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36 x 36 Window | 36 by 36 Window | 3×3 Square Window

36 x 36 windows are the perfect option if you are looking for an affordable and highly versatile option. 36 x 36 window means the window’s size 36 inches by 36 inches.(also known as 36 by 36 window or 3×3 square window)

A popular choice due to their simplicity, 36 x 36 windows come in many variants with the most well-known being single-hung with a tilt-in bottom sash. Sturdy, yet light, this window can fit in all types of homes and look good while providing you with great functionality and ease of cleaning.

36 x 36 Window: Features

  • Vinyl offers great protection against rust and corrosion
  • Can be equipped with grid patterns for an antique look
  • Can be equipped with insect screen to prevent pests from entering your home
  • Sturdy and affordable
  • Aluminium or wooden frames will last you a long time if chosen
36 x 36 window - feature

36 x 36 Window for sale

36 x 36 Vinyl Casement Window36 x 36 Vinyl Casement Window

36 x 36 Vinyl Casement Window

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36 x 36 Wood Window36 x 36 Wood Window

36 x 36 Wood Window

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36 x 36 Double-Hung Window36 x 36 Double-Hung Window

36 x 36 Double-Hung Window

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36 x 36 Aluminum Awning Window36 x 36 Aluminum Awning Window

36 x 36 Aluminum Awning Window

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36 x 36 Single Hung Aluminum Window36 x 36 Single Hung Aluminum Window

36 x 36 Single Hung Aluminum Window

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36 x 36 Tempered Glass Sliding Window36 x 36 Tempered Glass Sliding Window

36 x 36 Tempered Glass Sliding Window

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36 x 36 Aluminum Casement Window With Grids36 x 36 Aluminum Casement Window With Grids

36 x 36 Aluminum Casement Window With Grids

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Rough Opening 36 x 36 Kitchen WindowRough Opening 36 x 36 Kitchen Window

Rough Opening 36 x 36 Kitchen Window 

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36 x 36 Bronze Fixed Window36 x 36 Bronze Fixed Window

36 x 36 Bronze Fixed Window

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Used 36 x 36 Bay WindowUsed 36 x 36 Bay Window

Used 36 x 36 Bay Window

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36 x 36 Decorative Garden Window36 x 36 Decorative Garden Window

36 x 36 Decorative Garden Window

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36 x 36 Window: Specifications

Rough Opening Dimensions36”W x 36”H
Frame Height35-1/2 inches
Frame Width35-1/2 inches
Frame Depth3-1/4 inches
Frame MaterialVinyl/Aluminum/Wood…
Exterior Color/FinishWhite/Black…
Interior Color/FinishWhite/Gray/Bronze…
Hardware Color/FinishBlack/Brown/Champage…
Project TypeNew construction/replacement
Glazing TypeSingle pane/double pane
Glass ChoiceArgon Gas/Low-E
Hurricane Approved
Sound Transmission Control(STC) Rated
Manufacturer WarrantyAccidental glass breakage warranty; Limited lifetime

3×3 Window: Optional Accessories

After you have chosen your preferred design and material for 36 x 36 windows, you also have the option of customizing your window with accessories.

36 x 36 Window Screen

A window screen for 36 by 36 window is the best way to keeping pests (especially mosquitos) out of your home. This accessory is indispensable in the summer, where their activity increases.

36 x 36 Window Blinds

36×36 window blinds provide a convenient way of controlling the amount of light that enters your home or simply enhance privacy. Black-colored blinds will offer greater light-impeding capabilities while white ones will act as a nice decorative element, blending in with the windows.

36 x 36 Window Curtains

Curtains are also a great way of blocking light out of your home, but with a lot more style added to it. You can choose from a wide array of options, depending on your preferences and the color palette of your home. Some 36×36 window curtains can simply blend in with your room’s environment, while others can be eyecatchers with intricate patterns.

36 x 36 Window Shades

For a simple and practical way of making your room completely black, 36×36 window shades are the way to go. They are generally more affordable than the other options and are limited in customization options to mostly just size.

36 x 36 Window Film

A thin laminate layer that can be installed on the interior or exterior of your window, 36 by 36 window films can be used as insulations, UV filters, privacy protectors, and most importantly, styling. You can let your imagination run wild with all sorts of patterns and designs applied to your window.

36 x 36 Window Curtains
36 x 36 Window Shades
36 x 36 Window Shades

36 x 36 Window: Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of windows you can choose for your home, whether you are just settling in or renovating, so what’s so special about these 36 inch windows?

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions on 36×36 window to help you decide if they are the best solution for you and also equip you with some more knowledge regarding this particular type.

1. What are the benefits of choosing 36 x 36 windows for my home?

  • Design capabilities – There are many style and design options on 3×3 window to choose from. So many in fact that you are sure to find one that fits your specific room style and preferences.
  • Impact strength – 36 x 36 tempered glass windows are popular among homeowners, as these windows are very sturdy and will not break due to just any small bump.
  • Durability – Provided by the outstanding properties of aluminium and wood, you can expect these 36 by 36 windows to last you for years.
  • Weather resistance – Properly finished and insulated, you do not have to worry about rain getting in your home by installing 3×3 square window.
  • Color stability – Due to our automated manufacturing lines, you can expect the color of your window’s frame to be consistent and non-fuzzy.
  • Eco-friendliness – With proper regulation in our factories, you can rest assured that your windows manufacturing process is not harmful to the environment.
  • Insulation & savings – Insulated windows translate into thousands of dollars saved over the years, so even if insulative capabilities may be a bit more expensive in the short term, you will definitely benefit from 36×36 windows in a long term.
  • Minimal maintenance – The pin-point accuracy of our machines will make sure each and every part of your 36 x 36 window’s frame will last you a long time, without chipping or other damages.
benefits of choosing 36x36 windows

2. What is a standard size window?

While browsing the market for a new window, you may have noticed that you come across specific sizes consistently. This is because most windows are designed to fit into the most common sized opening in a house’s walls. These standard sizes help the manufacturers to produce stock windows without worrying they won’t find in your home, and you, the consumer, not to suffer the additional costs of a custom-sized window.

3. Are replacement windows sized the same as new construction windows?

No, new construction (standard-size) and replacement (custom-size) windows do not have the same sizes. Adjustments will be necessary.

4. How to measure a window for a replacement window?

The most accurate way of doing so is to take 3 measurements for each side. For example, in the vertical frame, measure the width of your window starting from the top, make another measurement in the middle, and another at the bottom.

5. What is the cheapest way to replace windows?

For the most affordable way of replacing your windows, try to follow these guidelines:

  • Look for wholesales on windows, also known as “builder-grade” windows
  • Avoid unnecessary accessories or refuse those optional ones a company may offer to give you, such as company-supplied hardware and between-glass shades
  • Install them yourself, though we recommend to at the very least get help from friends or family, otherwise, you might injure yourself and/or break the window in the process
  • Negotiate the price
  • Consider cheaper materials such as vinyl
  • Pick stock options
  • Browse through multiple companies and ask for at least 3 quotes from different ones
cheapest way to replace 36x36 window

6. How much is a 36 x 36 window?

This highly depends on many aspects. However, as a reference, a 36×36 vinyl double hung window from Alibaba is around $100 while one from Homedepot for example would be around $150-$250.

7. What factors affect the cost of 36 x 36 window?

  • High-end brands vs low-end brand
  • Window type – Double hung/ casement/ awning/ bay/ sliding/ tilt & turn, etc.
  • Window frame material – Aluminum/ wood/ vinyl/ fiberglass, etc.
  • Window glass type – Double pane/ soundproof/ energy efficient/ argon gas fill/ Low-E and so on.
  • Country of origin

8. Can I negotiate 36 x 36 window price?

Yes, this is even more likely especially in the cases of bigger projects or commercial ones. For more information about the price and possible discounts, do not hesitate to contact us. Quotes are free after all, and we will surely find an option that best suits you.

9. Do you have any certificate for your 36×36 window products?

Yes, George’s 36×36 windows are certificated by the following test:

  • NFRC
  • SGS
  • Intertek
  • CE
  • ISO9001

10. Do your 36 x 36 windows come with a warranty?

Yes, you can read more about our warranty policy here, though for more accurate information contacts us, as the warranty period varies from product to product.

11. How do you pack and ship 36×36 window?

Generally, George Buildings handles the shipment of materials from the factory to the port of loading and up to the destination port, so by freight is our choice of transport overseas.

Your windows will be packed to prevent scratches or breaks during transport. Read more about our shipment procedure here.

12. Can you show me 36×36 window manufacturing process?

Of course! We can even program a visit to our factory in Foshan if you are interested. As an overview, we have multiple automated production lines that handle different types of products (i.e. one for kitchen furniture, one for windows, one for tiles, etc.)

You can find a full explanation here.

13. Where can I import the quality 36×36 windows in China?

We have a thorough guide that you can check for the best window manufacturers in China. The following 5 regions are the most well-known for window manufacturing centers (factories) in China:

  • Guangdong — Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan
  • Zhejiang — Ningbo, Jinhua, Hangzhou
  • Shanghai
  • Jiangsu — Suzhou
window manufacturering factories in China

14. What 3×3 window cleaning tips you will give me?

  • Clean your windows on a dry, cloudy day, to avoid streaks
  • Remove dirt and dust with a brush or vacuum
  • Pick a good cleaning product, and do not hesitate to spray your window however many times you need
  • Use a microfiber cloth
  • Clean your windows room-by-room
  • Wipe one side of the window horizontally and the other vertically, so you can easily notice any streaks

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Best Window Manufacturer In China: Who Makes the Best 36×36 Window?

For the best results, we recommend searching for the manufacturer that offers the following:

  1. A wide window selection
  2. Good warranties
  3. Excellent window quality and efficiency
  4. Tailored-made window products
  5. Best price guaranteed
  6. Operable installation guide

Of course, we would be glad to be your first choice. George Buildings has already fulfilled numerous projects both in the commercial and residential sectors. Do not forget to explore our guide, if you are feeling lost about which manufacturer to choose.

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