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    Benefits of Slim Frame Windows and Doors

    • Triple-glazed windows can provide you and the users of your project with more comfort by reducing condensation that seeps into your space. The additional layer of glazing also helps to minimize noise that comes from outside so you can have a more quite space where you can just relax or concentrate on work.

    • Triple-glazed windows can make your space or home more energy-efficient. This is because there are two extra pockets of air between the three panes of glass. This can keep the heat from escaping and make your space warm and cozy. This also works the other way around- it can help keep drafts from entering your space.

    • An additional layer of additional glass may not seem like much, but these are triple-glazed windows so that means two extra layers of glass. This can help keep your home or space more secure as these types of windows are much harder to break and can more effectively keep intruders out.

    • You don’t need to worry about quality. The factory has over 10 years of manufacturing triple-glazed windows and you can be assured that the product has a high quality that goes beyond your standards. You don’t need to worry about your budget either. Years of experience means that the factory has been able to bring down the price to make sure the product is affordable while still maintaining good quality.

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    Triple pane windows

    Three pane windows

    This is another term you can find for triple-glazed windows. Unlike the usual double-pane windows, which have two layers of glass, three pane windows have three layers of glass separated by pockets of air in between.

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    Triple pane windows

    Triple pane aluminum windows

    Aluminum frames for your triple pane windows are a popular choice for any project. Aluminum gives you the assurance of durability and a long lifespan. Another benefit that you can count on is that aluminum doesn’t bend, corrode, or expand in all kinds of weather.

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    Triple pane windows

    Triple pane vinyl windows

    Choosing vinyl for your triple pane windows can be a cheaper option than aluminum and quite easy to install. You can still customize the appearance because vinyl can be painted and the color doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight.

    However, this is the less eco-friendly option because it’s not as durable as aluminum- it expands, contracts, and warps.

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    Triple pane windows

    Triple pane UPVC windows

    UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is actually a type of vinyl. However, this is a more eco-friendly version of vinyl for your triple pane windows because the material is recyclable. UPVC is a popular choice for window frame material because it is thermally efficient. You don’t need to worry about durability because this material is rigid, resistant to impact, and easy to maintain.

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    Triple pane windows

    Triple pane low E windows

    Low E stands for low-emmisivity. This means that the glass of your windows have a special coating of tin dioxide, silver, or other metals to help reflect solar heat energy. This allows the sun’s light to enter your home or your space while still keeping out unwanted heat.

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    Triple pane windows

    Triple glazed bay windows

    A bay window is a window in a space that extends outward from the main walls of your building. Bay windows are wonderful choices for you to put a breakfast nook, to better see nice views, or to just make a small space a little separate from the rest.

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    Triple pane windows

    Triple pane sliding windows

    Sliding windows are a common way to operate your windows. However, sliding windows can undergo a lot of wear and tear from opening and closing them. Triple pane windows are extra durable, so you can be sure that this can increase the life span of your sliding windows.

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    George Buildings: Your Affordable Wholesale Triple Pane Window Supplier

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable triple pane window suppliers in Foshan China , manufacturing high quality windows at affordable triple pane window prices.

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Features and Details of Triple Pane Windows 


    This refers to how you can operate your windows- sliding, using a traditional crank, or a tilt and turn system.


    You can pick from a wide range of colors and wood grains to fit a style that is traditional to modern.


    Wider glazing units can help keep warmth in and cold drafts out. You can choose from units that are 44-52mm wide. You can customize features like visible transmittance, solar heat gain, and sun protection.


    You can choose from different frame materials like wood, aluminum, and vinyl (PVC and UPVC) windows. Each choice has their own level of maintenance and durability.


    A multi-locking system is used to secure the window around the frame, so you can be assured of security and durability.

    Why choose us?


    With a wide variety of options you can choose from, you can easily customize your windows to fit your budget.


    The use of updated technologies and designs ensure that you get a product of the highest quality that follows international standards.


    Triple-glazing windows allow you to significantly reduce the amount of noise that gets into your space.


    There is a wide variety of colors and wood grains for you to choose from which can fit the type of style you want for your project.

    Customer service

    High levels of customization can allow us to help you solve many of your customer-specific problems and unique preferences for your project or space.


    Energy Star, NFRC Certified, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Environment management system certificate for all building materials

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    Catalogue and Brochure for building materials

    A Buying Guide for Triple Pane Windows

    What are triple pane windows?

    Triple pane window are just what the name suggest- a window with three layers of glass. These three layers are usually separated by pockets of gas, usually krypton. The glass is sealed around the edges to make them airtight.

    Triple pane windows

    Pros and Cons of triple pane windows


    • Great for very cold and very hot weather- it can keep heat in and cold drafts out of your space
    • Soundproofing – aside from extra insulation, the extra pane of glass can help reduce the amount of outside noise that gets into your house
    • These windows are more durable and not easy to break, they can add an extra layer of security to your home
    • Can increase energy efficiency of your home/ space


    • The building material is heavier because it uses a wider frame and an extra pane of glass
    • Triple-pane window are not standard everywhere, so there might be additional costs to fix or adjust the structure of your building where you plan to install the window
    • Triple-pane window are more costly in general because of the building materials and additional installation costs.
    Triple pane windows

    What materials are used for triple pane windows?


    Aluminum is durable and can last for a very long time. It’s also suitable for all kinds of weather- hot or cold. However, the material can let heat leak into your space and there is a limited range of colors for aluminum windows.


    This is a cheaper and lighter choice for your triple pane windows. Its appearance is highly customizable because it can be painted and the color won’t fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. However, vinyl windows are not as durable as other materials because it can easily flex and bend.


    Steel is the most durable material you can choose for windows. Because it is a such a strong material, you can get windows with thinner and straighter lines without the window itself being weak or easy to break. The big issue is that steel is very expensive and doesn’t provide good insulation.


    This is actually a type of vinyl- Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. This is a popular choice for window material because it is light, energy-efficient, and very durable because of its high impact resistance and rigidity. This material can also come in a wide variety of colors suitable for your home/ project.

    Triple pane windows

    How much do triple pane windows cost?

    Double pane windows are the more common choice in most construction projects. If you opt to use triple pane windows, be ready to spend at around 10%-15% more. Getting yourself triple pane window can cost around $150- $380. Some factors that can affect the cost are:

    • Quality of windows
    • Size/ dimensions
    • Quantity of windows
    • Upgrades chosen/ Customization
    Triple pane windows

    Double pane vs. Triple pane windows

    When on a tighter budget, double pane windows are a good choice and can still provide some insulation. They can be good enough. However, if you don’t get good quality windows, the seal around the glass is more likely to wear out and cause condensation and moisture to form in the space between the glass. Triple pane windows are much more effective when it comes to insulation and can improve the energy efficiency of your home/ project by 20%-30%. Triple pane windows also have the added bonus of being more durable and soundproof. Because of the additional pane of glass, outside noise getting into your space is reduced noticeably.

    What you need to know before getting triple pane windows

    Triple pane window need a thicker frame, so they are heavier and the extra thickness means that you might have to make additional changes to your structure/ where you will install the window. Though triple pane window have many benefits- insulation, energy efficiency, durability, and soundproofing, also consider that you will be spending more on both the cost of the window and installation as well.

    Triple pane windows

    Are triple pane windows worth buying?

    Now, you’d be spending 10%-15% more for replacing your windows for triple-pane ones. Think carefully if this a necessary expense if you want to upgrade from double pane windows. One big factor that can make your decision worthwhile is where your home or project is located.

    Are winters or summers extreme? Is the weather very drafty? Do you live in a noisy or urban area? If not, double pane windows can be good enough. Triple pane window can give you the extra insulation and soundproofing you need and the comfort can be well-worth the extra expense.

    If you are on a budget, you can choose specific windows in your house/ space to be replaced with triple-pane windows, like rooms that are more exposed to sunlight or are prone to strong drafts or noise.

    Triple pane windows

    How to install triple pane windows

    1. Remove the old window and fit your new-triple pane window in the space. Make sure the space where you will install the window is clean and free of cracks.
    2. Install a band around the window using compriband tape- this is a type of joint-sealing tape that will expand between the window and the wall so that no drafts from outside can enter.
    3. A layer of foam is applied to the inside as well, for extra insulation, so that heat doesn’t escape from between the wall and window frame and for more effectively blocking outside noise.
    4. Lastly, air tightness tape is applied to the sides of the window to make sure that no wind passes through the window and wall.

    Because triple-pane window have thicker or wider frames than single and double-pane windows, you may need to adjust structural aspects of where you will install your window. You want to make sure that your window space can handle and carry the extra weight of a triple-pane window.

    Triple pane windows

    Where can you get triple pane window in China

    The most suppliers of triple pane window are located in the Guangdong and Shandong provinces of China. In particular, you can visit the cities of Foshan and Guangzhou in the Guangdong province and Qingdao city in Shandong. You can avail of different materials, depending on your own budget, style, and choice of upgrades as well.

    Because there are very many suppliers and manufacturers, there is competition to be able to provide customers like you with better quality for a cheaper price. However, you also need to be careful because you don’t want to end up spending money on building materials that don’t meet your expectations.

    Do your research on factories, their experience and what their previous customers have said. You can get a sourcing agent to help you out as well as they can see the product for themselves before you decide which supplier or manufacturer to purchase your windows from.

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    Do you want to import windows from China?

    This depends on your home/ project size. Some suppliers will only sell wholesale for bigger projects like offices and commercial buildings, while others can provide for smaller projects like home renovation.

    Building materials are generally cheaper when you purchase them from China, and if you choose your manufacturer or supplier carefully, you won’t need to worry about good quality.

    One thing that is also difficult when working on a project is going from a design drawing all the way to a fully finished project/ house. Many suppliers in China offer packages that can really help you with this process- from the quotation for your design, to building material and products supply, to after-sale customer service.

    Triple pane windows
    • Interior Design

    You’ll want a type of triple-pane window that matches the interior of your house/ space. We can help you choose the right design, color, size, and type of window that you need. By coordinating with a professional designer, you can be sure that you will have the best window that will fit seamlessly and beautifully to whichever space you choose.

    • Building materials supply

    When you decide what type of triple-pane window you want and need for your home/ project, we can help you find the building materials you need. That includes the window and other hardware that you need for the installation of your window and any other building materials too.

    • Products Quotation

    Now that you know that materials you need to properly construct your space, we can give you a product quotation based on your specific needs (size, color, type, customization, etc.)- how much will your product cost, how long it will take to produce, even estimates on shipping costs.

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