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How many day to delivery ?2020-02-15T21:27:37+08:00

Normally 30 days for produce your products and 30 days for delivery to your house .

Is it possible to buy your products for our projects?2020-02-15T21:26:54+08:00

We have been helped some clients to purchase kitchen cabinet and building material for 86 Villas to Canada . And also purchase same products for 245 apartments with  highest quality to Euro Slovakia . Of course helped 1000+ clients imported building materails for hotels.

What is your products quality2020-02-15T21:25:42+08:00

Striving for perfection is George quality control team’s philosophy.

George has established a complete set of quality standards that align with its European counterparts, and a complex quality management system that keeps the standards on track. We oversee every process that affects quality. Please check our certificate and quality link :

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