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48×48 Window | 4×4 Window | 4ft by 4ft Window

48×48 windows are square windows that have a width of 48 inches and a height of 48 inches for rough opening.
They may also be known as 4×4 windows because they measure 4 feet in width and 4 feet in height. Feet may also be expressed in terms of 4’x4’. They are all the same size of window. If you hear someone say, “48 by 48 window,” they also mean 48×48 window.

48×48 Window Overview at George Buildings

48x48 Black casement window48x48 Black casement window

48×48 Black Color Fiberglass Casement Window

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48 by 48 Rough Opening Square Window48 by 48 Rough Opening Square Window

48 by 48 Rough Opening Square Window

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48x48 aluminum sliding window48x48 aluminum sliding window

48×48 Aluminum Sliding Window without Grids

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48x48 double hung window48x48 double hung window

48×48 Double Hung Replacement Window

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48x48 picture window48x48 picture window

48×48 Double Glazed Picture Window

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48x48 vinyl double hung window48x48 vinyl double hung window

48 x 48 Vinyl Double Hung Window

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48x48 sliding window48x48 sliding window

48×48 White Vinyl Slider Window

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48x48 awning window48x48 awning window

4×4 uPVC Awning Window

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48x48 steel casement window48x48 steel casement window

48×48 Tripled Glazed Steel Casement Window

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48x48 tempered glass sliding window48x48 tempered glass sliding window

48×48 Tempered Glass Sliding Window

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48×48 Window: Specifications

Rough Opening Dimensions48”W x 48”H
Frame Height47-1/2 inches
Frame Width47-1/2 inches
Frame Depth3-1/4 inches
Frame MaterialVinyl/Aluminum/Wood…
Exterior Color/FinishWhite/Black…
Interior Color/FinishWhite/Gray/Bronze…
Hardware Color/FinishBlack/Brown/Champage…
Project TypeNew construction/replacement
Glazing TypeSingle pane/double pane
Glass ChoiceArgon Gas/Low-E
Hurricane Approved
Sound Transmission Control(STC) Rated
Manufacturer WarrantyAccidental glass breakage warranty; Limited lifetime

George Buildings: Your Affordable 48×48 Window Manufacuturer

George is a leading provider for amazing windows that will give you only excellence in every step of your project. With the utmost care given to every customer to assure satisfaction, George strives to make you happy with your home. Here at George, everyone works hard to ensure that only quality products are delivered to you. Our products always stand up to industry standards.

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48×48 Window: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a 48×48 window?

A 48×48 window costs $50 to $175. Of course, this depends on the choice of material you select for your window frames. That’s not all. The window price is also affected by the design of the window. Would you like a single-hung, double-hung, casement, stained glass, or replacement window? Contact us for a FREE QUICK quote on your windows.

2. What factors affect the cost of 48×48 windows?

Many factors should be considered when calculating the cost of 48×48 windows. While this figure only reflects the dimensions of a frame, things like glass type may increase the price of the window. Other factors include;

  • High-end brands vs low-end brand
  • Window type
  • Window frame type
  • Window glass
  • Local labor rates
  • Changes by location
  • Demand in the area

The type of window and demand in the area may affect the rate at which you get your 48×48 windows for a building.

48x48 window cost

3. Can I negotiate 48×48 windows price?

Yes. If you are buying in bulk, there is a high chance that you will be eligible for a discount. Some discounts are applied automatically, but it is best to contact a representative to negotiate a better offer.

4. Do you have any certificate for your 48×48 window products?

George Buildings offers the following certificates for windows:


5. How do I know what window size I need? Is 48×48 window size right for my house?

There are quite a few steps to help you understand what window size you need for your house. If you are installing new windows, you will have to work with your builder to get the dimensions for the window. If remodeling, you will need to measure the original opening of your windows.

Here are some things to keep in mind to determine if 48 by 48 windows are ideal for you.

  • Height from the floor

For windows to be functional, the windows should be at least 24 inches from the floor. This is a clause from the International Residential Code (IRC). According to these specifications, you should be able to look out of the window while sitting on your bed or a chair.

  • Height from the ceiling

Like the height from the floor, windows should also be placed at a height that allows for the dispersal of enough natural light. Too much space from the ceiling to the window head will result in poor architecture or lack of light to the ceiling.

  • Window design

The size of your windows also depends on the design style you are aiming for. Keep in mind that this is the size of the frame of the window and not the glass. This size adds up to a square frame, which can be split into 2 or more rectangular sliding glass windows.

After carefully considering these factors, you can finally determine whether to purchase 48 by 48 windows.

6. What are the advantages of 48×48 windows?

Why should you choose 48×48 (4’x4’) windows? There are a few advantages of this window size. Let’s take a look.

  • 48×48 windows allow you to choose from different window types, including single-hung, double-hung, sliding, and casement windows.
  • 48×48 windows are larger than the average window and allow lots of natural light to enter the room.
  • 48×48 windows offer more options for insulation and ventilation.
advantages of 48x48 window

7. Are replacement windows sized the same as new construction windows?

Replacement windows are designed to replace old windows in your already existing home. They are specially ordered based on the measurements of your old window frame. Then, they are installed from the inside of the house.

Construction windows are designed for new homes. Due to their nail-fin frame architecture, these windows can be nailed directly onto the home’s framing. Although they are ideal for new homes, you can use construction windows if the siding on your old windows is badly damaged.

So, to answer the question: No, replacement windows are not the same size as construction windows. They may offer a smaller view because they will have to be fixed into an already existing window frame. On the other hand, a new construction window will provide more space to look outside, hence a bigger view.

8. Does George Buildings have other window sizes to choose from?

Yes, there are almost 30 size varieties of windows to choose from George Buildings. Here are some of the window sizes offered.

  • 36×36 windows

These square-shaped windows measure 36 inches in both length and height.

  • 36×72 windows

These are rectangular portrait windows that measure 36 inches by length and 72 inches by height.

  • 36×48 windows

These rectangular windows measure 36 inches by length and 48 inches by height.

  • 48×60 windows

Another common window type, this rectangular window measures 48 inches in length and 60 inches in height.

  • 30×60 windows

A smaller window size, this window measures 30 inches by length and 60 inches by height.

9. How do you pack and ship 48×48 windows?

Importing windows from China is a great idea if you want to open yourself to more options for design and material. George Buildings packs windows using robust and protective materials that ensure the safety of your windows. These materials include foam, wood, cardboard, and bubble wrap. Using these protective materials along with the proper arrangement of the frames or glass ensures that they don’t break, crack, or chip.

48x48 packing & packing

To ship your windows from China, you will need to hire a shipping company or a customs broker. Note that shipping fees do not include container cost, wharf fee, clearance charges, and other charges incurred during international shipping.

However, hiring a customs broker means you may not have to go through all those processes yourself. All you will have to do is check up with them to track your shipment. A customs broker is ideal for people who have little to no prior experience in international shipping.

10. Do your 48×48 windows come with a warranty?

George Buildings products come with a warranty of up to 5 years. If you file a warranty claim for your windows, we will evaluate the faulty parts and determine whether to repair or replace them. We reserve the right to replace defective products or parts with replacements of equal or greater value, promptly and professionally.

11. Can you show me 48×48 windows manufacturing process?

George Buildings utilizes automatic and intelligent machinery that performs highly accurate functions to produce high-quality 48 by 48 windows. The materials used for these windows are sourced from trusted manufacturers. We also make sure to meet strict international standards for quality and environmental preservation.

12. What window cleaning tips you will give me?

Maintaining the upkeep of your windows will ensure a longer life and fewer problems from damage or mold. Here are some window cleaning tips.

  • Avoid using glass cleaner solutions that contain ammonia or alcohol.
  • For stubborn stains, you may consider acetone or rubbing alcohol.
  • Do not use a razor or sharp blade to scrape off stains.
  • It is better to use soft, lint-free materials to clean windows.
  • A micro-fiber cloth or a simple kitchen towel will be great too.

13. Where can I import the quality 48×48 windows in China?

Have no idea where to import windows from China? Looking to buying quality 48×48 window(4×4 window) from China? Can not tell from the good window manufacturers?

Here are some renowed 48×48 window manufacturers in China for your choice:

  1. Foshan George Windows Co.Ltd
  2. Qingdao Jiaye Doors and Windows Co. Ltd
  3. Qingdao Keddy Glass Co., Ltd.
  4. Prima Industry Co., Ltd
  5. Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co. Ltd
  6. Huangshi Mega Commodity Co., Ltd.

Click and know more the top 10 window manufacturers list in China, maybe you will be intereted in.

top 10 window and door manufacturer in China

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