solutions to give you the very best out of our custom flexible kitchen cabinets.

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    Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

    What is walnut kitchen cabinets

    Walnut is a classy wood usually associated with high-quality craftsmanship. It’s a darker-colored with medium hardness wood and intricate grain patterns that a lot of people find charming and for good reason. In particular black walnut and darker shade make the grains stand out more which is sure to give your kitchen a look that your guests won’t forget any time soon.

    While walnut is not the hardest wood on the market, it is good enough to withstand regular use and avoid dents and other common issues coming with regular usage. It is also more water-resistant than other porous wood options (birch, for example) so you can clean with a wet cloth without worrying that it may swell or cause other damage.

    While more expensive, walnut kitchen cabinets are sure to last for decades, being made from solid wood. You also don’t need to worry about synthetic components and the environment, if you choose to go for natural wood. Keep in mind that walnut veneer is also a similarly-looking option, but with different proprieties, so make sure to inquire about this to your supplier.

    Is walnut good for kitchen cabinets?

    Walnut is a dense and durable wood that is sure to last you for decades and can resist most daily activities you would do in your kitchen. Its beautiful, wavy patterns are unmistakable, so it will provide character, elegance, and a luxurious feel to your room.

    It is also less heavy than other options, so it is easy to work with. Walnut also provides decent water-resistant properties, so it can be cleaned up without issues.

    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    What color goes well with walnut cabinets?

    The most popular one is as you may have already guessed, white. It pairs well with the natural dark shades of walnut, so it is a great choice for many kitchens. Together with gray, walnut cabinets will make your room elegant and clean, provided sufficient illumination is present.

    Blue is also a great choice for more traditional-styled homes. Here dark walnut cabinets can make your kitchen feel regal. Yellow accents also work well with this type of cabinets. As a general rule, lighter shades are preferred to create a contrast with the natural blackness that walnut provides. Make sure your kitchen is lighted appropriately, so you can make the best out of this contrast.

    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    Pros and Cons of walnut kitchen cabinets


    • Strong and reliable, it will last a long time with occasional cleaning.
    • Beautiful natural design provided by wavy grain structures, which will be highlighted even more by a clear finish.
    • Intricate carving designs are possible.


    • Possible large variations of color even on the same board.
    • Usually expensive.
    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    Walnut vs Cherry kitchen cabinets

    Cherry has a classic, timeless look that fits well in both modern and traditional homes It is considered a hardwood, but it’s a bit softer than other variants in this category. It has a rich grain structure with more uniform patterns, as opposed to the wavy and more intricate patterns seen on walnut. It also tends to darken over time (a matter of months to a year) so it will be a shade darken than what you originally bought.

    Not much color variants are available for cherry, its classic red-brown-yellowish look being the most common. On the other hand, while darker in nature, walnut can also be found in lighter shades. Both kinds of wood can be lacquered for a more elegant feel and are easy to work with. While you may find slight variations in prices, both are relatively expensive, so it all comes down to your preferences.

    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    Where can I find walnut kitchen cabinets for the best price?

    Prices can vary a lot by country and size of your cabinet. We recommend taking a look at some of the following:

    You can also take a look at our Top 10 cabinet suppliers in China.

    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    Average costs of walnut kitchen cabinets

    As we’ve already mentioned, costs can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as the size of the cabinet, color shade whether it is a stock or a customized one, so it is best to ask your supplier for an estimate depending on your needs. Average costs go from $50 to $240 per square meter, with a few thousand dollars for an average-sized kitchen.

    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    Walnut kitchen cabinets ideas

    There are many possible design combinations you can play with depending on your taste, let’s take a look at some of them:

    • Minimalist – simple slab-like cabinets with minimal hardware intrusion for maximum elegance.
    • Pantry – lots of storage space and room for appliances in the middle, combining convenience with functionality.
    • Mixed – combine walnut cabinets with other variants for a beautiful contrast.
    • Luxurious – for a maximum luxury look, combine a lighter shade of walnut for the bottom cabinets with lacquered uppers.
    • Rustic – lighters nuances of natural-looking walnut with no stains highlight the beautiful grain patterns for an authentic rustic look.

    Walnut kitchen cabinets accessories


    We recommend taking the whole cabinet set from a single supplier, to make sure all pieces fit together nicely. This is to keep the smooth and even appearance across the room and keep inconsistencies away. In the eventuality that you need to replace one, you should ask your original supplier for help.

    • Cathedral door – with a single raised arched panel in a unique cathedral style. Used in more sophisticated kitchen designs.
    • Shaker door – a simple design with a recessed center panel specific to the Shakers style. It fits well with other furniture of this type and modern designs.
    • Slab door – with a bare face, this type of door is a great choice for various types of kitchen designs but mostly preferred in contemporary styles in which smooth, clean surfaces are the main attraction.
    • Square door – with a traditional raised rectangular center. A popular choice because of its simplicity and versatility. It will not attract too much attention but will prevent your kitchen from looking undecorated.
    • Eyebrow door – a classic door with a raised and arched panel. That arch can fit well in both traditional and contemporary styles, depending of course, on the rest of your kitchen design.
    Walnut kitchen cabinets


    Choosing a color depends on the overall style you want to go with, generally, there are two categories:

    Darker shades – fit for modern and contemporary kitchens. Give a luxurious and elegant feel to your kitchen;

    Lighter shades – a better choice for rustic or traditional kitchens, they give a sense of cleanness and brightness, with proper illumination;


    Walnut is quite a sturdy material so it can handle most countertops. Keep in mind the size of the slabs and the color that would work best with your shade of walnut.

    • Granite – considered luxurious, granite countertops have recently become more affordable and are increasingly used in all types of homes. They are durable and heat resistant and come in a variety of colors;
    • Marble – on the high-end spectrum, this option looks striking but it is not as durable as granite and is quite susceptible to scars and cuts;
    • Quartz – an extremely durable material with a sleek look. Countertops made of quartz do not require sealing, so you are free to prepare food directly on top of them.
    • Concrete – extremely hard and durable, you won’t see cuts or scratches on its surface. It is also quite heavy and not many styles are available on the market. It may be a good option in professional or industrial kitchens.
    • Laminate – preferred for its surprising resilience and the multitude of colors and styles available. This is one of the more affordable options and is quite easy to install.


    Depending on your preferences and kitchen style, you’ve got a multitude of options available, here are some:

    Tubular bar pulls – the most sought-after handles, usually silver, they are very convenient and versatile, creating an eye-pleasing symmetry.

    Flat bar pulls – another popular choice, they can be used for both cabinet doors and drawers, for a consistent look. They lean towards the modern side, so the flat bar pulls are a good option for contemporary kitchens.

    Glass knobs – an elegant option, the glass knobs offer a vintage and reflective look and come off as a classy choice for any kitchen style. If you are worried about durability, you can opt for acrylic knobs, which are similar in design but are a bit more durable and affordable.

    Metal knobs – if you want to add to the clean look, those plain knobs may be the choice for you. Their simplistic design is meant to fit in and direct attention towards other, flashier, design elements (i.e. open-shelving decors).

    Bronze cup pulls – preferred in farmhouse and rustic kitchen styles, they offer to create a contrast between the white and their darker colors (you can also opt for black).

    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    What to keep in mind when buying walnut kitchen cabinets

    Here are some tips once you’ve decided on your cabinet.

    1. Identify floor plan

    Ideally, you should already have access to them, but if you don’t there are a few things you can try:

    • Talk to the contractor that built your house, they usually keep floor plans;
    • The tax office of your country or municipality should have an archive section where you can find help in locating your floor plans. They usually have information related to the original owner, building permits, and even a set of blueprints;
    • Builders need to apply for permits before buildings houses, these are located in the building inspector’s office. Talk to clerics in the city or town hall for possible locations of this office.
    • You can try speaking to your neighbors. Buildings in an area tend to have similar designs, so they may have their floor plans and with some luck, they are very similar in design to yours. Or maybe they can point you in some other direction.
    • If nothing else works, you can hire an architect or a structural engineer who can use a set of measurements to recreate a floor plan for your house;
    Walnut kitchen cabinets

    2. Consider the expected budget and function of the cabinet

    It is vital to establish a budget so you can start looking for the perfect cabinet. By choosing a specific limit to the amount you are willing or able to spend, you can narrow down your choices in regard to design. You can play with this and preferred hardware, while dimensions are usually a rather strict aspect.

    How large is your kitchen? Do you expect many cuts and scratches on the surfaces? What color do you have on your floor, what material? By asking these kinds of questions, you will get closer to finding out what you need. You must consider your own situation first, and then the available choices will become more clear.

    3. Determine materials and make quotations

    Related to the previous point, determine materials and amounts with respect to your needs. Look towards more durable materials if you expect rough treatments to your countertops. Think before choosing marble or similar materials if you do tend to scratch surfaces with knives or other sharp objects. Consider the aesthetic qualities of the cabinet, how does it fit with the rest of the furniture. Is the color going to be in good contrast with the floor tiles?

    4. Confirm design

    After careful consideration, and taking into account aesthetics and functionality, decide, roughly how your shaker cabinet will look like. Next, confirm your idea with the supplier. Inquire about the availability of your design and chosen materials and wait for a response. You can even ask them for an opinion or recommendation.

    5. Pay deposit and schedule production

    Once your supplier answered and your design is available or they proposed some alternatives and you agreed, decide the timetable. How long will it take to be made? When will it be delivered? It is important to know this information beforehand and suppliers are obligated to provide it to you. After you agree to the details of the production, pay the deposit so you assure your supplier that you won’t just change your mind mid-production. This differs from company to company, but the deposit can go up to 50% of the total price (even more perhaps) and the rest is going to be paid on delivery.

    Again, this is to ensure seriousness. You are entitled to a full refund if the order is not fulfilled.

    Why should you choose a GEORGE walnut cabinet?

    We are a fast-growing company with over 14 years of experience that has already received and fulfilled many orders from different customers (you can read more about our projects on our website).

    Intelligent Manufacturing 

    George Buildings has established a comprehensive control system for all processes and systems to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials.

    High Production Capacity & Flexibility

    George Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around the world to ensure a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge band, hardware, and others. These important alliances seek to maintain strict quality controls at the sourcing stage.

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.


    Walnut kitchen cabinets are a great choice for many modern and rustic style kitchens. Their main selling point are the beautiful grain patterns on the surface that can be further highlighter with appropriate finish. They are a more expensive option, but keep in mind that this is a long-term investment, since they are to last a few decades.

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