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36×24 Window | 36 by 24 Window | 3×2 Window

A 3×2 window is a standard size, pre-designed window measuring 32 inches wide and 24 inches high. The dimensions translate to 3 feet in width and 2 feet in height, the reason why they are also called 3×2 windows. They usually fit in rough openings measuring 35.75×23.75 or 35.5×23.5, meaning they are ¼ or ½ inches smaller.

Choosing a 3×2 window is better than going for a customized size because it is a standard one. With standardization comes economies of scale, which leads to lower market prices for 36×24 windows.

36×24 Window: Features

  • Maintenance-free – You are relieved of regular painting and other window maintenance tasks since the vinyl material is resistant to fading, chipping, or peeling, usually caused by weather changes.
  • Energy-efficient – Made of low-E glass that reduces the overall energy consumption, thereby cushioning your utility bills. The weather strip around it also seals the window.
  • Easy installation – The 3×2 window is designed with a nail flange for easy attachment to the frame of the house.
  • Easy cleaning and operation – Designed with features that make it easy to clean and operate. You do not have to use effort.
  • Robust design and build – Fusion-welding technology seals all lines of weaknesses and leak points, making it more energy-efficient, strong, and durable.
36x24 window - features

36×24 Window | 36 by 24 Window | 3×2 Window: Overview

1. 36x24 White Vinyl Picture Window1. 36x24 White Vinyl Picture Window

36×24 White Vinyl Picture Window

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9. 36x24 Awning Window9. 36x24 Awning Window

36×24 Awning Window 

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7. 36x24 Black Aluminum Window 7. 36x24 Black Aluminum Window 

36×24 Black Aluminum Window

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12. 36x24 White Color Window with Grids12. 36x24 White Color Window with Grids

36×24 White Color Window with Grids

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3. 36x24 uPVC Frosted Window3. 36x24 uPVC Frosted Window

36×24 uPVC Frosted Window

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8. 36x24 Black Shed Window8. 36x24 Black Shed Window

36×24 Black Shed Window

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6. 36x24 Casement Window with Grids6. 36x24 Casement Window with Grids

36×24 Casement Window with Grids

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2. 36 x 24 Vinyl Crank Out Window2. 36 x 24 Vinyl Crank Out Window

36 x 24 Vinyl Crank Out Window

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10. 36x24 Black Vinyl Slider Window10. 36x24 Black Vinyl Slider Window

36×24 Black Vinyl Slider Window

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11. 36x24 Window with Mesh Screen11. 36x24 Window with Mesh Screen

36×24 Window with Mesh Screen

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5. 36x24 Dual Pane Insulated Awning Window5. 36x24 Dual Pane Insulated Awning Window

36×24 Dual Pane Insulated Awning Window

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4. 36 x 24 Aluminum Frame Sliding Window4. 36 x 24 Aluminum Frame Sliding Window

36 x 24 Aluminum Frame Sliding Window

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36×24 Window: Specifications

Rough Opening Dimensions36”W x 24”H
Frame Height35-1/2 inches
Frame Width23-1/2 inches
Frame Depth3-1/4 inches
Frame MaterialVinyl/Aluminum/Wood…
Exterior Color/FinishWhite/Black…
Interior Color/FinishWhite/Gray/Bronze…
Hardware Color/FinishBlack/Brown/Champage…
Project TypeNew construction/replacement
Glazing TypeSingle pane/double pane
Glass ChoiceArgon Gas/Low-E
Hurricane Approved
Sound Transmission Control(STC) Rated
Manufacturer WarrantyAccidental glass breakage warranty; Limited lifetime

36×24 Window: Optional Accessories

36×24 window screen

It is a healthy routine to open all windows every morning to let in the fresh air. However, this makes unwanted outside elements, such as dust, insects, leaves, etc., get into the house. That is why you need a 3×2 window screen to filter air as it rushes into the house.

36×24 window blinds

Window blinds are ideal for adding style, controlling light, and enhancing privacy. Get one for your 3×2 window to enjoy the benefits. Be in charge of your house.

36×24 window shade

Many windows are best paired with the right shade. Window shades are very beneficial, and you can add them for style, energy, privacy, temperature control, and light. Get an appropriate 3×2 window shade to complete the interior design.

30 x 54 window blinds

36×24 Window: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of choosing 36×24 windows for my home?

  • Design capabilities – Having many window design options helps you achieve your design with ease. Whether you like contemporary, rustic, or anything in between, 3×2 window style is all you need. There are different finishes for your design.
  • Impact strength – With a high impact strength glass and frame material, your window will no doubt be stronger. It can withstand straining forces without deforming or breaking.
  • Durability – A 3×2 window is very durable. It is mainly made of vinyl material, which can resist degradation factors such as rusting and corrosion.
  • Weather resistance – Buy a 3×2 window that is weatherproof. Do not let hot summers or cold winters bother you because these windows are designed to adapt to different conditions and protect you against storms.
  • Color stability – One of the remarkable features of the 3×2 window is that it can maintain its sparkling color for many years, relieving you from frequent repainting.
  • Eco-friendliness – Save mother nature by choosing windows made from renewable and recyclable materials. These windows help in conserving the environment for future posterity.
  • Insulation & savings – The windows are completely sealed and insulated to control the internal temperature and help you save energy.
  • Minimal maintenance – Cleaning is the only routine task you need to do for your windows, and that you only do it when the window panes are stained.
benefits of choosing 36x24 window

2. What is the standard size of a window?

Windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some people prefer customized window sizes to be unique, but they also have to pay extra for that. Choosing a standard window size has both immediate and long-term advantages. First, you save on the cost. Secondly, you will be able to replace it easily in the future should there be a need. But what are 0the standard sizes?

Different window types have varying window standard sizes. For example, a double-hung window can have a width ranging from 24-48 inches and a height from 36-72 inches. As you can see, this combination can result in many window sizes.

At George Buildings, we have many different standard window sizes to choose from. On the list, we have 48×48, 36×24, 72×48, 36×36, 30×30, 36×72, etc. The first value represents the width, while the last represents the height in inches.

3. How do I know what window size I need? Is 36×24 window size right for my house?

It is easy to know the right window size if you already the dimensions of your house and individual room. The standards recommend that there should be at least 24 inches of space from the floor to the bottom part of your window. You should also leave a considerable space from the ceiling to the top frame of the window to allow enough light into the room.

The width of a window is guided by the width of the room and other structural specifications that may not be known to you. You can then settle on the right window size after considering all the factors and whether to choose a 3×2 window or not.

4. How much is a standard size window?

The cost of a standard size window is expressed per square feet, and this value depends on many things that we may not exploit. You have to consider window design, frame material, type of glass, finishing, among others.

The cost of the window may also vary from region to region, depending on the customs duties. You can pay $200 per window on the lower end and up to $1,800 on the higher end.

5. How much is a 36 x 24 window?

A 3×2 window has an area of about 0.557 sq. meters. This value is crucial when you are computing the cost of windows for your next project.

Based on the material, a thermal break aluminum frame window has a market price of between $72.5 and $325, and a wooden one goes for a price from $ 195.5 to $ 585 per square meter. You can save by choosing vinyl material for the frames since they are priced between $ 60 and $ 289 per square meter.

6. What factors affect the cost of the 36×24 window?

High-end brands vs low-end brands – Most of the classy things are expensive. If you do not need to join the big boys club, then you can save by buying a low-end 3×2 window for your house.

Window type – When designing your house, you can choose to go for a double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, bay, or tilt and turn window types. Your choice will affect the final cost you will have to pay to carry the window home.

Window frame type – The commonly used window frames are aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl. Again, you will have to choose the frame, depending on what you have on the budget. Wood is the most expensive, while vinyl is affordable, with the rest in between.

Window glass – Glass pane for a 3×2 window can be described as double pane, soundproof, energy-efficient, argon gas-filled, or low-E. Each of these descriptive terms adds to the cost of your window. The more terms used, the more you will pay for your window.

Local labor rates – Installation costs should be at least one to worry you if you are a DIYer. But it is a big problem if you have to outsource services since it will increase the cost of your window. The labor charges vary depending on location and demand.

36x24 window cost

7. Can I negotiate a 3×2 window price?

Yes, it is possible to buy a 3×2 window at a price lower than the indicated one. At George Buildings, we appreciate our customers by offering discounts to wholesalers and those with special projects. Feel free to contact our support team to find out what you will have to pay for your order.

8. What is the cheapest window?

The prices of windows are dependent on the window size, type, frame, and glass, as already discussed. If you are operating within a tight budget, you can consider going for small windows and vinyl frames. A 3×2 window should be an ideal choice since it is neither too small nor too big. You might also need to consider a simpler window design.

9. How can I cover the 36 x 24 window?

Dressing windows has taken the center stage in homes and commercial decorations. You cover windows for various reasons, one of them being privacy. A 36 x 24 window is no different. Use either screen, shed, curtain, or any other thing to achieve what you want. Get creative with anything you can lay your hands on.

10. Do you have any certificates for your 36×24 window products?

George Buildings is an international company based in China and operates according to international standards. As proof of compliance, we have the following certifications:

  • NFRC
  • SGS
  • Intertek
  • CE
  • ISO9001

11. Do your 36×24 windows come with a warranty?

Every product from George Buildings is covered by a 5-year warranty. Just contact us if you experience any problem with our windows and we will be there to look into it. The failed part can be repaired or replaced as necessary by our experts.

12. How do you pack and ship 36×24 windows?

Packaging is our top priority to ensure that every window part gets to the customer safely. We use only approved packaging materials that have given us remarkable results over the years. Your package will arrive in one piece because we have ensured it through shockproof packaging.

13. Can you show me the 36 x 24 window manufacturing process?

Our window manufacturing is a series of processes that we cannot exploit in this short post. We are, however, pleased to inform you that we use state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge technology in the production of a 3×2 window. The video below is a summary of the process.

14. Where can I import the quality 36 x 24 windows in China?

Do you want to import windows from China for the first time? Did you have a bad experience who your previous supplier? George Buildings sales team is at your service. We have been in the industry for decades and have recorded 100% customer satisfaction.

There are many window manufacturers in China, but here is the list of the top companies:

  1. Foshan George Windows Co.Ltd
  2. Qingdao Jiaye Doors and Windows Co. Ltd
  3. Qingdao Keddy Glass Co., Ltd.
  4. Prima Industry Co., Ltd
  5. Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory (Group) Co. Ltd
  6. Huangshi Mega Commodity Co., Ltd.

15. What window cleaning tips you will give me?

Maintain your windows by using only the recommended cleaning agents and methods. Using acetone or rubbing alcohol is ideal and only remember to use soft and lint-free materials. A micro-fiber cloth or a kitchen towel can also do, but never use sharp objects to remove stubborn stains. Also, alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners are a no.

16. How to install a 36×24 window?

A 3×2 window installation is a straightforward process for DIYers. If you are not experienced in doing home improvement projects, then we recommend hiring a professional at a fee. You can check out more information on how to install a new window or a replacement window to gauge your expertise.

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Best Window Manufacturer in China: George Buildings

We have been the preferred window manufacturing company in China because of the following reasons:

  • A wide window selection
  • Good warranties
  • Excellent window quality and efficiency
  • Custom window products
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Operable installation guide
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