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Terrazzo Tiles for Your Projects

Terrazzo tiles have a classic appeal to floorings for both commercial, residential and even in offices and schools. They are often customized but the streaked, colorful and polished look always does the work. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable wholesale terrazzo tile manufacturer, check us out at George Buildings.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo floor tile

A terrazzo tile is mostly seen on the floors of hospitals, schools, and other similar buildings. Its base is cement, filled with bits of marble, stones, and glass chips.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo wall tile

You can definitely level up your kitchen with a speckled terrazzo wall tile. Aside from adding a luxurious feel to the area, the tile is perfect because of its stain-repelling quality.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tile on the bathroom

Whether you use it for the countertop, as a shower backdrop, or as the flooring, a terrazzo tile on your bathroom can turn the space into something more attractive.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Outdoor terrazzo tile

The uniqueness of each terrazzo tile can easily capture attention when used outdoors. Its durability can withstand heavy foot traffic, sun, and heavy rains.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo porcelain tile

This is a tile made of porcelain material but designed to mimic the look of a real terrazzo.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo effect tile

With modern technology, it is easy for manufacturers to produce a terrazzo effect tile as a substitute for traditional terrazzo. Materials are usually either porcelain or ceramic.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo concrete tile

You can style any concrete surface with a terrazzo tile that is unique and environmentally friendly.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo cement tile

It is a flooring material made up of different aggregates with cement as its base. It can be produced in different designs and sizes.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Pink terrazzo tile

A terrazzo tile can be in any color. A pink tile can give the area a sleek and contemporary look.

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Terrazzo Tiles

Blue terrazzo floor tile

Non-slippery blue terrazzo floor tiles can be typically seen in swimming pools. A blue color scheme is also commonly used in living rooms and bathrooms to create a cool and calming effect.

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    Full Solutions from Terrazzo Tile Manufacturer

    We only offer quality terrazzo tiles so for you to get to know our products more, here are our full product solutions.

    Terrazzo Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    In homes and apartments, terrazzo tiles are perfect for the living room, the kitchen and the patio for some classic looks. The customized ones are good for making a statement living space even in family dens.


    Office and Schools

    Terrazzo tiles are more popular in officesand schools. They are installed in the hallways, administrative halls and in common halls like the gymnasium and function halls. Offices and schools also have the terrazzo tiles customized using the institutions’ logos.


    Bar and Restaurants

    For bars and restaurants, terrazzo tiles are installed in floorings for better traction, especially the matte and textured ones. Like in schools and offices, bar and restaurant logos can also be integrated in customized terrazzo tiles.


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

    In hospital and healthcare facilities, terrazzo tiles bring a laid back yet classy look for the hospital hallways. They are also easy to clean and can hide dirt, making them a practical choice for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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    Terrazzo Tiles Buying Guide

    Wholesale Terrazzo Tile Supplier in China

    You can purchase all of the above-mentioned products wholesale in China. Terrazzo tiles are easily customizable, which is why you will not have a hard time getting unique designs in bulk orders, as long as you have the right connections and suppliers.

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable terrazzo tile suppliers in Foshan, China. We can guarantee high-quality tiles at the most affordable prices.

    Terrazzo Tile for Wholesale

    Sure, you can find terrazzo tile wholesalers in your locality. However, you may also notice that the prices of wholesale tiles directly from China ate much more affordable. To be more precise, there is a very high chance that your local wholesaler got their own supplies from China. This makes sense because tiles from China are known for their quality, durability, and affordability.

    Now more than ever, it becomes easier to personally import products from direct sources due to the progress in technology. The cost savings you will incur is definitely a major consideration.

    However, the problem arises for buyers once you realize that there are thousands of tile suppliers and manufacturers in China. Aside from having to check the legitimacy of each supplier that you find online, you also need to check reviews about the quality of the products. Later on, you will also have to deal with messy logistics and paper works.

    Why buy terrazzo tiles from George Buildings?

    George Buildings is the most trusted wholesale terrazzo tile vendor in China. We are working with direct tile manufacturers and suppliers for years now. We help and assist clients worldwide, making sure that you can import tiles at the best prices without all the usual hassles.

    • It is our duty to inspect the quality of the tiles
    • We can easily find a manufacturer that can produce unique tile designs
    • You can choose from our existing pool of designs, all available for wholesale
    • No language barriers when you directly transact with us

    George Terrazzo Tiles Features and Advantages

    Terrazzo Tile Size Options

    It is available in different standard sizes.

    Terrazzo Tile Color Options

    The tile comes in a variety of colorways. You can choose any background color or shade that you prefer for your project.

    Terrazzo Tile Price

    Prices range from $4 to $9 per square meter, not including labor. Of course, the final price of the product depends on specific factors like design, material, size, and quality.

    Terrazzo Tile Features

    A terrazzo tile can be either square or rectangle and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is dense, water-resistant, easy to maintain, and hard and heavy.

    In terms of appearance, it can look elegant and similar to granite. No two pieces are exactly alike since there will always be variations in the stone or glass pieces that make it.

    What is a terrazzo tile?

    Traditionally, a terrazzo tile is an aggregate of chips and pieces of marbles, granites, and glasses. These materials are combined together using cement or epoxy to create a tile with a very unique look and design.

    Terrazzo Tiles

    Benefits of Terrazzo Tiles

    • Terrazzo tiles are made of marble, granite, or glass chips that are molded together with cement. As a result, the tiles are extremely durable and can last for years without cracks or damages.

    • Endless Style and Design Options. Since a terrazzo tile comes from combining different materials, it is possible to create and customize different patterns in any color. The design options are just endless.

    • Terrazzo tiles are great for both indoors and outdoors. You can use these tiles for your kitchen flooring or for gardens and patios.

    • Low Maintenance. Terrazzo tiles are water-resistant and stain-repellent. Due to the durability of its materials, these kinds of tiles require minimal maintenance and polishing.

    What are the pros and cons of a terrazzo tile?


    • Terrazzo tiles are aesthetically pleasing.
    • The tiles are extremely durable and can last for more than 50 years. It can withstand pressure from high foot-traffic and even heavy equipment.
    • Each tile is unique and customizable. You can create endless color and design combinations.
    • The tiles are considered environmentally-friendly since manufacturers would normally use recycled aggregates.
    • The tiles require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning can be as simple as sweeping and mopping the floor area.
    • They are water-resistant and stain-repellent.
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


    • Terrazzo can be more expensive compared to ceramic or porcelain tiles. Expect to pay more for labor.
    • The tiles must be installed properly to avoid cracks and damages. You should not install the tiles by yourself unless you are a professional.
    • During winter, the tiles can be very cold to touch.
    • The tiles can be slippery if you have not chosen a non-slippery variant.
    Terrazzo Tiles

    Where can terrazzo tiles be used?

    You can use these tiles on your floor and walls in the house bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Concrete furniture like countertops and sinks can also be adorned with terrazzo. These tiles are great options for outside uses like in patios, gardens, and swimming pools.

    Today, these can even be customized and engineered to fit stairs. Basically, you can use terrazzo tile everywhere.

    Terrazzo Tiles

    Are terrazzo tiles expensive?

    The initial cost of buying the tiles can be expensive. You also need to factor in expenses for labor installations.

    Is terrazzo more expensive than other kinds of tiles?

    Yes, it is one of the most expensive flooring options to date. Ceramic flooring will definitely cost much less than terrazzo flooring. However, in terms of longevity, terrazzo flooring can last longer and requires less repair, maintenance, and restorations.

    Terrazzo Tiles

    Is terrazzo tile slippery when wet?

    It depends on the type of sealer used on your flooring installation. You can definitely choose between a standard slippery finish and a tile with an anti-slip texture. Make sure to check with your supplier before making the final purchase.

    How do I lay terrazzo tiles?

    Here is the basic procedure to follow when installing terrazzo tiles in your own home.

    1. You must have the right measurements. Calculate exactly how many tiles you will need to cover the whole area.
    2. You may need to cut tiles for them to fit. You must have proper cutting equipment to make sure that the cut is precise and the edges are smooth. Dry-fit the tiles and see if the pattern is correct.
    3. Make sure that the subfloor is clean, smooth, and dry. There should be no cracks, holes, grease, and any other debris around.
    4. In preparing to make the cement mortar, you should use the right specifications. You may also opt to use a different tile adhesive, just follow the instructions carefully.
    5. Spread the mortar properly, then proceed to lay the tiles immediately.
    6. Place the tiles row by row. Use tile spacers. Check the placing and make sure that the tiles are firm and flat in their positions.
    7. Clear any surplus cement or adhesive.
    8. Leave the tiles for 24 hours.
    9. Proceed to put grouts on the tile surface. Use a wet sponge to remove excess grout. Leave the area for at least 72 hours before walking around.
    10. Proceed with hand or machine polishing after a few weeks or depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

    Do I need to maintain terrazzo tiles?

    Like any other part of your house, terrazzo tile can benefit from regular cleaning and polishing. Since it is very durable, the maintenance requirement is very minimal. If there are stubborn stains, you can hire professional floor cleaners to restore their original beauty.

    Terrazzo Tiles

    How do I clean terrazzo tiles?

    Terrazzo floors are very easy to clean. You can start by sweeping the area with a broom to remove dirt, dust, and other debris. Next, clean the floor with a wet mop using plain water or a mild cleanser. Then, remove the dirty water and rinse the floor. Finally, make sure that the floor is dry before buffing and polishing the tiles.

    Terrazzo Tiles

    What are great terrazzo tile design ideas?

    If you want to revamp your space, using terrazzo can be a great idea. You can achieve different looks, be it contemporary, minimalistic, vintage, or even bold. Have fun and try experimenting with different looks. You can get more design inspirations from the video below.

    How can I find terrazzo tiles suppliers and manufacturers in China?

    You have two options. First, you can search online and contact manufacturers directly from their websites. This can be especially easy if you can read and converse in Mandarin Chinese.

    Second, you can choose to transact with George Buildings, your trusted international one-stop building materials provider. We are in partnership with the best suppliers and manufacturers in China. We can deliver terrazzo tiles right at your doorstep.

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Tips for choosing and buying terrazzo tiles

    When choosing the best tiles in China, you need to look at the following important considerations.

    Design. A terrazzo floor can transform and instantly brighten your space. If you want to use your own design ideas, you may want to ask first for samples of actual pieces from your chosen manufacturer

    Price. In general, terrazzo tiles are more expensive than ceramic. However, it is a cost-effective flooring option in the long-run.

    Quality. Before buying, make sure that the manufacturer has plenty of good reviews from previous customers.

    Durability. Terrazzo tiles are known to be durable, but improper installation can easily result in cracks on the flooring. Do not DIY the installation.

    Terrazzo Tiles

    Why Choose George Terrazzo Tiles

    George Buildings offers a wide range of terrazzo tile products with various designs, colors, and style options for you to choose from. George terrazzo tiles are crafted only from premium materials. We can assure you of affordable quality products that are durable and also customizable.

    If you would like to place orders or simply ask for inquiries, you may contact our team here.

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