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Custom Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Dark grey is a versatile and timeless color preferred by many homeowners and interior designers. Dark grey kitchen cabinets provide a good contrast to the variety of colors you can choose for your countertop materials, backsplash designs, and appliance finishes. Dark grey kitchen cabinets can bring comfort and warmth to your kitchen. They can create textured variations in your kitchen allowing you to create an exciting and amazing kitchen area.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Dark brown kitchen cabinets look good in any kitchen theme. With dark brown kitchen cabinets, you can have any color for the other items in your kitchen and not create a mismatch in colors. Dark brown kitchen cabinet can also allow you to easily mix and match all the other colors in your kitchen.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners think that dark gray is a dull color. However, if you want to contrast the bright colors on your kitchen to create a textured variation, dark gray kitchen cabinets are one of your best options. Many homeowners are now replacing the very popular wood-brown or white cabinet styles with dark gray to make kitchen cabinets a big part of overall kitchen look.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Dark wood remains the top choice for kitchen cabinets in middle-grade and high-end kitchens. Dark kitchen cabinets will look great in your kitchen for many years.  There is something in the look of dark wood kitchen cabinets that make them beautiful, timeless, and classic. The appearance of dark wood cabinets in your kitchen can add value to your home.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets

Dark green is today having a great moment as a preferred color for kitchen cabinets. Dark green personifies energy, rejuvenation, and renewal. Dark green kitchen cabinets are not just a passing trend, it is here to stay. Dark green kitchen cabinets create a modern look to your kitchen. It can also lend a classic and traditional feel depending on the style of the kitchen cabinets.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Light Floors

Dark kitchen cabinets allow you to make an easy statement with your kitchen. Light floors, whether in tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, or any material, will give your kitchen a sophisticated look. Dark kitchen cabinets with light floors help curb any of the colors from overpowering the other. The combination of dark kitchen cabinets and light floors offer a refined and clean look that matches well.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Modern dark kitchen cabinets are in vogue. They not only fit the aesthetics of many kitchens, they also fit many types of personalities. Modern dark kitchen cabinets can give kitchens a trendier look and a more and dramatic appeal. Matching modern dark kitchen cabinets with some bright-colored kitchen elements will give any kitchen an immense unique personality.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Light Countertops

Dark kitchen cabinets beautifully stand out when paired with light countertops. The contrast between dark kitchen cabinets and light countertops allows you to create an inviting and cozy ambiance for your kitchen. The contrasting profiles between dark and light will not be too shocking to the eyes when you choose the right light color for your countertop.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The trend for dark oak kitchen cabinets has crept back into the marketplace. Their traditional look and appeal are able to withstand the ever-changing trends in kitchen design making them a durable and timeless option. Contrasting dark oak kitchen cabinets with light-colored elements in the kitchen brings out the timeless aesthetics of this wood specie.

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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic dark kitchen cabinets create an atmosphere of coziness one gets in the countryside. These types of kitchen cabinet prove that no matter where you live, you can integrate country style living in your modern kitchen. Rustic dark kitchen cabinets focus on natural wood material for an authentic look.

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    Buying Guide for Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets for Sale

    Many homeowners are now going along with the trend of opting for colored kitchen cabinets instead of white. Dark kitchen cabinet can bring out the best of your contemporary or traditional kitchen.

    Dark-colored kitchen cabinets appear to be more unique and stylish, thus, making your kitchen look more interesting. Dark kitchen cabinet look good in both high-gloss and matte finishes, so they can match all kitchen styles.

    What are Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

    Dark kitchen cabinet are not just black or gray. They can also be dark versions of other colors such as dark gray, dark brown, dark green, dark blue, and other dark hues. All dark kitchen cabinet work well with all other elements of your kitchen to achieve your preferred look.

    All dark-colored cabinets have in-depth and calming characters. Each dark shade also brings its unique feel and impact on the look of your cabinets and kitchen, as well. Especially, high gloss grey kitchen cabinets offer a feeling of warmth and relaxation, thus homeowners are preferring it very much.

    Features & Advantage of Dark Kitchen Cabinet

    The wide acceptance of dark kitchen cabinet is due to the glamor it brings, especially so that kitchens are now also considered as entertainment areas. Dark kitchen cabinet offer many features and benefits.

    • They offer a cozy and contemporary look.
    • They provide the seriously chic and sophistication to your kitchen
    • They offer a great contrast to your white floors, countertop, and other kitchen elements to achieve a striking effect.
    • They provide a dramatic backdrop for other kitchen elements that may come in vivid colors.
    • They can withstand frequent oil splashes ang food spillages.
    • They are easy to clean and maintain.

    When you decide to sell your home in the future, your dark kitchen cabinet will offer potential buyers a timeless design they are sure to love.

    1. Are Dark Cabinets out of Style 2023?

    Dark kitchen cabinet are all over the place. Homemakers and interior designers are taking the cue and using dark kitchen cabinet to create luxury kitchens. If you want to join the bandwagon choose dark shades to create kitchen cabinets that are oozing with unsurpassed luxury and drama.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    2. Pros and Cons of Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    The easiest way to make a bold statement with your kitchen is to use dark kitchen cabinet.


    • Provides a versatile look and feel.
    • Easily contrasts the color of other kitchen elements especially bright and light colors.
    • Adds drama, more personality, and sophistication to your kitchen even without spending so much
    • Provides a neat and clean appearance
    • Provides a friendly and warm atmosphere
    • Provides the kitchen with a sleek and modern look
    • Can withstand splatters from grease, oil, and food particles
    • Hides grime and dirt so you spend less time cleaning them
    • Hides scratches and stains
    • Easy to clean and maintain


    • Tends to make kitchen look heavy and small
    • Can show scratches
    • Needs a stronger kitchen lighting system
    • Needs to be cleaned often
    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    3. How much does it Cost to Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

    The cost of dark kitchen cabinet depends on the type of cabinets you choose. All costs are computed based on the size per lineal foot of the cabinet. Dark kitchen cabinet can be bought as stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets.

    • Stock dark kitchen cabinet arrive as pre-assembled (ready for installation) or ready-to-assemble (requires assembly prior to installation).
    • Semi-custom dark kitchen cabinet come with more features (different finishes and decorative add-ons) and are manufactured according to standard sizes.
    • Custom dark kitchen cabinet. Manufactured based on your specified built and design. These cabinets are built based to fit the exact space they are going to be installed.
    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    4. How to Lighten up Dark Kitchen Cabinet?

    When you opt to have dark kitchen cabinet installed, you need to know how to mix and match them with the textures and colors of other elements in your kitchen. You can highlight the look of dark kitchen cabinet by matching with light-colored walls. Dark kitchen cabinet should always be balanced with lighter colors. Black and all dark colors always look great with light colors.

    You can also balance dark kitchen cabinet with a light-colored wall, flooring, and backsplash. Dark kitchen cabinet can make a room look small, so open up the space and include many light-colored accents. To lighten the look of the cabinets, choose hardware in brighter and lighter colors. Make sure there is plenty of natural lighting in your kitchen, too.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    5. Should I Get Dark or Light Kitchen Cabinets?

    It is common and standard to see white or light-colored kitchen cabinets. They are versatile and can make your kitchen look and feel bigger. However, if you want your kitchen to have depth, richness, a sense of uniqueness, and more character, dark kitchen cabinets are the way to go. A touch of one or two bright-colored accents can complement your dark kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen a unique character.

    Your kitchen design will appear timeless if you are able to create the right contrasts between dark and light colors. Trends come and go and regardless of what is trendier right now, the choice between dark or light cabinets depends on your personal preference.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    6. What Color Goes Best with Dark Kitchen Cabinet?

    White is often the most combined color with dark kitchen cabinet because most dark colors go well with white. You should not limit yourself to white because most light and bright hues also go well with dark hues. Dark kitchen cabinet are best balanced and contrasted with light and bright-colored walls, flooring, and backslash.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    7. What Flooring Looks Best with Dark Cabinets?

    There are many flooring materials that will match your dark kitchen cabinet. It just depends on your budget, and of course lifestyle.

    • Wood flooring brings out the authenticity and beauty of your dark kitchen cabinet. They may be an expensive option, but does not your dark kitchen cabinet exude luxury, as well?
    • Vinyl and laminate flooring are more affordable options and their different patterns can bring out the beauty of your dark kitchen cabinets.
    • Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of designs and patterns. They can likewise contrast your dark kitchen cabinets when you opt for either light or even dark colors.
    • Dark kitchen cabinets provide sophistication and the elegance of stone tiles (marble, granite, or slate) is ideal for kitchens with sophisticated themes.

    Any flooring material goes well with dark kitchen cabinets. The trick is in choosing the right color, pattern, texture, and finish.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    8. Do Dark Cabinets Show Dirt?

    Yes, dark kitchen cabinets show dirt, but not as much as white or light-colored kitchen cabinets. This means you will spend less time cleaning dark kitchen cabinets. This also means that dark kitchen cabinets are a great option for kitchens that are used heavily. They are also ideal when you have young children constantly running around.

    9. Dark Kitchen Cabinet with Light Countertops

    Cabinets, countertops, and flooring are the big three of kitchen designs. If you have chosen to go for dark kitchen cabinet, you need to contrast them with a lighter countertop because they will beautifully stand out. Light countertops and dark kitchen cabinet create cozy, dramatic, and inviting kitchen atmospheres.

    A light countertop will provide the proportion, balance, and will reflect more light to contrast your dark kitchen cabinet. A granite countertop in lighter shades, for example, is one of the best pairs for dark kitchen cabinet.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    10. Dark Kitchen Cabinet Options

    1) Carcase Material

    This is often made of hardboard, plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), Particleboard. Some are also made of stainless steel.

    2) Door

    The doors of your dark kitchen cabinet are often made from materials similar to the cabinet itself. Doors can come in matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finishes.

    High Production Capacity & Flexibility

    3) Color

    Dark kitchen cabinet are available in black, dark gray, dark blue, or the darker versions of any color.

    4) Countertop

    If you are having dark kitchen cabinet, you should contrast them with lighter countertops.

    5) Hardware

    The hardware in the right finish creates the coordinated and sophisticated look of your dark kitchen cabinet. To contrast dark kitchen cabinet, you can use hardware in brushed nickel, bronze, natural iron, polished chrome, or even stainless steel.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    11. Where can I Find Dark Kitchen Cabinets Supplier in China

    If you want to source dark kitchen cabinet from China, check out,, and other similar sites. They have a listing of all major dark kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China.

    Most kitchen cabinet makers in China are clustered around these provinces:

    • Guangdong
    • Zhejiang
    • Fujian

    Here’s the list of top 10 cabinet manufacturers in China, mainly clustered among those provinces, which caters to all your requirements, from high-end to low-end.


    12. 5 Tips for Buying Dark Kitchen Cabinet

    Buying dark kitchen cabinet is not an easy task, yet it can be an exciting experience.

    1) Identify Floor Plan

    You should know the exact space for your dark kitchen cabinet. Make sure to take the right measurements, too.

    2) Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    Know the real use and function of your kitchen cabinet. This can include what you intend to store in them and how often do you think you are going to open and close the cabinets. You should also know how much you are willing to spend on your kitchen cabinets as this will dictate the type of materials you will go for.

    One-stop Shop Solution

    3) Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    Go over some interior design magazines and websites so you have an idea of what kitchen cabinet materials are available. Once you have made your choice, check out the websites of kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

    Choose from among the many options, the kitchen cabinet design and ask for a quotation. It is always best to ask for quotations from three suppliers so you can choose the best.

    4) Confirm Design

    Once you have picked your supplier, confirm your design and measurements.

    5) Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Once everything is in order: design, measurements, and add-ons make a deposit so your supplier can schedule the production of your dark kitchen cabinets.


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    13. How do you Clean Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

    Being easy to clean is one of the best benefits of having dark kitchen cabinet. Many homemakers use white distilled vinegar and a drop of dish detergent and spray this mixture on a micro-fiber cloth and wiping the surface of the cabinets. Heavy fingerprint marks can also be cleaned with the vinegar and detergent mixture but you need a little more muscle to get rid of them.

    If you do not like to use vinegar, you can make a mixture of dish soap and water or a light solution of household degreaser. It is important to spray the solution you choose on the micro-fiber cloth and not directly on the surface of your dark kitchen cabinet.

    It is also important to remember not to use any harsh cleanser on the cabinets as they may cause some discolorations.

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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