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    Benefits of French Pane Windows

    • More natural light stream indoors and better outdoor views.

    • Easier access and exit, and are sometimes referred to as an emergency exit.

    • More energy efficient as the glass panes have high insulation property and superior energy ratings.

    • Adds value to the property with their visual appeal. The beauty is just irresistible.

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    French Pane Windows

    French pane casement windows

    This is the most common type comprising of two panes without the central mullion. The two panes can either open inwards or outwards depending on what you prefer for your property.

    For easier cleaning, inward-opening French pane windows may be preferred. However, if you don’t have any space for the panes to open inwards, then you can choose the other option. These are also known as double-pane French windows.

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    French single-pane windows

    If the space is limited in a room, then you can add elegance with long and narrow French single-pane windows. Just like their double-pane counterparts, these can also swing inwards or outwards.

    They are not as good as casement types but are still offer a more unobstructed view than many other window types in the market. These blend well when installed next to glass pane French doors.

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    Faux French Window

    If you are looking for a better way to spruce up your home, then you can consider faux French window panes for your home. It is a simple upgrade, but the results are just amazing.

    If done correctly and expertly, you may realize that you have significantly increased the value of your property. Though not so popular, you can still consider Faux French window panes for your next home improvement project.

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    Black paned French windows

    This is all about the type of finish that you want. The French pane can be of a color you desire. In this case, we are talking about a black paned window.

    It can either be the frame or dark-tinted glasses, but the finish is always inviting. Black paned windows French matches with most of the interior decorations.

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    George Buildings: Your Affordable Wholesale French Pane Windows Supplier

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable french pane windows suppliers in Foshan China , manufacturing high quality windows at affordable french pane windows prices.

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Affordable and Quality French Pane Windows

    The affordability and quality of French pane windows depend on many factors. It also depends on your chosen supplier as a high level of craftsmanship is needed in the joinery work to get a perfect window. The quality of your window is gauged on its features and the type of finish that you have chosen.

    French Pane Windows Key Features and Details

    Hardware – French pane window hardware comes in many different architectural and artistic styles and finishes. That means you are going to choose what meets your aesthetic requirement. The design, operation, and reliability of the hardware are all you should be concerned about, in addition to visual appeal. We are sure you won’t go for something that will break after a short time just because it is visually attractive.

    Color – A high-quality French pane window deserves a better finish. With many color options, you can get the type of finish you prefer. You can also be lucky to find custom colors just for you, but keep in mind that the grade of the paint should also be considered. Don’t be attracted to color if its quality cannot be guaranteed.

    Glass – There is a variety of decorative glass options available to meet the need of every client. The most common one is the double-glazing that is available as clear, gray, bronze, tinted, or green. You only need to check with your supplier if they have all these variations and choose accordingly.

    Frame – French pane window frames come in many different styles and finishes. The frames are made of either uPVC, wood, or aluminum. Choose wisely and within your budget.

    Locks – You might consider a multi-locking system for guaranteed security. This feature ensures a tight seal.

    Why choose us?

    You need a reliable and reputable supplier to meet your unique specifications and deliver a quality product while not draining your pocket. We have pocket-friendly French pane windows that are designed to surpass your quality expectations.

    Our windows are designed by experts and a team of craftsmen with decades of experience in joinery work. That ensures we always produce soundproof, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and aesthetically-appealing French pane windows.

    You will be received warmly and experience excellent customer service all through the process of placing your order with us. You will be free to specify what you expect of your finished French pane window, and that is what we will deliver.

    We are an SGS, SASO, and ISO certified supplier, meaning that we use quality and environmentally-friendly building materials for construction.

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    French Pane Windows Buying Guide

    What are french pane windows?

    Many people get confused between French Doors and French Windows, and the cause of their confusion is understandable. The two share many similarities with only one distinct feature. French windows are narrower while doors are wider. Also, the doors extend to the floor, and windows do not. So, what exactly are French pane windows?

    French pane windows are special types of casement windows with two or more sashes. The sashes can either swing outwards or inwards, but one unique feature is that there is no middle bar (mullion) in the French pane windows. That gives a wide unobstructed view to the outside and permits maximum light to enter into the house.

    Given that there is no middle bar to obstruct you, these windows are an extra security feature in your property. They are usually large enough to let you escape in case of an emergency, and the front door cannot be used.

    French Pane Windows

    Pros and Cons of french pane windows

    So far, we have just praised French pane window, giving them a picture of a perfect creation. French windows are great, but they also come with a few disadvantages. In this section, we are going to highlight the pros and cons of these window types.


    • Unobstructed view and better ventilation
    • More energy efficient than most of the window types
    • Adds style to your property
    • An additional security feature to your home
    • Offers more access to natural light
    • Easier to clean


    • Prone to warping when the wood is used as a frame
    • Mostly affected by wind, especially the types that swing outwards
    • Need a wide window aperture to install
    French Pane Windows

    How much do french pane windows cost?

    The cost of installing French pane windows in your property varies considerably depending on several factors. On the lower end, you can get one for as low as $120 without labor charges. When translated into cost per sq. ft, then you are likely to pay not less than $10-15. But that is on the lower side.

    The cost can be hiked up to thousands of dollars depending on the material used for making the frame, the type of glass and technology used for the panes, etc. The size of your window can also affect the price.

    As you would expect, the larger the window, the higher the cost. That is so because more material and time is needed to design and put together a complete French pane window.

    Before you can side on what your budget for a French pane window is, you need to consider the following factors:

    Frame material

    French pane window frames can be designed with either wood, uPVC, or aluminum. Each of these has its advantages, disadvantages, and cost implications. The frame type that you will go for also depends on the final look that you want. For many decades, wood has been the most preferred of the three possible frame materials.

    Wood comes with style and class, and its classical beauty is unrivaled. However, care should be taken when choosing wood. Different types of woods have varying characteristics when it comes to response to weather changes. During cold weather, some wood may swell, making it nearly impossible to close the windows.

    Wood remains the most expensive frame material. If you don’t have enough on the budget to choose a quality wood, then you can consider uPVC or aluminum.

    Molding and trimming

    There is no doubt that you will like to have a window that looks attractive. For a French pane window to have irresistible visual appeal, it needs interior molding and exterior trimming.

    Both of these comes with additional costs as you will need more material and labor. However, they make your windows more energy-efficient and attractive.


    It is common to see many homeowners adding awning at the top of French pane windows. That is because the panes that swing outwards are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. To ensure that they last, additional protection is needed, and that is the awning.

    While budgeting for your windows, don’t forget that the quality of materials used and the size of your window plays a role in the cost calculation. Also, the type of glass panes that you will go for affects the cost. Factor all these in and go with what is affordable to you.

    French Pane Windows

    How to clean french pane windows?

    Cleaning french pane window is a bit technical, especially those that swing outwards. You will need a ladder or something of that kind to accomplish the task. We suggest that you choose a design that opens inwards if you have to install them on the upper floors for ease of cleaning.

    Cleaning these window types is easy. By just using a cotton cloth damped in soapy water, you can wipe out any dirt from the panes. That is the maintenance required for french pane window, and maybe painting if the frames are the wooden type.

    French Pane Windows

    How to replace a window pane in a french door?

    Accidents are unavoidable! The glasses can break at any time and should be replaced. When that happens, you don’t have to worry if you cannot handle it through a DIY approach.

    You can always reach out to an expert from the neighborhood. Do not panic or mourn over a broken glass pane on your door. It is not the end of your beautiful door, and you don’t need to replace the entire door. If you have the tools and materials to repair it yourself, then you can proceed as follows:

    1. Remove the broken glass pieces and remove the trim or molding.
    2. Number the pieces so that you know where to return each piece to when done replacing the glass
    3. Prepare the replacement glass by cutting according to the exact measurement that will fit in.
    4. Use latex caulk to install the new glass pane and then return the trim.
    5. Place a small amount of caulk on the outer side of the trim and block any holes with putty.
    6. Paint the trim to resemble the rest of your French pane door parts.
    French Pane Windows

    How to install french pane windows 

    You may need expertise or visual demonstration to successfully install french pane window. It might seem a bit technical, but that should not scare you as we are going to show you exactly how you can handle it. In this video, we demonstrate a step-by-step approach on how to install your windows once you have received them. Check it out.

    What factors should you consider when buying french pane windows?

    This acts as a summary of what is discussed throughout this article. Before you go to the market or place an order online for a french pane window, make sure you first consider the following factors:

    • Material for the frame
    • Size of the window
    • Style of the window
    • Color and finish of the window
    • Cost of the window
    • Type of glass pane for your window
    • Lock system
    • Method and time of delivery
    French Pane Windows

    Where to buy french pane windows in China?

    Buying a French pane window from us is the only surest way of getting a quality product. There are manufacturers all over China. But if you want a custom-made, visually appealing, high-quality, and affordable window for your property, then you may be left with a few options.

    We are here to serve you and meet or exceed your expectations. Just start the ordering process with us to get what you need and excellent service from our team.

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    French Pane Windows

    Do you want to import windows from China?

    The process of building a house is tedious. Designing every part of it up to the point of supplying the building materials may blow your head if you are not used to such tasks. Take windows design, as an example, you have to consider many things apart from just saying you need a french pane window. With the special starter package that we offer, you no longer have to shoulder all the burden on your own.

    We are a certified company that is trusted for designing and constructing stylistic windows from high-quality materials. We are ready to work with you in designing your windows to match the overall architecture of your house. We also have experience in building material supply and ready to offer you the needed support.

    To access our services, just give us a call. Submit your specifications, and our design team will provide a quote. Our team will also ensure that your order is processed on time and to the standard.

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