Project Description

Seychelles Island Hotel

  • Seychelles
  • 2019

Product Supplied:

Kitchen cabinet, door and window,Balcony railing,bathroom fitting

Technical Support:

Design & 3D pictures, Installation guidance, Return visit


Seychelles Clients Mr. Jan came to China with his wife Olga to purchase for their 5-star hotel project. We arranged the supplier to make the 3D design drawing of the kitchen cabinet for them. They quickly found the hotel products they wanted to purchase ,such as kitchen cabinet, wood flooring ,door and window .The whole procurement process went smoothly.


Seychelles Island Hotel

Kitchen Cabinet & Balcony Railing

This is a beach-front hotel, in which the resistance to salt and humidity conditions are very important for many of the items. Electrical appliances and all fabrics must meet EURO standards. Finaly ,George Buildings products  have been selected by customers and have arrived in Seychelles.

Seychelles Customer purchase in china

Kitchen Cabinet

The bedroom combines with walk-in closet and wardrobe. It is useful for you to pick up clothes, which is also in humanism design.Provide travelers with a long vacation and a happy holiday to enjoy their own cooking foods.

Seychelles hotel materials

Return Visiting 

In 2020, Seychelles customers were returned visiting to purchase hotel building materials, such as  outdoor lights, outdoor furniture, solar water heaters, glass stairs, curtains, etc.


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