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    Benefits of Jalousie Windows

    • Offer a natural cooling solution

    • Easier control of both heat and smoke

    • The most efficient ventilation system

    • 10 + Years of Manufacturing Experience Factory. High Quality & Affordable Jalousie windows

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    Jalousie Windows

    Modern Jalousie Windows

    These windows are improvements on the traditional Jalousie Windows. They have improved design to enhance the benefits of these window types. With more enhanced ventilation and cooling, these are the ideal picks for windows of both residential and commercial buildings.

    They are mostly installed on rooms that require better light penetration and high energy efficiency, such as patios, porch, etc.

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    Aluminium Jalousie Windows

    Most of the Jalousie Windows that are out there are made of aluminium profile with glass panels. We also have windows that utilize aluminium panes instead of the glass. In both cases, aluminium plays a role in the design and gives the window an extra strength, and hence, becomes more secure.

    If you prefer, you can choose other materials to form your window frame and other profiles. We are just to inform you that Aluminium Jalousie Windows are preferred by many homeowners and contractors.

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    Jalousie Windows

    Jalousie Storm Windows

    Stormy weather can be very tricky to many people. As some may prefer closing their windows, that is not the best option for everyone.

    If you are in the category of people who prefer leaving their windows open even during the storms, then jalousie storm windows are the ideal choice for your property. These windows are designed with slats that help in repelling rains and keep the interior part dry.

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    Fixing Jalousie Windows

    There are places where fixed windows are ideal compared to other window types. With fixing jalousie windows, you install it once and never operated again. This means there is no provision in the design for opening and closing.

    The main advantage that comes with this style is a longer lifespan since there are no moving parts.

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    Georgebuildings: Your Affordable Jalousie Windows Supplier

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Jalousie Windows for Sale

    Jalousie Windows are other specialty types of windows that are designed for specific environments. These windows are available for sale in China and other parts of the world where they are the favorite. As you may ask, why do people prefer them? Jalousie Windows are the best in terms of ventilation, and hence, their widespread use in commercial buildings such as social halls.

    What Is Jalousie Window?

    By definition, these are simply louvered window. Their panels are designed with slats that can move to open and close them. They are typically designed for use in specific regions around the world. So, don’t worry if you never see them in your country or region.

    Jalousie Windows come in various sizes and can be combined to form an array of windows to close an entire aperture. By design, they come with screens, lock systems, and other customized features, as you will discuss with your manufacture.

    Georgebuildings: Jalousie Window Features & Parts

    What makes Jalousie Windows adapted to its function of ventilating the room, and how does it deal with the security issue? That is the question that this section will answer. By discussing the features and parts of these windows and the role they play, everything about their operation will be apparent.

    Jalousie Window hardware consists of the window frame, hand-operated lever lock mechanism, and louvers. Each of these parts plays a role in the design as highlighted below:

    Window frame – This is mainly made of aluminium metal. The Frame is coated to make it corrosion resistant and serve you for the entire life of the house. It can also be made of wood and uPVC. The frame hosts a locking system and carries the entire weight of the slats. The aluminium frame can be black, white, silver, brown, or take any other customized color.

    Louvers – These are what make up the windows panel. They consist of strips of glasses that are held in place by clips on both sides. The clips are connected to the hand-operated lever. The glass in the louvers can be clear, tinted, or customized according to your needs.

    Hand-operated lever – This is the mechanism that is used to move the slats or louvers to the position required. By using levers, the slats can be rotated to the desired angle for optimum airflow.

    Lock mechanism – This is in place for security reasons. The hand-operated lever can be locked from the inside. This ensures that anyone out of the house should not be able to open the slats. That is the work of the lock mechanism.

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    Jalousie Windows Buying Guides

    5 Tips to Buy Jalousie Windows

    As our final thoughts, we are going to summarize what you need to take into account before you buy jalousie window. These are the top tips that will guide you into what you need to improve your home and meet your needs.

    • The material that the window frame is made of; wood, aluminium, or uPVC?
    • The type of glass for your louvers; do you prefer tinted or clear glass?
    • Durability – How durable is the chosen material for the window frame?
    • Opening and closing mechanism – Do you need a smart system or a manual system? How good is the locking system?
    • The cost – What di you have as the budget, and what is the price of your preferred jalousie window design and size?
    Jalousie Windows

    How much do jalousie windows cost?

    This is one of the questions that you need to be answered before making a choice. Depending on what you have on the budget, you can go for what you can afford. Jalousie window vary in cost depending on the type that you are going for. Also, the material used in the design and manufacturing can affect the price. There are just too many things to consider when buying that will impact on the final price.

    The cost will also depend on whether you need additional features such as the screens and tinted glass or clear glass. From the look of things, your priorities will determine what you pay for your jalousie window. The cost also varies according to country and region as the shipping policies vary from state to state. Your supplier can also have a different price tag for its products. You should get many quotes from different suppliers and then compare them.

    Are jalousie windows secure?

    We have already highlighted this as one of the flaws of jalousie windows. However, with new or modern jalousie windows, this con has been addressed. The introduction of a technologically-advanced lock system has addressed security issues. This does not fully address the problem. If you are living in a more insecure area, then you may consider other window options.

    Jalousie Windows

    Are jalousie windows hurricane safe?

    There are jalousie window designed for mild storms. That means you can leave your windows open during such storms. But when it comes to a hurricane, you will need a different defense mechanism to encounter such an adverse weather condition. If a hurricane can bring down the entire building, then does it make sense to claim that just a window will resist it. All you can do is to hope for the best when you have decided to install jalousie windows on your property.

    jalousie windows design ideas

    Designing a jalousie window is a complex process. Your designer needs to know all your requirements and preferences before coming up with an idea that will impress you. On the brighter side, there are many design options to explore for these window types.

    Sometimes getting to know what you need to take into an account may be challenging to you. There are already-available designs to choose from. You can take a moment to check out these jalousie window design ideas from Pinterest. We are sure you will have something to fall for and order for the same. A point to note is that you can have your window designed as you like it to be.

    Jalousie windows Sizes

    As the window’s design varies, the sizes also vary. You can have a big jalousie window as your designer will advise or as small as the size of an aperture where you want it installed. The size of the window is determined by the size of the aperture and the level of ventilation and daylighting required. With all these factors accounted for, you will get the right size that you can also easily operate.

    Jalousie Windows

    How to soundproof jalousie windows?

    We have already said that jalousie window are not easy to completely seal. From basic physics, sound travel in the air. As long as your windows are not airtight, you will still hear sound from the neighborhood. How can you make it airtight? You can achieve this by doing any of the following:

    1. Use weather strips or insulating strips to seal it
    2. You can consider installing storm windows
    3. Use soundproof curtains
    4. Buy acoustic jalousie instead of an ordinary one
    5. Consider installing soundproof shutters and blinds
    6. You can also use acoustic caulk as the sealant

    The methods listed above can be very effective in solving your problem. However, we have also introduced another problem as you won’t know which method to go for. Did it confuse you? Before going for any particular method of soundproofing jalousie window, you can consider the following factors:

    • Type of noise that you want to eliminate
    • Cost of purchasing that particular soundproofing material
    • The effect of the material on the aesthetic value of your home

    Where to buy jalousie windows in China?

    China is the hub of jalousie windows design and manufacturing. If you want to source from China, then you have a myriad of options that you need to explore. You can purchase from the online store such as Alibaba and Made-in-China or you can contact the manufacturers directly. What is evident here is that you will always find ready-made jalousie windows or customized ones when you need them.

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    door and window logo list

    How to install jalousie windows step by step?  

    Are you choosing to install the jalousie windows all by yourself or you want to hire a professional? The installation can be a DIY project if you have the right tools. This section will give you the steps that you need to follow.

    The steps listed here assume that you already have a ready aperture with a frame installed. We are also assuming that you have cut the glasses to the right sizes if they did not come with your package. If that is not the case, then you should go back and have these pre-steps done.

    -Unscrew the screen from the main window and install the pieces

    -Apply appropriate amount of sealant to the interior edges of the window frame

    -Install the glasses carefully by clipping them onto the window frame

    -Dry fit the window and conclude the installation. You can find detailed information and sketches on how to install jalousie windows on this document.

    Jalousie Windows Pros and Cons

    You need to know the benefits that come with these window types. And as nothing is perfect, you should also be aware of the flaws that come with it. This will prepare you psychologically before you surprise yourself with unexpected disadvantages. Uttering phrases such as “I wish I knew” should not follow your purchase. Here are what you need to know:


    As we listed in the opening section, jalousie window are energy-efficient. They have been voted among the best windows if you need a better flow of air within your house. Let us summarize these in the list format.

    • Offer a natural cooling solution
    • Easier control of both heat and smoke
    • The most efficient ventilation system
    • Easy to repair and maintain


    • Has security issues
    • Cannot be completely sealed for air
    • Prone to wear and tear as they have many moving mechanical parts

    How to Purchase Doors and Windows from China: A Comprehensive Guide

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    Jalousie Windows have been here for ages, but are still very common in many homes and luxurious commercial property. You can consider them to gain from the very many benefits that come with them. Despite the high installation cost, the benefits outweigh that in the long run. You can invest in Jalousie Windows to cushion your monthly energy bills and to have a quiet indoor life.

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