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    Benefits of Double glazing windows

    • Warmer in the winter – Double glazing is great for insulation, it can also help capture natural heat and store it in the winter. This is a great way of keeping your home insulated in the winter months.

    • Energy cost savings – Less energy is used up to heat or cool a room when double glazed windows are installed, this results in lower energy bills and money being saved.

    • Safety – With more units being on double glazed windows, the safety of your home increases.

    • 10 + Years of Manufacturing Experience Factory. High Quality & Affordable Double glazing windows.

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    Aluminium double glazing window

    Aluminium double glazing windows have been in existence for decades and are still the most preferred for their longevity. Once professionally installed, they keep their good look for many years with little maintenance.

    The primary material for the design of these windows is the aluminium, hence the name. Many other benefits come with this double-glazed window types but will form a topic for another day.

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    Double glazing stone mullion windows

    Double glazing stone mullion windows

    These are double-glazing windows that are set into stone mullions. Mullions are set either vertical or horizontal between the window units. It is the most common window upgrade that will add both monetary and aesthetic value to your property.

    However, you may need to do a lot more when it comes to maintenance.

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    Whistling windows double glazing

    Whistling is normally as a result of air passing through the gaps in your double-glazing windows. By design, these windows are made to make that whistling sound, but it can be fixed if it is undesirable to you.

    Whistling Window double glazing can be simply fixed by your local technician by filling the gap with an insulating material, usually an expanding foam.

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    Metal frame windows double glazing

    The question of which material is best for double glazing window frame confuses many property owners and realtors. If you are in the same category, then you can consider steel metal frames as we have in our metal frame windows double glazing.

    The two window panes are simply installed on a metallic frame.

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    Recycle double glazing windows

    Recycle double glazing windows

    Everyone has a mandate to reduce carbon footprints. As a person, do you care what happens when you renovate your property by replacing your double-glazing windows? Having recycle double glazing windows is one of the ways of reducing the environmental effects of your property. These can be easily recycled as they are made of recyclable material. Let us help you in reducing your carbon trails.

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    Double glazing windows

    Double glazing original stained-glass windows

    There has been a question of whether it is possible or not to double glaze stained glass windows. We now have an answer for you as we have made it a reality by double-glazing original stained-glass windows.

    This is part of the customization work that we do if you are in love with your stained-glass windows. It is made possible by putting the original stained glass in a double-glazed unit.

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    Double glazing single pane windows

    Many houses are built and fitted with single-pane windows. It is very possible to convert them to double glazed windows. This is done through what is termed as retrofit double-glazing, which is mainly done with either PVC or acrylic. The result is a double glazed-single pane window. This is usually done to save on the replacement cost.

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    Plastic window double glazing

    Apart from the metal window double glazing that is done by either steel or aluminium, we also have plastic window double glazing. As the name suggests, the primary material for the frame is plastic. PVC or acrylic is usually used to achieve this.

    This design is preferred because of the durability and low cost of initial installation and maintenance. It is also more airtight, meaning that they have better thermal insulation property overall.

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Double glazing windows for sale

    Double glazing window have become increasingly popular for their high energy efficiency. People used to have just single glazed windows, but not anymore. But what is the difference? Double glazed window have two panes of glass instead of one. The gap between the two panes is what makes this window design its unique thermal insulation property.

    In this article, we are going to explore more on what these windows are, their benefits, different types, what you should consider when buying, and so much more.

    Double glazing window Benefits

    As we have mentioned, double glazing window are engineered towards saving you from the energy cost. They do this by having an excellent insulating property that is by design. The dead gap between the two panes acts as insulators. Space may be filled with Argon or Xenon gas for perfect insulation. These windows are simply described as the most energy-efficient. In point form, here are the top benefits of double-glazing windows:

    • Lowered energy bills
    • Improved home safety
    • Noise reduction
    • Increased home value
    • Reduced carbon footprint

    Features of double-glazing windows

    To answer the question of “what is double glazing windows,” we are going to go through its features. These are what constitute this window. Before you consider fitting it in your residential home or commercial property, it is crucial to know the double-glazing windows features and parts. We have broken down these features as described below:

    Hardware design

    Double glazed windows primarily consist of six parts. These are as follows:

    Locking mechanism – You will need to open and close your window. The design of this windows type allows performing of this simple operation by just a click. It is designed with pull rail, auto locks, and dual hooks that make it easy to operate and immune to forced entry.

    Double weatherstripping – This is to ensure that there will be no foreign elements that can pass through it when in the lock position. So, if you are allergic to dust and pollen grains, then this is an ideal choice for you.

    Weep holes – Weep holes serves as the drainage vents where water can pass through.

    Other considerations

    If you are going to consider a double-glazed window, then you should also be aware of the following:

    Color – To complement your home decoration, our double-glazing window come in myriads of colors to choose from. The colors also serve to make them more corrosion resistant and have high heat tolerance properties.

    Pane – When it comes to windowpane options, we have triple-pane glass and dura pane glass. Each of these has its own features that make it suitable for use in many different applications. You can also consider the different glass tint and textures that we have. In this regard, if you need privacy as in the bathrooms or you just want to add character to your property, then we have the best double-glazing window for you.

    Grid – With the different grid patterns that we have, you can add elegance to your home with our windows. The grids are also easy to clean.

    Frame – The frame you choose for the design of your window can also tell all the differences. Double glazing windows from our store gives you options on the type of frames to choose from based on your taste and preferences. On the list, we have a block frame, retrofit frame, and nail-on frame. With no hinges attached to the window frame, these window types are durable since there is no strain on them.

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    Double glazing windows buying guides

    5 tips for buying double glazing windows?

    The efforts that you are going to put in while sourcing for double glazing window will be directly reflected in the final finishing of your property. As stated earlier, the options can be overwhelming, and we don’t want you to get into this state. We, therefore, have five tips for you to consider. This can be your buying guide.

    Identify the floor plan

    This will affect both size and shape of your double-glazing window. You should know what floor plan is and let the design resonate with that. For instance, you cannot have an oversized window for just a small room.

    Budget and function of your windows

    You may be willing to spend on your double-glazed windows, but you will be forced to remain within the budget. Your budget will determine the type of double-glazed window that you should get as the cost also varies considerably based on this criterion.

    Secondly, you also need to consider the purpose of the window. This can be in terms of whether it is a kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom window. It will help you in knowing the tint and texture of the glass that you need for the panes.

    Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    What material do you need for the frames, steel, aluminium, or plastic? With an answer to this question, you will be in a position to know what you buy when you go to the market.

    Confirm Design

    There are different designs for double glazed windows. After knowing the technical specifications for your order and you are ready to confirm your order, we will send you all the possible designs to choose from. You will make a choice according to your taste and preference.

    Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    This is the last thing you need to consider to have the best quality double glazing window delivered on time. With our services, you can schedule the production time to match what you have on the schedule after paying a fraction of the total production fee. Our team will work day and night to meet your timeline.

    Double glazing windows

    How much do double glazing windows cost?

    The cost of installing a double-glazing window depends on very many different factors: the material for making the frame and glass type for the panes. It also varies from country to country based on the policies regarding the importation of such properties. It is not possible to give a specific answer to this question as it also depends on the size of the window. For an accurate response, you may need to contact our sales team with specifications.

    Double glazed windows vs single glazing windows?

    Both double glazed windows and single glazed windows have their advantages and disadvantages. When put on a weighing scale, double glazed windows are better in terms of heat insulation, security, aesthetics, and noise reduction. Single glazed window, on the other hand, is only favored in terms of the installation cost. It is cheaper!

    What does double glazing window do?

    Double glazing window came to the market primarily for their thermal insulation property. If you are to consider them for your property, then you should be aware that they will help in insulating your house against heat loss.

    They have inert gas trapped in between the two panes that give them this heat insulation property. However, many people have also preferred them for reduced noise, better security, aesthetics, and many other reasons.

    Recycle double glazing windows

    Why can I hear noise through my double glazing windows?

    The gaps left between the window panes may produce a whistling noise when the wind blows through them. If this is the noise that you are referring to, then get it from our experts that the gaps of our double-glazed windows are sealed with expanding foam. If you are referring to the noise from the neighborhood that you cannot hear when you are indoors, then that is eliminated by design. The gap between the two glass panes is not only immune to heat but sound as well. So, no noise can pass through.

    How long do double glazed windows last?

    Double glazed windows are designed to last as long as possible. You can talk of decades or even a lifetime of the house. However, the longevity of these windows mainly depends on maintenance. If you want them to serve you for long, then you may need to be proactive in carrying out maintenance as expected.

    What is the difference between double and triple glazed windows?

    We have talked much about double glazed window throughout this article. At this point, you should be aware that the double-glazed window consists of two glass panes with inert gas trapped in between them.

    On the other hand, triple glazed windows have three glass panes with inert gas trapped between the layers. The whole idea about the design of a triple glazed window was to improve on the efficiency of double-glazed windows in terms of thermal insulation and noise reduction.

    Double glazing stone mullion windows

    How to install double glazing window?

    Double glazing window installation is not a DIY exercise. So, this should not be attempted by unqualified or inexperienced persons, and we strongly advise that you seek help from a technician. Even with the procedure that we are going to highlight here, you may still need to consult an expert.

    The installation procedure is as follows:

    -Get a bead of silicone caulk and add it to the window frame.

    -Place the window into the frame.

    -Secure the window firmly into place by screwing.

    -Insulate the outside of the window with a spray foam

    -Cut the sill to size and fix it in place.

    Where to buy double glazing window in China?

    Double glazing window come from very many different designers and manufacturers in China. Choosing the right supplier for your needs is, therefore, a daunting task.

    However, we save you all the time of researching on which supplier is the best as we promise you nothing less than that. We have high-quality double-glazing window for every house design that you can use to add elegance to your property.

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    Double glazing window pros and cons

    We have hinted at the benefits of double-glazing window in the previous section. Here, we are just going to highlight them and mention a few cons that you should be aware of.


    • Reduced energy bills – These windows reduce the ON time of your AC during winter by acting as the near-perfect heat insulator. The insulation also works both ways. During hot summers, they keep your house cool.
    • Reduced noise pollution – If you need to have a peaceful house that is sealed from strange noises from the neighborhood, then you can consider upgrading to these types of windows. The insulator used in between the panes do not allow sound to pass through.
    • Increased security – Keep all your assets safe indoors by installing double glazed windows. These windows are resistant to break-ins owing to their lock design.
    • Increased home value – These windows are aesthetically appealing. All the realtors know what that means when it comes to the time of selling a property. Apart from just staying in a beautiful house, you add value to it if you will have to resell it later.


    • High initial cost – The cost of installing double glazed window is higher than that of installing ordinary windows.
    • Hard to repair – The repair may require the assistance of a qualified technician.

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    Double glazing windows have been here for ages, but are still very common in many homes and luxurious commercial property. You can consider them to gain from the very many benefits that come with them. Despite the high installation cost, the benefits outweigh that in the long run. You can invest in double glazing windows to cushion your monthly energy bills and to have a quiet indoor life.

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