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Non-slip Floor Tiles for Your Projects

Non-slip floor tiles are practical to install in specific spaces in residential and commercial areas. They lessen chances of slipping, hence, of injuries too. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable one-stop-shop for non-slip floor tiles, check us out at George Buildings.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Non-slip bathroom floor tiles

Many accidents related to sliding on the bathroom floors have been reported from different parts of the world. To avoid such injuries from occurring on your property, you only need non-slip bathroom floor tiles.

These tiles not only promise you safety but are also more durable than other tile types. The tiles are also maintenance-free.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Non-slip floor tiles for showers

Any place within your property that is prone to wetness needs special treatment, and your showers are non-exceptional. With Non-slip floor tiles for walk-in showers, you can have confidence when visiting showers for whatever reasons. These tile types ensure enough traction between your feet and the floor, thereby minimizing the chances of accidents.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Non-slip floor tiles for wet room

Any room, be it at the commercial or residential property, can get wet. After cleaning, the moisture left can increase the chances of slip-related accidents. But if you have non-slip floor tiles for wet rooms, you will be safe.

You need to install these tiles on your property to show that you care for the occupants.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Non-slip outdoor floor tiles

Outdoor structures such as patios and pergolas are prone to moisture, especially during winter. The floors of such features can become very dangerous when they get wet.

To ensure that you are always safe, install non-slip outdoor floor tiles. These are moisture-resistant tiles that do not get slippery when wet.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Black non-slip floor tiles

Black tiles are very decorative when used by contrasting wall paint such as white walls. If you need black tiles for any of the rooms in your property, then you should go for black non-slip floor tiles. These tiles are not only attractive but also guarantee safety even when they are wet. Another selling point of black non-slip tiles is that they are fade resistant.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Marble non-slip floor tiles

Marble tiles are best known for their superiority in terms of appearance and durability. However, all that beauty is nothing is the tiles present a hazardous situation on your property. If you like marble tiles, then look for nothing other than marble non-slip floor tiles. With them, you can enjoy their inviting look while remaining worry-free about safety.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Non-slip porcelain bathroom floor tiles

Porcelain tiles have become a common trend in interior designs. These tiles are commonly installed on the bathroom floors. Without being reminded, it is impossible to avoid wetness in bathrooms.

Slippery tiles are likely to make your bathroom more of a time bomb than a refreshing place it should be. Ensure that you use non-slip porcelain bathroom floor tiles for your safety.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Commercial non-slip ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic floors have dominated the construction of commercial buildings for the past decades. As the name suggests, you need non-slip tiles for your commercial property for the safety of all employees.

The less worried employees are about their safety, the more productive they become. Increase productivity by installing only the commercial non-slip ceramic floor tiles on your property.

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Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Non-slip garage floor tiles

Your garage is, no doubt, one of the most important and most used rooms on your property. That explains the need to make it the best in terms of flooring. Since it is a high-traffic room, you need not only wear-resistant floor tiles.

To be safe when driving in or out, you require non-slip garage door floor tiles. With these, there will be just enough traction between the floor and car tires to give you full control over your car.

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    Full Solutions from Non-slip Floor Tile Manufacturer

    To get to know more about our products, services and what you can expect from our China tiles, here are our full product solutions.

    Non-slip Floor Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    Non-slip floor tiles are good choices in patio, garage, and bathroom flooring in homes and apartments. They offer added security for homes with active kids and to avoid slipping-related injuries especially during the winter and rainy seasons.


    Office and Schools

    In office and schools, non-slip floors are practical to install in hallways, bathrooms, catwalks and in the office rooms as well. As in homes and apartments, they offer better traction and safety in high traffic areas.


    Bar and Restaurants

    In bars and restaurants, non-slip floor tiles are good for the dining halls, the mess hall, in the cooking and dishwashing area. They are also a hit in the beverages section in bars, pubs and restaurants.  


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

    In hospitals and healthcare facilities, non-slip floor tiles are installed in water and slip-prone areas. They also offer good traction in ramps, pedia, psych, OB-GYN, and geriatrics wings, among others.

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    Non-Slip Floor Tiles Buying Guide

    What are Non-slip floor tiles?

    We are familiar with tile floorings. You will not miss seeing tiled floors when you walk into any property nowadays. By that, we assume that you already know what floor tiles are. So, is there any difference between non-slip floor tile and any other floor tiles?

    Non-slip floor tile are types of floor tiles designed to improve the traction between your feet and the floor. These tiles were designed to eliminated accidents related to sliding that is so common with ordinary tiles. Non-slip tiles are engineered to make your floors safer even when they are wet. So, you have nothing to worry about and get rid of warnings that you commonly see on the floor written: “Slippery floor, walk with care!”

    Non-slip floor tiles

    Your Wholesale Non-Slip Floor Tiles Supplier in China

    You. No doubt, now know how important it is to install non-slip floor tile on both your commercial and residential property. What may not be clear to you is where to source these floor tiles. Whether you are in China or any other part of the world, you can have any non-slip floor tile style that you need.

    At George Buildings, you get more than just quality for what you paid for. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of non-slip tiles based in Foshan, China. Just reach us out for high-quality and affordable non-slip tiles that suit your needs.

    Non-Slip Floor Tile for Wholesale

    Why buy Non-slip floor tile from George Buildings?

    George Buildings is one of the most reputable non-slip floor tile manufacturer and supplier in Foshan, China. We offer the best quality floor tiles at the best prices. George Buildings is your number one choice for non-slip tiles because of the following reasons:

    • Quality of the non-slip tiles is our number one priority.
    • George Buildings is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of affordable non-slip tiles.
    • We have professional designers who are ready to get you custom-made non-slip tiles for every application.
    • Personalize your property with non-slip floor tile manufactured by cutting-edge technology.
    • We can manufacture a large number of high-quality tiles to meet your demands.

    George Buildings Non-Slip Floor Tile Features and Advantage

    George Buildings non-slip tiles are designed to make your property a safer place to spend all your time. Floor tiles are known to be slippery, especially when they get wet. But how do you prevent floors from getting wet? Nearly impossible! When you choose George Building non-slip floor tile, you don’t have to worry about anything.

    You can clean your floors and use them immediately without the fear of sliding and falling. Our designers and engineers always add anti-slip features on the tile surfaces for your safety. How do they do it?

    Notches, irregularities, and protrusions are some of the features added to the floor tiles to make them water-resistant. You may think that these features can ruin the look of your tiles, but no. They are engineered to enhance safety while still keeping the inviting appearance that you desire for your property.

    Sometimes special coatings are applied on the surface where the previous features are not feasible. The result is a non-slip floor tile that blends beautifully with your interior designs. At George Buildings, you are sure to get personalized non-slip floor tile for your property.

    Pros and Cons of Non-slip floor tiles

    Non-slip floor tile are beneficial to you and your property at large. Apart from the few cons that they have, they are the most perfect additions to your property. If you don’t mind about the extra cost of the non-slip tiles, then you have all the reasons to improve the flooring of your property.


    • Slip-resistant
    • Water-resistant
    • More durable
    • Improve productivity
    • Safer for bathroom, hallway, corridors, garage, and other high-traffic areas.


    • More expensive than other types of tiles
    Non-slip floor tiles

    Where can non-slip floor tiles be used?

    When it comes to where you can use non-slip tiles, the list is endless. You can install them in the bathroom, showers, hallways, balconies, terraces, kitchen, office spaces, hotels, patios, and many other areas.

    In other words, non-slip floor tile can be installed virtually on every floor. Their different finishes and color make these non-slip floor tiles just perfect for every application.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    What type of floor tile is not slippery?

    Almost all the floor tiles out there are slippery, especially when they get wet. The only exceptions are the specially designed non-slip floor tile. These tiles are designed with additional features that make them water-resistant and anti-slip. And if safety is your priority, then non-slip floor tile are not optional.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    What is the best non-slip tile?

    There are three major types of non-slip floor tiles. If you need to get the best of these three types, then you need to consider many factors that we may not exploit in this short post. When you think of installing non-slip floor types, then you can think of either porcelain, natural stone, or mosaic tiles. How do these three differ?

    Mosaic tiles

    Mosaic tiles are hailed for their drainage effect. As a result, they are commonly installed on the contours of the wet rooms leading to the drains. They are also best for slip-resistance, making every room a safer place even when the floors are wet.

    Natural Stone tiles

    These are the most common types of non-slip floor tiles on the market. They come with all the advantages that you can think of, but they also present a challenge. If not installed properly, they can absorb water. Therefore, sealing may be required.

    Porcelain tiles

    Porcelain tiles have also stood out for use in wet rooms. Their installation, however, requires expertise to get the best out of them. If professionally installed, porcelain non-slip floor tiles not only guarantee safety but also come with irresistible aesthetics.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    What is the best floor tile for the bathroom floor?

    Bathroom floors are one of the rooms on your property that may never get dry. This constant wetness may be associated with slipperiness, presenting a danger to you and other users. Being a wet room, you can choose any of the non-slip floor tile from our list. Either mosaic, natural stone, or porcelain floor tiles are great to be used for bathroom floors.

    There may be some other non-slip floor tile that you can choose, but don’t think of ceramic tiles for this purpose. If you have to use them, then only for bathroom walls since they don’t offer as much slip-resistant as other non-slip floor tile.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    Is porcelain floor tile slippery?

    Porcelain tiles are preferred for their ease of cleaning. But that property also makes them very slippery. If you walk porcelain tiled floor when wet, you can end up in an emergency room instead of carrying out your usual duties. However, porcelain floor types still come with many benefits such as high durability, ease of cleaning, fade resistance, etc.

    The good news is that we have porcelain non-slip floor tile that are engineered to giving you the best. These designs are best for flooring, regardless of where you are going to install them. So, if you are for porcelain floor tiles, ensure that you get only the non-slip floor tile of that kind.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    Tile thickness for bathroom 

    Professionals working on tile installation already know the factors that they have to consider when choosing tile thickness for every room. So, before buying any tiles to install on your bathroom floors, consult with your technician to know the right tile thickness that you need. Majorly, the tile thickness may depend on the tray.

    That also varies depending on the thickness of the floor above the tray and that of the drain insert. As a rule of thumb, bathroom floor tiles should not be less than 6mm in thickness. The most recommended thickness is 10mm. With that tile thickness, just enough adhesive can be applied for a sturdier installation.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    Slip Rating for slip-resistant tile

    Most flooring materials, not just tiles, are grouped according to their slip ratings. The ratings of these materials are done as per the Health and Safety Executive requirements.  There are three classes: A, B, and C.  Class A consists of flooring materials that are least slippery with slip angle between 12-17. A is flowed by B with slip angle within the range of 18 and 23.

    Lastly, we have the most slippery flooring materials classified under C with a slip angle greater than 24. Class A and B are mostly recommended for wet rooms and walk-in showers. You should consider this before you buy non-slip tiles for bathroom floors.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    Are ceramic tiles non-slip?

    Ceramic tiles are some of the slippery tile options that you have on the market. People prefer them for their great look and aesthetics. However, if you want to enjoy these benefits while still caring for your safety, then consider the non-slip option.

    The fact is that ceramic floor tiles are very slippery, and that is why we had stated that they are not recommended for wet room floors. However, you can still get slip-resistant ceramic floor tiles that are designed to be so. Do not buy blindly as not all ceramic floor tiles are anti-slip.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    How much do Non-slip floor tiles cost?

    The cost of non-slip tiles ranges from a $3 dollars to $8 of dollars per square meter. This, however, depends on various factors such as the type of finish, tile thickness, and material used. From the previous sections, the common types of non-slip floor tiles are natural stone, porcelain, mosaic, and ceramic floor tiles.

    Each of these comes at a different price given their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, you may also need to factor in other costs such as freight charges. More personalized non-slip floor tile may also cost more. Just first confirm with your chosen supplier to know the exact price for the type of tile chosen.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    What to consider when designing a bathroom?

    It takes more than just installing tiles to turn an ordinary bathroom into a modern bathroom that will enhance your bathing experience. First, you need to know the type of floor and wall tiles you need for your bathroom. Both the tile types need to blend perfectly with other interior features. You can do this with the help of an interior designer.

    The size of your bathroom also matters as that will limit the number of features that it can have. It is unfortunate if you already have a bathroom constructed as you can do nearly nothing to increase the size. However, you still have a chance to enhance the look of your bathroom to make it more luxurious and safer.

    By design, the bathrooms need to be easy to maintain and drain easily. All the other features that you will be adding to your bathroom should complement this idea.

    Non-slip floor tiles

    How to find Non-slip floor tiles suppliers & manufacturers in China?

    With George Buildings, you need to look no further for non-slip floor tile in China. We are China’s best and most reliable manufacturer and supplier of all types of non-slip floor tile. Regardless of the number of tiles you need, we guarantee the timely delivery of quality products.

    George Buildings uses cutting-edge technology and employs a team of professional designers. All these ensure that we always meet the expectations of every client that come to us.

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Top Tips on Choosing Non-slip floor tile

    When choosing non-slip tile for your wet room experience, you need to consider the following factors:

    • Wet room experience
    • Durability
    • Slip-resistance
    • Type of the tiles
    • Tile thickness
    • Slip rating of the tiles
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Maintenance requirement
    Non-slip floor tiles

    Why choose George Non-slip floor tile?

    George’s non-slip floor tile are of unrivaled quality. We care much about how you plan to transform your property and wet rooms. With our non-slip floor tiles, you are assured of your safety and the best bathroom experience.

    At George Buildings, every customer is valued. You will be warmly received by our world-class customer service representatives, and any inquiries will be responded to on time. We will consider your every requirement and deliver quality non-slip floor tile of your choice. Many customers from different parts of the world trust us for the quality tiles that we produce at the most competitive prices.

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