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    Benefits of aluminium glass door 

    • Durability: Aluminium is resistant to the elements and does not rust.

    • Cost: Cheaper than timber, aluminium offers the best value for your money. In the long run, thanks to its much longer life and better energy performance

    • Energy efficiency: Good thermal performance with the right glass options.

    • 10 + Years of Manufacturing Experience Factory. High Quality & Affordable Aluminium Glass Doors

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    Aluminium glass door with windows

    Aluminium glass door with windows

    A stylish choice for the interior, these doors combine the strong aluminium frame with the desired see-through quality of glass. In other words, you want a glass door but are worried that it’s too fragile?

    This option offers a reinforced frame with window-like cut-outs so you can still see what’s going on in the other room. They are usually used to give a family-friendly vibe.

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    Aluminium glass front door

    Aluminium glass front door

    As a more modern choice, we have the aluminium glass front door. You want to impress your guests right from the get-go? Look no forward than this classy front door that combines the sturdiness of aluminium and the elegance of glass.

    Usually used in residential or commercial areas, they give a professional first-impression that may just help you get that contract you want.

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    Aluminium glass door

    Aluminium glass kitchen door

    You want to see what your spouse is cooking, but don’t want any steam or vapors to get in the living room? Then this aluminium glass kitchen door is the perfect choice for you. As with this combination in general, modern is the keyword.

    Not only does it looks good, but you also don’t need to worry about the humidity affecting the frame.

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    Aluminium glass doors

    Aluminium sliding glass patio doors

    Coming with different number of panels, these doors are the perfect transition from inside to outside. In a functionality point of view, they combine effortless maneuvering from your point of view and provide security against accidental openings by pets or children.

    For either classic or modern homes, their sleek finish give a feel of openness to your room, letting in light, but keeping any unwanted buzzer outside.

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    Black aluminium internal glass doors

    Black aluminium internal glass doors

    These eye-catchers can find their place in many types of homes. Usually used to transition between living spaces, they are the very definition of modernity. Why black? Because it can fit any design and color palette. Combining black with aluminium, you get a touch of luxury fitting both home and office environments.

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    Aluminium bifold patio doors

    Aluminium bifold patio doors

    This type of doors is perfect for terraces. Do you have a dining table in your terrace and you want to turn that space into a semi-opened one? The bifold patio doors can help you make it look like there are no doors at all in your room.

    They can be folded and grouped together so you can enjoy a nice summer day whenever you want.

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    Aluminium glass swing door

    Aluminium glass swing door

    The classic option, but by no means any less stylish. Combining the qualities of aluminium and glass we’ve mentioned before, the aluminium glass swing door is a great choice for any room.

    They can be placed leading to your kitchen or bathroom for a more modern look to your house. A more inexpensive option if you want to take advantage of the quality these materials offer.

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    Aluminium glass door for sale

    Whether you are looking for interior or exterior doors, you can not go wrong with aluminium glass doors. Usually used in houses on the garden backyard side, these doors offer a nice view of the outside. Whether you want to keep an eye out for your children, or simply want to improve your room’s aesthetics, look no forward then aluminium glass doors. Keeps insects out, don’t rust and, with a strong aluminium frame, they provide the best option when you want to balance functionality and looks.

    Why choose George aluminium glass doors ?

    Having had a look at some of the more popular choices, our site George Buildings offers a wide variety of options regarding material, hardware and sizes. Ideal for both interior and exterior (entry into the garden or patio), our aluminium doors are durable and long-lasting, provide security, offer an open feel to your room by letting in sunlight and many more.

    Smooth opening and closing mechanism for reduced noise, considerable sturdiness given by the aluminium and protection against moisture and mildew. Color-wise, for both aluminium and glass, the available options are different shades of gray, you will be provided with samples to choose from.


    Locks are used to provide security to your house, not necessarily for doors that lead to the outside, as you may want to have a more secure way of dividing your home’s rooms (to prevent pets from entering somewhere for instance). They range from tilt and turn to lift and slide systems, involving hooks, bolts, pins, or others.

    Roller locks can be accessed via pushing, usually meant for commercial spaces, while in private scenarios, latch locks are preferred (entrance via key only). Automatic locks ensure the door is closed when pushed without the need for turning the key. They are usually accompanied with a remote or a button for unlocking.

    Hinges are highly dependant on the type of door, so a discussion should be carried out with your supplier to find the best solution. They can be clearly visible to the user or concealed in some way (as an elegant solution). Usually of cylindrical shapes, they are present in all moving mechanisms in the form of pivots, roller, or screw-fixed hinges.

    Handles are a vital part that offers functionality to the door, as they are the only part regularly in contact with the user. You can opt for the “classic” tilt-type or the lift and slide types. For an additional layer of protection, you may be interested in a Secustic mechanism that does not allow the use of the handle from outside.

    Your aluminium glass door will be customized to fit your preferences, we’ll take into account hardware and accessories, colors, shapes, styles and sizes. For personalized orders, get in contact with one of our representatives or inquire about the design.

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    Aluminium Glass Door Buying Guide

    5 tips to buy aluminium glass doors

    Here are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for an aluminium glass door.

    1.  Quality assurance

    Look for a supplier that guarantees quality, they are usually forced to comply with certain quality standards made by certification or inspection agencies. They usually offer high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

    2.  Insulation

    Ask about to what extent can the door offer insulation. You would prefer that during winter, heat would remain trapped inside and during the summer, the door wouldn’t conduct too much heat into the interior. High-quality doors can achieve this to some extent. Do not expect full insulation capabilities.

    3.  Price

    Compare different suppliers and choose the one that you think combines affordable pricing with quality products. Check out reviews, chances are other people have already worked with your supplier, so read or ask them about their experiences.

    4.  Accessories

    Inform yourself about the accessories that come with the package. Serious suppliers offer enough of them for the full installation of your door, others may not. Besides the hinges, handles and rollers, everything should be fixed in place, inspect for any wobbling pieces. Locks are almost always included in the package, ask about their locking mechanism and make sure it is secure enough for your needs.

    5.  Warranty

    Ask or read about the warranty. This is usually a way to determine the quality of the craftsmanship. Suppliers should have no problems offering many years warranties (10+) if the quality is good enough since they know there wouldn’t be any problems with the product.

    These are all the tips we wanted to share with you. If you have any questions, or there’s any way we can help you decide the best aluminium glass door for you, do not hesitate to ask, our representatives are always happy to help.

    Aluminium glass door with windows

    How much do aluminium glass doors cost?

    As much as we would like to give you precise information in this area, prices can vary quite a lot depending on the style of door and, more importantly, size. You can expect anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands, for larger patio doors. You can keep in mind the price of around

    1000$ for a 1.9Hx0.8 m glass door, but as we mentioned, additional costs will apply according to your needs, for example installation costs, additional security mechanisms and even color palette can have an impact on the overall cost.

    The only way to be sure is to discuss it with your supplier and explain your situation, preferences and budget limits, since they may suggest some areas where you can cut expenses.

    Aluminium glass door

    Vinyl VS Aluminium glass door

    A rising competitor for aluminium glass doors has taken shape in the form of vinyl. It is a plastic- based material being almost as strong as aluminium but lighter. They tend to not transfer heat as much as aluminium does (but do not act as complete heat insulators) and usually have thicker frames. By extension, this would mean wider tracks for sliding doors, if that is your choice.

    However, aluminium doors have been on the market for longer and has built up a deserved reputation of sturdiness and do not require upkeep for many years (besides the occasional wash). They are usually thinner and have a smaller track width than their vinyl counterparts. This is a relevant point, as many houseowners want to manage their space as efficiently as possible.But it may not be particularly important for you if you are not interested in managing your space this way or simply have big enough space.

    Aluminium does not rust, so you can expect many years of continuous usage, while vinyl can degrade over time.

    Both materials are pretty secure, so in this area, it generally comes down to the type of lock you use. Aluminium is on the more expensive side of the spectrum while vinyl is cheaper.

    Black aluminium internal glass doors

    Are aluminium glass door secure?

    Aluminium is one of the strongest materials on the market when used for windows and doors manufacturing, a proof of this is that it can support large glass panels which can weigh quite a lot. Regarding the glass, burglars usually avoid smashing it because of the obvious reason: it causes a lot of noise. You can, however opt for laminated glass which would make it harder to smash and would provide time to act in case of such event.

    So, in terms of physical capabilities, those kinds of doors are quite sturdy and are a great choice in terms of security. Locks, however, play the most important role in your house’s security. There are many types, depending on the door and your budget. General advice we’d give you when choosing a locking mechanism is to make sure that the door is tightly secured in more than one place.

    Aluminium glass doors

    The best aluminium glass door

    This is, of course, a subjective idea, as each of us will have a preference regarding style, color and so on. The best way to profit from an aluminium glass door is to use it to separate your kitchen or living space from the garden or patio. This will give you a unique feeling of openness, bring in nature and make your kids and pets happy. Our preferred design is the aluminium bi-fold patio doors which will maximize the effects we’ve talked about earlier.

    In terms of size, you must make it fits your space perfectly and you take into account both the closed and opened stances.


    The following are some of the most demanded colors in the industry. We hope you can find the one perfect for you, and do not forget, your house, your rules!

    Black – for an additional elegant and modern look, it fits most balconies doors. White – it never goes out of style, preferred for doors that lead to the backyard. Brown or wood-colored – possibly the most popular choice, it can fit anywhere from office doors to homerooms. It gives off a touch of professionalism and luxury.

    Aluminium glass swing door

    Where to buy aluminium glass door in China?

    A wide variety of door styles are available here. We recommend that you inquire first about your desired style, color and size so our representatives can help you chose what’s best for you. Aluminium patio doors are a popular choice among our clients, so you may want to take a look at them. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional details.

    There are manufactures and markets in China that you can get to purchase aluminium glass door from.

    Kitchen Cabinet Market

    Sourcing Agents

    Trade Shows


    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China

    door and window logo list

    How to install aluminium glass door step by step

    Here’s a short guide to help you install your door, in case you chose to do it yourself. We recommend bringing in experts if you’ve ordered doors with more complex mechanisms or if you’re having trouble.

    1)    Measurements

    You need a measuring tape, a marker and a scale. Measure each side of the door-openings and note down your results. Mark the exact center point of where the door will be installed.

    2)    Install the frame

    Mount the frame within the allocated interior space (you’ve already ordered and talked without representatives so the dimensions should match) with the help of screws. Be extremely careful in your handling of the glass, depending on its size, it may be susceptible to cracking.

    3)    Install the hinges

    Take into account the measurements you’ve made before and match them with your supplier’s recommended ones for positioning the hinges. Fix them with screws.

    4)    Fix the door

    You need glue, screws and a hammer. Take your door an place it inside the frame (dimensions are predetermined so there shouldn’t be any problems here). Once it is fixed in place, screw the joints and use the glue.

    5)    Wait for the glue to dry

    Unless otherwise specified by the supplier, we recommend you wait a day for the glue to dry (if possible), just to be safe. After that, clean the door for any dust or dirt that may have accumulated.

    Pros and cons of aluminium glass door


    Let’s have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of this type of door Pros:

    • Durability, strength and stability;
    • Blend well in most environments;
    • Eye-pleasing finish;
    • Function well under changes in temperature and weather;
    • Relatively easy to find;


    • Relatively more expensive than other options;
    • Require previous knowledge and familiarity when installing;
    • May stain with water. This does not mean that they’ll let water in, just that you may need to clean them from time to time to remove those unsightly marks;
    Aluminium bifold patio doors

    Why choose George:

    Intelligent Manufacturing 


    High Production Capacity & Flexibility 

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    One-stop Shop kitchen cabinets


    Aluminium glass door have been here for ages, but are still very common in many homes and luxurious commercial property. You can consider them to gain from the very many benefits that come with them. Despite the high installation cost, the benefits outweigh that in the long run. You can invest in Aluminium glass door to cushion your monthly energy bills and to have a quiet indoor life.

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