10 Best Bathtub Manufacturers in 2023

Best Bathtub Manufacturers

One of the focal points that you may incorporate in a leveled-up bathroom would be a bathtub. It is a symbol of luxury and relaxation. However, bathtubs are not made the same and there are standout manufacturers that make the best bathtubs.

In this post, we feature the best bathtub manufacturers in 2023. From their company profiles to products, here is an all-access post on the best bathtub manufacturers in the market today.

Best Bathtub Manufacturers in The World

Headquarter: USA

Kohler Website

This one has been a top and pioneer brand for tiles, cabinetry, furniture and plumbing products since 1873. It is a home-grown American brand specializing now in kitchen and bath products. Other companies under the Kohler group include Kallista, Ann Sacks, Robern, Sprig and Sterling.

Type of Business: Design, Manufacturing

Location: Kohler, Wisconsin, USA

Year Established: 1873

Company Background and Advantage: Having been around for a millennium, Kohler’s main advantage is reputation, innovation and network. It takes pride in the more than 30 brands under its wing found in more than 50 countries.

Products Offered: The key products of Kohler include kitchen and bath products, and smart home products.

Headquarter: Japan

ToTo Website

This is another home-grown US brand for kitchen and bath products. It is known for their high-end products, incorporating technology and conservation features since 1917. Today, its headquarters are mainly concentrated in Japan but it has distribution outlets in the US, Asia, and some parts of Europe.

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location: Nakashima, Japan

Year Established: 1917

Company Background and Advantage: In terms of known durability and technology, ToTo is a certified bathtub manufacturing brand, among others. Aside from this, ToTo’s reputation, seamless designing, and conservation innovation are also commendable advantages.

Products Offered: The key products of ToTo include kitchen and bath, plumbing accessories, toilets, unit bathrooms, heating, drying and ventilation systems.

Headquarter: Spain

Roca Website

This one started as an iron casting company in 1917 in Spain. It reached the US shores in 1929 when it expanded into the bathroom industry. Today, Roca Bathrooms remain to be a family business, found in 170 countries around the world and equipped with 76 manufacturing facilities.

Type of Business: Design, Manufacturing

Location: Gava, Barcelona, Spain

Year Established: 1917

Company Background and Advantage: Its main advantage is its complete product range, as well as installation and design services. Its accessibility in terms of physical stores and online galleries are also commendable.

Products Offered: Some of its key products include bathroom products and accessories, touchless and smart bath, plumbing accessories.

Headquarter: USA

American Standard Website

American Standard is one of the most popular brands for bath, kitchen, bedroom, and commercial bath installations in the world. It has been around for 140 years and counting and has long expanded into other trademark brands. Some of these include DXV, Safety Tubs, Eljer, Fiat, and Decorative Panels International.

Type of Business: Design and Manufacturing

Location: New Jersey, USA

Year Established: 1875

Company Background and Advantage: Its main advantage is its years of reputation, innovation, pioneer technologies, and vast network of clients.

Products Offered: The main products of American Standard include sink, toilet, bathtub, complete bath unit, and plumbing accessories.

Headquarter: USA

Moen Website

This one is known for their high-end looking faucets, sinks, washbasin and bathtubs. Having been established in 1956, it has become a renowned brand for plumbing products, bathroom units and now of smart bath products.

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location: North Olmsted, Ohio, USA

Year Established: 1939

Company Background and Advantage: Moen’s main advantage is its reputation as the best faucet and tub manufacturer in the US. It has more than 70 showrooms in the US and also reaches a wide network of clients in more than 50 countries.

Products Offered: Some of its key products include faucets, sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, shower and spa, garbage disposals, smart water network, hardware and accessories.

Headquarter: Germany

Grohe Website

This one is a German company established in 1911. It reached the US in 1975 as it opened its first store in Chicago. It is considered as one of the best global brands for kitchen fittings and bathroom solutions. At present, it has ventured into different trademarks which include water systems and CO2 compensation. 

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Design and R&D

Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Year Established: 1911

Company Background and Advantage: Grohe’s main advantage is its reputation, sustainability, manufacturing capacity, innovative and green approach, and wide network of clients.

Products Offered: Some of its key products include bathtubs, bathroom fixtures and fittings, plumbing products, kitchen and bedroom units.

Headquarter: Germany

Duravit Website

This is another leading bathtub manufacturer which was established in Germany in 1817. Since then, it has been a pioneer in the manufacture of porcelain bathroom fittings and fixtures including bathtubs. In the 1950s, it reached the US soil and started pioneering the transition to the production of sanitary porcelain.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Wholesale Distribution

Location: Hornberg, Germany

Year Established: 1817

Company Background and Advantage: It has been around the market for 200 years and counting. Hence, its main advantage is its pioneer standing when it comes to bathroom fixtures and fittings including bathtubs.

Products Offered: Some of the key products of this manufacturer include faucets, wash basins, shower trays, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, smart showers and faucets.

Headquarter: Germany

hansgrohe website

This one is another bathtub manufacturer with German roots. Having been established in 1901, it is also a pioneer when it comes to kitchen and bath products as well as smart products in the same category. It established its presence in the US when it put up its major manufacturing facility in Georgia. 

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Distribution and Design

Location: Schiltach, Germany

Year Established: 1901

Company Background and Advantage: The main advantage of Hansgrohe is their German-American engineering, quality and craftsmanship. If you are in need of quality and durable bathtubs, this is one to consider.

Products Offered: The key products of Hansgrohe include faucets, bathtubs, showers, bathroom fittings and other fixtures, kitchen units.

Headquarter: Germany

Hansa Website

This one is a home-grown German brand and is a leading manufacturer of faucets, sinks, bathtubs and other sanitary products, in the world.It is part of the hundreds of years of tradition and experience of the Oras Group which is known for its sustainability approaches to water systems and bathroom units.

Type of Business: Manufacturing and Distribution

Location: Sttutgart, Germany

Year Established: 1911

Company Background and Advantage: The key advantage of this manufacturer is its quality product tradition. It is also accessible in 60 countries. Its Finland, Germany and Austria subsidiaries are also leading bathtub manufacturers in the European region.

Products Offered: The key products of Hansa include smart kitchen and bathroom fixtures and accessories, shower solutions, bathtub, wash basin, kitchen faucets and dishwasher valves.

Headquarter: USA

Gerber Website

This one was established by a Polish immigrant, Max Gerber, in 1932. Since then, it has risen into a stable manufacturing and wholesale distributor of faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures and fittings. It is also best known for its eco-friendly approach in bath production.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution

Location: Woodridge, Illinois, USA

Year Established: 1932

Company Background and Advantage: Its main advantage is its innovative products, resource conservation techniques as certified by US EPA WaterSense Program and its continued production and distribution of quality bathtubs in more than 100 countries.

Products Offered: Its main products include bathtubs, sink, faucets, toilets, plumbing accessories for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

China Best Bathtub Companies for Your Hotel & Apartment Projects

If you are also looking for quality bathtub manufacturers from China, this section features the top bathtub companies for your hotel and apartment projects.

Headquarter: China

George Website Homepage

George Buildings is one of the best one-stop-shops in China for building materials including kitchen and bath, hence, also a bathtub manufacturer. While its main production plant is located in China, it has extensive distribution reach to Asia, Europe, US and in Australia. They are also into customization and design services.

Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier; Design, and Customization

Location: Foshan City, Guangdong, China

Year Established: 2006

Company Background and Advantage: One of the key advantages of this manufacturer is their wide product range. They have an almost complete list of bathroom solutions, fixtures and fittings. They also have high manufacturing capability.

Products and Services Offered: Tiles, bathroom fixtures, plumbing accessories, lighting, furniture.

Headquarter: China

Jomoo Website

The Jomoo Group is a top manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen solutions and products not only in China but in 120 countries around the world. At present, it is known for its technological and marketing collaborations with reputable international names like Poggenpohl.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Supplier

Location: Fujian, China

Year Established: 1990

Company Background and Advantage: Its main advantage is its reputation, high manufacturing capacity, and client reach. It also has three major subsidiaries which help in upkeeping manufacture.

Key Products: Its key products include kitchen and bathroom faucets, bathtubs, basins, sink, and smart faucets, among others.

Headquarter: China

arrow website

This home brand is best known for its sanitary ceramic products, bathtubs and shower rooms, among others. Through the years, it has expanded not only its products and reach but has also ventured into smart products for sanitary products and bathroom fixtures. 

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Supplier

Location: Foshan, China

Year Established: 1994

Company Background and Advantage: It is a popular Chinese home brand whose key advantage is its innovation and technological approach to its wide range of sanitary and bathroom products especially for showers, faucets, and bathtubs.

Key Products: The key products of Arrow include tiles, customized home fixtures, sanitary wares including faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathtub Manufacturer

Aside from the top bathtub manufacturers in China and around the world, there are also useful tips to keep in mind when choosing bathtub manufacturers in general. As such, here are some factors to consider.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

It pays a lot to visit a manufacturer’s company profile. When it comes to quality management systems, you have to take into account the manufacturing capacity, quality control measures and logistics.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


A good bathtub manufacturer offers low MOQ. Doing so means that they have a stable network of clients to satisfy the projected sales. Thus, always prioritize bathtub manufacturers offering reasonable or low MOQs.



Depending on the brand or manufacturer, the material, size, and level of customization, prices for bathtubs highly differ. But as far as bathtub manufacturers are concerned, choose the one who has a flexible price range and offers price negotiation or factory directed prices.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

Of course, you would need more than the bathtub itself. As such, choose a manufacturer who can offer a one stop solution for your bathroom unit. Hence, it should also offer hardware, accessories, and other fixtures and fittings which you will need in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also some FAQs that shall come in handy in your choice of bathtub manufacturer. Hence, here are some pressing FAQs as regards bathtubs.

How Long Do Bathtubs Last?

Depending on the bathtub brand, make and material used, bathtubs can last for 10-30 years. Those that are made of acrylic or fiberglass, which are the most common materials for modern bathtubs, last for 10-15 years. Generally, bathtubs also need to be retouched of enamel every five years for longevity.

How Much Does a Good Bathtub Cost?

Again, bathtub costs depend on the material. Acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs range start at $200 while enameled steel can go up to $10,000. Cast iron bathtubs on the other hand, start at $1300 while marble and copper start at $2000. The most expensive bathtubs are those made of granite which range from $10,000-20,000.

How to Import a Bathtub from China?

The answer to this depends on the shipping location. Some countries have stricter shipping policies for parcels coming from China. There is also a need to go through fees, taxes, and added logistics fees as well as the preparation of documents needed to certify the purchase. While there are common tips for this, you still have to do your own research.

Final Thoughts on Bathtub Manufacturers

With all things considered, it pays to know top bathtub manufacturers for many reasons. But on top of all of these, quality bathtub manufacturers build bathtubs that last. Practicality and aesthetic wise, this is what households need when it comes to bathtubs.


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