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    Benefits of George European Windows

    • Improved energy efficiency and safety, ensured by high standards of manufacturing

    • Stylish and flexible designs, specific to the rich history of Europe

    • Highly versatile, you can fit them in all spaces, no matter how large

    • High security and great soundproof qualities

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    European windows

    European windows and doors

    Unique design fitted with thermal brakes for maximum thermal efficiency. They can be equipped with triple glazing and insulating gas between the panes for an even better effect. Those windows and doors also have exceptional soundproofing capabilities and high forced entry resistance, making them ideal for many homes.

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    European windows

    European style windows

    The ultimate tilt and turn windows, they are elegant and classic. The European-styled windows offer superior airflow while preventing heavy drafts and the tilt position offers great security, while the turn position allows maximum airflow and the ability to clean from inside. Those windows are appreciated for high-quality and traditional design.

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    European windows

    European style casement windows

    While lacking the ‘tilt’ feature, those windows also offer great sealing capabilities and they usually come in pairs to make up for the simplistic design. They are also highly resistant to forced entry and can fit in most traditional homes.

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    European windows

    European tilt and turn windows

    The most sought-after option, the tilt and turn function is a mark of the European style which offers a high quality, energy-efficient option for all rooms. Their incredible versatility is already known and appreciated throughout the world. They are easy and fast to use with only a single handle. The design combines security and functionality for maximum convenience.

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    European windows

    Euro windows

    Make the most of your space with these modern windows. Whether you choose aluminum, uPVC or steel, you can rest assured that the classic Euro-style design of the windows will look good anywhere you put them. A simple look, with numerous colors and glazing options.

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    George Buildings: Your Affordable Wholesale European Windows Supplier

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    European style windows and doors for sale

    What are European Windows?

    European windows are a special kind of double action, tilt and turn windows.

    They are best defined by easy and convenient operation, high energy efficiency through insulation, and great endurance. They are a good option if you are looking for maximum airflow and sunlight reach, so a great choice for a comfortable environment, in general.

    The European window offer great insulation and ventilation through a simple tilt or swing handle that can open inwards making it easy for you to clean it. Little maintenance is required, they are generally budget-friendly and have great sound-proofing capabilities.

    Keep in mind that the European window need to comply with European quality standards ISO9001 and ISO14001 for quality and environment-friendly products.

    European Windows Key Features & Advantage

    We’ve already mentioned some of them, but just to be clear:

    • They offer various types of ventilation, if you choose to tilt them, you will enable hot air to escape quickly and you will prevent strong breezes into the room.
    • Because you can open them inward, the windows are easy to clean.
    • They offer superior air-seals than most competition.
    • By design, they require more internal hardware with multiple locking points, assuring high security while enabling ventilation.
    • The minimalistic design and hidden hinges ensure that your home looks clean and elegant from the outside. They might even appear as fixed windows to outsiders.

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    European Style Windows Buying Guide

    Pros and cons of european style windows


    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Great insulation capability, good air-sealing
    • Exceptional security
    • Ideal for small spaces
    • Highly versatile design and flexible ventilation possibilities
    • High level of natural light allowance if the windows are big


    • May have wide frames to hold the complex mechanisms
    • They can open inward, so you must clear space around them
    • The sophisticated mechanism, while generally reliable, if it breaks it can be quite expensive to repair
    • Fully opening them may prove hazardous for small children, if left unsupervised
    French Casement Windows

    Why do european windows open inwards?

    The main reason is that the tilt and turn mechanism provides great security while allowing various degrees of ventilation. Even when raining, you can generally keep the window open by tilting it, so you can ensure airflow while not allowing the rain in.

    Also, in many cases in Europe, space is not much of an issue, so the additional space that would need to be cleared around the windows to allow the inwards opening does not pose a problem.

    European windows

    Why are european windows so efficient?  

    The high efficiency usually attributed to European windows are a result of high standards and regulations imposed by the EU. They are tested for energy conservation and product quality by appropriate inspection bodies.

    In Europe, costs related to energy are already high so this prompted designers and builders to find ways to maximize natural resources utility (air and sunlight). The varying climate in Europe has also led to the need for calibrating airflow depending on the season.

    The number of glass panes used is also an important factor for efficiency, generally more panes mean better insulation, which in turn, further reduces energy consumption. This is especially important in colder climates. The space between those panes is also extremely important, more space means more space for a special type of gas to act as an insulator.

    French Casement Windows

    European vs American windows

    Fuel, electricity, and energy, in general, are more expensive in Europe, which prompted the higher standards of efficiency compared to the American counterparts. Related to thermal efficiency is the number of glass panes used, having more panes usually means more insulation. Both designs have used triple panes, but usually, the American ones have smaller spaces between them, which provides less resilience to outer climates, so less thermal efficiency.

    Regarding materials, European window use non-conductive ones like Low-E glass UPVC. Those reduce infrared and UV rays that can penetrate the glass without sacrificing the amount of natural light that gets in the room. The result is keeping heat out of your house in summer and in during the winter. Energy loss is reduced by a factor of 30% to 50%, while American windows mostly use PVC and non-Low-E glass which are conductors of heat.

    In terms of design, American windows are usually seen in a traditional double-hung style, while the European tilt and turn windows can be minimalistic, modern, or classic.

    In terms of overall costs, in the long-run, you are definitely better off with European windows, even though the initial costs are greater than the American windows. You will recover your money through energy savings and since they are very durable, you can expect to use them for several decades. In the short-term, American windows are cheaper but expect to pay more in energy costs over the years.

    European windows

    What type of european windows are there?

    Many types are used, but we will take a look at some of the more popular ones.

    Fixed window – a standard design with the only function of letting in light, it does not open. It is used in those spaces where no ventilation is needed.

    Tilt and turn window – a European classic, it allows opening from the top via hinges planted on the bottom (the tilt movement) and left to right or vice versa opening via hinges fixed on the sides (turn movement), those are common in most houses.

    Double-hung window – it has two parts (or sashes) that slightly overlap and can slide up and down inside the frame. Can be seen in old homes, not very popular in Europe.

    Casement window – those are usually opened with a crank. The handle is fixed to determine the direction of the swing, seen in some traditional homes.

    Transom window – those are installed above a door and can be opened via hinges placed on the top or bottom to provide ventilation before air conditioning was so wide-spread.

    European windows

    How much do european windows cost?

    This is highly dependent on the size of the window and materials used, but generally, prices start from $150.

    You can expect to pay more for different color variants. You can choose to apply certain finished on the exterior of the frame to make them even more resistant to the elements and increase their durability and by extension the value of your home (this is important for those who are looking to sell or rent their homes).

    Installation costs will also bring the overall price up, but the hiring of a handyman may alleviate them a bit. Keep in mind, however, that if the handyman does not do a good job installing them, you may end up with additional costs over time.

    European windows

    Are European windows safe?

    Yes, as we’ve mentioned before, European products need to go through more detailed inspections to acquire their Quality and Energy-efficient badges or labels than other regions. This ensures the high quality of the products.

    The second argument is that for the most popular variant (tilt and turn) you can choose how open you want your window to be. When used to ventilate a room, the top to bottom tilt ensures good security, giving sufficient space for air to flow but not much else. The complex opening and closing mechanism which involves multiple hinges and locks also provide great security and safety.

    European windows

    Will european windows go out of style?

    European windows perfectly combine great functionality and convenience. They are also extremely durable and very useful in most climates, so we do not expect them to go out of style any time soon. You can apply different capping or coloring to the exterior or finish for the interior to personalize them as you see fit.

    What factors should you consider when buying euro windows

    There are a few factors you should consider when buying European windows, besides your own preferences.

    Material – depending on what you’re looking for, generally timber encompasses a traditional feel and aluminum gives off more of a refined feeling. Lately, PVC-U has gained popularity as a rival in looks to timber and comparable performance to aluminum. Due to this, PVC-U has become the most popular choice.

    Safety – you should consider and inquire about the strength of the glass even though most European windows are considered safe.

    Aspect – this is highly dependent on the orientation of the window. If it’s facing south, you may want to consider a design that provides sufficient ventilation. You may also want to consider coating as a way to prevent excessive solar gain.

    Energy efficiency – the quality of the insulation should also definitely be on your mind. Even if it may add to the cost, you will end up saving money on future heating bills if you choose an option with three panes, for example.

    Cost – you must balance all the other factors we’ve mentioned before. Ask yourself how much are you willing to cut on security or safety in return to aspect.

    European windows

    Where can I buy european style windows?

    Here are a few places where you can search for European style casement windows:

    And of course… GeorgeBuildings. Keep in mind that word of mouth is the best recommendation a company can receive, so keep your ears open to the people around you to get some more options.

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    European windows

    How to buy european windows from China

    You will find most Chinese suppliers in one of those 3 regions: Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong

    In case you are already in China, you can simply visit some of the more known manufacturers in the industry or attend fares organized by them. If you are, however, not in China or cannot travel there, you can hire a professional sourcing agent to handle your sourcing requirements. Look for one who has excellent communication skills to make sure they can transmit your exact preferences to the supplier.

    You can take a look at our guide for more information on this matter.

    Why choose us?

    We are a fast-growing company with over 14 years of experience that has already received and fulfilled many orders from different customers (you can read more about our projects on our website). This is proof of the quality of our manufacturing technologies and products.

    Our agents will be sure to help find the best option for you while taking into account your preferences. For example, soundproof is one of our customer’s most demanded preference. We will help you balance your budget so that you do not miss out on this quality.

    Intelligent Manufacturing 

    George Buildings has established a comprehensive control system for all processes and systems to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials.

    High Production Capacity & Flexibility 

    George Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around the world to ensure a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge band, hardware, and others. These important alliances seek to maintain strict quality controls at the sourcing stage.

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.


    European style windows are a popular choice. Their durability, energy efficiency, and security has made them increasingly popular within and outside of Europe. They are a great option for most climates and offer great versatility. You can install them in any room you want and never have to worry about proper ventilation ever again. Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about how we can help you make the best choice for your home.

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