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There is no hinge hole2020-02-17T22:08:18+08:00
Ask the local installer to drill the hinge hole with 3.5 cm tapper.
How to solve if floor tilt?2020-02-17T22:09:18+08:00
Adjust the kickboard to solve this problem.
Why the drawer slide can not work smoothly?2020-02-17T22:10:06+08:00
Check if the drawer slides did not install in same level, both height and depth.
How about warranty?2020-02-17T22:07:22+08:00
We supply 5-year warranty for  wood products and 1-year warranty for electrical appliance.
There is some panels missing when we doing the installation onsite.2020-02-17T22:06:08+08:00
1. Check all cartons to make sure the panels are missing

2. Tell us the cabinet No. of missing panels
3. We will check the loading list to see if it is forget to load
4. If it is missing during shipping, ask factory to make replacements ASAP.

Why the cabinet doors are out-of-level?2020-02-17T22:10:46+08:00
1. Adjust the hinge to solve this problem

2. Check if the cabinet is placed horizontally

How to clear the blots on countertop?2020-02-17T22:11:25+08:00
Use grinding slice to clean carefully
Do you have any good suggestions to solve the blot and rust on kitchen appliance?2020-02-17T22:05:29+08:00
Yes, we have related clean powder which can solve easily.
My kitchen lacquer panel was scratched by knife, how to repair?2020-02-17T22:04:52+08:00
Take a photo and email us, we can send a small bottle of paint to cover the scrathed.
How to do if the top has crack?2020-02-17T22:04:15+08:00
1. Check if there is something under the top, adjust the level of the base cabinet to keep the top under an uniform force.

2. If slightly crack, fill it with glue and polish; Take a leftover countertop to paste under the top in case of further crack.

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