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Something missing or damaged during my delivery, what should I do?2020-02-15T21:20:58+08:00

Take a photo for the damage items and feel free to contact us by email or call +0086 13392205270,we have an department to ascertain the responsibility.

There is some panels missing when we doing the installation onsite.

  1. Check all cartons to make sure the panels are missing
  2. Tell us the cabinet No. of missing panels
  3. We will check the loading list to see if it is forget to load
  4. If it is missing during shipping, ask factory to make replacements ASAP.
How about warranty?2020-02-15T21:19:47+08:00

We supply 5-year warranty for  wood products and 1-year warranty for electrical appliance, Doors, Windows, Tiles, Bathroom Fitting.

Do you have the use guidance for the Oppein appliance I bought?2020-02-15T21:19:15+08:00

Yes, please send an email to and tell us the code number of the product, then we will send the user guidance to you for reference.

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