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Kitchen corner units

Kitchen corner units

Ideal for giving your kitchen a fluent and continuous look, pleasing to the eye. Do you need more space? Choose a taller one, but make sure there are other similarly-sized units in your kitchen, otherwise it would look out of place. Want to make the connection of your sink and oven units? Choose a smaller one for a sleek look and additional room for mugs or plates.

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Small corner cabinet

Usually used when you have the desire of connecting two other units so there are no gaps upsetting the eye. Not only will you gain a bit more storage space, but the space on top of it can be used for placing various plates or bowls while cooking more messy or complex recipes.

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Corner base kitchen cabinet

Similar to the previous one, the corner base kitchen cabinet is a great choice when you are in need of more storage space but are not willing to buy a tall one. It’s usually used for storage of kitchenware that’s not frequently used.

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High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen corner cupboard

Specifically for cups and the like, this unit is vital for organizational purposes, as having this type of kitchenware in one place is very convenient. Open space or equipped with glass doors are some of the popular choices if you want to give a sense of spaciousness in your kitchen.

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Upper corner kitchen cabinet

For a kitchen with upper and lower units designs, this one gives the feeling of completeness to your kitchen in an “everything is where it should be kind” of way. For all types of kitchenware, open-spaced if you wish to give a sense of openness plus the obvious convenience it would bring or closed for a more classy, polished look, together with the other upper-side units. A must, in either case.

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Corner kitchen wall cabinet

Corner kitchen wall cabinet

Covering the entire wall, this choice is more on the classic side, comprised of a single tall unit. This design will fit well if you wish to eliminate the space in your kitchen corner entirely and give off a sense of closeness and familiarity to your surroundings.

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Country kitchen corner cabinet

Country kitchen cabinets are the very definition of classic design. Earthly colors, dark accents and the warm feeling given off by wood for a more traditional touch to your kitchen. This design flourishes in natural environments or houses with spacious gardens or backyards.

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Corner kitchen pantry cabinet

A large cabinet for long or short-term storage of canned food, jars and more. Ideal when your household lacks a closet or a storage room, the kitchen pantry cabinet is a perfect fit if you need a large storage capability in the same room you do the cooking.

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Corner kitchen sink cabinet

Corner kitchen sink cabinet

A rare choice, the corner sink cabinet can provide a unique look to your kitchen and leave a few mouths open whenever you have guests over. Perfect for large kitchens where the corners are not specifically needed for anything and are left unused, but also a great choice for small kitchens that will leave you more space to prepare meals comfortably and conveniently.

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Tall corner kitchen cabinet

These types of cabinets usually stretch from the floor towards the ceiling, so they are a great option if the lack of space is your problem. They can be fitted with shelves or drawers and have the capability of being integrated with various devices such as ovens and microwaves. Giving your room a tall feel, this cabinet is a good choice for various kitchen layouts.

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White corner kitchen cabinet

It is a known fact that white gives a feeling of spaciousness and lights up rooms whenever used. In the kitchen, it will bring a modern and elegant look and lighten it up which is especially beneficial to larger and dark types of kitchen. This is a good choice if you are going for a clean and crisp look that never gets out of style.

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Rustic corner kitchen cabinet

These types of cabinets are generally manufactured out of wood and are given an old look. The embodiment of country lifestyle with warm colors and large cabinets, this cabinet gives off a welcoming, friendly and casual feel to your kitchen. Oak or pine wood are generally preferred and they blend together very well with wooden planked floors.

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Corner cabinet with doors

They are generally used to store items that you’d not want to be put on display such as canned food and add a feeling of fullness and elegancy to your kitchen.

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    kitchen cabinet Countertop and sink
    Kitchen cabinet door and storage

    Corner kitchen cabinet for sale

    Most modern kitchens come in an L-shaped structure, meaning that you would have at least one corner. Utilizing that space is not only a good idea in a functionality sense, as you would get additional storage space, but in an aesthetic sense as well. Whether you have a 90 degree or a curved corner, a cabinet occupying that space is bound to be pleasing to the eye.

    As with most other kitchen units, a corner cabinet can be flat, curved, tall or short. All of them are good choices, but you have to take into consideration your other units, i.e. is the rest of your kitchen furniture tall? Is it short? Do you have units hanging on the wall? What color are your floor tiles? Whatever situation you find yourself in, do not hesitate to make sure of corner cabinets.

    George Buildings : Corner kitchen cabinets overview 

    Kitchen Cabinet Quick Details
    Door panel finishWood
    Other optionsWood veneer
    Solid wood
    CarcassSolid wood /Particle board / Plywood / MDF /Stainless steel
    Carcass color White / Custom color
    Hinges and dampersBlum hinges & dampers
    Drawer runnerBlum drawer slide with soft close
    Other optionHettich/Chinese DTC
    Sink cabinet304# full stainless steel sink cabinet
    Base cabinetscome with top panels
    Toe kickAluminium alloy /PVC
    Other optionSame as door panel
    SinkStainless steel
    Other optionQuatz stone
    Hanldes and knobsFull collections

    (full collections)

    Pull-out basket, Lazy susan, Utensil tray,Spice tray
    CountertopSpain quartz , Granite , Marble , Artificial stone
    Kitchen Basket Cooker basket, flavering basket, plate corner basket, big basket, etc.
    Kitchen appliances

    (full collections)

    Built-in Refrigerator, disinfection machine, oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, wine machine, dishwasher, Electric/Gas stove, range hood
    SpecificationsCustom made


    Catalogue and Brochure for building materials

    Corner kitchen cabinet buying guide

    • 5 Tips for buying a corner kitchen cabinet
    • Corner cabinet solutions
    • Blind corner cabinet solutions
    • How to measure corner kitchen cabinets?
    • Corner kitchen cabinet accessories
    • Carcass Material
    • Colors
    • Countertops
    • Where can I find a corner kitchen cabinet supplier in China?
    • Pros and cons of corner kitchen cabinets
    • Conclusion

    5 Tips for buying a corner kitchen cabinet

    Here are a few things you should keep in mind while searching for your ideal corner kitchen cabinet.

         1. Identify floor plan

    Ideally, you should already have access to them, but if you don’t there are a few things you can try:

    • Talk to the contractor that built your house, they usually keep floor plans;
    • The tax office of your country or municipality should have an archive section where you can find help in locating your floor plans. They usually have information related to the original owner, building permits and even a set of blueprints;
    • Builders need to apply for permits before buildings houses, these are located in the building inspector’s office. Talk to clerics in the city or town hall for possible locations of this office.
    • You can try speaking to your neighbors. Buildings in an area tend to have similar designs, so they may have their floor plans and with some luck, they are very similar in design to yours. Or maybe they can point you in some other direction.
    • If nothing else works, you can hire an architect or a structural engineer who can use a set of measurements to recreate a floor plan for your house.
    Kitchen cabinet customized design

         2. Consider expected budget and function of the cabinet

    It is vital to establish a budget so you can start looking for the perfect cabinet. By choosing a specific limit to the amount you are willing or able to spend, you can narrow down your choices in regard to design and materials. There are the two main components you can play with, since dimensions are usually a rather strict aspect.
    Next, spend some time thinking about what you would like to use the corner cabinet for. Do you need to store plates or jars? Trays rather than shelves may be the better option then. Is what you want to store heavy? Then hanging cabinets may not be a good idea, so you may want to look for base cabinets. You need as much storage as you can get? A tall corner cabinet may be perfect then.
    You must consider your own situation first, and then the available choices will become more clear.

    Kitchen corner units

         3. Determine materials and make quotations

    Related to the previous point, determine materials and amounts with respect to your needs. Look towards more durable materials if you expect rough treatments to your countertops. Think before choosing marble or similar materials if you do tend to scratch surfaces with knives or other sharp objects. Consider the aesthetic qualities of the cabinet, how does it fit with the rest of the furniture. Is the color going to be in good contrast with the floor tiles?

         4. Confirm design

    After careful consideration, and taking into account aesthetics and functionality, decide, roughly how your corner cabinet will look like. Next, confirm your idea with the supplier. Inquire about the availability of your design and chosen materials and wait for a response. You can even ask them for an opinion or recommendation.

         5. Pay deposit and schedule production

    Once your supplier answered and your design is available or they proposed some alternatives and you agreed, decide the timetable. How long will it take to be made? When will it be delivered? It is important to know this information beforehand and suppliers are obligated to provide it to you. After you agree to the details of the production, pay the deposit so you assure your supplier that you won’t just change your mind mid-production. This differs from company to company, but the deposit can go up to 50% of the total price (even more perhaps) and the rest are going to be paid on delivery.
    Again, this is to ensure seriousness. You are entitled to a full refund if the order is not fulfilled.

    How to Buy Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobe for the Best Price?

    Corner kitchen sink cabinet

    Blind corner cabinet solutions

    To make that deep, dark and inaccessible corner of your kitchen more friendly, we propose some of the following:

    • Swing-out cabinet base, with swing-put shelves that can be pulled out entirely for easy access;
    • Lazy Susan pull out cabinet, featuring swinging capabilities for easy reach;
    • Curved cabinets, that banish the blind corner entirely. A more high-end solution.
    • Staggered or alternated wall cabinets, a more round-about solution offering a better look than empty space but not much additional storage space.
    Corner kitchen wall cabinet

    How to measure corner kitchen cabinets

    You’ve decided on a design, but now you need the dimensions, here are a few easy steps on how to do that:

    • Place the start of the measuring tape right next to the corner, at the back of one side of the cabinet. Pull out until you reach the edge of the cabinet and take note of your dimension;
    • Do the same for the other side of the corner. You do this because those two dimensions, while in theory should be the same, in practice things may occur which will result in different numbers. Note it down;
    • Now put the measuring tape in the back edge of your cabinet, along the end. Take a measurement from that back of the cabinet to the front edge. The width of the cabinet, this will be the same for both sides;
    • Place the start of the measuring edge on the floor and pull until you reach the top of the cabinet. This will give you the height. For a hanging cabinet, measure from the top of the cabinet to the bottom.

    Corner kitchen cabinet accessories

    You can opt for a range of accessories to solve your blind corner problem. These are designed for maximum storage capacity and involves a certain pull, pivot or slide mechanisms that allow you to reach every corner. They are also aesthetically pleasing, come in a variety of colors and materials and are bound to make your guests ask about them.

    Choose between metallic or wood frames, depending on your kitchen style and colors. Maple and gray are popular choices.

    The half-moon shelf is a good way to access the contents of your blind corner. Those trays pivot out of your base blind cornet cabinet and slide out when you’ve finished sorting through your content.

    The bottom blind corner optimizer is a modern solution that maximizes blind corner empty storage while allowing the user accessibility to the unit. For right or left-handed applications, this accessory consists of 2 or more trays or support that slide into the corner when closed and are pulled out when you open the cabinet door. This is a stylish choice for modern kitchens, but keep in mind it is usually an expensive option.

    Custom made solutions exist, depending on the location of the accessory mount. Mounted to the cabinet floor, usually implies that manual push and pull actions are needed. Mechanisms that mounts to the sidewall and door are usually “automatic” in nature, you pull and the shelves or trays come out one by one.

    These are some of the popular options, choose one the one that fits your needs and wants.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    What Carcass ?

    Carcasses are the backbone of your kitchen, they are the units onto which doors and drawers are attached. There are obviously affordable and more expensive options, here are a few:

    1. Plywood – made of layers of hardwood, it is a sturdy material sheet. Its selling points are stability and solidness, a good choice for base cabinets, but generally avoided for hanged ones because of its weight.
    2. Chipboard – and alternative to real wood, but without the risk of warping, this material is coated with veneer or melamine to give the impression of wood.
    3. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) – a popular choice, superior to chipboard and a bit more expensive. Denser than plywood, stronger and much smoother than chipboard. A good option for a variety of structures (be them in the kitchen or otherwise) because of its smooth sides and moisture-resistant proprieties.
    4. Melamine-faced chipboard – preferred for being less expensive than other options. It has a chipboard core coated with melamine laminate on the sides giving it moisture-resistant and anti-fungal proprieties. On top of that, it is very easy to clean.
    kitchen cabinet doors

    What colors ?

    Each of us has his or her preferences when it comes to furniture color, but if you are in a bind and can’t decide, we explore a few options that may be worth considering:

    Light blue – generally, blue is a sought-after color when it comes to kitchen cabinet and other room’s furniture, so various shades are preferred. This one fits well with white (from chairs or tables perhaps) and wooden tile floors. More on a minimalist side, you cannot go wrong with this one. As a plus, it adds liveliness and freshness to your kitchen.

    White and black – you probably already know at least one person that loves this design. Black and white is one of the most wide-spread color schemes out there, giving a futuristic yet classic look to your kitchen. Warmth and sophistication are words that come to mind when viewing this combination.

    White and blue – another great combination to give off a comfortable feeling to your guests. It has that smart look which is very pleasing to the eye and is sure to put you in a happy mood.

    White – for those who don’t want to bother with color schemes, white is a perfect choice. It is timeless, it never goes out of style and will give you the freedom to decorate or accessorize your kitchen however you see fit.

    Pastel green – interested in a more rustic feel, but don’t like dark, wooden colors? This may be what you’re looking for. It gives off that familiar, comfortable feel in a sort of “honey, I’m home” kind of way.

    Yellow – for the more bold ones, yellow is the color of the Sun, so it will, of course, give your kitchen the bright, sunny feel of a summer afternoon. Cloudy outside? Not in your house! Happy and cheerful are the keywords of this one.

    Shaker Cabinet Doors

    What Countertops fit for corner kitchen cabinet

    A key aspect of any kitchen, countertops are a surface you’ll encounter all the time, so it makes sense to give a bit of thought before deciding which one to buy. Below, we list and explore some popular choices.

    • Laminate – affordable, easy to install, large variety, sleek and elegant design.
    • Ceramic tiles – affordable, diverse designs, can make them look like natural wood, stone, or other materials;
    • Granite slabs – heavy, fairly expensive but its simple presence can raise the price of real estate houses, overall considered a premium material. Extremely durable.
    • Granite tiles – smaller tan the slabs, but a similar degree of prestige with a cheaper price, they give kitchens a modern and professional feel;
    • Marble – beautiful, but fragile. Requires caution when installing but it is very pleasing to the eye. Due to different veining, each piece can be considered unique.
    • Quartz – a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, eye-catching due to quartz crystals and other natural minerals. This one is more durable and less susceptible to scratching than a solid surface. On this minus side, they are quite heavy and expensive.
    Pros and Cons of kitchen Cabinets

    Where can I find a corner kitchen cabinet supplier in China?

    This website offers a variety of furniture products based in China. Not only you can order corner kitchen cabinets but a variety of other kitchen and other house products. They offer a large variety of materials to choose from, so you can build your perfect kitchen. You will need to have a floor plan ready and dimensions, so they can help you with customized design preferences.

    Most kitchen cabinet makers in China are clustered around these provinces:

    • Guangdong
    • Zhejiang
    • Fujian

    These manufacturers offer different types of kitchen cabinets using various materials, catering to all customers, from high-end to low-end.

    Kitchen Cabinet Industry Regions in China
    There are four ways to find glass kitchen cabinet supplier in China :  via Alibaba, trade shows, furniture markets, and sourcing agents.


    -Trade Shows

    -Kitchen Cabinet Market

    Below is the list of Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers & manufacturers in China.

    top 10 kitchen cabinet makers

    Pros and cons of corner kitchen cabinets


    • Use of additional space that would have otherwise been wasted;
    • Makes your kitchen look more elegant;
    • Many custom designs to choose from;


    • Complex installation for some designs;
    • Not easy to access in the case of blind corner cabinets;
    • Expensive in the case of more complex designs;

    2020 Kitchen cabinet trends: 38+ Corner kitchen cabinet ideas

    Keep your kitchen cabinets up to date with a modern makeover.Use this guide to the hottest 2020 kitchen cabinet trends and find stylish and trendy kitchen cabinet ideas that will stay modern for years to come .

    Before you nail down your necessities, sort through over 38 kitchen cabinet ideas below based on the style you’re looking for like traditional, modern, contemporary or even cottage charm.Once you’re ready to take on your kitchen renovation, choose from thousands of kitchen cabinet colors and styles to accomplish your dream kitchen.

    Why choose George:

    Intelligent Manufacturing 

    George Buildings has established a comprehensive control system for all processes and systems to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials


    High Production Capacity & Flexibility 

    George Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around the world to ensure a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge band, hardware, and others. These important alliances seek to maintain strict quality controls at the sourcing stage.

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.

    One-stop Shop kitchen cabinets


    Corner kitchen cabinets are a must for all L-shaped kitchen layouts regardless of your style of choice. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, dark or bright colors, you should definitely look for purchasing one for your kitchen.
    Do some research beforehand though, take measurements and establish a budget limit so you can narrow down your available choices. No matter your tastes, there are bound to be corner kitchen cabinet styles for you and your room.

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