Project Description

Thailand Home Improvement Project

  • Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2019

Customer: MRS. Ubol

Category: Home improvement villa

Style: European classical

Area: about 200 square meters per floor, total 2 floors

Address: Bangkok, Thailand


At the end of July 2019, the customer’s family traveled to Foshan for the sake of traveling to the store and visited the mall. The products intended were stair handrails and outdoor balcony fences. After visiting the prototype in the exhibition hall and the company’s scale, a preliminary cooperation intention was established, but due to the lack of dimensions and the inability to provide a quotation on the spot, the contact information was left to contact after the house was completed. In September, the customer’s first model of the new house was completed, and our colleagues were invited to the site to carry out on-site size measurement and style design. After my colleagues arrived at the destination, they used 3 working days to carry out the dimensional measurement and style design work, and provided product quotes on the spot, and the transaction was finally completed successfully. In December of the same year, the construction team of Jingcheng Building Material Mall sent a professional installation master to the local area for product installation.


In October 2019, George building materials team set off at the site of a Thailand customer site, measured the size of the stairs and the fence area, and negotiated the order and construction details:

During the construction site, the domestic and foreign teams worked simultaneously. The foreign team immediately fed back the design team at the domestic headquarters after the site survey of the dimensional data and synchronized the design, and provided the customers with accurate quotes by determining the style and size on the spot. Save customers time and cost of coming to China. The customer confirms the order on site and pays a 30% deposit.

At the end of November 2019, all products were completed. George Building Materials Inspection QC is responsible for final confirmation of product color and style with customers online through pictures and videos. The customer arranges the final payment and then ships.

In December 2019, all products were delivered to the customer site, and George  team set out again. On-site product installation for customers to avoid problems with difficult installation and wrong dimensions. It took 3 days to complete the installation of the stair railing and balcony fence.



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