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Custom Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

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Styles of Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Natural Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet

Bamboo kitchen cabinet are the rising trends in different countries for their natural beauty and elegance. If you need a better and faster way of improving your kitchen, then you can go for cabinets made of natural bamboo. Your kitchen will look more classical and rustic than when you choose other materials for your kitchen.

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Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Modern Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking to get more aesthetic value in your kitchen, then here is your answer. You can update your kitchen cabinet with a modern bamboo kitchen cabinet. Modern bamboo is a new trend to get more appealing cabinets. It is also used for corner shelves and sleek drawers that turns your kitchen into a brand-new room within your home. Also, realtors say that modern bamboo kitchen cabinets improve the property’s value.

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Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Bamboo Plywood Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo kitchen cabinets are mainly manufactured from bamboo plywood. Plywood is simply a natural bamboo that has undergone processing through cutting, milling, assembling, and painting. Since it is in its processed form, you can expect bamboo plywood kitchen cabinets to be of different colors and finishes. If you need versatility, then plywood bamboo kitchen cabinets are the way to go.

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Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Bamboo Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo shaker kitchen cabinets are also popular due to their aesthetic appeal, structural integrity, and environmental benefits that come with them. And by the way, bamboo kitchen cabinets are considered to be more environmentally-friendly than other wood material. That is because of the high growth rate of bamboo. So, switch to bamboo kitchen cabinets to conserve the environment.

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Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The best way to spruce up your kitchen is by installing bamboo wood kitchen cabinets or upgrading your existing cabinets. Even though not classified as a woody tree, bamboo trees offer versatile material for designing kitchen cabinets and other furniture. Just like any other bamboo furniture that you have seen around, the bamboo wood kitchen cabinets also replicate the natural beauty of this product.

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White Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo wood can be processed into different colors, something that makes its application in home interior decoration very possible. The white bamboo kitchen cabinets are one of the very many different types that you can choose from. White color is preferred due to the glossy look that comes with it when cleaned. Also, it is easier to clean bamboo kitchen cabinets more than any other material.

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    Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabinets

    We at George can claim that custom flexible kitchen cabinets are our turf. As such, here are our product solutions for bamboo kitchen cabinets and other kitchen cabinet types.

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    Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets for Sale

    In addition to gloss finish cabinets we’ve introduced previously, the use of bamboo in designing many different accessories is also on the rise in the past decades.

    One such item is the kitchen cabinet. Even though it may still be unpopular in your region, bamboo kitchen cabinets are attractive and ideal for kitchen improvements. Those who have already installed a bamboo kitchen cabinet enjoy the following benefits:

    • Bamboo kitchen cabinets are ideal for contemporary homes and give unlimited interior decoration ideas for your kitchen.
    • Bamboo kitchen cabinet increases the aesthetic value of your kitchen and improves the overall monetary value of your home.
    • It is much easier to maintain and preserve bamboo kitchen cabinets than those made from other materials.
    • Bamboo is lighter in weight and highly durable because of its superior strength.

    What is Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets?

    Bamboo kitchen cabinet are made from naturally-grown bamboo trees. These trees are harvested, processed into woods, and then used for the design of kitchen cabinets, drawers, shelves, and any other desired furniture. Bamboo kitchen cabinet are unique and are gaining more popularity today because of their classic look and feel.

    Bamboo trees also grow very fast. In fact, it has been classified as one of the renewable resources that mother nature has gifted humanity. After harvesting, bamboo trees regenerate very quickly and can be ready for harvesting again within a short time.

    It is the bamboo products that are used for the manufacture of bamboo kitchen cabinets.

    Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Features & Advantages

    Before choosing the best bamboo cabinet according to your needs, you may first need to know some of its features and advantages. Bamboo kitchen cabinet come with beauty and style.

    There is no better way of improving the aesthetic value of your kitchen than using bamboo kitchen cabinet. Other benefits that come with this kitchen cabinet style include the following:

    • Highly durable because of its unrivaled hardness
    • Eco-friendly
    • Very economical
    • Easy to clean using just warm soapy water
    • Very versatile


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    Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

    1. Are Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet Expensive?

    The cost of bamboo kitchen cabinet varies depending on the style and finishing that you choose for your property. For instance, full solid natural bamboo kitchen cabinets are more expensive than the plywood bamboo kitchen cabinets. That is because, in the latter, bamboo plywood is simply placed over the natural hardwood.

    The cost of bamboo kitchen cabinet may still be high because they are not that popular compared to the traditional hardwood cabinet. Being that they are not mass-produced, ordering bamboo kitchen cabinet can cost you a little more. But the rewards for choosing it are great!

    Bamboo kitchen cabinets

    2. Are Bamboo Cabinets Durable?

    Bamboo trees are not botanically classified as hardwood trees. However, bamboo wood has such an immense strength that gives its products higher durability than those of common woods used for kitchen cabinets. Bamboo wood is resistant to expansion and contraction, a property that makes it ideal for use in the design of kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

    In fact, interior designers highly recommend bamboo for use in high traffic areas in the kitchen. This product is also resistant to wear. So, its durability is unquestionable. It is better than many other wood materials.

    Bamboo kitchen cabinets

    3. Pros and Cons of Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

    We have so far praised bamboo kitchen cabinets for its very many advantages. However, nothing can be 100% good. In this section, we are only going to highlight the benefits and demerits of choosing bamboo kitchen cabinets. You can weigh the options and decide if these are the type of kitchen cabinets for your property.

    • A sturdy choice for kitchen cabinetry because of its hardness
    • Very easy to clean
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Sustainable with minimal environmental impact
    • Easy to maintain
    • Low demand
    • Can also scratch
    • Relatively expensive
    Bamboo kitchen cabinets

    4. Wood vs Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets, Which is Better?

    This is a debate that has been there for many centuries. There may be no straightforward answer to it, but we will argue both sides. It will be upon you to take sides. Given the popularity of wood kitchen cabinets, we can say that they are currently the preferred choice among many homeowners.

    However, with the growing trend in the increase in the use of bamboo kitchen cabinet, we can also say that people are becoming more aware of the benefits that come with them.

    It is the cost that normally stops people from acquiring what they want whenever they want it. Here, we have got two competing kitchen cabinet designs. One is more costly than the other. But as usual, the high cost of a commodity is associated with quality. Given the high-quality bamboo kitchen cabinet and their natural beauty, you will have to spend a little more to get them.

    However, with the growing popularity, there will be a drop in the market value of these cabinet types. So, the question of which is a better option can be best answered by you. And that depends on what you have on the budget.

    Bamboo kitchen cabinets

    5. Where can I Find Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet for the Best Price?

    You might have looked everywhere for a bamboo kitchen cabinet without a satisfactory finding. Depending on the country where you reside, it may be very difficult to find these modern kitchen cabinets that meet your needs. There are different designers and dealers in different parts of the world that can supply you with bamboo kitchen cabinet. You only need to find cheaper options.

    In order to make you find the best quality kitchen supplier, we’ve listed top10 Chinese kitchen cabinets supplier for your choices. All the information about kitchen cabinet brands are available.


    At George Kitchen, we are all you need for your kitchen needs. We design and manufacture a high-quality bamboo kitchen cabinet. The workshop is based in mainland China, but we can ship our products worldwide. You can contact us for a modern bamboo kitchen cabinet, natural bamboo kitchen cabinet, plywood bamboo kitchen cabinet, or any other kitchen cabinet design. We are ready to meet your specific needs.

    6. How much does it Cost to Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet?

    The cost of a bamboo kitchen cabinet is subject to many different factors. The first factor is the kitchen cabinet style that you want. We have different design styles and ideas, and all have different price tags. The next thing to mention is the size of your kitchen and the design idea that you will choose from our catalog.

    The next and last factor to mention is the shipping fee, which depends on your location and the volumetric weight of the designed cabinet. To reduce the shipping cost, you may receive your cabinets in parts and assemble on-site with the help of a technician.

    To get exactly what it will cost you to install bamboo kitchen cabinet, talk to your chosen supplier, and give the specifications needed to get you a quote. As mentioned, expect to pay more for these bamboo kitchen cabinet than the traditional wood kitchen cabinets.

    Bamboo kitchen cabinets

    7. Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    The ideas for bamboo kitchen cabinet are limitless. The designers will always have something that meets your expectations. This is a broad topic that we are not going to exploit in words.

    The bamboo kitchen cabinet design idea will depend on your personal preferences and the general interior design of your property. To summarize this topic, here is a brief video that explains everything at a glance:

    8. What type of Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet Accessories?

    Properly treated bamboo can be used for making any kitchen hardware. In fact, treated bamboo can be harder than many other hardwoods including cherry, maple, or oak. So, what are these bamboo kitchen cabinet accessories or hardware?

    Here are the answers that you are looking for Kitchen cabinet doors – There are many material options that you can use in the design and manufacture of kitchen cabinet doors.

    On the list, we have natural bamboo, plywood bamboo, carcase material, etc. Carcase materials are specially treated wood board that is resistant to cracking due to nailing, expansion, and contraction due to weather changes, and are stronger. When choosing your bamboo kitchen cabinets, you got to specify the type of material that you need.

    kitchen cabinet doors

    Corner shelves – These are also important kitchen hardware that can be used as an extra storage space. Like any other hardware, you can use natural bamboo or any other preferred material for the same.

    Countertop – This is an area of the kitchen that receives the highest traffic. In many cases, the design does not require woody material. Many modern kitchens incorporate quartz or any other similar material. However, you can deploy carcase material or even bamboo as alternatives.

    One other thing that people consider when choosing material for countertops or other general kitchen hardware is the color. Many people prefer white color or just the natural color of the bamboo kitchen cabinet. All these depend on personal preferences, and your design should consider your taste.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    9. What Factors should you Consider when Buying Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet?

    ① Identify Floor Plan

    The floor plan is a major factor that you need to consider if you want to get the best bamboo kitchen cabinet to fit. The design ideas also depend on the floor plan and size. So, provide this to your supplier for the design of what will match perfectly with your kitchen.

    ② Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    As stated earlier, the budget will determine the bamboo kitchen cabinet design that you will go for. Different styles have different costs. Also, what you intend to use the cabinet for will also determine the type and style of your kitchen cabinet.

    Kitchen cabinet customized design

    ③ Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    Come clear on the material that you want for your bamboo kitchen cabinet. From the floor plan, you can be told the quantity of material needed. Therefore, you can get an accurate quote that you can compare with what you have on the budget. Before placing an order, know the cost of the product and how the manufacturer arrives at that cost.

    ④ Confirm Design

    The wait for your kitchen cabinet can be full of anxiety. But as you wait, do you know how the final product will look like? That is where design confirmation comes in. After providing all the specifications needed, request to see the design from your supplier. It is here where you still have room to make some modifications as necessary.

    ⑤ Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Many suppliers would request the partial payment of the total cost of manufacturing your bamboo kitchen cabinet. However, that is only the case when you go through the design phase as opposed to going for readymade products. This initial payment will assure the manufacturer that you are serious about it.

    ⑥ Bamboo cabinet different finishes

    The most common bamboo kitchen cabinet finishes are blonde and honey. You can choose either a waterborne finish or stained finish. The tone of your cabinets will also vary depending on the type and quantity of the stain applied.

    ⑦ Indoor air quality

    Adhesive and other chemicals are used in the processing of raw bamboo material. These will affect the indoor air quality of your kitchen. Volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde-free materials are better as they don’t affect indoor air quality.

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    In addition to considering the above factors, there are also some problems with kitchen cabinets when importing from China you should take into account, such as issues on quality, shipment and delivery time, installation and etc.

    10. Why Choose George Kitchen Cabinet?

    Choosing to source your bamboo kitchen cabinet from George Kitchen Cabinet is to your advantage. You get to interact with a reliable supplier that delivers nothing less than the quality that you deserve.


    George Kitchen Cabinet is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality bamboo kitchen cabinet. Additionally, you are guaranteed quick turnaround time and transparency of the process. You also get a product that meets your design specifications and within your budget.

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