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LED Stadium Lights Supplier & Manufacturer

LED Stadium Lights Supplier & Manufacturer

With outstanding luminous efficacy and flexible control, LED stadium lights are improving the sport experience like never before. They illuminate the field to provide sportsmen the perfect playground to battle and improve visibility for spectators to enjoy the action that’s going on. High-quality, bright, and even lighting is also essential to minimize injuries that happen on the ground and to offer a safe environment for both the audience and players.

As a leading manufacturer of LED lighting solutions in China, George Buildings offer LED stadium lights in a variety of designs, sizes, and lumen efficiency levels. With high CRI and IPX ratings, our LED stadium lights are a great investment for both indoor and outdoor stadiums.

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Lets Start: Intro

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

Where used

Where They Used

Hot Selling Products

Hot Selling Products

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Why Choose Us

Why Choose George

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Drawing Analysis

We can analyze the feasibility of your property design for you. Our team carries out drawing analysis for property units and custom building products to ensure they are suitable for the purpose and meet the latest construction regulations.


Do you want to get the interior or exterior of a property designed for construction or renovation? We can help you. We have a skilled team of designers who specialize in providing modern, functional, and elegant property designs.

Project Quotation

We can help you set a budget for your construction project. Provide us with the list of building products you require or the property’s design. We will prepare a cost proposal based on your requirements and help you take better control of your budget.

Supply / Manufacturing

George Buildings is a reputed manufacturer of high-quality building products and materials. We can supply all the supplies needed for your construction project. It is convenient and hassle-free to outsource all the products from one reliable supplier.

Logistics / Shipment

We can arrange the delivery of your products via our partners or your logistic agent in China. Our shipping partners are highly efficient and experienced in the distribution and delivery of large-scale orders. You will receive the order on time.


We can help you install all the products you order from us. You can refer to the instruction manual that comes with each product or watch the videos on our website for guidance. We can also arrange for a professional to visit your site and install them for you.

LED Stadium Lights: Where Can They Be Used?

We have LED stadium lights for every area in the stadium. Each is designed for specific purposes, and together they illuminate the entire stadium efficiently and beautifully. They are ideal for small and large stadiums and arenas.

Outdoor playing field

Outdoor Playing Fields

Lights provide the required illumination to conduct sports matches at night. An outdoor stadium requires the best HID (high-intensity discharge) lights with optimum brightness for wide coverage. They should be glare-free, so it won’t affect the players’ performance. Our outdoor LED stadium lights are weather-resistant, very sturdy, and easy to install.

indoor stadium

Indoor Stadiums

Sports like basketball, hockey, and tennis are played indoors. While indoor stadiums are easier to illuminate, the space for installation is limited. The best option is to use bright, glare-free overhead lights. Our LED stadium lights offer precise light control to help you offer the perfect ambiance for players. They also make the stadium look attractive.

Light Shows In Stadiums

Light Shows in Stadiums

Stadium lights are not just for functional purposes. There are lights for entertainment purposes too. Light shows before and after matches are common in popular sports tournaments. They evoke the sport’s spirit among its fans and encourage players to perform better! With our LED stadium lights, you can create an experience people will remember forever!

Tribune Area

Tribune Area

Offering a safe area for spectators to enjoy the match is very important. It will also enhance their experience by offering a clear-cut view of actions in the field. Lights in the tribune also help stadium officials carry out their tasks and duties effectively. Our LED stadium lights with brightness adjustability are ideal for illuminating the seating area.

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General Hot Selling Products

We have LED stadium lights designed and developed for specific purposes and specific sports because each requires different types of lighting solutions. Take a look at our best sellers.

LED Stadium Light Fixture

LED Stadium Light Fixture

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Adjustable lighting angle

  • Weather-resistant

  • Easy installation

Many stadiums switch to LED lights from conventional solutions because they perform better and last longer. They also distribute lights uniformly. You can control the beam angle easily to focus the light on the desired area. Our super bright and low-glare lights are ideal for stadiums. We can customize the fixtures and their features based on your requirements.

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LED Football Stadium Lights

LED Football Stadium Lights

  • Powerful illumination

  • Easy to control

  • Very durable in construction

  • Flexible angle control

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, attracting millions of spectators. If your stadium hosts football matches, why not install energy-saving lights to minimize the environmental impact! It’s a win-win! Our LED football stadium lights can be mounted at different heights. With high light intensity, they offer optimum brightness to the field.

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1000-Watt LED Stadium Light

1000-Watt LED Stadium Light

  • High luminous efficacy

  • Waterproof

  • Cost-effective

  • Customizable design

Ideal for indoor and outdoor stadiums, our 1000W LED stadium lights release 16000 lumens – the capacity of a 3000W conventional light. The lighting is consistent, uniform, and controllable. It can be used for lighting sports fields, seating areas, practice fields, car parks, and many other areas. Our LED stadium lights are weatherproof and durable.

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Wanna dig deeper in unique LED stadium lights

Wanna dig deeper in unique LED stadium lights?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog. Get access to our latest LED stadium lights catalogs for detailed specifications and customization.

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Estimated Cost Analysis for LED Stadium Lights

Want to import LED stadium lights for your construction project? We have provided a breakdown of costs to help you get an idea!

Per Square Meter Price

Price per Set


The cost of LED stadium lights depends on the design, size, luminous efficacy, and other features. Let us know what type of stadium lights you prefer.

Shipping Fee

The Sea Freight Shipping Fee


The shipping cost is calculated based on your destination. Please note that it excluded surcharges imposed on imports.

Other Fees

Other Fees


Additional costs involved in the distribution and delivery of your order, such as local transport costs, customs duties, and processing fees, are calculated here.

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Why Choose George LED Stadium Lights Manufacturer?

Advanced Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology to develop high-quality and energy-efficient LED stadium lights for you. Our products are innovative and user-friendly, owing to our superior craftsmanship and design capabilities. You get the best LED stadium lights from us.


We utilize premium quality raw materials to manufacture LED stadium lights that deliver excellent value for your investment. They are constructed to be waterproof, sturdy, and durable. You can use them for a long time without any hassle.


We manufacture LED stadium lights complying with global safety standards. All our products are extremely safe for use. We have a strict quality control system to ensure each unit of LED stadium lights is foolproof.


If the quantity of LED stadium lights you require doesn’t meet standard wholesale MOQs, don’t worry. We undertake both small and large-scale orders. Whether you need lights for a startup project or for your lighting business, we can supply them.

Factory-Directing Price

Our bulk manufacturing capabilities help us produce high-quality LED stadium lights at a low cost without compromising quality. Our prices are unbeatable in the global market. Lower your construction costs and complete your project successfully!

Easy Installation

Our LED stadium lights are easy to assemble and mount. In indoor stadiums, you can mount headlights on the ceilings, while in outdoor stadiums, you can easily mount them on poles. We provide detailed instruction guides to help you with the task!

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