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    Benefits of Buying Doors from China to Kenya

    • Maintain proper hygiene on your property with state-of-the-art sanitary ware designed for high humidity in the toilet and bathroom.

    • We are a one-stop shop for all types of sanitary wares, including toilet bowls, urinals, shower, bidet, water closet, sinks, bathtub, etc.

    • Buy high-quality ceramic sinks, lavatories, toilet bowls, and all other sanitary wares for your plumbing fixing at the best price.

    • George Buildings offers the best custom-made sanitary wares for your business or project.

    • Enjoy the best customer service experience when you buy any sanitary appliance from us.

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    Sanitay Ware Products for Sale in Kenya

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    Custom Sanitary Ware for Your Projects

    George Buildings has the best product custom design services. We can meet your specifications for sanitary ware by personalizing the following properties:

    Why Wholesale Sanitary Ware in George Buildings?

    Why choose George Buildings and not sanitary ware suppliers in Kenya? There is a catch, no doubt! We are a manufacturer of a kind, putting our clients as the first priority.

    How to Order and Import Sanitary Ware from China to Kenya?

    Global Project Agent Recruiting


    Make a Query


    Talk to Us


    Confirm Your Order


    Pay Deposit and Producing


    Shipping from China to Kenya


    Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order  to be Delivered

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    Import Sanitary Ware from China to Kenya : Buying Guide 

    You have many benefits when you buy sanitary wares from China instead of a bathtub Kenya. Many wholesalers are now turning to overseas manufacturers, but how do they manage it? It can be more challenging looking for bathtubs for sale Kenya than Chinese brands. If you are new to cross-border sourcing, this guide should be sufficient to give you the information you need.

    Where Should You Buy Sanitary Ware in Bulk?

    Whether you are looking for a toilet for sale Kenya or any other sanitary ware product, where you get it matters. You have many options, especially if you want to import bathroom vanities in Nairobi Kenya. So, where do you start?

    Manufacturer or Retailer?

    If you don’t want to source sanitary ware suppliers in Kenya, the best option is reputable manufacturers in China. These manufacturers promise a high quality and guarantee satisfaction. You can also ask for custom-made bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, urinals, bathroom vanities, etc. You are assured of high-quality products at factory prices when you pick manufacturers over retailers.

    Online or Offline?

    It is more expensive offline if you are not looking for a toilet for sale in Kenya. The best way to do business with sanitary ware manufacturers or suppliers outside your country is online. It is a convenient and reliable way of accessing many products from the comfort of your home. You can view and compare prices and settle on a highly reputable company.

    Things To Consider When Buying Sanitary Ware in Bulk

    If you are not looking for sanitary ware Kenya, you should consider the following factors from foreign suppliers:

    Product Quantity

    How many pieces do you want, and does the number meet the MOQ threshold of the sanitary ware company in question? Remember to make a deal with a company that can meet your demands and not make your projects run late. Delayed delivery is a possible red flag.

    Product Quality

    What quality of sanitary ware do you want? It should be smooth, stain-resistant, scratch-free, and non-corrosive. In other words, the material used should meet the quality threshold.

    Turnaround Time

    The number of products you need will determine the lead time. However, a manufacturer with a high manufacturing capacity should not be adversely affected by order size. Whether you make a bulk order or a small one, you should get the fastest turnaround time possible.

    Supplementary Products

    Sanitary wares are often sold with bathroom tiles, vanities, plumbing pipes, etc. If you need more than just a bathtub for sale Kenya, consider a manufacturer with more than just one line of product.

    How to Make Wholesale Sanitary Ware Orders on George Buildings

    If you have been sourcing from sanitary ware supplier Kenya, you should find it easy to adapt to our system. George Buildings has made the steps easy and time-saving on purpose. We want our clients to focus more on business.

    Step 1: Make a Query

    Follow the prompts on our contact page to send your inquiry. You can use any option available for you, and you should get a response from us in no time.

    Step 2: Talk to Us

    Upon receiving your inquiry, one of our sales representatives will contact you for a brief discussion of your order requirements. Remember to state all the specifications for your sanitary ware.

    Step 3: Confirm your Order

    Your requirements will be reviewed and asked to confirm your order. That is all about paying the required amount and signing the contract.

    Step 4: Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order to be Delivered

    Relevant departments will process your order as fast as possible. We always deliver as promised. So, you can count on us.

    How Much Cost of Sanitary Ware in Kenya and China?

    Toilet price seat Kenya retails at about Ksh 8,000, but there is a significant variation depending on the model and type. Others can cost as low as Ksh 600. Undoubtedly, sanitary ware suppliers in Kenya sell them at a much higher price. We would recommend checking the price tags on the websites of Chinese manufacturers. You can save by sourcing them overseas.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are China Sanitary Ware suppliers cheaper than those in other countries?

    Yes. China enjoys cheap labor, raw material, and technology. These factors lower the production cost of sanitary ware, resulting in lower market prices. The good news is that most manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified, meaning the quality of products is not compromised. If you are looking for an affordable bathtub, toilet bowl, or any other, China is the best place to source it from.

    How long will it take for my order to be processed and delivered?

    The delivery time varies from one manufacturer to the next. However, George Buildings guarantees a quick turnaround time of just 15-45 days following your order date. You can trust us for fast delivery.

    Is there a minimum order of Sanitary Ware for wholesale orders?

    Any manufacturer has a minimum order requirement. May set high figures to lower the logistics, but George Buildings maintains a low MOQ. Contact us to know the exact MOQ for the sanitary ware you want to source from us.

    How to book containers and shipping from China to Kenya?

    We get this question a lot from our new customers. You have nothing to worry about booking shipping containers to Kenya if you buy from us. With many years of experience, we have found it convenient to help our customers with ocean freight. Let it be our concern.

    What kind of warranty do you offer?

    Most sanitary ware products are designed to last a lifetime with an unlimited warranty. However, you should ask about that to get details specific to your order.

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