Project Description

American Villa Projects

  • New York, American
  • 2019

Product Supplied:

Kitchen cabinet, stone and wood, door and window

Technical Support:

On-site measurement, Site supervision, Design & 3D pictures, Installation guidance, Return visit


Marcus is owner of a real estate company from American . He bought some second-hand villa from the American and resold it after renovation.We offered full house solution in this projects.


American Villa

Whole House Building Materials

Focus on the full house design and products such as kitchen cabinets, door and window ,wood flooring, closet, lighting, floor stone ,tiles and etc.

American Villa project

Full House Design

The design is made according to the style of the mountain, because the villa nower prefers the style of the rock and wood

Full House Design

Marcus Review

“I am excited with the whole house that George designer FeiFei team did for me .We were working 10 hours daily, they are capable of an intensive and hard cooperation”


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