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    Benefits of uPVC Windows

    • Aesthetic appeal: uPVC windows give your spaces a modern finish.

    • Durability: uPVC window are the most robust and most durable windows there are.

    • Excellent acoustic insulation:uPVC window provide excellent acoustic insulation. Double glazed uPVC window can cut down noise by as much as 70%.

    • 10 + Years of Manufacturing Experience Factory. High Quality & Affordable Windows.

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    Agate grey windows

    Though grey has always been a popular window-color choice among homeowners, its dull shades have slowly fallen out of favor. A complex blend of light green and grey, Agate window frames offer a new, refreshing alternative.  They work well with a variety of color schemes, especially those with sandstone brickwork.

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    French Windows

    French grey windows

    French gray leans more towards green than grey, but it will switch between the two depending on the light and time of day. Inspired by 19th-century French decoration and wallpapers, this hue is perfectly suited for exterior window frames and a particular favorite for settings that have lots of greenery

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    uPVC Windows

    Grey uPVC windows and doors

    Grey windows and doors are the new standards in exterior design. Considered the “new white,” grey works well for various exterior settings, from highly trendy modern spaces to more conventional, period properties. Their neutrality will create a calming and elegant effect both inside and outside your home. They are the ideal shade to choose if you want to subtly set yourself apart from everyone else.

    With windows, it’s all about color. In days gone by, traditional white uPVC windows were all that was available. That has changed. Grey uPVC windows give your property a contemporary look and modern finish.

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    Modern gray windows

    Modern gray windows have gradually gained popularity over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why – they convey mature taste and make for an exciting change from the norm.

    They also add drama. Grey windows are an effective way to add an exciting contrast to otherwise classic color schemes.

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    uPVC Windows

    Gray uPVC sash windows (uPVC sash windows, gray)

    Traditional, authentic, and charming, sash windows represent an ageless style that speaks to the beauty of period homes. They are made from one or more movable panels. The individual sashes were usually paned windows, but nowadays, they may contain a singular sheet of glass.

    uPVC sash windows are a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional style. Using an ingenious spiral balance mechanism, they function in the same way as conventional wooden sash windows. What sets uPVC sash windows apart is that they require little maintenance and no painting, unlike their traditional cousins.

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    Gray uPVC bay windows

    Bay windows offer panoramic views of your outside spaces and are the ideal place to relax. They create a spacious, well-lit environment for your home. A gray uPVC window might be just what you need. Because it’s made from uPVC, it will keep your interiors cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You’ll enjoy a stable, well-lit environment in every season.

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    Double glazed grey uPVC windows

    Double glazed windows have to panes of glass to insulate against harsh external conditions. They are now standard requirements for both new construction and replacement requirements. Double glazed uPVC windows combine the unique strengths of double-paned glass and uPVC to provide exceptional insulation, noise reduction, and energy costs savings.

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    uPVC Windows for Sale

    If you’re thinking of buying new or replacement windows, it’s crucial to make the right choices on frame, style, and material. uPVC is a durable, lightweight substitute for wood and aluminum windows.

    It is the right choice if you’re looking for a robust combination of strength, energy efficiency, and convenience at an affordable. uPVC window cost much less than aluminum and hardwood timber, and they hardly need any maintenance.

    What are uPVC window?

    Also known as PVCu, uPVC window are made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride ( a type of plastic). It is a low-maintenance building material that substitutes for painted wood and offers incredible strength and versatility.

    Parts and features of uPVC window

    Generally, a window frame is composed of a head at the top, jabs along the length, and a separating upright known as a mullion, and a horizontal separator known as a transom. The casement consists of a top-rail at the top, styles along the sides, and a bottom rail at the bottom.

    The small opening at the top of a window is known as a vent light, and the parts that you can actually open are known as casements. The components that don’t open are called fixed lights.

    uPVC window features

    Locking system

    uPVC windows come with Auto locks that enable them to close and lock with a single click. The locks also have an in-built pull rail for easy operation and strong dual hooks to prevent forced entry.


    uPVC windows can be manufactured in a variety of colors that accentuate the look of your property. Note: Colored windows are corrosion resistant and heat resistant


    There are a variety of glazing options available. You may pick from double or triple-pane glass, depending on your preference.


    You may add a touch of elegance to your windows and doors with a grid design. there are several patterns to choose from – each will make cleaning your windows more manageable and convenient

    Window frames

    Retrofit frame: if your windows are going to replace something you already have, a replacement flange allows for easy installation with little need to use stucco

    Block frame: If you don’t need a retro frame, you may use a block frame with a sloped sill adapter.

    Nail-on frame: for new constructions, a Nail-On frame enables convenient installations in freshly created openings


    Manufactured from stainless steel and built to endure, uPVC window hinges provide smooth, reliable performance. they are easy to fit and come in a variety of opening sizes.

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    uPVC Windows Buying Guide

    5 tips for buying grey uPVC windows

    Review your floor plan

    Windows will have a significant impact on your room and house as a whole. For instance, it may seem okay on your floor plans if you have a well-lit bathroom. However, in reality, large revealing windows in your bathroom might make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, narrow uPVC window frames will give you privacy, but still, let up natural light in.

    Furthermore, before you change your windows, ask yourself how they will affect the room’s temperature throughout the year.  For instance, north-facing rooms are likely to be hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter if they have large windows. Consider having adequate screens, eve cover, and louvers for shade.

    Consider the expected budget and window function. Your budget and each room’s designated function are significant considerations when choosing which window styles to use. Different rooms require different windows that match your distinct type. Failing to account for these needs lead you to choose the wrong window style for your rooms and push you beyond your budget.

    uPVC windows

     Determine materials and make quotations

    Your preferred window style will affect your total expenses. Besides that, it helps to consider additional materials needed during the installation process like adhesives, screws, and sealants. Your window quote should offer detailed information on style, quantity, and window material, on top of the project’s total cost. Ensure you know which windows will be installed in your home, including finish, screens, and trim.

    If you expect window quotes from several sources, remember to ask questions so you can fairly assess their estimates.

    Confirm design

    If an order agreement has been made, it is vital to ensure all the agreed-upon conditions are met and agreed to. Your supplier is not legally required to provide an order confirmation. However, it is still a recommended practice. It will help you clarify any issues that arise after the works commence.

    Pay deposit and schedule production

    Your manufacturer will require a deposit of the total sum due by cash or cheque with a written signed order giving complete details (descriptions and applicable dimensions). You’ll also have to provide the remaining balance as a postdated cheque. Remember to carefully check the information you provide so you can avoid costly mistakes.

    uPVC Windows

    How much are grey uPVC windows

    The general cost of UPVC windows depends on various factors like property size and the number of windows you want to be installed or replaced. Window style and the amount of work required to prep the area for installation will affect your overall costs as well.

    The best approach to getting an accurate price estimate for your preferred uPVC window design is to request a quote from a supplier or manufacturer.

    Does grey cost more than white?

    Buying a grey uPVC window instead of a white one will cost you more by about 15 – 20%. However, don’t forget that uPVC double glazing is still a lot less expensive than most alternatives. For instance, uPVC windows and doors cost about 50% less than aluminum and 100% less than wooden windows.

    uPVC Windows

    Can you spray white uPVC windows grey?

    It is okay to paint your white uPVC windows grey, and you’re not limited to a single color. You can spray paint them in French grey, agate grey, window grey, and battleship grey, among others.

    How to paint your uPVC windows

    The best approach to painting your uPVC windows is with a paint spray. It helps you achieve a smooth, professional finish and avoid all the marks and streaks left-behind by brush painting. That said, it’s not a simple task. To get it right, you’ll have to be extremely cautious

    Step 2: Apply protective coatings

    the first step to painting your windows is to cover up your window glazing and other exterior surfaces. This will keep the paint away from the rest of your house and give you a clean result.

    Step 3: Clean the window

    lean all your window frames thoroughly. Ensure that all dust, debris, and dirt particles have been removed. This will ensure your paint firmly adheres to the window surface.

    Sand the windows. After you’ve cleaned your windows, sand them down (gently). This helps the paint adhere to the surface more effectively. It will help you attain an even finish.

    Step 4: Apply primer

    Primer helps block out odors and stains and provides a suitable surface that your paint will adhere to.

    Step 5: Apply spray paint

    Spray the paint onto your windows: After you’ve primed your surfaces, you can start painting. Least 3 coats should be enough. However, you may need a few more to ensure your windows are adequately covered.

    Step: Let your paint dry

    after you’ve spray painted, leave your windows to dry for about half an hour, then inspect them to ensure you have achieved a smooth finish. Remove the masking material.

    uPVC Windows

    Do uPVC windows fade?

    Most older uPVC windows (manufactured more than a decade ago) were made with white uPVC with a few millimeters of colored plastic added to the surface. Such windows fade quickly because the exposed plastic is tarnished rapidly by ultraviolet light.

    Newer uPVC windows are made from a single uniform color. This makes them resilient to fading. However, they won’t look as vibrant after a period of 10 – 15 years.  If you’re concerned about fading, you may spray paint your windows to protect the finish underneath.

    Where to buy grey uPVC window in China?

    The quality of Chinese uPVC window matches and may exceed those made in other parts of the world. Chinese manufacturers observe stringent quality control guidelines for both domestic and overseas products. if you’d like a specific Chinese manufacturer, George Buildings offers an impressive catalog that you can choose from.

    There are manufactures and markets in China that you can get to purchase uPVC window from.

    Kitchen Cabinet Market

    Sourcing Agents

    Trade Shows


    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    door and window logo list

    How to install uPVC windows

    Step 1: survey

    Surveying helps you ensure your installation goes smoothly, and it prevents the costly mistakes that accompany incorrect measurements. It is essential to verify that the structural openings and surrounding areas are in good condition during the survey.

    While it’s not possible to provide an exhaustive guide on every eventuality.

    Here’s a basic procedure you can follow:

    • Survey the brickwork around the opening for structural integrity
    • check if there are needs to be a provision for Television or phone cables.
    • You’ll need to take multiple measurements across the opening to identify the narrowest points (remember to measure beyond any current sub-frame or packing.
    • Subtract 10mm from your finding or a finished width.
    • Measure the height of the opening like you did with its width (in step 3 above)- and subtract 10mm to account for expansion
    • Check the existing sill and determine whether it should be included in the frame’s overall dimensions (like for a stone sill). If the sill needs to be replaced, record the depth of the existing reveal and determine which one is most adequate (that is, 180mm, 150mm, 85m)

    Verify that the opening for the window is square – the difference between your diagonals must not exceed 10mm. You may have to patch the brickwork to ensure the opening has the correct dimensions if they exceed the limits.

    For deep fitted windows, check to see if you’ll need extension blocks to ensure the sash functions properly and isn’t impeded.

    Remember to check if your preferred window style suits the intended application.

    You must verify that:

    • the units can be installed within the manufacturer’s specification
    • the units are within the manufacturer’s specifications
    • that the units conform to max/min size requirements
    • that the windows operate as intended
    • that the windows complement the overall style of your premises, and that they meet legislative requirements.

    Step 2: Remove the frame

    Before you remove the current window frames, verify that the replacements are the same size. When checking the dimensions, ensure your new frame has a 5mm allowance for expansion all along its perimeter.

    If you’re sure your measurements are correct, you can move on to removing the old window frames. Run a sharp blade around the inner perimeter to break the bond between your old frame and the plaster. It will also help you minimize damage to interior decoration.

    Take as much glass (glazing) out of the window as possible to reduce weight and make it easier for you to handle. Remove the old fixings and break the external silicone seal with a blade. Remember to remove the external brick corners as well, so you can release the old frame.

    After the frame’s been removed, remove all the sealant and debris from the brickwork. Check that the mortar bed has sufficient clearance. If it doesn’t, remove it. Prep the external sill for fitting to the new frame.

    Step 3: fit the new frame

    Remove all residual wrapping from the new frame and fasten the sill onto the area beneath the frame. Ensure you choose a rivet that won’t damage the frame’s inner skin

    Cap the sill and frame assembly edges so moisture doesn’t trickle along the sill into the wall.

    Gently place the new frame into the opening. Center it and add packers beneath it to preserve the 5mm allowance for expansion.

    Tip: remember to ensure your frame is level (both vertically and horizontally).

    Make fixing holes in the frame’s sides. The holes should be made about 150mm from the top and bottom corners, and they should have about 600mm spacing.

    Step 4: Fit the glazing

    Start glazing your frame. Ensure the right glazing platforms fit well around each space. They will help you center the glass and ensure water runs freely to the drainage openings.

    Position your panes. The glass should be packed at diagonally opposite angles, so it holds the casement square. Now, you can position the panes. You may use a nylon hammer to secure the beading in place. Furthermore, it’s better that you install the horizontal beads first.

    Step 5: final steps

    Wipe down the external surfaces to eliminate dirt and lose particles, and apply a stripe of masking tape to the frame perimeter. Next, squeeze an even ribbon of silicone sealant between the brickwork and window frame. Before the silicon dries, peel the masking tape away for a consistent finish.

    uPVC Windows

    uPVC windows Pros and Cons


    Aesthetic appeal: uPVC windows give your spaces a modern finish. They’re available in several styles, like slide-rung, sliding windows, twin sash, and others. You can choose a design that perfectly matches your color schemes and interiors.

    Another essential aspect of uPVC windows is that they aren’t limited in shape and style, in contrast to wooden windows. It’s relatively easy to find a design that suits your property and unique specifications-


    uPVC window are the most robust and most durable windows there are. Unlike wooden frames, uPVC windows are resistant to extreme weather conditions such as temperature fluctuations.

    Because they are made from a rigid material, they maintain their structure even when placed under immense stress. uPVC coating is also resistant to UV rays, known to cause fading and discoloration

    uPVC Windows

    They don’t need maintenance

    Worried about maintenance? Don’t be. uPVC window require little maintenance – there’s no need to spend large sums to keep them in good shape. They’re also straightforward to clean. With a wet sponge and a few minutes of scrubbing, and your window will be good as new.

    uPVC window don’t need sanding, varnishing, or repainting. What’s more, you can get rid of even the toughest stains with a simple scrub – with no damage to the material

    They are recyclable

    uPVC apart can be recycled 10 times. It can be converted to a polymer at high temperatures and repurposed for other applications

    They are Eco-friendly

    Since uPVC window can last for 40-80 years, they are remarkably eco-friendly. They are also easy to remove and install, which means they consume minimal energy

    Insulation. These windows offer insulation from pollution, heat, dust, and pollen particles. Unlike window frames, uPVC doesn’t conduct heat, which means it doesn’t absorb any. This keeps the interior of your building cool and comfortable. Besides this, they also insulate against external sound, so they’re the ideal option if you want a quiet environment.

    uPVC Windows

    Cons of uPVC windows

    The insulating properties of uPVC window largely depend on how well they are installed. For this reason, they may not perform as expected if they are installed by unprofessional masons.

    The other disadvantage of uPVC window comes from one of their greatest strengths – they are hermetically sealed. This is problematic because when closed, they might prevent circulation. Living areas require regular airing to maintain a conducive internal microclimate.

    Many household items and materials like detergents, wooden furniture, laminates, paint coatings, carpets, and rugs emit harmful compounds whose concentrations may, at times, exceed acceptable levels. This is particularly true if you have new furniture or if you have done renovations in your house. Furthermore, combustion products may contaminate the air in your home if there isn’t enough ventilation.

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    uPVC window have been here for ages, but are still very common in many homes and luxurious commercial property. You can consider them to gain from the very many benefits that come with them. Despite the high installation cost, the benefits outweigh that in the long run. You can invest in uPVC window to cushion your monthly energy bills and to have a quiet indoor life.

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