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China Tile for Your Projects

China tile are a formidable choice when it comes to flooring and walls because of their versatility and cost-efficiency. If you are looking for full tile solutions from a reliable one-stop-shop for tiles, check us out at George Buildings.

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China Tile

China floor tiles

A wide variety of designs and styles is available to choose from. Whether you are interested in custom patterns or traditional Chinese ones that are characterized by frequent use of white and red, we got you covered.

Pick your option, choose the material, and let us take care of the rest.

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China Tile

Modern floor tiles from China

A more and more popular choice each year, the modern style is now one of the most known and sought-after options when it comes to floor tiles. Our modern floor tiles include a wide spectrum of colors to choose from, especially different nuances of gray and white specific to this style.

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China Tile

Ceramic wall tiles from China

Ceramic wall tiles from China are as easy to clean and durable as their European counterparts. They are a very good option for bathrooms and kitchens due to their glazed surface not being porous.

You can buy them in batches of all sorts of colors at Chinese prices.

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China Tile

Ceramic roof tiles China

We all know how expensive tiling an entire roof can be. Take a look at our affordable ceramic roof tiles offered at wholesale prices. Our tiles have good fire, hail, wind, and storm resistance and can be customized as you like. We also offer popular color variants like red, carmine, maroon, and grey.

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China Tile

Mosaic china tiles

You have seen mosaic tiles at one of your friend’s house and they caught your attention but you thought they may be too expensive? Our mosaic tiles are affordable and available with all kinds of patterns, styles, and colors. Do you have your own idea? Tell us about it and we’ll apply it to your tiles.

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China Tile

China marble tiles

Entranced by the beauty and shine of marble, but your budget is not high enough to cover the whole room? Take a look at our Chinese marble tiles available in all shapes and sizes. You can also choose between finishes like polished, honed, sandblasted, and so on.

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China Tile

Crystal white tiles from China

Crystal white tiles are one of the most popular choices for bathrooms, both in private and commercial use. Decorate your room with our highest quality polished or glossy tiles certified by inspectors to ensure such quality.

We offer wholesale prices and timely delivery to meet your renovation plans.

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China Tile

Black marble tile from China

A high contrast tile for floors or walls. Besides the black background, it features white veining patterns for a luxurious look that is sure to be the main attraction in the room. Combining this breathtaking design with the natural durability and resistance of marble and you get a very good option to integrate into any modernly styled room.

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China Tile

Ceramic China tiles

Our highly durable ceramic tiles are a viable choice for any room in your house. However, due to their water-resistant qualities and the fact that they are naturally cold, they are preferred in bathrooms and kitchens. You are free to experiment however you want, our wholesale prices make this easy.

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China Tile

Granite China tiles

The most durable option, our granite tiles are perfect for either commercial or private uses. You may see them in hotel halls and for good reasons, if the manufacturing quality is high, they can last a lifetime.

This is the case without tiles, and even better they are affordable.

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China Tile

China porcelain tiles

With a very low water absorption rate and exceptional strength, our porcelain tiles are perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. In terms of design, the possibilities are endless, you can even opt for wood grain or marble patterns if you wish so.

Our high-quality manufacturing and low prices will make your dream project a reality.

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    Full Solutions from China Tile Manufacturer

    To get to know more about our products, services and what you can expect from our China tiles, here are our full product solutions.

    China Tile: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    For a cost-efficient wall and flooring solution, China tiles are installed in large living spaces such as living rooms, receiving areas and the den of homes and apartments.


    Office and Schools

    In the same way, China tiles are also often installed in school flooring and walls. They are also commonly found in bathrooms, common rooms, classrooms and in administrative offices.


    Bar and Restaurants

    In bars and restaurants, China tiles are perfect for backsplash walls, accent walls and trims. They are also installed in flooring and walls to come up with a unique look and style.  


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

    For hospitals and healthcare facilities, China tiles are installed in sterile areas because they are easier to clean. With their diverse colors and styles, they are also applied to hospital rooms and other healthcare facilities.

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    Villa , Malaysia

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    China Tile Buying Guide

    Your wholesale tile supplier in China

    As one of the most reliable wholesale suppliers in Foshan, China, we strive to satisfy our customers and help them realize their dream projects through high-quality manufacturing and affordable tile prices.

    We hear a lot from our clients that they always wanted to redecorate their bathroom or kitchen, but were worried the cost would be too high. With our help, any project can become a reality, so inquire about yours today and let us see what we can do for you. You will know the price beforehand, so you can decide if you wish to proceed or not.

    We are always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

    China tile for wholesale

    Why should you buy a Chinese tile from George?

    Because we prioritize high-quality manufacturing and since we are the ones making the tiles and no middleman is present, we can ensure wholesale prices for your whole project. We guarantee the following:

    • Accurate estimation for your project quotation
    • A wide variety of customization option, so you can decorate your room exactly as you like
    • A variety of stock designs, in case you are not decided on your style
    • Support during the whole ordering process. Ask questions and we will answer.
    • Wholesale prices, so you don’t need to divide your project into parts or work with multiple suppliers

    Chinese tiles features & advantages

    What can you expect from our tiles? Well, take a look below.

    • Non-skip
    • Stain and wear resistance
    • Excellently-applied finish
    • A variety of patterns, designs and styles to choose from
    • High strength
    • Very durable and long-lasting
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor walls and floors
    • Temperature variation resistance
    • Very easy to maintain and wash
    • Long-lasting colors and patterns
    • Customization options upon request

    Benefits of China Tile

    • Wholesale prices, a perfect choice if you want to redecorate an entire room

    • High-quality manufacturing with the help of modern machines

    • Premium quality and design. Know what you get before you pay

    • International shipping

    Are China tiles good?

    While we know that the popular opinion is that European tiles are perceived as having better quality than Chinese ones, this isn’t always the case. This is because, in actuality, many of those European firms are actually ordering their materials from China because of the lower prices.

    So you can bypass this sort of middleman and order directly from Chinese manufacturers at wholesale prices. So, in reality, the quality of our tiles is very similar to their overseas counterparts.

    China Tile

    What makes China the best source of imported tiles?

    Two aspects, large quantities of products and low prices. Not only do Chinese manufacturers need to compete with European, Indian, and other international markets, but they have to compete against each other too.

    There are many suppliers of tiles in China, so this competitivity prompts them to try and be one step ahead of each other. How do they do this? By having wholesale prices and the possibility of large purchase quantities.

    Another important aspect is the quality. In recent years many European firms have started ordering their materials from China. Due to this, there is not a big difference in the manufacturing quality of tiles anymore, so bypassing the middleman will help you reduce your costs and benefits from the same quality.

    China Tile

    Pros and Cons of China tiles


    • Wholesale prices
    • Large order possibility
    • Personalized design upon request
    • A variety of stock options available
    • High-quality manufacturing


    • Possible long shipping time, depending on the country
    • Additional customs costs may apply
    China Tile

    Which country has the best tiles?

    It is a known fact that the leading manufacturing region regarding many industries has changed to Asia, especially China. China now has taken the lead as the world’s top manufacturer of tiles and exports. We are now responsible for almost 50% of all tiles made for both commercial and private use.

    How so? Because they offer the best cost-effective solution from all other countries. This low-cost is in a large part possible because of automation processes that ensure high-quality manufacturing.

    So, if you have a small or large project, the best option would be to order your tiles from China. Make a quotation and let us worry about the rest.

    China Tile

    Popular types of China tiles

    In case you are unsure what to pick, take a look at some of the most popular choices other customers are looking for.

    China porcelain tile

    With an absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent, these tiles are perfect for humid environments. You can install them both on walls and floors and choose from a large pool of stock options or make your own.

    Usually glazed, they are a good choice for crowded areas due to their strength and durability. However, because of this strength, they are hard to cut. This is the reason they are one of the costlier options.

    China Tile

    China ceramics tile

    Due to the manufacturing process, ceramics tiles are less dense, softer, and more porous than their porcelain counterparts. While a bit less durable option, ceramics are preferred because there are more affordable. While porcelain tiles are a very good option for commercial areas, ceramic tiles may not be preferred in this area and are generally appreciated by homeowners in warm climates, where the natural coolness of the tiles is a welcome feeling in the summer.

    China rustic tile

    Switching to a design-oriented option, the rustic China tiles are appreciated because of the old, familiar, and cozy atmosphere they create. The most popular options include timber-like colors with grain patterns or simply grey patterns. Due to the vibe it creates, this style is usually fit for living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.

    China Tile

    China marble tile

    Marble is viewed as a luxurious material and is, therefore, costlier than the previous options. It is also the most durable option fit for heavy foot traffic and commercial uses, this is why you may see marble tiles in the hallways of luxurious hotels. In terms of maintenance, it varies from model to model, as a more prominent texture will be harder to clean. Due to the lack of glaze on marble, it needs to be sealed regularly against all sorts of incidents, as it is more porous than porcelain, for example.

    China wood tile

    With this, we refer to wood-like patterns on tiles made of different materials to give off the feeling of real wood. This is done by recreating the grains and colors of natural wood. It is preferred in more rustic environments, or by people who want to recreate the natural beauty and welcoming effect that wood provides. You can choose from different types of wood-like tiles, like cherry, walnut, or oak.

    China Tile

    China shower tile

    Usually, of ceramics or porcelain, shower China shower tiles are a good water-resistant option for your bathroom. They can be installed both on walls and floors, to provide protection against water and good footing. This type of tile is mostly preferred because it makes cleaning easier and provides a unique design to the bathroom.

    China Tile

    China outdoor tile

    For those looking to decorate their patio space and make it look friendlier, our China outdoor tiles are the perfect options. A wide variety of options for materials and designs are available.

    Darker or neutral colors may be preferred by those who have a pool, in order to create a stunning contrast and lighter shades for simple living spaces with a couch and chairs.

    China Tile

    China kitchen tile

    For kitchens, harder materials are usually preferred since accidents may happen and you would not want to replace your tiles every time they do. Water-resistance and durability are also prioritized in this room.

    Gray tiles are appreciated because they fit into the modern style well. Darker shades are usually chosen when the kitchen cabinets are light-colored or just white, while for those who want to make their kitchen as inviting and friendly as possible, wood-like tiles are available.

    China sintered stone tiles

    This type of style is known for its gray surface veins on white background. It provides a unique look that can be applied to any room, but they are usually preferred in kitchens. This is because stains and scratches are hard to spot on such surface, so it makes perfect sense to install this type of stile in areas where you work with sharp objects.

    China Tile

    Are porcelain tiles from China safe?

    Yes, our porcelain tiles are very safe. Because of the material, they are fireproof and will not produce any smoke or toxic waste in case of a fire. Otherwise, our tiles are environment-friendly and safe to use.

    China Tile

    What are good quality tiles?

    Or, you could rephrase the question as “What makes a tile good?”. The answer varies from material to material. If we talk about hard materials like marble, porcelain, and ceramics, you may want to look after the PEI rating. This refers to the hardness of the tile, which is determined by the manufacturer using a standardized test. The results determined the areas where the product can be used. Those results are divided into 5 categories:

    PEI rating of 1 – Suitable for residential and commercial walls. Not recommended for foot traffic.

    PEI rating of 2 – Suitable for general light traffic in residential areas like formal living and dining rooms.

    PEI rating of 3 – Suitable for all residential areas and light commercial areas like receptions and boutiques.

    PEI rating of 4 – Suitable for residential areas, medium commercial areas, and light institutional uses. This includes restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies, etc.

    PEI rating of 5 – Suitable for heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial areas. This includes airports, malls, schools, etc.

    China Tile

     How much do China tile cost?

    This is highly dependent on many factors, so we cannot give you exact values. Some of those factors that will affect the costs are:

    • Tile size
    • Design, whether it’s personalized or stock
    • The complexity of personalized designs
    • Material
    • Color
    • Glazing

    Keep in mind that in addition to these, you should also consider shipping and installation costs. While there is not much you can do about the transportation costs, installation prices will differ from company to company or hired personnel. We always recommend our customers to hire a professional for installation purposes to avoid any additional costs that result from mistakes. To make sure you get an accurate price, make an inquiry about your project.

    China Tile

    How to find and select the right tile supplier in China?

    The way to go is, which is the largest B2B supplier directory. On this platform, you can find many factory agents, wholesalers, and trading companies of all sorts.

    However, since there are so many suppliers, you should take some steps to narrow down your selection to serious manufacturers. The easiest way would be to talk with them in person or delegate someone to do so. Alternatively, use the information provided by to your advantage:

    • Product scope: Should be focused on what you want to buy (tiles in this case). Make sure that is their primary business, so you know they are serious about selling you high-quality products.
    • Company name: We recommend avoiding those which include ‘trading’ in their name, as it is a common practice of less serious manufacturers.
    • Product test reports: Product test reports: REACH, TB 117, Fire safety tests
    • Company certificates: ISO 9001, BSCI, Sedex
    China Tile

    How to import tiles from China?

    Cities and provinces in China usually specialize in the manufacturing of one specific product (or a range of products from the same category), so you will find suppliers grouped together in an area. This happens to make it easier for those who want to import tiles from China.

    In the case of tiles, the Foshan area is the one where you will most likely do your business in. In this region, most of China’s ceramic tiles are manufactured and around 25% of the world’s total production of such tiles takes place.

    So the Foshan area is the place to look into if you want to buy any sort of tiles. If you cannot travel there, you can search for them online using B2B market places like .

    A popular approach for businesses is to hire a sourcing agent, that could be either an individual or a firm based in China, who can help you approach suppliers, negotiate prices, place orders and monitor the progress and delivery.

    China Tile

    How do you install China tiles?

    As we may have already mentioned above, we strongly recommend our customers to hire a professional to install their tiles. Even if this increases the costs, you are better off in the long term because any mistakes will cost incur additional costs. You can, however, take a look at the video below, if you still want to try it yourself.

    Top 10 largest tile manufacturers in China

    We have mentioned above how to approach tile manufacturers in China, so let us now take a look at some of the best ones. You will notice that most of them are based in the Foshan region.

    There is a lot more to know about each of those companies, and they all have interesting backgrounds, so we recommend going through our article “Top 10 tile manufacturers in China”.

    Top 10 Tile Manufacturers in China

    International wholesale tiles: China tiles vs Other countries tiles

    Due to the development of various technologies and machines, most of the manufacturing is now automated, so quality is assured through precise work. Chinese tiles benefit the most from this, with the addition of low prices.

    Do not forget that China has become the number one exporter of tiles, so it is very possible that some of the products you see elsewhere actually have been imported from China. The best way to be completely sure of the quality of the tiles you order is to look for warranties.

    How many years does your manufacturer guarantee the product can last? If it’s at least 10, that investment is more often than not, worth it.

    China Tile

    Top tips for choosing the right China tile

    What should you look for, when purchasing your tile from China? Consider the following:

    • Prioritize durability
    • Go for low-maintenance China tiles
    • Do not overlook the matter of safety, especially if you are interested in bathroom tiles. Anti-slip is a must to avoid slipping accidents.
    • Types and colors of China tiles. Ask what they have available in stock and whether or not you can order an original design.
    • Trust a brand that delivers. Look for reviews online to get some opinions of the company you are working with. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, it may be worth considering doing business with them.
    • Hire an expert installer. We’ve said it a few times now, but it is a good idea to do so, as it will spare you additional costs in the future.
    China Tile

    Why choose George wholesale tiles?

    We are one of the most trusted wholesale tiles vendors in China, known for high-quality manufacturing at affordable prices. We can guarantee the following:

    • All of our products are verified and certified by appropriate inspection bodies
    • A wild variety of tile designs, colors, and sizes
    • Option to personalize your design
    • Wholesale prices so you can decorate the entirety of your room or space
    • Support through every step of the buying process

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