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    Benefits of Black Steel Windows

    • Black steel windows can enhance your comfort at home.

    • Steel windows can reduce condensation inside your home.

    • It can minimize outside noises and vice versa.

    • Black steel window are harder to break, which increases your security.

    • Steel window can last a very long time since they are durable and reinforced.

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    Black steel windows

    Black Steel Casement Windows

    Casement windows have one or more side hinges and are installed in pairs or a single frame. These windows are either awning or hoppers. The awning has hinges on the top, while hoppers have hinges on the bottom. They have lower rates of air leakage because the sash presses against the frame when you close them.

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    Black steel windows

    Black Steel Frame Windows

    Blacks steel frame windows are often for aesthetic purposes. You can install these windows if you want a framed view of the outside. These windows are great if you have a stunning view of the mountain, the garden, or anything worth viewing.

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    Black steel windows

    Black Steel Frame Office Windows

    Black steel frame office windows are similar to standard frame windows, except they’re a lot larger in size. Often, office steel frame windows range from floor to ceiling and have clear glass.

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    Steel French Casement Windows

    Steel French casement windows are taller and broader than standard windows. They often measure up to 7 feet in height and up to 6 feet in width. With this dimension, the French steel casement windows look like a door. These windows have a multi-point system lock to ensure security and include a tight seal from bottom to top.

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    Black steel windows

    Black Steel Windows and Doors

    Black steel windows and doors have galvanized, welded, and powder-coated frames. This results in an unbroken surface, creating reinforced and stronger frames. It makes the windows resistant to decay, fire, and weather. These windows often have slender lines that look stylish and clean.

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    Black steel windows

    Black Metal Windows

    Black metal windows slightly differ from steel windows. They are made of other metal components such as aluminum.

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    George Buildings: Your Affordable Black Steel Windows Supplier

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable black steel windows suppliers in Foshan China , manufacturing high quality windows at affordable black steel windows prices.

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    Sliding sash windows
    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Black Steel Windows

    Are you renovating your windows? Perhaps, you’re planning your dream house and not sure what kind of windows to install. If you are, here’s our complete guide for black steel windows to help you make crucial decisions. In this guide, learn about the different types of window steels, frames, factors to consider, and many more.

    Affordable & Quality Black Steel Window

    In choosing black steel window for your house, prioritize quality and affordability. For other manufacturers, these ingredients don’t go together. Often, their black steel window and doors are expensive in relation to the quality, but not us. We pride ourselves on offering the best metal windows at a lower price than our competitors.

    Black Steel Windows Features & Details


    • These windows are made of steel, aluminum, or other metals.
    • They have glazed panes, locks, and weather-stripping materials.
    • Weep holes are strategically located on the windows to keep condensation at bay.
    • Windows are either side, top, or bottom hinged.
    • Installation of steel windows will include removable insect frames.
    • Your windows will undergo pretreatment based on the standard finish.


    • Steel windows are either white or black.
    • However, the standard color is black.
    • The colors may vary depending on your preference.


    • Glass panes may be opaque, transparent, or a one-way mirror type.
    • These glass panes are soundproof and weatherproof.
    • They withstand ordinary wear-and-tear or extreme weather conditions.
    • The glass panes are thick enough.


    • The frames of black steel windows are slender.
    • They appear to have lesser sightlines.
    • These windows offer a seamless design that blends well with your house design.


    • Locks vary on the type of window you choose.
    • These locks are either locking handle, sash jammer, bolts, stay lock, or catch.
    • They provide security and safety for you.
    • They are of the highest quality.
    • You can lock and unlock your windows with ease.
    • Some steel windows don’t have locks, such as the frame windows.

    Why Choose Us?

    We can name five reasons for choosing us.


    Our black steel windows are affordable. Still expect high-quality frames and sash. Many customers keep coming to us because of these critical aspects of buying steel windows.


    You get a guaranteed soundproof installation. Steel windows and doors can drown outside noises with proper frame and structure. This is perfect for people who want total silence when they’re inside their house.


    We ensure that the color complements the design of your house. There are various colors you can choose from if black isn’t your favorite color.


    Our company has certifications such as SGS, SASO, ISO, Environment management system for all building materials. These certifications ensure that our products adhere to the strictest standard of manufacturing black steel windows and doors.

    Customer Service

    Lastly, we have excellent customer service. We answer and resolve issues accordingly.

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    Catalogue and Brochure for building materials

    Black Steel Windows Buying Guide

    What are black steel windows?

    Black steel windows are powder-coated in black colors, reinforced, and galvanized for stronger frames. They are stronger and give window frames a look of high-level security.

    Black steel windows

    Pros and Cons of Black Steel Windows

    Pros of Black Steel Window

    • Strong raw materials and can hold glass much more efficiently
    • Seamless sight lines providing views as clear as the day
    • Low maintenance since the windows don’t need lots of time to clean
    • Can last a lifetime with proper care
    • Resistant to cracks, rust, and bowing
    • Energy efficient with the appropriate insulating and weather-stripping materials
    • Easy repair and less replacement

    Cons of Black Steel Window

    • Heavy and bulky due to coating materials
    • Can be expensive depending on the materials used
    • Not suitable in all places
    black steel windows

    What materials are best for black steel windows?

    Black steel window vary in materials. Most of the time, you interchange these materials from one type to another, but there are differences between steel, metal, and aluminum. A steel window can compose of either one of these materials.


    This material is a combination of alloy iron and carbon. Since steel is a type of alloy, it isn’t a pure metal. Still, it is stronger than any other kind of metal. Often, steel has rough edges and is heavy. Steel windows provide a vibe of strict security, besides giving your house a stylish contemporary look. These days, they are getting popular because of its many benefits to homeowners.


    This material can either be titanium, copper, or nickel. The most common metal is steel and aluminum for windows and doors installation.


    This material is lighter than steel and some metals. It can resist corrosion and has anti-bacterial properties. Aluminum windows have low maintenance and are easy to clean. They have this smooth finish that speaks elegance and beauty. The answer really depends on your budget, the design, and the location of your house. It’s best to ask for an expert’s opinion, so you waste your money.

    Black steel windows

    How much do black steel windows cost?

    The price starts at $10 to $15 per square foot. However, the final cost of your steel windows depends on a lot of factors. Consider the quality of materials on frames, coating, insulation, weather stripping, and glass. Aluminum windows are cheaper than steel windows, but steel or metal windows are stronger than aluminum.

    The size also contributes to the cost. Larger black steel window cost more since you’ll need more steel and glass. The quantity of the windows you need to install can add up to the cost. A higher number of windows will cost more. Lastly, the type of upgrade you chose is also a factor in the increase in cost.

    Black steel windows

    Are black steel windows expensive?

    Black steel windows are expensive if you think of the cost. But, if you factor in the qualitative properties and the benefits you can get, the expensive factor won’t be an issue. Besides, you can find manufacturers and distributors with prices that are within your budget.

    Are steel windows energy efficient?

    Yes, they are energy efficient with insulation and weather-stripping materials installed on the windows. With the right materials on glass and steel, your windows can help you save on electricity. You know that a glass jar with an airtight lid won’t let condensation out or moisture to get inside of its containment. The same principle applies to steel windows.

    Steel windows are great in cold areas because they can seal in heat from your thermostat. With proper adjustments, they can also be beneficial in temperate regions.

    Black steel windows

    What factors should you consider when buying black steel windows?

    Besides materials, cost, and quality, you should consider buying black steel window, including the house design, location, aesthetic appeal, function, and security aspect. Location plays a significant role in choosing whether to upgrade and buy black steel window or not. Some say steel windows are great for a colder climate but not in warmer weather.

    Remember, steel or metal is an excellent conductor of heat. Even with appropriate adjustments, steel windows can still make your house or room a little warmer than usual. This might be counterproductive with the windows’ energy efficiency, especially in tropical areas.

    Another factor is the function of the steel windows. Are you going to use them to ventilate a room or just a viewing area? The specific functions can help you decide if you are going to need insulation materials or operable locks. House design and aesthetic appeal go hand in hand. Don’t go buying steel windows because your neighbor is doing it.

    Well, there’s nothing wrong if you want to get updated with the latest trends. Still, consult with an expert house designer if upgrading your windows to steel windows enhances your house’s aesthetic beauty. If an upgrade improves the exterior design, then buy the steel windows that complement the house design. Even though black can match any color, make sure the newly purchased windows aren’t a stark contrast.

    Black steel windows

    Where to buy black steel windows in China?

    You can either buy from a regular hardware store or online. Nowadays, you have many choices. An example of an online store is Alibaba, but you’ll need to buy in bulk. However, if you aren’t buying that many steel windows, other retail online stores will be your next choice.

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    How to Install Black Steel Windows

    Installation of black steel windows is easy. Whether you’re installing the windows by yourself or by a contractor, it’s still good to know how the installation process occurs. Watch this video for a full installation.

    Do you want to import windows from China?

    If you want to import windows from China, we created a starter package for you to choose from. We know how difficult it is to plan everything from design drawings to finished output. Don’t want our starter package. You may also contact or call us for a quote. We will provide the interior design plan, product quotation, and the building materials supply.

    Got a design on mind? Please don’t hesitate to tell us and send us the plan. We will use your design to estimate the cost of the product and materials. Below are our simple steps if you want to import windows from China.

    1) Interior Design

    We will make sure the interior design is to your liking. You approve the design we create (or choose from our starter package or provide the design you want). Communication is crucial at this step.

    2) Products Quotation

    After the approval of the design, we provide the product quotation. The quotation will include all the materials needed, shipping costs if applicable, and other incidental expenses related to the import.

    3) Building Materials Supply

    You will get a detailed description of installing the windows and a complete list of all the materials for your windows.

    black steel windows


    Choosing and buying black steel windows doesn’t have to be stressful. Even if you don’t know anything about these, you can get help from our experts to complete the process. Get your dream windows and wow your neighbors.

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