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Can you send your product catalogue?2020-02-15T21:12:22+08:00
Are you a factory ?2020-02-15T21:11:19+08:00

We have part of products from our factory , and part of products customized from other good quality factories.

What is your products quality ?2020-02-15T21:10:26+08:00

Striving for perfection is George quality control team’s philosophy.

George has established a complete set of quality standards that align with its European counterparts, and a complex quality management system that keeps the standards on track. We oversee every process that affects quality. Please check our certificate and quality link :

What is your product range?2020-02-15T21:09:35+08:00

We supply whole house building materials ,like customized kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,vanity,interior door,window,wood flooring , lights , marble and granite , tile and bathroom fitting .

Do you supply kitchen accessories and appliances together with kitchen cabinet?2020-02-15T21:08:55+08:00

Yes, we do. We also have our own brand as well as imported accessories and appliances. Contact us to get more details.

What kinds of materials does George kitchen use for doors?2020-02-15T21:08:12+08:00

Based material: MDF/Plywood/Particle board.

Door finishes: Solid wood, Wood veneer, Metal foil, Lacquer, PVC, Acrylic, Laminated, Melamine.

What brand of hardware does George use?2020-02-15T21:07:33+08:00

We use high quality hardware brand, such as Blum of Austria and Hettich of Germany. And Top brand in China such as Nuomi

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