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Custom European Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for wholesale European kitchen cabinets for your residential and commercial spaces, you should check out our line of products and services at George Buildings. We provide dependable and affordable wholesale production and energy-saving kitchen cabinet solutions.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

European Kitchen Cabinet

European Kitchen Cabinet are different compared to their counterparts that are made in China or America. The typical cabinets are called “Face Frame”, while European style cabinets are called “Frameless Cabinetry”. This factor is what makes it so special in terms of size, weight, aesthetics, durability, capacity, and many more.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

European Style Modern High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

High gloss finish is one of the most requested features amongst kitchen enthusiasts, and it’s becoming even more popular than when it first began in the 1970s. What makes this style a must-have for most individuals is that it goes perfectly with contemporary-style kitchens as well as traditional-style kitchens.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

Modern European Kitchen Cabinets

Modern European Kitchen Cabinets are also dubbed “Euro-style” as they possess a sleek and ultra-modern design – with no surface face frames – along with doors and drawers that fit perfectly against the carcasses. They’re the recommended option for people who wish to give their kitchen a high-quality status.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

White European Style Kitchen Cabinets

White European Style Kitchen Cabinets are popular in most modern homes and look fantastic – if designed and installed perfectly. They’ve been around for over 150 years and are still going strong despite the style changes that happens every decade.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

Painting European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to most contemporary cabinets, modern European Kitchen Cabinets are ideal for painting since their primarily made from wood and can be scuffed with sandpaper. There are several paints that you can use to style your cabinet, but ensure that it is Acrylic, not Vinyl, as Acrylic-based paints last longer and require little maintenance.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

European Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

European Kitchen Cabinets made with high-pressure laminates are an excellent choice, although they’re a bit pricy. These cabinets are easier to clean compared to wood; they are more durable, require very little maintenance, and conceal scratches and dents better than solid wood.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

High-End European Kitchen Cabinet

Indeed, European kitchen cabinet are quite pricy, especially if you’re going for the ones built for expensive kitchens. Nevertheless, these items will transform your kitchen with their stylish design and visually appealing finish. They’re a worthwhile purchase if quality is what you desire.

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    At George, our custom flexible kitchen cabinets are our strong selling point. To know more of our services, here are our product solutions in covering your customized cabinet designs.

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    European Kitchen Cabinets Buying guide

    What Are European Kitchen Cabinets?

    European kitchen cabinet possess a unique and sophisticated design which emphasizes maximizing clean lines. Unlike contemporary Chinese and American cabinets, European cabinets come with a Frameless structure that helps the equipment’s durability, size, beauty, storage capacity, and many more.

    European Kitchen Cabinet Features & Advantage


    ● Sleek appearance

    The most significant thing about European style kitchen cabinets is their ultra-sleek and stylish design that gives your kitchen a high-end appearance. Additionally, the style resembles the aesthetics of most modern cabinets as the forms are clean, well-defined, and streamlined.

    ● Smooth Surfaces

    In addition to its sleek appearance, European style kitchen cabinet often feature a smooth surface that’s mostly followed by a highly polished texture. This type is surface is achieved either through the use of high gloss paints or laminates, Vinyl & glass, plastics, etc.

    ● Neutral and Bold colours

    The colours options available for European style kitchen cabinet are excellent and range from neutrals like Grey, black, white, white, and taupe to bold colours like orange, yellow, green, red, and lime.

    ● Simple Hardware

    European style kitchen cabinet use very simple hardware like knobs, Pulls, and handles which pair perfectly with the furniture’s streamlined appearance.


    The benefits associated with Europeans Kitchen Cabinet are numerous, and they include:

    • Durability
    • High visual appeal
    • Larger space
    • Low maintenance requirement
    • More Interior Space
    European Kitchen Cabinets

    Pros and Cons of European Kitchen Cabinets


    ●    Appearance

    A Frameless Cabinet has a modern, cleaner, and more minimal look than most framed cabinets. Combining this factor with your kitchen decor will create an almost hypnotic blend.

    ●    Space

    A European Kitchen cabinet has more accessible space than a framed cabinet because the structural workings of the latter block some of the front access. Although this difference in space is little, every square inch counts.

    ●    Durability

    Since a frameless cabinet lacks support on the exterior edge, it must be composed of more sturdy material. For this reason, a frameless cabinet has more wood and thicker sides, making it able to hold more weight and last longer than framed cabinets.


    ●    Costs

    One determining factor for the cost of a cabinet is the price of the material. Since European cabinets require heavier materials to build them, they cost more to make than framed cabinets.

    European Kitchen Cabinets

    How Much Does It Cost To Acquire European Kitchen Cabinets?

    As previously stated, the biggest determining factor for the cost of a cabinet is the price of the material. However, assuming we want to build a framed and European Kitchen Cabinet of the same style and wood type, it’ll cost over $1,000 more to acquire a frameless cabinet.

    The complete frameless cabinet with a Shaker door style will cost roughly $1,600, while a framed cabinet with the same characteristics will cost around $2,800. Additionally, most manufacturers will charge you $1,000 to install your purchase, so your total cost will be $2,600 (frameless) and $3,800 (framed).

    European Kitchen Cabinets

    How to Build European Kitchen Cabinet

    Suppose you’re interested in making your very own European style kitchen cabinet or merely interested in the work put into the construction. In both cases, you can visit this page to find that information.

    It’ll provide you with all you need to build a cabinet for your kitchen, bathroom, office, or any other part of your building. Keep in mind that you’ll need to possess a few tools to be successful at this project.

    European Kitchen Cabinets

    What Is The Main Difference Between Traditional Style Cabinets and European Cabinets?

    ●    Construction

    The most important factor that differentiates traditional style cabinets from European Kitchen Cabinet is their construction. The traditional cabinet comes with a framed design which helps keep it sturdy and durable.

    On the other hand, European style kitchen cabinets are frameless, meaning there are no face frames to show between the doors. This unique design produces a modern and uniform appearance for European cabinets.

    ●    Door Style

    Traditional style cabinets have detailed doors with more texture since the doors lay on top of the cabinet box. On the other hand, European style doors have a sleek, flat-panel cabinet door; however, other fancier options are available, such as a Shaker-style door.

    ●    Homey vs Efficient

    Traditional Kitchen Cabinets are built to give your kitchen a cosy and homey feeling, while European style cabinets have a sleek build that’s geared towards efficiency.

    While both styles are visually appealing, the traditional style combines better with natural materials like wood and granite, making it homier. But if you desire more storage along with beauty and durability, the European Kitchen Cabinets will not fail you.

    European Kitchen Cabinets

    European Kitchen Cabinets Options

    Carcase Material

    The Carcase of most European Kitchen Cabinets are made from sturdy wood, and multiple species offer different levels of thickness and durability. These include white oak, red oak, cherry, hickory, ash and pine, birch, and Hard Maple.


    European Kitchen Cabinets aren’t built to be the pinnacle of beauty, so they often carry plain and simple doors with almost no design. However, some manufacturers experiment with their craft and include the Shaker- style cabinet door to the item.

    kitchen cabinet doors


    European Kitchen Cabinets come in a small range of different colours, but the most popular option for these items include gloomy shades like light Grey, Dark Grey, or greige (a mix of Grey and beige). These neutral colours absorb light, thereby, grounding your space and giving you the liberty to experiment with brighter colours.


    There isn’t much option when it comes to countertops as manufacturers often employ a mix of material choices (often natural stones) like granite, and concrete, and man-made materials like Quartz.


    European style kitchen cabinets put more emphasis on functionality instead of aesthetics; therefore, they are devoid of excessive decorations and only feature essential hardware like knobs, Pulls, and handles.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    Where Can I Find An European Kitchen Cabinet Supplier In China?


    Consider visiting Alibaba to purchase some of china’s most beautiful European Kitchen Cabinets for a reasonable price. This platform is China’s biggest hub of manufacturers, with over 1,000,000 businesses listed on the website.

    Made In China

    Here’s another recommended platform with several thousand reliable suppliers of European Kitchen Cabinets at your beck and call. The platform is reliable as it uses its rating system to reveal which vendor will provide the best service.

    Global Sources

    Global resources are similar to Alibaba, connecting you to china’s top suppliers with the mere push of a button. Navigating this platform is easy as they also available on iOS and Android app stores, making the site more accessible.

    You can also take a look at our Top 10 kitchen cabinet suppliers in China, if you are interested in this region.


    Five Tips for Buying European Kitchen Cabinets

    Before driving to the local store or placing an order from any of the websites listed above, you need to consider some crucial factors. These points are essential if you want to enjoy your purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse.

    Identify Floor Plan

    You can’t hurriedly pay for the first European Kitchen Cabinet that you see, you need first to consider how they will match with your floor plan. You can do this by taking a picture of your home and showing the vendor, or by buying from a company that pairs your kitchen and cabinets using computerized imagery.

    Kitchen cabinet customized design

    Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    Cabinets aren’t backdrops to beautify your kitchen, but essential units for storing items. For this reason, you need to spend time researching the product you’ve selected and the amount needed to acquire it.

    Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    This factor depends on what look you’re trying to give your kitchen. Most European cabinets are made with different wood material, and each of them can affect the price of the item. Take this element into consideration while drawing a budget.

    Confirm Design

    Once you’ve chosen the design you want your European Kitchen Cabinet to possess, confirm it with the manufacturer and see if it’s both aesthetically and financially reasonable.


    Before committing your hard-earned money to such a large investment, ensure that both the installer and the manufacturer are certain of their work by providing a warranty. If they don’t, proceed with caution or try a different vendor.

    Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Immediately after the manufacturer has confirmed your design and suggestions, proceed to pay part of the cost and begin production. This part shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve taken the cost of production into account.

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    Why choose George Kitchen cabinet?

    GEORGE analyzes every step required to craft your kitchen cabinet, ensuring that the final product is one of quality, built with the best raw materials. Also, we provide the best service and offer options like a custom design, material supply, cost estimate, and delivery.


    Ultimately, if you desire high-quality European cabinets, tailored to suit your kitchen design requirements, GEORGE is the manufacturer to visit.

    One-stop Shop kitchen cabinets


    Ultimately, Frameless Kitchen Cabinets are a reliable option when you’re remodelling your kitchen and desire to give it a more modern look. Choosing this cabinetry style comes with a range of functional advantages, such as extra storage, better accessibility, visually appealing design, and many more. It’s worth the price.

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