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    Benefits of Buying Led Lights from China to Kenya

    • You get high-quality LED lights manufactured through strict quality regulations to meet international standards.

    • Our LED lights are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, making them durable and reliable.

    • We manufacture LED lights according to your specifications, considering the color, size, and lumen.

    • Find any type of LED light you need for your project under one roof.

    • Easy ordering process and quick turnaround time; we care about your business.

    • You buy LED lights directly from us at unbeatable prices.

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    Led Lights Products for Sale in Kenya

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    Custom Led Lights for Your Projects

    George Building offers LED light customization services that ensure you get what you need. You can submit your requirement regarding the following:

    Why Wholesale Led Lights in George Buildings?

    LED light suppliers in Kenya can also give you the LED lighting you need for your various projects. However, LED lights prices in Kenya are a bit higher, making many traders and individual contractors look for suppliers overseas.

    If you want to import LED lights in Kenya, consider sourcing from George Buildings. Why are we the best choice? The following are our strengths:

    How to Order and Import Led Lights from China to Kenya?

    Global Project Agent Recruiting


    Make a Query


    Talk to Us


    Confirm Your Order


    Pay Deposit and Producing


    Shipping from China to Kenya


    Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order  to be Delivered

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    Import Led Lights from China to Kenya : Buying Guide 

    You may not find LED lighting companies in Kenya, but there are LED light suppliers in Kenya. If you are a supplier looking to import products from China, you should have information beforehand and consider all factors.

    Where Should You Buy Led Lights in Bulk?

    Where you buy your products will determine LED lights prices in Kenya. Since there are no pricing regulations in this country, you may make losses if you don’t choose wisely. Some traders sourcing from George Buildings and other reputable LED lighting manufacturers will reap high profits. They can also have a lion’s market share when they reduce their prices.

    Manufacturer or Retailer?

    Consider a manufacturer as opposed to a retailer. Manufacturers guarantee quality and offer the best prices on their products. Some can even give you discounts if you order LED lights in bulk. Additionally, you get a warranty and excellent after-sales services.

    Online or Offline?

    Online LED light sources are now better than offline sources. Buying decorative lights in Kenya or LED strip lights in Kenya offline is not a good idea if buying in bulk. Go online to send inquiries to large manufacturers that customize your products to your needs. It is also convenient and cost-effective to look for the right LED light manufacturer online.

    Things To Consider When Buying Led Lights in Bulk

    Do you want to import LED strip lights in Kenya from China? Consider the following factors:

    Product Quantity

    Ask yourself the quantity of LED lights you want and compare your answer against the MOQ of manufacturers in China. You should ensure you meet the requirements of the selected LED lighting company.

    Product Quality

    Quality is the prime of any product you buy, whether locally or overseas. Before ordering any LED lights in bulk from China, examine the manufacturer’s production process. Find answers about the raw materials they use, their quality management system, and any quality compliance certificate.

    Turnaround Time

    The most stressful part of sourcing LED lights overseas is the emotional torture associated with the wait. If you can find an LED lighting company with a quick turnaround time, choose it.

    Supplementary Products

    What other products can the manufacturer supply? Are you interested in them? If you answered yes to the last question, that is the company of choice. It will save you time that you would otherwise spend sourcing them elsewhere.

    How to Make Wholesale Led LightsOrders on George Buildings

    George Building is the best manufacturer and supplier of LED lights and other related products. How do you make an order for LED lighting on our website?

    Step 1: Make a Query

    Send us an inquiry about the type of LED lighting that you want. You can also state whether you need custom-made products or in-stock LED strip lights. To do that, visit our contact page to fill the form. Alternatively, you can give us a voice call or send a WhatsApp message.

    Step 2: Talk to Us

    Give us your detailed requirements by talking to our representative. For custom-made LED lights, state your design specification and order quantity. But if you just need the products in our store, simply submit your requirements, and we will dispatch them on time.

    Step 3: Confirm your Order

    We need your confirmation to start processing your order. You do that online by signing the terms of the sales and paying a deposit.

    Step 4: Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order to be Delivered

    You have done your part. So, let us also do our part by dispatching your bulk order for LED lights. We guarantee the quickest lead time and ship your order in no time.

    How Much Cost of Led Lights in Kenya and China?

    The cost of LED strip lights in Kenya varies according to color and length. You can buy one for as low as KSh 800 or upwards of KSh 4,000.

    LED lights prices in Kenya are much higher than in China. That is because Kenya has retailers who hike prices. If you want to buy LED lights in bulk, China may be the best country to import the products from. You will find reliable LED lights companies that offer you the best prices. Some will even offer discounts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are China Led Lights suppliers cheaper than those in other countries?

    LED light suppliers in Kenya are sourcing their products outside the country. That means the cost of transportation and taxes will inflate the prices, unlike buying directly from LED companies in China. You will only have the customs duty to worry about, but you will still save on the total cost.

    How long will it take for my order to be processed and delivered?

    The delivery time depends on your order and the contracted company. George Buildings have a high production capacity and promise the shortest lead time. Typically, your order will be processed between 15 and 45 days.

    Is there a minimum order of Led Lights for wholesale orders?

    Yes. George Building has an MOQ, which is relatively low. When sending an inquiry, ask about it to get a more accurate response from our sales representative.

    How to book containers and shipping from China to Kenya?

    Booking a shipping container should be less of a concern because we do everything for you. Once you confirm your order, we contract a trusted courier or shipping company to safely ship your goods.

    What kind of warranty do you offer?

    We offer a limited-time warranty on our LED lights and other products. The period depends on the particular product you buy. So, we advise you to contact us to get the best answer.

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