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    Benefits of Buying Marble and Granite from China to Saudi Arabia

    • Purchase durable and dense marble and granite slabs in our store at the bests cost of the untouched factory prices.

    • Our heat, stain, and scratch resistant marble and granite products are perfect for a low-maintenance furniture.

    • Fully customize your order by requesting your preferred design, size, color, and even finish options to give identity to your marble and granite furniture.

    • Experience fast overseas delivery on your selected and customized marble and granite products.

    • Buy and verify a few of our marble and granite by inquiring with our low minimum order requirement.

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    Marble And Granite Products for Sale in Saudi Arabia

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    Custom Marble and Granite for Your Projects

    If you have any projects that require customized granite and marble stones in Saudi Arabia, come to George Buildings for the best tailor-made services.

    Why Wholesale Marble and Granite in George Buildings?

    George Buildings is among the recognized marble and granite companies in the Saudi Arabia. We have been in the industry for over a decade, serving our customers and meeting their expectations. If you need marble suppliers in Saudi Arabia, choose George Buildings for the best customer-centric services.

    How to Order and Import Marble & Granite from China to Saudi Arabia?

    Global Project Agent Recruiting


    Make a Query


    Talk to Us


    Confirm Your Order


    Pay Deposit and Producing


    Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia


    Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order  to be Delivered

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    Import Marble and Granite from China to Saudi Arabia : Buying Guide 

    Most marble suppliers in Saudi import them from China. Even if you are not a supplier, you can also buy granite and marble tiles or slabs directly from the manufacturers in China. This process, however, may require some knowledge of importation.

    Where Should You Buy Marble and Granite in Bulk?

    Manufacturers or Retailers?

    Inquiring directly on manufacturers proves to be more advantageous than choosing retailers. You can save a lot of budget from purchasing from manufacturers as they sell at factory price. Additionally, you can bargain with them to reach the best price for you. You can also verify that the marble and granite are at top quality.

    Online or Offline?

    Purchasing marbles and granite offline means you will be walking to the manufacturer or supplier. That is time-consuming and expensive, especially since you are not buying from a Saudi Arabian company. You can shop online instead. You can inquire and bargain remotely as well as look at their product list. You will also enjoy free customer services that way.

    Things To Consider When Marble and Granite in Wholesale

    Before committing yourself to a business deal, consider all the factors to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Buying marble and granite in wholesale requires heavy capital. You should, therefore, be cautious about it. Confirm your order after considering the following factors, and you are satisfied:

    Product Quantity

    Product Quantity refers to the production capacity of granite tiles suppliers in Saudi Arabia and their MOQ. You should always consider these factors for your orders. Consider it that you need to meet their MOQ and they need to meet the product quantity upon production.

    Product Quality

    Look at the quality of the product when inquiring with marble factories in Saudi Arabia. In this context, quality means marble and granite of good appearance, durability, heat, stain, and scratch resistant. Always ask for samples and product certification for quality assurance.

    Turnaround Time

    Always look at the reviews and description of the granite suppliers in Saudi Arabia to know the turnaround time. With that, you can assess where to buy your supplies depending on the urgency of the project.

    Supplementary products

    In situations where you need more than granite and marbles, always look for one-stop shops. One-stop shops are construction suppliers that have all your needs ranging from tools to materials like windows. George Buildings falls under that category.

    How to Make Wholesale Marble and Granite Orders on George Buildings

    George Buildings is one of the granite suppliers in Dubai to consider if you need quality products. Apart from the favorable marble price in Dubai, we also guarantee a fast turnaround time and excellent customer support. Place your order for granite and marble stone on our website by following these steps:

    Step 1: Make a Query

    Go to the contact us page to send an inquiry. State your order requirements, including the type of granite and marble stones you want and the quantity.

    Step 2: Talk to Us

    Our sales team will respond back once we receive your inquiry. We will talk further about the order and agree on the terms and conditions.

    Step 3: Confirm your Order

    You confirm your order for processing and shipment. Pay the stated amount to the company account provided and provide the transaction details.

    Step 4: Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order to be Delivered

    Sit back and wait for your granite or marble stones to be processed and shipped. We will work on your order as soon as possible. Timely delivery is guaranteed.

    How Much Cost of Marble and Granite in Saudi Arabia and China?

    Marble slabs in Saudi Arabia remain relatively costlier than products imported from China. After all, Saudi Arabia still operates through human labor, requiring them to allot a large budget on manpower. That is something most Chinese companies already left behind as they started utilizing advanced technology for their production.

    By fully using machines on every stage of operation, Chinese companies greatly reduced their labor cost that decreased their production cost. By processing and producing granite and marble slabs at lower cost, they can reduce their prices in the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are China Marble suppliers cheaper than those in other countries?

    Because they rely heavily on technology, Chinese marble tiles manufacturers produce their products cheaper than marble suppliers in Saudi Arabia. That allows them to have cheaper labor costs that reduces the overall production expense. This then causes the products to be cheaper.

    Marble and granite companies in Saudi Arabia, even in other countries, remain heavily reliant on manpower that causes them to have higher labor costs. As the labor cost increases, so does the production cost and the marble price in Saudi Arabia.

    1. How long will it take for my order to be processed and delivered?

    We start the processing of your order as soon as you confirm your receipt. Moreover, delivery mostly takes 15-45 days depending on the size and quantity of your orders.

    1. Is there a minimum order of marble for wholesale orders?

    Yes. George Buildings employ an MOQ that is lower than most marble factories and granite suppliers in Saudi Arabia. This allows our customers like you to buy a few pieces of marble and granite tiles alongside other construction supplies.

    1. How to book containers and shipping from China to Saudi Arabia?

    Fortunately for our customers, we shoulder all the shipping-related agendas to make your shopping more convenient. Because of that, you can simply confirm your granite and marble tiles from us and wait for the orders in your country.

    1. What kind of warranty do you offer?

    We offer a limited-time warranty on our granite and marble slabs products. The period can range from 1-5 years. So, ask our sales representative about it and what it covers.

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