4 Types of Windows: European Windows, American Windows, German Windows, and French Windows

4 Types of Windows European Windows, American Windows, German Windows, and French Windows

Some people believe that the house window is simply a hole in the wall that plays a minor role in the house. In fact, it is one of the reasons why you save a great amount of energy and lower electricity bills up to $465 a year. Never disregard your home windows again after knowing the benefits it can bring inside your house.

There are several types of premium quality window that can fit according to the theme of your home. Some of the top premium quality windows are European, American, German, and French window type. Aside from giving enhancement, it can also increase insulation inside your house. Plus, premium windows are easier to maintain and clean.

Now that you know, it is time to consider investing in a premium yet durable home window.


1. European Windows

① What are European Windows?

European windows are popularly known as dual action tilt and turn windows. Aside from the inswing casements windows like opening, these windows can tilt inwards as well. European windows have essential features such as the frame steel core tubing and UPVC wide profiles.

European windows opening mechanism efficiency is the main feature of it. These windows are named dual action for the two open modes that come with these types. Same with an in-swing door, the sash in European ones can swing inwards while the other mode can tilt upside-down the windows. A single handle can easily control these dual modes. In less than 2 seconds, turning the handle easily can open the window.

What are European Windows

The European windows tilt mode feature is effective for the circulation of healthy ventilation as it can be tilted inwards. This works best if you often want to ventilate the air inside your house. The exchange of air can flow easily as it happens at a vertical angle. With this, the entry of air inside the house can cycle through the ceiling.

On the other hand, the turn mode of European windows is swung inwards. This mode hits sash both sides for easy access and swift air ventilation. The advantages of this are quick ventilation and less hassle during cleaning time. European window can also be a fire escape should there be an emergency.

European windows also come with a mode called micro-ventilation. The window can have a miniature tilted inwards opening which is a good source of slow yet flowing ventilation. This window type can provide a more relaxing ambiance at home as it sustains a good amount of indoor air.

What are European Windows1

Without the need for other innovative technology, European windows design is known for energy efficiency. These can suppress the temperature at home regardless of the weather outside.

Also, without putting too much effort – converting to European types of windows can make you contribute to the environment. As you use less heating and cooling devices – you can save energy. Since about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions came from the air-conditioning and heater. Without knowing, converting to European windows makes you a responsible individual.

European windows come in four different modes – tilt, turn, micro-ventilation, and lock. Using the handle attached in the frame, you can easily control the window according to your preferred mode. Tilt mode is for a passive airway, turn mode is for quick air circulation, and micro-ventilation for minimal pass-through of air. The handle is also perfect for windows maintenance.

Compared to other types of windows, European windows are guaranteed for long years of use. The reason for this is the quality of materials and innovative technology used during the creation process of the windows. The European windows glazing are exceeding the expectation when it comes to their promised features. Glazing is of great help in sustaining heat and cold inside the room.

Moreover, European windows use steel core tubing to support the frames which makes it four to five times stronger than others.

② What are Pros and Cons of European Windows?

  • Dual-action modes for air ventilation
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Convenient and easy control handle
  • Has micro-ventilation for minimal air passage
  • Environment friendly for its energy efficient feature
  • Highly durable
  • Each design comes at an affordable price
  • Can act as an emergency exit in case of fire or other unexpected incidents at home
  • Tilt and turn function for easy opening even on winter season
  • Use steel core tubing in frames thus weighs heavier
  • A bit pricey compare to other type of windows
  • Does not comply to most American style/design

③ How much do European Windows Cost?

European windows offer a great deal to everyone for a considerate value. Normally, the price for these windows starts at $170.00. However, it still varies depending on the size, materials, and design used. Those windows that come with colored frames would have a 10-11% price increase. Aside from the benefits, most people consider buying for it complements their house design aesthetically. These make their home stand out and add value to their property.

Another option for the exterior feature of European windows is called “AcrylColor”. This one can last more than one hundred years. However, compared to the colored or regular frames, this color costs 21-22% higher than others.

④ Why should you Choose European Windows?

Choosing European windows for your home is without a doubt the best decision you’ll ever make. When it comes to the aesthetic of your house – these window types are of the best and premium quality. The many additional features are only a bonus such as the high energy efficiency and make cleaning sessions easier.

Why should you Choose European Windows

2. American Windows

① What are American Windows?

American double pane windows were invented back in the year 1935. The creation process of these windows is considered an old technology in the business. However, American windows continue to serve their function by enhancing the insulation of heat. Through the years, existing American windows manufacturers consistently search for innovative ways to improve the product and level up to the leading class of windows.

Regardless of the arrival of different types of premium quality windows, American windows are taking a different approach in the market. Many American household owners consider this window type as their number one choice. American windows remain the top choice to many for its affordable pricing.

Unlike the other types of windows, American ones consume little space when opened. These windows are perfect letting in some sunlight into your home. Double-pane American windows use gas in between the glass sheets. While the high-end windows have krypton or argon gas filling.t Goes Here

American types of windows are great energy savers as they have low-emissivity glass materials. This type of glass is utilized to reflect the heat in the same direction thus, the temperature does not easily get through the house.

During the summer season, a double-pane American window can decrease consumption of energy up to 18% while 24 in the winter season. A more innovative double-pane window can increase energy saving by 30 to 50 percent. If you are considering switching to American windows, choose the ones that use innovative technology for added benefits.

What are American Windows

Not only can you save energy but also contribute to the environment since the less carbon dioxide emission comes from the heater or air-conditioning devices.

American windows do not only prevent the entry of heat but also the outdoor sound. These double-pane windows aid in reducing the noise that enters the house.

As for the aesthetic feature, American windows are designed to make your home achieve its premium look and appearance.

American windows are using a nailing flange which makes the installation process easy. If you need quick renovation at home, you may consider choosing these windows as it does not take too much time to install.

② What are Pros and Cons of American Windows?

  • Easy to install
  • Does not consume space when open
  • Does not use steel core tubing thus weighs lighter and movable
  • Cheaper cost compare to other window types
  • Use low-emissivity glass to reflect heat in one direction
  • Efficient soundproof feature
  • Outdated technology
  • Gives lower thermal insulation
  • Tends to freeze/stuck during cold climate or winter season

③ How much do American Windows Cost?

The cost of American windows type varies on the features and options available in the market. Prices are depending on the coating finishes, powder color, and sleek hardware.

The average cost of an unglazed, plain American window may cost you from $450-$600. Whereas replacement to double pane American windows costs around $800-$1000.

To add, the materials, designs, and technology used in the process of creation of the American windows have a great effect on the market price. Compared to European windows, American ones are more affordable to buy.

④ Why should you Choose American Windows?

American windows have double panes which are an effective energy saver. Save energy and contribute to the environment at the same time as these reduce the usage of air-conditioning and heater. These types of windows weigh lighter for a hassle-free installation procedure.

Why should you Choose American Windows

3. German Windows

① What are German Windows?

German windows are the popular choice by many German household owners. The tilt and turn feature of German windows made them widely known. The tilt and turn sash can be rotated to the moving section for easier access and hassle-free cleaning on its exterior side. This can be rotated to 180 degrees when cleaning.

As it reached the German households, German windows shone to US and Canada regions as well. The need for a user-friendly and efficient product made it popular to many. Similar to casement windows, the tilt and turn casement of German windows can be opened inwards. By using a single handle attached to the window frame, the tilt and turn windows can be titled from the top or sideways. This innovative handle is easy to use and matches the design and function of the German windows.

What are German Windows

The tilt and turn function of German windows work best in keeping the house to your desired temperature for longer periods. This means whether you are using a heater or air-conditioning and decided to turn it off, the temperature can stay for hours. Shorter use of such energy-consuming appliances means lower monthly electric bills. German windows have remarkable thermal insulation.

Manufacturers made sure that German windows hold onto their excellent features by using high-quality glass materials. These materials are used to increase and ensure the insulating ability of the windows. Common German windows come in three glass panes with triple glazing and layers of argon gas insulated between them. This means the soundproofing and thermal insulation advantages are of high-performance.

The objective to triple action German windows is to maximize the entrance of light inside the room while doing its energy-saving function. These windows also come in quadruple panes for extra insulation. However, these are being offered to areas that are experiencing extreme weather conditions.

What are German Windows-1

If you are living in a busy street, loud sounds can be annoying especially during your sleeping hours. The value of German windows can be of great help to your predicament. As the windows come in double to triple argon gas glazing, the more it can sustain sounds from the outside. You may not have to worry as well if you hold house-parties as it cannot cause disturbance to your neighbors.

German-style windows fenestration system is fixed yet the glazing works at its maximum benefit. They make the exchange of circulation of air quick and easy. These make tilt and turn windows super convenient to use.

Since UPVC windows are made of quality materials, German windows have been tested to last for years. The use of steel materials in the window frames complements the strength and durability of the product’s structure. These windows are highly recommended to use in both commercial and residential arrangements.

German windows are crafted using highly modern and innovative technology for a polished finish. These guarantee the durability of the product and high-performance value. Grills are another element that can add up to the function of German windows. These ensure that tilt and turn windows won’t fade and are torn regardless of years of use. These preserve the beauty of your window for a long time.

With its convenient function, it’s easy to notice if the German window is locked through the handle facing down. Simply rotate the photos to 90 degrees and you’ll achieve sufficient air circulation inside your house. When you turn the handle to 180 degrees, the window will tilt on the top part getting fresh air in the upward direction.

② What are Pros and Cons of German Windows?

  • Up to 1.8-2x level soundproof
  • Convenient to clean
  • Can operate easily
  • Safe and secure house
  • Highly durable and guaranteed to last 100 years
  • Window options are reversible
  • Comes in different colors
  • Energy saving
  • Uses cutting-edge and innovative technology
  • Both aluminum and uPVC materials can be found in tilt and turn windows
  • Uses heavy materials thus hard installation process

③ How much do German Windows Cost?

As German windows continue to make its grand entrance to the window business, these types come in affordable yet of premium quality. A white tilt and turn window for example consisting of 8 R-value and double Low-E argon gas glazing costs around $319USD. Prices for German windows vary depending on the materials and finishes used in the process.

④ Why should you Choose German Windows?

German windows are the all-in-one type where you can get some of the must-have window features. The first is – it is manageable to clean and the second is for its draft-free ventilation. People are starting to discover and convert to German windows especially in homes in the US for their tilt and turn function.

Why should you Choose German Windows

4. French Windows

① What are French Windows?

The foundation of French windows started during the Renaissance period in France where it was popular and fashionable having open space inside the house. During this period, they discovered the idea of mixing a door structure with a window to bring more light inside a home. The idea resulted in an admirable elegant home back in the days. French windows are the type of casement windows that consists of two or multiple sashes. Without any obstruction, these windows have one large opening which can bring in more light inside your home.

These windows can bring a refined and classical additional feature to your house. These come in different materials, styles, and finishes that go according to your taste. Aside from its stylish and unique features, French windows are practical to use for its many advantages.

French windows function like a normal French door that stands through the bottom of the floor where you can go to another room. The design of French windows comes in full-length double sashes that can be opened inwards without the use of a slide system.

French ones can be an alternative exit or door in case of an emergency like a fire. These can function as an entry point during your general cleaning time and transferring huge home appliances is a must.

What are French Windows

Isn’t it nice to enjoy the beauty of your home landscape or view without the need to go outside? These windows address your love for a nice setting as they come in large glass panes which are perfect for homes with nice landscape and view. These also allow a great amount of light to enter your house and as well as garden-fresh air. Also, more light can make the interior of your house incredibly spacious.

If you are contemplating turning your old darkroom to have an eye-refreshing ambiance, buying French windows is the perfect decision to make. It can sustain you lots of fresh air and natural light at the same time.

Lastly, if you are the one to constantly worry about using too much heater or air-conditioning, using French windows can give you peace of mind when it comes to the monthly electric bill. These can suppress a great amount of heat and cold inside your home. The window glass panes have an effective function that tightly adheres on all sides of the sash. This means there will be no leakage in the existing temperature existing inside your house.

② What are Pros and Cons of French Windows?

  • Perfect with nice views and air ventilation
  • Comes in the unique and classical style of frames
  • Energy efficient with its tight fit on all sides of sashes
  • Comes in a large opening to bring in more light inside the house
  • Great energy saver by reducing cold and heat losses inside the house
  • Can serve as an exit/door in case of emergency
  • Entry for transferring house appliances
  • Moist attractor or swelling
  • Must take extra precaution in windy areas and avoid wide outwards opening as it can get damaged easily
  • Does not go with narrow spaces as a replacement to existing windows
  • Eats up too much space inside your home

③ How much do French Windows Cost?

Although standard casement windows are almost similar to French windows, they have a slight difference with the construction. There is an absence of “mullion” or the supporting section in the middle in between the sashes for French windows. For the price, it goes around the same value as normal casement windows.

The prices for French windows vary on three different levels depending on the materials used including the installation cost. Entry-level windows start at $270-$318. While the medium level costs around $372-438. Lastly, the high-end French windows price starts at $516-$606.

Several factors to consider when it comes to the cost of your French windows are the materials, trim and molding, and awnings. If you are looking at quality and premium materials with glass finish insulation, exotic wood, and low-E glazing, expect to pay more.

As for the trim and molding, the French windows have trim on the exterior and molding on the interior. These are add-ons to the cost of labor and materials yet can improve the insulation and final look of your window.

Lastly, you may consider the installation of awnings over your French window to protect them from rain.

④ Why should you Choose French Windows?

If you have traditional homes or looking to furnish ultra-modern buildings, French windows are the best option. They are manageable to install and do not require major renovation. Prices are reasonable for French windows depending on the quality, materials such as glass, and frame quality.

Why should you Choose French Windows

5.What are the Differences between American and European Style Tilt and Turn Windows?

① Design Style

European Window

European Window

American Window

American Window

As for the design factor, European windows are number one. The tilt and turn windows are its advantage as it comes in less framing which looks trendier to many. Most of its manufacturers use a wide variety of window frame choices such as tan and white frames. Although, other arrays of colors can also fit the design of European windows.

In addition, European windows have dual-action in-swing while American windows have single action out-swing. The American ones use a double-pane coating. The European windows use multiple glazing to achieve a high energy efficiency feature. They also use steel core material for tubing whereas the American windows don’t.

European windows are highly efficient when it comes to energy saving. These windows provide good ventilation of air at home. Cleaning time is less stressful for European windows as well as you can get easy access to the sash outside.

In the European windows vinyl frames, you’ll find steel core materials used in the tubing to make it more durable compared to American windows.

Over the years, more and more people in North America are converting to European windows for their superior performance and trendy design. These windows also come at affordable prices. The developments in European windows make American windows single action features out-of-date.

Moreover, American double-hung windows use dual-pane glazing which sustains lesser thermal insulation to compare with European windows triple-pane glazing. Double-hung window types usually cannot adapt to changes in climate, especially winter season. They tend to freeze during the cold weather that leaves the sash stuck.

On the other hand, American windows have their advantages compared with European. They use a common nail flange for American windows. American ones weigh lighter and are very movable because they do not use steel core tubing unlike to European windows.

design style - American double-hung windows

Source from Pinterest

② Operation Methods

The best feature of European windows is its opening mechanism. Compared to the American windows, the European ones are called double action for its two main open modes. One mode can swing the sash inwards while the other mode can be tilted upside down. These modes are usually maneuvered by a single handle. You can easily turn the handle and open the European windows in two seconds or less.

③ Energy Consumption

Taking energy consumption and cost-saving factors into consideration, European windows outshined American windows. Since energy is overly expensive in Europe compared to America, most homeowners in Europe ensure that their windows are energy efficient by using a tilt and turn system. And, European windows possess that function.

④ Glass Materials Selection

The glass panes are an important part of the windows finishing properties. American windows use double panes glass with argon gas filled in between the gap of them. Argon gas helps with the insulation feature of the window. As for the European triple panes of glass – two pockets filled with argon glass in between the gaps of all three glass panes. While quadruple glazing has four panes and three gaps are filled with argon gas. Glass panes determine the energy efficiency of the windows.

⑤ Sound Insulation Effect

There is a noticeable difference between the American double-pane glazing and European triple-pane glazing reception to sounds. If for example, testing the sound of a train in level 4 – with double pane, the result is 23 decibels, while triple panes in 20 decibels

⑥ Cost Difference

The cost difference of both windows is based on the added features and available options. Features usually included are the powder-coated finish, sleek hardware, etc. Should there be added features on the window, the more expensive it becomes. Also, factors that affect the pricing of both windows are the materials used, technology, and design output of both the American and European windows. Since European windows come with many features and superior design, it is expected to be a bit pricey than American windows. And, most people consider paying a bit more as long as it’s worth their investment.

⑦ Installation Method

On the installation process, European windows are flangeless and would require more careful thought before setting into the wall which consumes more time. American windows consist of a nailing flange which is easy to install.

Installation Method1

European windows have two types of installation methods. Those that are destined to be sold in North American regions use a bracket and nail flange. While those are meant to be sold to Europe are perfect for brick walls.

Those European windows sold in North America are usually easier to install and stable. To install original European windows, you will need to use brackets and a steel hook. These make it hard to install windows as they are not compatible with North American houses.

Normally, North American walls utilize wood planks for framing. The reason why European windows sold in this region use nail flanges.

The installation process for European windows starts by attaching the brackets to every two- feet on each side of the frame. After turning 90 degrees the longer portion of the bracket plate, it must remain attached to the window frame outside and perpendicular to the ends of each side of the frame. Now, opposite from the side of the window handle, the window can fit the space, center it, and then finally screw the bracket into the opening. From the outside, bolt the nail flanges to seal the windows.

Installation Method2


Considering the perfect home window that could match the aesthetic of your house could be an overwhelming task. There are many things to consider for choosing the right type of window, now that you know it serves a great purpose to your home. Since electric bills raid your pocket each month – it is right to consider the type of window that will help you save energy. However, purchase the highly durable as well and can serve you up to many years while preserving its premium quality appearance.

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