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36×48 Window | 36 by 48 Window | 3×4 Window

A 36×48 window is a seemingly square window, which possesses a width of 36 inches and a height of 48 inches. This window type is often double hinged, making it ideal for a series of locations in a building.

It’s also worth noting that installing 38×48 windows in your building presents a few noticeable advantages: increased ventilation, energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements/cost, and durability (more than ten years). It’s a modern, high-quality window available at a worthwhile price.

36×48 Window | 36 by 48 Window | 3×4 Window: Overview

36 x 48 Metal Picture Window36 x 48 Metal Picture Window

36 x 48 Metal Picture Window

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36x48 Black Slider Window36x48 Black Slider Window

36×48 Black Slider Window

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36x48 uPVC Double-Hung Window36x48 uPVC Double-Hung Window

36×48 uPVC Double-Hung Window

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3x4 White Sliding Vinyl Window3x4 White Sliding Vinyl Window

3×4 White Sliding Vinyl Window

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36 by 48 Aluminum Frame Window with Grids36 by 48 Aluminum Frame Window with Grids

36 by 48 Aluminum Frame Window with Grids

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36x48 White Vinyl Single Hung Window36x48 White Vinyl Single Hung Window

36×48 White Vinyl Single Hung Window

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36x48 Single-Hung Replacement Window36x48 Single-Hung Replacement Window

36×48 Single-Hung Replacement Window 

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36x48 Clear Insulated Glass Sliding Window36x48 Clear Insulated Glass Sliding Window

36×48 Clear Insulated Glass Sliding Window 

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36x48 Casement Window with Screen36x48 Casement Window with Screen

36×48 Casement Window with Screen

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36x48 Double Pane Impact Window36x48 Double Pane Impact Window

36×48 Double Pane Impact Window

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36x48 Bronze Awning Window36x48 Bronze Awning Window

36×48 Bronze Awning Window

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36x48 Inch Fixed Window36x48 Inch Fixed Window

36×48 Inch Fixed Window

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36x48 Vinyl Crank Out Window36x48 Vinyl Crank Out Window

36×48 Vinyl Crank Out Window

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36×48 Window: Specifications

Rough Opening Dimensions36”W x 48”H
Frame Height35-1/2 inches
Frame Width47-1/2 inches
Frame Depth3-1/4 inches
Frame MaterialVinyl/Aluminum/Wood…
Exterior Color/FinishWhite/Black…
Interior Color/FinishWhite/Gray/Bronze…
Hardware Color/FinishBlack/Brown/Champage…
Project TypeNew construction/replacement
Glazing TypeSingle pane/double pane
Glass ChoiceArgon Gas/Low-E
Hurricane Approved
Sound Transmission Control(STC) Rated
Manufacturer WarrantyAccidental glass breakage warranty; Limited lifetime

36×48 Window: Optional Accessories

36×48 window shades

Window shades are very soft window accessories made of lightweight materials attached to a continuous roll to cover a large portion of the window opening. These materials fit perfectly over the 36 x 48 Window and can be drawn up by cords or wrapping devices.

Note that many types of window shades are designed for different purposes, and they include roller shades, cellular shades, wooden wood shades, solar shades, and many more.

36×48 window blinds

Similar to shades, window blinds are a type of window covering made up of horizontal slats. However, unlike shades made of soft materials like fabric, blinds are made of hard items like wood, metal, or plastic.

These hard materials are held together by sturdy cords and are commonly purchased by people to control light and improve their privacy quality. It’s a common item in most homes for avoiding external distractions while working or studying.

36×48 window curtains

Curtains are a common window accessory in most homes, offices, and other buildings. They obstruct viewing outside the building and controlling the color and amount of sunlight that enters the room.

Besides light manipulation, curtains – usual ones with thicker material – possess better sound absorption meaning noisy neighbors can’t fully disturb your peace.

36×48 window screen

The window screen is a protective material mostly made of fiberglass that keeps inside the building free of things like incoming insects, baseballs, stones, and even a deterrent for burglars.

If you desire fresh air without obstruction above all things, then a screen isn’t for you, but on the other hand, if you want to reduce the risk of pests infesting your house or objects crashing into your home, consider getting one.

36x48 window blinds
36x48 window curtains
36x48 window screen
36x48 window shades

36×48 Window: Frequently Asked Questions

While this article aims to provide sufficient information on 36×48 windows, the chances are that you have a question that needs answering. For this reason, we present this FAQ section to settle some inquiries asked by previous buyers.

These include:

1. What are the benefits of choosing 36×48 windows for my home?

  • Design capabilities

The design of 36×48 windows is worth installing in your home as they give it a modern look that’s difficult to replicate. In fact, modern homes incorporate their structures as they make the building look more contemporary and trendy. It’s the component you need to achieve the look.

  • Impact strength

Surely, the impact strength of any window depends on the thickness, with toughened glass having a thickness of 4mm. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that manufacturers make these 36×48 Windows handle above-average impact without breakage.

*Note: if the thickness is what you desire, opting for double-glazed 36×48 Windows is a great move.

  • Durability

People commonly associate glass with shattering as the slightest impact can crumble its entire structure. However, the impact strength isn’t the only factor regarding durability, as the window’s clarity and transparency are equally important. Fortunately, 36×48 Windows excel in both categories as they are both sturdy and remain clear for several years.

  • Color Stability

36×48 Windows are available in a variety of tints to aid your hole decoration and accomplish your vision. Also, unlike cheaper options, 36×48 Windows possess impressive color stability, meaning they don’t change color – like turning purple – due to degradation. They are durable and deliver as promised.

benefits of choosing 36x48 windows
  • Weather resistance

Low-quality windows aren’t only popular for poor transparency and failing to prevent water from seeping into the building. However, with the modern design structure of 36×48 Windows, you can expect regular rain to stay away from your rug, bed, and other items.

  • Eco-friendliness

Besides keeping you safe from external factors outside your home, 36×48 Windows are eco-friendly, meaning that their frames are built of environmentally friendly materials like wood, metal, fiberglass, vinyl, and composites. These items are recyclable and degradable and present zero adverse effects during the process.

  • Insulation & savings

It’s worth noting that 36×48 Windows can help reduce the sound entering your room from outside and drop the temperature. The former is done by vibrating less, thereby further propagating the audio, while the latter is done by regulating and even deflecting sunlight through its surface and tints.

  • Minimal maintenance

The cost of cleaning and maintaining 36×48 Windows is low as the glass allows for quick cleaning with a damp cloth. There will be no need for harsh chemicals to remove stains, and the windows have no pores to hold debris in place.

2. Can a 36×48 window be used in the kitchen?

36×48 Windows work perfectly as kitchen windows since the three standard window sizes for kitchens include ones with a width ranging 24 to 96 inches and a height of 12 to 96 inches. This requirement mostly gives the proper kitchen ventilation as the room often becomes hot during intense cooking.

However, ensure your window fits perfectly with a 36×48 Window as your purchase may end up looking too big or too small for your kitchen.

3. How much does a 36×48 window cost?

According to online vendors, the amount needed to acquire a 36×48 window ranges from $70 to $200. However, this price may change due to the manufacturer, type of glass that you desire, and many more. If you desire a quote, visit George Buildings to get a more accurate answer.

4. What factors affect the cost of 36×48 windows?

As previously mentioned, the cost of a window isn’t fixed as it fluctuates between $70 to $200 due to specific factors. These factors include:

  • High-end Brand vs. Low-end Brand

The cost of buying a product of regular value from a high-end manufacturer will rise, merely due to the company’s name, compared to a low-end corporation. This inflation is due to the company already being validated by the market, giving buyers an unspoken guarantee that their purchase is without flaws.

  • Window Type

Window type is another factor determining the price as you may prefer double-hinged windows to single ones or casement over the awning. These requests are over the average order in the market and will result in a price increase.

  • Window Frame

It’s important to consider the frame type when requesting a 36 by 48 Window as this factor will influence the price. There are currently five different window types: ones made with aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood.

  • Window Glass

Like window frames, the glass comes in different types, and they include annealed, toughened, laminated, float, insulated, obscured, and low-E glass. They each come with their benefits and price tag.

  • Local Labor Rates

The last considerable factor is the company’s labor rate, as combining these materials is different than merely acquiring them. High-end company’s charge more for labor than low-end companies, but products from the former are guaranteed to be of absolute quality.

36x48 window cost

5. Can I negotiate a 36 x 48 window price?

Negotiation is possible with buying a good 36 by 48 Window from both high and low-end manufactures, especially when you’re buying bulk. Bulk purchase mostly attracts discounts and bonuses, but if you’re buying a few or a single glass, don’t be afraid to haggle despite their impressive sales pitch and price tag.

6. How to cover 36 x 48 window?

The optional windows accessories section emphasized four potential window covers: blinds, shades, curtains, and screens. Each possesses their unique qualities and are ideal for controlling how much light enters your building.

7. Do you have any certificates for your 36 x 48 window products?

George Buildings offers the following certificates for purchasing our high-quality 36×48 windows.

  • NFRC
  • SGS
  • Intertek
  • CE
  • ISO9001

8. Are replacement windows sized the same as new construction windows?

The difference between a new construction (standard size) window and a replacement (customer size) window is definite. Replacement windows are made specifically to replace an old window in your building and are created based on the dimension of that space.

On the other hand, construction windows are designed for new buildings, and due to their nail-fin architecture, you can nail them into the home’s framing.

Even if both windows appear to be the same size, construction windows aren’t built for instant installation for where a previous window existed; it needs to be customized.

9. How do you pack and ship 36×48 windows?

At George Buildings, we fortify purchases with protective materials that ensure they stay safe from potential factors that could damage the item. The packaging may include wood, foam, bubble wraps, and even cardboard, as they are ideal for preventing breakages during transportation.

As for shipping from China, you’ll need to hire a shipping company or customs broker to complete this task. However, the latter option is worthwhile as they help you tackle factors like wharf fee, clearance charges, container cost, and other international shipping issues.

10. Do your 36×48 windows come with a warranty?

George Buildings prides itself in producing high-quality windows that result in little to no customer complaints. However, if issues may arise, our 5-year warranty will allow you to return the item, have us perform an analysis, and determine whether it is replaceable.

If the affected product needs replacement, George Buildings will proceed with rectifying equal or greater value with no hassle on your end.

11. Can you show me the 36 x 48 window manufacturing process?

We employ modern technology with sophisticated mechanics to produce these products with high accuracy and zero errors. It’s also worth noting the materials for manufacturing are collected from reliable sources, which also meet international safety and environmental standards.

Below is the process of crafting 36×48 windows:

12. Where can I import the quality 36×48 windows in China?

George Buildings is a reliable vendor of high-end 36×48 windows to the global market and can handle your bulk orders efficiently. However, if you desire more corporations to expand your options, below are six of the most reliable brands so far.

They include:

  • Foshan George Windows Co.Ltd
  • Qingdao Jiaye Doors and Windows Co. Ltd
  • Qingdao Keddy Glass Co., Ltd.
  • Prima Industry Co., Ltd
  • Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co. Ltd
  • Huangshi Mega Commodity Co., Ltd

13. What window cleaning tips will you give me?

Cleaning. Your window is essential for its longevity as well-maintained glasses look more transparent and possess little to no stains. If you desire some surefire cleaning tips, these below can help you.

  • Avoid using glass cleaner solutions that contain ammonia or alcohol.
  • consider using acetone or rubbing alcohol for stubborn stains
  • Do not use a razor or sharp blade to scrape off stains.
  • It is better to use soft, lint-free materials to clean windows.
  • A micro-fiber cloth or a simple kitchen towel is ideal for cleaning the window surface.

14. Do you provide any 36 x48 window installation instructions?

Aside from providing high-quality 36 by 48 windows, George Windows will make the installation process easier by providing our recommended method. However, we recommend getting a professional to install the item to prevent breakage and other costly mistakes.

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