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Custom Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets have a striking appeal which is why oak kitchen cabinets never go out of style. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable manufacturer of wholesale oak kitchen cabinets for both residential and commercial needs, you can check us out at George Buildings.

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Light Oak Kitchen Cabinets

These are easy to work with colors because of their soft color that brightens even your home’s darkest room. It’s highly recommended that you choose this color if you have contrasting or dark walls. This will bring some light to your kitchen. However, light walls, such as warm yellow or peach, is also a great backdrop for your cabinet.

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Dark Oak Kitchen Cabinet

Another classic oak wood is a favorite of a lot of interior designers. It gives off a rustic look that’s best in balancing a modern kitchen. A kitchen with hints of chrome, aluminum, and modern appliances, dark oak will definitely balance your space.

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Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Another idea for an oak cabinet for your kitchen is to add a light-colored kitchen backsplash. In this way, it highlights the natural tone of your cabinets. Other modern kitchens stick with white and simple mosaic backsplash elements that definitely do the trick.

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Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet

Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet

Traditional kitchens often have this design, and it’s one of the best ways to highlight the kitchen. However, modern kitchens also love solid oak for wall and corner cabinets because it adds personality to the kitchen. The material is timeless, and when used in a modern design, it differentiates the space from all the other rooms in the home.

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Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Cupboards

A staple in order homes, oak cupboards are the epitome of the ‘80s and the ‘90s kitchen. It’s a great reflection of this design period. The best way to balance these cupboards is to add complementary colors in your countertop, backsplash, or floor. This adds a smooth feeling and transition in the spaces in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Paint Colors with Oak Cabinets

There are a lot of paint options to match your oak cabinets. As we’ve mentioned, white walls are a big hit for dark oak cabinets. Second, muted greens are also a great option, especially if you’re installing light-colored oak cabinets. To add a modern

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Kitchen Paint Colors with Honey Oak Cabinets

Honey oak cabinets are also classic cabinets in any home, and it’s not outdated as long you pair with the right paint color on your walls. The first and safest color is Steamed Milk, which has an off-white and cream combination. If you want something light but not white, then Rainwashed is another option.

For people who want to add a pop of mint in their kitchen, you can also go with Mint Condition. Brighter than Rainwashed, it keeps your room a little brighter and looks bigger. Last, but definitely not the least, for those looking for a darker alternative, Charcoal blue is also a great pair for Honey Oak cabinets.

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Modern Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

Let’s face it; modern homes with oak cabinets can seem a bit off. However, with the right addition and changes, it’ll change the mood. To complement your kitchen’s modern design, the simplest thing you can do is add chrome knobs and pull to oak cabinets. This easily balances the classic and modern look of your interior.

Another thing is to add glass to your kitchen. It can be glass vases, add more open windows or glass pendant lights. These elements keep your kitchen more open and modern!

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Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The most popular question about these cabinets is, are they out of style? The answer is a big no. With the right design and a little bit of tweaking on the accessories and appliances in your kitchen, you’ll definitely fall in love again with your old cabinets!

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Red Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Timeless and classic, these are still very popular in modern homes. The kitchen cabinets’ designs made from red oaks have evolved and now go well with modern interiors. Others even mix and match red oak with other materials such as glass or steel cabinets to balance the kitchen interior.

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Golden Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have different door profiles. These profiles include shaker style with either raised or flat panel, double cathedral, and single arc for oak kitchen cabinets. To give it a fresh new look, you can resurrect the panels by staining it or changing the hardware. Another common facelift you can do is to repaint all of the panels!

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    Oak Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

    What is Oak Kitchen Cabinets 

    Now that we have an idea of how to update, resurrect, and even design our kitchens with oak cabinets, some may still wonder, what is Oak kitchen cabinets? The best way to answer this is to get to know the different aspects of the material.

    First, the characteristics of oak wood are seen on the grain patterns on the wood. It is the first distinguishable mark on the oak wood. To check if it is real wood you’re looking at, look at the surface, and check if it reflects light rays.

    Another important oak kitchen cabinet feature and advantage is that it is durable. The material is heavy and high quality, and it can resist wear and tear for years. Another feature is the finish of the wood. As stated in the previous sections, there are red, white, and honey oak finishes. These are often stains and paints that are glazed to further protect the surface of the wood.

    When looking to buy oak kitchen cabinets, also consider that there are different wood species. So, this can affect the quality and even surface of the panels you’re looking at. It’s highly recommended that you look at the samples, check the quality, and ensure that you get the best panels for your kitchen.

    George Buildings : Oak kitchen cabinets overview 

    Kitchen Cabinet Quick Details
    Door panel finishSolid oak wood
    Other optionsWood veneer
    Termpered glass
    Particle board
    CarcassSolid wood /Particle board / Plywood / MDF /Stainless steel
    Carcass color White / Custom color
    Hinges and dampersBlum hinges & dampers
    Drawer runnerBlum drawer slide with soft close
    Other optionHettich/Chinese DTC
    Sink cabinet304# full stainless steel sink cabinet
    Base cabinetscome with top panels
    Toe kickAluminium alloy /PVC
    Other optionSame as door panel
    SinkStainless steel
    Other optionQuatz stone
    Hanldes and knobsFull collections

    (full collections)

    Pull-out basket, Lazy susan, Utensil tray,Spice tray
    CountertopSpain quartz , Granite , Marble , Artificial stone
    Kitchen Basket Cooker basket, flavering basket, plate corner basket, big basket, etc.
    Kitchen appliances

    (full collections)

    Built-in Refrigerator, disinfection machine, oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, wine machine, dishwasher, Electric/Gas stove, range hood
    SpecificationsCustom made

    5 Tips for Buying Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Identify Floor Plan

    Your floorplan is the most important element when choosing your kitchen cabinets or even everything you put in your home. It is how you navigate your interior design and accessories.

    Kitchen cabinet customized design

    Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    The next thing you need to consider is your budget. In anything and everything you do in your home, you have to do it within your budget. You mustn’t overspend in your kitchen and stick to your plan and budget to avoid any financial mishaps in the future.

    Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    Aside from doing your research, you also need to talk to your cabinet provider. Consult with them when you choose your oak kitchen cabinets and determine the cabinet’s actual cost, including the shipping of the materials.

    Confirm Design

    Now that you have all the palace elements, approve the design, and then you’re good to go. Don’t forget to review, review, and ask questions about the design you’ve chosen. These manufacturers are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help. Once you’ve approved it, all you need to do is wait for your cabinet to arrive.

    Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Pay for the deposit so the manufacturer can start the production of your cabinet. Make sure that you agree with a timeline, including delivery time, to ensure that you don’t have delays in your construction, as well.

    Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    Is oak wood good for kitchen cabinets?

    Considering that it is one of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinets during the ’90s and some homes still have this, the best answer is yes.

    Oakwood is high quality and durable material that can withstand different weather conditions. As we’ve mentioned, with the right stain and design, it can last for years, and that’s why it’s a great option for cabinets.

    Are oak kitchen cabinets outdated?

    The answer is a big no. Oakwood kitchen cabinets are still in trend, especially now that designers and homeowners want a mix of classic and modern look in their interiors. Materials like this never go out of style because they balance various interiors to create a familiar look and feel.

    Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets

    What color goes with oak cabinets?

    Oakwood has different colors, which means that you can also mix and match various wall colors and accessories. As mentioned, you can go for Steamed Milk, Mint Condition, Rainwashed, or Charcoal Blue. Another set of colors that can match your panels are charcoal gray, deep green colors, and even golden yellow paint!

    Are oak or maple kitchen cabinets more expensive?

    Let’s get straight to the point. maple wood is more expensive than oak. One of the reasons behind this is that maple has finer grains. The color of maple wood is also lighter, affecting the price as homeowners and designers often just add a clear finish to it.

    2022-2023 Kitchen cabinet trends

    Keep your kitchen cabinets up to date with a modern makeover.Use this guide to the hottest 2022-2023 kitchen cabinet trends and find stylish and trendy kitchen cabinet ideas that will stay modern for years to come .

    Before you nail down your necessities, sort through over 38 kitchen cabinet ideas below based on the style you’re looking for like traditional, modern, contemporary or even cottage charm.Once you’re ready to take on your kitchen renovation, choose from thousands of kitchen cabinet colors and styles to accomplish your dream kitchen.

    What countertop looks good with oak cabinets?

    Just like in colors, oak cabinets go well with a lot of different countertops, too. The most favorite countertop paired to oak cabinets is quartz. Quartz has different colors, such as grey, natural tones, and marble-like finish, which goes well with oak wood.

    Another great option is granite because it balances oak wood’s natural tone by adding darker tones in your kitchen.

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    How much does it cost to oak kitchen cabinets?

    The cost of these cabinets depends on your kitchen’s size, the type of oak wood, and the number of panels you need in your kitchen. Most of the time, the price starts at $500, increasing according to the specifications mentioned above and other accessories. Moreover, professional installation must also be included in your total cost.

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets Accessories

    Carcase Material

    Your cabinets need to have a body or layers inside to house different kitchen tools and materials. In choosing the caracas material for your oak kitchen cabinet, you can go for oak wood, plywood, or veneer.


    You should choose an oak for your cabinet doors as well. However, if you are looking to mix and match or reface your kitchen cabinets, you can also buy new ones.

    kitchen cabinet doors


    When it comes to colors, oak wood has different stain colors. The most common colors are natural finish, golden, white, and red. Nonetheless, you also need to consider the accessories and even wall colors when designing your kitchen’s interior.

    As we’ve mentioned a few colors previously, you can choose light colors. These colors include neutral white, warm beige, light greige, and magnolia orange.

    You can go for the cheerful green, vine red, charcoal grey, and navy blue for darker shades.


    Countertops can also complement your oak wood cabinets. There are many countertop materials that you can choose from, but some of the most popular include snowfall granite.

    It beautifully complements wood of any color. If you want to save more, then you can also go for laminate countertops. Laminates have different designs and textures, and you can even go for a marble look laminate that balances the light color of your wood cabinets.


    When it comes to cabinet hardware, you can use different materials.

    For example, pulls and knobs for your drawers and cabinets can have a victorian design or brass. Cabinet backplates and knobs are also great hardware. You can choose from chrome, brass, nickel, or even copper as material.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    Where can I find an Oak kitchen cabinets supplier in China?

    Most kitchen cabinet makers in China are clustered around these provinces:

    • Guangdong
    • Zhejiang
    • Fujian

    These manufacturers offer different types of kitchen cabinets using various materials, catering to all customers, from high-end to low-end.

    Kitchen Cabinet Industry Regions in China

    There are three locations where you can purchase oak kitchen cabinets. Check out the following places to source your cabinets:

    -Trade Shows – there are several trade shows every year in China for almost every product, including kitchen cabinets. Some popular trade shows include the China International Integrated Custom House Expo in Beijing or the China International Furniture Fair in Shanghai.

    Mall Outlets – another place to source almost everything for your home are mall outlets in China. It may take some time and money to find the right material, furniture, or, in this case, cabinet, but you’ll have to get high-quality items for your money.

    Sourcing Agents- If you want a turn-key service to do all the work for you, working with a sourcing agent such as Foshan sourcing is the best approach.

    Below is the list of Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers & manufacturers in China.

    top 10 kitchen cabinet makers

    Pros and cons of oak kitchen cabinets

    The pros of oak kitchen cabinets outweigh its cons. Considering that you get timeless panels that are durable and last for years, the cons don’t matter.

    Homeowners and designers also have different color options and, let’s face it, and it’s still more affordable than maple! Honestly, the only con we can think of is that it can easily be mimicked by wood laminate.

    However, when you look closer, you’ll see the grains on original oak wood.

    Why choose George:

    Intelligent Manufacturing 

    George Buildings has established a comprehensive control system for all processes and systems to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials


    High Production Capacity & Flexibility 

    George Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around the world to ensure a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge band, hardware, and others. These important alliances seek to maintain strict quality controls at the sourcing stage.

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.

    One-stop Shop kitchen cabinets


    Oak kitchen cabinets are classics. These staple materials and the designs go well with any type of interior. However, we encourage you to work with the best manufacturer and designer to ensure that you get the best out of your time and money. Remember, work with a team you can collaborate with and ensure that you get high-quality cabinets for your home!

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