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    Kitchen cabinet online

    Online Kitchen Cabinets Fully Assembled

    Assembled kitchen cabinets are delivered to your home built and ready for installation out of the box in your kitchen space. All the drawers, doors, and hardware are in place. Expect to receive big boxes when you order fully assembled kitchen cabinets.

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    Kitchen cabinet online

    Custom Kitchen Cabinets Online

    Custom cabinets are built by the manufacturer based on your specifications. You provide the manufacturer with the features, measurements, materials, designs, and finishes. Custom-designed kitchen cabinets are personalized pieces so choices are limitless.

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    Kitchen cabinet online

    Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Online

    Solid wood kitchen cabinets are known for their, strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Solid wood can also bring a feeling of warmth into your kitchen. They are available in a wide range of designs and color options.

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    Kitchen cabinet online

    Cheap Kitchen Cabinets for Sale Online

    It is always cheaper to buy things online today. Kitchen cabinets are no exception. Buying kitchen cabinets online are convenient. It will save you a lot of money and time, too. Make sure to order from a reliable supplier to ensure top quality and service.

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    Kitchen cabinet online

    European Kitchen Cabinets Online

    European kitchen cabinets come with contemporary designs. They provide a minimal yet sleek appearance. These kitchen cabinets combine elegance and sophistication focusing on clean lines and frameless construction. The cabinet doors are directly attached to the cabinet box.

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    Kitchen cabinet online

    Modern Kitchen Cabinets Buy Online

    There is a wide range of modern kitchen cabinets you can order online. They are available in various designs, colors, finishes, and hardware to match your existing kitchen design.

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    Kitchen cabinet online

    All Wood Kitchen Cabinets Online

    All wood kitchen cabinets are crucial in the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. All wood cabinets are durable and are available in various types and sizes giving you several options to choose from. There is so much that can be done with an all-wood material, thus, your design options can be limitless.

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    Inset kitchen cabinets

    White Kitchen Cabinets Online

    White continues to be the most popular color for kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are classic pieces that appear clean and crisp. White reflects light so your kitchen will appear larger and brighter with white kitchen cabinets. White cabinets enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen that can contribute to the increase in the resale value of your home.

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    GeorgeBuildings: Your Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Online Supplier

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    Kitchen cabinet online
    Kitchen cabinet online
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    Kitchen Cabinets Online

    Are you planning on buying kitchen cabinets for your home? Perhaps you’re wondering where is the best place to buy kitchen cabinets. In this article, we will explore how you can easily find and buy the best kitchen cabinets online. That’s right! You can shop for kitchen cabinets on the Internet! But how do you choose the best product and best online seller?

    What type of kitchen cabinet sale online?

    You can order almost all types of kitchen cabinets online including stock, semi-custom, and customized.

    -Stock kitchen cabinets are off-the-shelf cabinets. They are inexpensive because you order them as is. Manufacturers mass-produce stock kitchen cabinets and they are immediately ready for shipment when ordered.

    There are no modification options available for stock kitchen cabinets. Stock kitchen cabinets are available in limited styles, wood types, colors, etc. They are also available in standard widths and depths.

    -Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are stock cabinets that you can modify. You can modify some dimensions such as resizing door fronts and drawers or modifying the depth of the cabinets.

    The nice thing about semi-custom kitchen cabinets is you get the feeling that you have somehow contributed to the design of your kitchen cabinets without having to pay the high cost of custom cabinets.

    -Custom kitchen cabinets are built based on your specifications. In ordering custom kitchen cabinets, you start off with the dimensions of a standard size cabinet. You then start adding on the features and details you want. All widths and depths are based on your specification.

    Custom kitchen cabinets are expensive and may take months to complete. They can be built in your home or a factory.

    Kitchen Cabinets Online: Advantage

    Shopping online for kitchen cabinets is just like shopping online for anything you need. Adding new kitchen cabinets can have a significant impact on the value of your home.  Traditionally, you would shop for kitchen cabinets in local stores and showrooms.

    Today, most kitchen cabinet manufacturers are on the internet allowing you to purchase from them. There are many advantages why you would like to order your kitchen cabinets online:

    • Saves Money

    Manufacturers often save on overhead costs when they sell online and pass on these savings to their customers.

    • Convenience

    Convenience ranges from being able to compare designs, sizes, materials, features, and prices just by simply browsing the internet instead of hopping from one showroom to another.

    Since you are opting to buy kitchen cabinets online, it is easier to compare the prices of different suppliers while at the comfort of your home, office, or from anywhere.

    • More Style and Color Options

    Online retailers offer hundreds of kitchen cabinet styles in various colors. You can also choose to modify what they have on stock to suit your taste or have a custom design based on your specifications.

    If you are worried that you do not get to physically see what you are buying, most online retailers offer a sample of kitchen cabinet styles and colors for your appreciation. These can be shipped to you free of charge or at a minimal cost.

    • Best Quality at affordable Prices

    Buying kitchen cabinets online can be about 15% cheaper or even more than when buying from a brick and mortar store. Online kitchen cabinet stores and retailers do not have too many overhead costs compared to showrooms so they could pass on these savings to customers.

    Kitchen cabinet online stores and retailers also offer discounts and come up with sales and specials similar to big box stores. You can also get many upgrades without paying additional charges. Some of these upgrades may include overlay doors, dovetail drawers, soft close drawers, etc.

    • Work with a Professional Designer

    Several online stores and retailers have in-house designers you can consult with to make sure you are getting the best and the right kitchen cabinets. You can chat with these designers to discuss your ideas so you can have that personal touch on your kitchen cabinets.

    Some online stores offer personalized layouts, photorealistic renderings, and itemized costings so you can better appreciate what you are buying before making the actual order.

    Most of the services provided by the in-house professional designer are offered by online stores and retailers free of charge and without any obligation.

    • Good Customer Service

    the best websites for kitchen cabinets have sales professionals who are ready to help you every step of the way. They are available through chat, telephone, and email.

    • Hassle-Free Shopping

    You can do your shopping anytime and from anywhere. You can browse through various photos of kitchen cabinet styles and colors anytime you wish. You can also take all the time you need to choose the kitchen cabinet design you like as well as the features you need.

    Buying kitchen cabinets online is a stress-free exercise that gives high rewards. All you need to get started are the accurate measurements of the space for the cabinets or that of your existing cabinets.

    Ordering kitchen cabinets online is a cost-efficient, stress-free, and hassle-free process. There are many services kitchen cabinet online stores and retailers offer that are not available at your local big-box stores.


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    Kitchen Cabinets Online Buying Guide

    Where is the best place to buy kitchen cabinets online?

    Each major manufacturer and retailer of kitchen cabinets usually have their website. Here are some of the best online kitchen cabinet retailers and stores:

    • George Buildings 
    • CliqStudios
    • Ikea
    • Com
    • Allwoodcabinets
    • Instockkitchens
    • Cabinetdiy
    Kitchen cabinet online

    Can you order kitchen cabinets online?

    Many consumers opt to go online shopping because it is convenient and easy to compare prices between online stores. But how about kitchen cabinets? How can you buy kitchen cabinets without actually seeing them?

    When deciding whether to order your kitchen cabinets online, you may be bothered with some questions:

    • How can I buy kitchen cabinets without seeing them first?

    Even if you are buying online, you can still see the actual product first before making the final decision. Most online stores and retailers ship sample doors of the kitchen cabinet so you can see and feel it before ordering.

    • Will there be a designer or a professional who can help me?

    Most online stores and retailers have professional designers on board that are ready and willing to assist you in every step of the ordering process. Seeking the help of these in-house designers can be done through online chat, email, or a quick phone call.

    • Will I be getting the best price?

    It is less costly to run an online store than a brick and mortar store. Whatever savings on overhead costs the online store has is passed on to the consumers. It is therefore, safe to say that the kitchen cabinets you order online are cheaper than what you can buy from brick and mortar stores, but with the same high-quality.

    • Can you order kitchen cabinets online?

    Yes, you can. Just send your kitchen drawing to get a free design & quote .

    Kitchen cabinet online

    Pros and Cons of Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

    The internet has, to a big extent, affected the buying behavior of consumers. While it was customary to go from one store to the next or browse through catalogs, today, a simple click can show you all kitchen cabinet options no matter where you are.

    Have you imagined buying kitchen cabinets online? Which is better? Buying kitchen cabinets online or making the trip to a brick and mortar store. What are the pros and cons of buying kitchen cabinets online?


    • You can have access to more kitchen cabinet options from the comfort of your home or from anywhere.
    • Kitchen cabinets bought online come at unbeatably low prices.
    • There are in-house designers you can collaborate with to come up with the best kitchen cabinet designs and colors for your space.
    • It is easier to compare prices from different online stores.
    • Kitchen cabinet online stores and retailers do not only have competitive prices, the cost lower than brick and mortars stores but with the same quality.


    • You are not able to see the actual products you are buying. Many kitchen cabinet online stores will sell or send you free of charge a small sample to see and feel the product before buying.
    • It is more difficult to return kitchen cabinets to an online store than to a brick and mortar store.
    Kitchen cabinet online

    Where can you buy kitchen cabinet online from China?

    You can also opt to buy kitchen cabinets from suppliers in China through

    Top 10 kitchen cabinet suppliers in China


    Online kitchen cabinets ideas

    • Built kitchen cabinets with exotic wood such as Brazilian Walnut, Australian Cypress, and Brazilian Cherry. The striped grain of wood creates visual interest and a lot of texture.
    • Create the look of a modern kitchen and make a statement with white-bue-gray-taupe kitchen cabinets
    • Colored kitchen cabinets such as bright yellow and other primary colors add personality to a kitchen.
    • Create kitchen cabinets with high and low tone effects. This means using one color (white) for the upper cabinets and another color (navy blue) for the lower cabinets.
    • Use kitchen cabinet with high-gloss finish and them with a neutral-colored countertop
    • Rustic looking kitchen cabinets paired with contemporary counters create inviting and warm kitchens.
    • An all-white kitchen always works best

    What type of kitchen cabinets accessories online?

    The complete the design of your kitchen cabinets and to make them more functional, include some must-have accessories such as:

    • Drawer organizers to increase storage space
    • Roll-out pantries
    • Pull-out storage cabinet
    • Spice drawer
    • Corner carousel shelf cabinet
    • Waste basket pullout cabinet
    • Drawer pegs
    • Knife and Cutlery Block Drawer


    1) Carcase Material

    The carcass of your kitchen cabinets can either be:

    • Solid wood
    • Polished plywood
    • Plywood
    • Melamine-faced chipboard
    • Melamine-faced medium density fiberboard (MDF)
    • Polished real veneer MDF

    What will work best for your kitchen cabinets depends on the look you want your kitchen to achieve, the intended function of your cabinets, and your budget.

    kitchen cabinet doors

    2) Door

    Kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen design. The doors of your kitchen cabinets enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cabinets. There are different kitchen cabinet door styles to choose from:

    • Recessed Panels. Features a sunken or concave (recessed) center panel with raised-edges.
    • Raised Panels. Center panel is raised and with a slotted framework.
    • Mullion Doors. Built using two materials such as wood and glass or glass and a wood-like material
    • Slab Doors. A continuous material with a flawless and smooth surface.
    • Shaker Doors. Comes with a recessed center panel with unbeveled and plain rails

    3) Color

    The five most popular kitchen cabinet colors include:

    • White
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Navy blue
    • Yellow
    • Luxe Green
    • Cool Mint
    • Light Gray

    4) Countertop

    There are countertop materials and colors to match every kitchen cabinet color. You can mix and match colors when the cabinets and countertop are in neutral colors. On the other hand, avoid pairing cabinets in bold colors with a countertop also with a bold color.

    When paring your kitchen cabinets with the countertop make sure to envision the look you want to achieve. Do you want to contrast dark-colored cabinets with a light-colored countertop or do you want to match a marble countertop with white kitchen cabinets?

    5) Hardware

    The hardware of the kitchen cabinet is a small detail but it can be the focal point of the cabinet. The hardware of your kitchen cabinets can either be knobs or pulls.  Knobs have smaller profiles and less expensive. They can be used for both cabinets and drawers. Pulls are larger than knobs. They are easier to grip. They are available in many sizes and are more expensive than knobs.

    After choosing the type of hardware, choose the design. Hardware designs include curved silhouettes, hardware with ridges, and hardware with textured details. The color of the hardware is important as well, White and other colors, almost ay finish of the hardware will do. Navy blue kitchen cabinets, for example pair well with gold hardware.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    3 Tips to Buy Kitchen Cabinet Online

    • Compare prices from at least three online stores or retailers.
    • Take your time when shopping online for kitchen cabinets so you can be sure of the measurements, materials, colors, and styles you like. Make sure to envision the look you want to achieve for your kitchen, too.
    • Collaborate with the in-house professional designer to make sure you choose the best and the right kitchen cabinets to match your kitchen design.
    Kitchen cabinet online

    Common Objections to Buying Kitchen Cabinet Online

    There are little objections to buying kitchen cabinets online, the most prominent of which are:

    • Not being able to see and feel the product before ordering.
    • Some also complain about having to take the measurements and hiring the installers.
    • Some also complain that most kitchen cabinet brands available on the internet are new and less established.
    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

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