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Vitrified Tiles for Your Projects

Vitrified tiles are popular outdoor flooring tiles because of their low porosity. They are more cost-efficient alternatives to marble and granite tiles. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and versatile one-stop-shop for vitrified tiles, you can check us out at George Buildings.

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vitrified tile

Vitrified porcelain tiles

Vitrified porcelain tiles can either be full-body glazed or unglazed, depending on what appeals to you. These tile types are mainly made from a homogenous mixture of clays and feldspars, giving them less water-retention property.

If you are tiling your wet room floors, then vitrified may be the right choice for you.

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vitrified tile

Full body vitrified tiles

Full body vitrified tiles are designed with pigments all over the body. That is a design feature that makes scratches on the tile less noticeable. Full body vitrified tiles are suitable for installation in high-traffic areas.

That is because of the features that we have just mentioned. Apart from less water absorption property, they are immune to scratching.

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vitrified tile

Nano polished vitrified tiles

Nano polished vitrified tiles have an invisible component on their surface that gives them their water and dust repellant property. Additionally, they possess antibacterial properties.

With all these stunning properties, you can use them for tilling your kitchen and bathroom floors.

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vitrified tile

Vitrified tiles for bathroom

Vitrified tiles come in various finishes that you can consider for tilling your bathroom floors and other wet rooms. We have just talked about nano-polished vitrified tiles with excellent antibacterial, water, and dust repellant properties.

A bathroom can offer ideal conditions for bacterial growth, and using these tiles ensure that you have a safe bathroom.

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vitrified tile

Vitrified porcelain outdoor tiles

We have to repeat that vitrified porcelain tiles are made from pure clay, quartz, and feldspar. One outstanding feature resulting from this combination is anti0fading property. These tiles can withstand harsh weather conditions outdoors without experiencing degradation. They are non-porous and possess low water absorption properties.

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vitrified tile

Vitrified floor tiles

Vitrified tiles are ideal for both outdoor and indoor flooring. They are resistant to high-traffic, acid and salt corrosions, moss and mold attacks, and are easy to clean. You may need to consider these also for wet rooms as they have strong anti-slip properties.

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vitrified tile

Glazed vitrified tiles

As the name implies, these tiles have glazed surfaces. The glazing layer is added on top to make it possible to realized different tile designs, including 3D and 2D arts. By including a glazed surface, almost every texture can be achieved and desired pictures printed on the surface. They are, therefore, ideal for decoration purposes.

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Vitrified Tiles

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles are a growing trend in tile design and manufacturing. The almost finished tile is passed through a machine that adds a double layer of pigments that gives them a glossy finish. However, you can also have a matt finishing. Double charge vitrified tiles are your home-friendly floor tiles that are stain-resistant, anti-fading, and durable.

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vitrified tile

Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles

If you have come across glazed vitrified tiles, then polished glazed vitrified tiles should also be familiar to you. They are basically the same, with the only difference being that the latter has a shiny appearance. These modified tiles come at an extra cost due to the additional processing needed to polish them.

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vitrified tile

Soluble salt vitrified tiles

These tile types are not common nowadays. They are named soluble salt vitrified tiles because of the screen-printing technology used in their manufacturing. As mentioned, they are the rarest types and may become extinct in the coming years.

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    Full Solutions from Vitrified Tile Manufacturer

    For you to know more about our selection of vitrified tiles, as well as other products and services, here are our full solutions from George Buildings.

    Vitrified Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    In homes and apartments, vitrified tiles are commonly installed in patios, balconies and garages. Their resistance to frost and water makes them a good choice for safer and non-slip homes and apartments.


    Office and Schools

    In the same manner, vitrified tiles are also installed in hallways, catwalks, office rooms and administrative offices in schools. The textured vitrified tiles make offices and schools water and frost resistant for the long haul.


    Bar and Restaurants

    As for bars and restaurants, vitrified tiles make a perfect statement flooring especially for retro, contemporary and industrial vibe bars and restaurants. Because they have low porosity, they are generally good for high traffic spaces like bars and restaurants.


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

    In hospitals and healthcare facilities, vitrified tiles are practical to lessen injuries from slipping especially during winters and rainy days. Aside from that, they are also low maintenance flooring options, making them perfect for high traffic hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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    Vitrified Tiles Buying Guide

    What are vitrified tiles?

    Vitrified tile share many properties with the traditional ceramic tiles, but it is a modified version of ceramic ones. They have often been used as the best alternative to the more expensive granite and marble tiles. From the property point of view, vitrified tile are less porous and frost resistant.

    Vitrified tile come in all designs and styles, something that makes them ideal for different applications. Revisit the previous section on 10 styles of these tiles to know more.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Your Wholesale Vitrified Tile Supplier in China

    Whether you are a retailer or a contractor, the choice of a supplier for your vitrified tile can determine your market share. Sourcing your vitrified tile from George Buildings gives you the best odds in the market. This is a reliable tile manufacturing company based in Foshan, China, that uses the latest technology in manufacturing high-quality vitrified tiles at the best price in the market.

    We will be glad to be your supplier of any kind of tiles in China. We have been in the industry for many years, partnering with different clients from far and beyond.

    Vitrified tile for wholesale

    Why buy vitrified tile from George?

    Despite the stiff competition in the industry, George Buildings still boasts of having the largest market share in the region. You have all the reasons to source your vitrified tile from the leading tile manufacturer and supplier to help your business or company grow. Partnering with George Buildings guarantee you the following:

    • Premium quality tiles for every application.
    • Great discounts on all orders that you make
    • Timely delivery of all ordered tiles. We can meet your demands at any given time.
    • Supportive customer services that will ensure you place your order and receive your products in one piece.
    • Different tile designs and finishes for all applications are available.
    • Taylor-made services that will make you personalize your property.

    George Vitrified Tile Features & Advantage

    At George Buildings, we deliver more than promised. Vitrified tile designed and manufactured by George Buildings have the following properties:

    • Anti-slip
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Fade-resistant
    • Less water absorption
    • Unlimited color options and finishes
    • Stain-resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Require less maintenance and lasts longer.

    Choosing George Buildings to realize positive growth for your business. We value each and every customer, regardless of the order quantity. In fact, we do not have a minimum order quantity. You can order as much as you want or as little as you can afford, and you will get exceptional customer service.

    Benefits of Vitrified Tiles

    • Vitrified tile are very consistent in terms of size, shades, and thickness.

    • Vitrified tile are scratch resistant and last long with minimal maintenance.

    • Vitrified tile are stain-resistance and do not absorb much water, a feature that makes them suitable for wet room floor tiling.

    • Vitrified tile do not fade by exposure to direct sunlight, hence suited for exterior tiling.

    What are the full-body vitrified tile?

    These tile types have already been defined in the previous sections, but we will still recap them here. One main difference between full body vitrified tile and other vitrified tile types are the additional pigments added on the surface to make them scratch resistant. When installed on the floor, you can barely notice any scratches.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Pros and Cons of vitrified tiles

    Vitrified tile are popular and are used for various reasons. In this section, we highlight what makes them stand out and probably what has not made them not to dominate other tile types.


    • Consistent in color, shades, and thickness
    • Long-lasting and fade and scratch-resistant
    • Takes less time to install
    • Stain-resistant
    • Less water absorption
    • Easy to clean
    • Fade-resistant
    • Anti-fungal and bacterial property
    • Affordable compared to marble and granite tiles


    • Require expertise to install
    • More expensive compared to ceramic tiles
    • Require the use of high-quality adhesives
    • May get slippery when wet.
    Vitrified Tiles

    Where can vitrified tiles be used?

    Vitrified tile can be sued for flooring and wall coverings, depending on what you choose. For flooring, you can consider vitrified tile for virtually any room within your property. Additionally, they can be used for pavement flooring because they are frost-resistant and do not fade under direct sunlight.

    Vitrified tile can also be used for decorations on the walls. They come in all colors and patterns that you can choose from to add character to your walls.

    Vitrified Tiles

    How to make vitrified tile?

    The raw materials for the manufacturing of vitrified tile are the clay, quartz, feldspar, and sometimes silica. These ingredients are mixed together through hydraulic pressing to achieve a vitreous surface. The vitrification process is done at different temperatures depending on the type of clay used.

    In the process, the mixture hardens to form a single mass with less water absorption property. Other substances may be added to it to achieve the needed results.

    Vitrified Tiles

    What is the difference between ceramic vitrified and porcelain tiles?

    Both porcelain and ceramic vitrified tile belong to the same category of tiles. Some people have used them interchangeably, even when there is a clear-cut difference between them. We are going to briefly state some of these differences. By construction, ceramic vitrified tile are manufactured from red, brown, or white clay.

    They are also less dense and softer than porcelain tiles, which are fired at a much higher temperature. Porcelain tiles are harder and denser and are mainly manufactured from white clay, sand, and feldspar. These differing properties make them suitable for different uses.

    Vitrified Tiles

    What is the difference between porcelain and vitrified tiles?

    Both porcelain and vitrified tile are of the same family. Vitrified tile are manufactured through a vitrification process where high temperatures are involved in baking the cakes. Porcelain tiles are full body vitrified tiles. They can also be glazed or unglazed vitrified tile. The only difference is the technology used in the manufacturing of each of these closely-related tile types.

    Porcelain tiles are manufactured through the dust press method. Vitrified tile, on the other hand, are the products of the hydraulic press method. Due to this difference, the two have different properties for different applications. So, you need to choose wisely.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Polished vitrified tiles vs glazed vitrified tiles?

    Glazed vitrified tiles are famous for their use in home decoration. The glazed surface makes it possible to achieve different designs, texture, finish, and other properties. They are mainly for aesthetic purposes. Polished vitrified tiles are the same as the glazed type. The only difference being the addition of a nanolayer of silica.

    This layer gives the tiles a shiny appearance and smooth touch as all the pores are blocked. Nano-polished vitrified tiles have excellent water and dust repellant property but may get slippery when wet.

    Whether to use polished vitrified tiles or glazed vitrified tiles depend on the intended area of application. For instance, you will not definitely need polished vitrified tiles for wet rooms, given their low anti-slip property.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Vitrified tile vs marble tiles

    Vitrified tile and marble tiles have been close contestants for use in indoor flooring. But which one would you choose for your residential or commercial property? Let us first come clean and say that marble tiles are more expensive than vitrified tile for obvious reasons.

    Marble tiles more durable, luxurious, and require less maintenance. Vitrified tile are more affordable, easy to install, and suited for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Again, you will choose what you can afford and what best serves the intended purpose.

    Vitrified Tiles

    How to check the quality of vitrified tile?

    Vitrified tiles are machine-made tiles and are prone to some defects that can compromise the quality. You need to be keen to check on any possible defects and relay the same to your supplier for possible replacement. The type of defects depends on the style of vitrified tile in question.

    The possible ones include dull edge polishing in nano-polished vitrified tile, edge defects, bowing defects, chipped corners, unequal sizes, surface defects, etc. You also have to be keen on the texture and pattern uniformity. All these are pointers that you can use to check tile quantity.

    Vitrified Tiles

    How to identify vitrified tile?

    Vitrified tile are types of ceramic tiles made by fusing silica and clay in a ratio of 3:2. The process occurs under high temperatures to obtain a hardened finish. The manufacturing process is somehow the same as that of glass. So, you can probably identify vitrified tiles using the following features:

    • Glass-like texture
    • Less porosity
    • Scratch resistance
    • Stronger and harder than other ceramic tiles
    Vitrified Tiles

    How much do vitrified tiles cost?

    Vitrified tile can cost you from a 3 dollars per square meter to 9 of dollars per square meter. The cost variation is attributed to the difference in style and designs of these tile types. With over 10 different types of vitrified tile, you can expect the price variation to be significant.

    It will cost you more to buy polished glazed vitrified tile than it would cost you to buy just glazed vitrified tile. Also, glazed vitrified tiles are more expensive than the unglazed type. That means you have to decide on what your budget is before making the right choice of vitrified tile that you need.

    Vitrified Tiles

    Are vitrified tiles slippery when wet?

    The answer is yes or no, depending on a particular vitrified tile in question. Polished vitrified tile are very slippery when wet, while there are other types with great anti-slip properties. When shopping for wet room floors, then you should consider only the non-slip vitrified tile. Shiny or polished vitrified tiles are best suited for wall covering.

    Vitrified Tiles

    How to clean vitrified tile?

    Vitrified tile require maintenance through regular cleaning. The cleaning process is done the same way you would do on any other tiles, but only neutral solutions should be used. The chosen solution should neither be acidic or basic in nature.

    Depending on the type of vitrified tile that you have on your property, a doodlebug may perform better than a mop in cleaning. We specifically prefer the former for cleaning rough-textured vitrified tile.

    Vitrified Tiles

    How to find vitrified tile suppliers & manufacturers in China?

    By just Googling this query on your browser’s search box, you get millions of results in a fraction of a second. That was easy, but filtering this search to find a reliable vitrified tile manufacturer and supplier is a daunting task. We would wish to save you all the time now that you are on this page. Look no further than George Buildings for any type of tile that you need.

    We are a company based in Foshan, China, specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality tiles. With the experience that we have in the industry, we can meet every requirement of our clients.

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    TOP 5 tips for choosing and buying vitrified tile

    To choose the best-vitrified tile that will transform your property, you need to consider the following:

    • Quality of the tiles.
    • Consistency of the patterns and shades on the tiles
    • Anti-slip and porosity of the tiles
    • The individual sizes of the tiles and their uniformity
    • Properties and features.
    Vitrified Tiles

    Why choose George’s vitrified tile?

    George Building is a renowned manufacturer of vitrified tile and all other tile types. Our presence in the industry has been felt by different clients from China and across the borders. We are that one manufacturer and supplier that you can rely on to meet your demands and specifications.

    We are proud to have been a manufacturer that produces high-quality vitrified tile at the best price. By this, we have beaten the competition. You can count on us for quality tiles delivered to you on time. Keep your business or project running by sourcing all your tiles from George Buildings.

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