30 Festive Front Door Decoration Ideas for Christmas to New Year

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The front door is the first thing guests will see when they visit your home. The front door decoration should, therefore, not be left behind when decorating your home for this festive season. Even if you live in an apartment or condo with little space to decorate your front door, it is still a good idea to add a personalized touch in any way you can.

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1. Front Door with Ice Skates Wreath

An ice skate wreath for your front door is an easy and quick project. Assemble these simple materials and let your creativity run wild. Dress up your wreath and ice skates in any way you wish and with any Christmas ornaments.

What You’ll Need:

  • Wreath
  • Wreath hook
  • Used ice skates
  • Ribbon

What you Need to do:

  1. Find a wreath at charity shops, thrift stores, or you can choose to make one if you have the time.
  2. Fluff your wreath and make it as full as possible. Set it aside.
  3. Remove the laces of the ice skates and replace them with ribbons.
  4. Tie the ribbon laces together. Bear in mind that you are going to attach the skates to your wreath with one skate higher than the other.
  5. Attached a door wreath hanger to your front door.
  6. Hung the wreath on your front door.
  7. Hang the ice skates on the wreath through the same wreath holder. Hang the ice skates lightly below the wreath
  8. Adjust the position of the wreath and ice skates.
  9. Fix your wreath decorations that may have gotten out of place while hanging the wreath and ice skates.
  10. Add a bow or some embellishments on the wreath and ice skates.
Front Door with Ice Skates Wreath

2. Wooden Front Entrance Doors with Star Wreath

How do you hang a star wreath on your wooden front doors without ruining your pretty glass door? A front door wreath hanger can leave scratches and can be visible at the top of the wreath. Command hooks are the perfect solution to hanging a star wreath on your wooden front door. A command hook will keep the back portion of your start wreath from scratching your door.

You can choose to make your own star wreath. You can go down to the thrift shop to find one and add a few ornaments to reflect your personal taste.

2. Subway Tile Backsplash

What you’ll Need:

  • Star wreath
  • Command hooks (choose those for glass doors and make sure they can hold your star wreath)
  • Felt paper
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol

What you need to do:

  1. Measure where you want to hang your wreath.
  2. Wipe some alcohol on the portion of the glass door you intend to hang your star wreath.
  3. Position the command hook on your glass door.
  4. Cut the felt paper into small pieces.
  5. Wrap the back portion of your star wreath with the pieces of felt. Make sure to neatly wrap the wreath.
  6. Hang your star wreath on the command hook.

3.Arched Front Door with Jingle Bells

An arched front door provides a distinct look. The curves of the door soften the entranceway to your home and draws attention to the eye. Elegant arched front doors will definitely make a good impression to everyone who enters your home through it.

For Christmas, decorate your arched front door with jingle bells and make it a focal point of your home’s aesthetic. There is nothing like the sound of jingle bells to bring out the holiday cheer faster. Hang a garland filled with jingle bells around your arched front door.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous in decorating your arched front door, attach some ribbon ornaments, decorative flowers, and lights on your garland of jingle bells.

Pic from Pinterest

3. Brick Backsplash

4. Double Front Doors with Double Wreath

4. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

If you have double front doors and want to decorate them with Christmas wreaths, you have two options. You can get two matching Christmas wreaths and hang on one each door.

You can also opt to have a huge Christmas wreath, cut it in the center and hang each half on each door. When the doors are closed, it will appear as one whole wreath and when the door or doors are open, they are split apart. Hang with wreaths on the doors with metal door hangers.

Decorate your double wreath with evergreen tips, berries, pinecones or with whatever Christmas ornaments you fancy.

Pic from Frontgate

5.Front Entry Door with String Lights

To create string lights for your front entry door, you can attach two climbing vine branches with lights around the frame of your door. You can use a sturdy removable adhesive, clear tape, or outdoor adhesive clips to attach the vine branches to the door frame.

Use cable staples and brad to keep the thick trunk of the vine firm on the door. For the smaller branches, you can use regular cables. When the vine with string lights is in place, you can decorate it with Christmas ornaments such as layers of poinsettias or a eucalyptus garland. Attach the ornaments to the vine using hooks and floral wire. If there is no roof above your front door, make sure to use decors rated for outdoor use.

Pic from Frontgate

5. Stone Backsplash

6. Wooden Front Door with Gilded Pinecones

5. Stone Backsplash

Gilded pinecones always make a huge first impression. Hang them on your wooden front door and spruce up your home. You can create a wreath or a garland made of gilded pinecones to match your wooden front door.

Pinecones come in many sizes and shapes. Create gilded pinecone wreaths and garlands to match your wooden front door. It can be a struggle to get an even coat of paint in a pinecone. You can use the pinecones in their natural color or paint the tips. If you are into it, you can paint all the nooks and crannies of the pinecone.

Pic from Tom Howley

7. Farmhouse Front Door with All-red Ornaments

A farmhouse front door has all red ornaments such as red garlands, red wreaths. ride pinecones, red Christmas stockings, large red bows, door hanger, and many other Christmas ornaments in red.

Most farmhouse front doors are made of solid wood and painted in brown. Some doors are in white. Brown or white farmhouse front doors will look glamorous and festive with all-red Christmas ornaments.

Create a Christmas wreath decorated with red pinecones highlighted with a large red bow. You can also frame your farmhouse front door with an all-red garland. For a different look, make your farmhouse front door resemble a huge gift and create a ribbon door. Wrap your front door with a red ribbon and beautify it with a red burlap ribbon in the middle.

7. Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

8. Single Front Door with Snowball Wreath

8. Metal Backsplash

A snowball wreath made of Styrofoam balls will make your single front door have a festive look for Christmas. You will need a foam wreath, spray snow, toothpicks and different sizes of foam balls.

  1. Lay the foam wreath on flat on the table.
  2. Attach each foam ball of different sizes on the wreath with a toothpick.
  3. Make sure to cover all the edges and front of the wreath with balls.
  4. Spray artificial snow on the wreath. Spray about two coats.
  5. When dry, hang the snowball wreath on your single red front door.
  6. Attached a green ribbon on your wreath.

9. Glass Front Doors with Holiday Banner

Using a holiday banner is probably the easiest way to decorate your front door because it comes adorned with all the frills for the festive season. Holiday banners are also one of the safest ways to decorate your glass front doors.

You can use magnetic holders or suction cup holders to hold the holiday banners in place. you can place a simple holiday banner on the center of your door. You can also frame your glass front doors with holiday banners on all three corners.

Pic from Pinterest

9. Peel and Stick Backsplash

10. Rustic Front Entrance Door with Olive Wreath

10. Stove Backsplash

An Olive wreath is what winners of the ancient Olympic Games were given. It is similar to what Julius Caesar wore on his head. A Christmas Olive wreath decorated with frosted olive branches will look luxurious on your rustic front entrance door.

You can also choose to have a farmhouse-designed Olive leaf with a wooden ring and Olive felt leaves accentuated with small wool-covered balls randomly laid on some of the leaves to add a pop of color.

11. Modern Front Door with Fruit Mix

Your modern front door will look lovely with a Christmas-designed arrangement of dried mix fruits or artificial fruits.

A holiday wreath with dried orange slices, red tropical fruits accentuated with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and eucalyptus is perfect for your modern door. You can also opt to have a plastic wreath with nuts, berry, and some fruits to make a gorgeous modern front door décor.

You can also opt to frame your modern front door with faux sugar-coated fruit mix garland.

Pic from Elle Decor

Front Door with Fruit Mix(Elle Decor)

12. Blue Dutch Front Door with Lower Door Wreath

2. Subway Tile Backsplash

A Dutch door is a door that is divided horizontally into two parts, the bottom half typically remains closed and the top half is open. With a lock hardware, the two halves become one door. A blue Dutch front door symbolizes abundance and prosperity. The darker the shade of blue the more the front door can project elegance, peace, and tranquility.

You can make a lower door wreath for your blue Dutch front door with a simple wreath with a good ribbon, fabric, metal hanger to make sure the wreath does not get knocked off. Add a festive accent to your blue door by decorating your wreath with a Christmas rope wreath or a farmhouse wreath with a plaid bow.

13. Pivot Front Door with Welcome Sign Mat

A pivot front door comes with hinges at the top and bottom of the door and not on the side of the door. A pivot front door offers a contemporary look. A Christmas-designed welcome sign mat for your pivot front door should be printed with decors that match your pivot door.

You can have a welcome sign mat insert in with a Santa Claus design, a reindeer, or a snowman design. The designs on the mat insert should allow the pivot door to open and close through it without causing any damage on the decorations.

3. Brick Backsplash

14. Front Entry Door with Decorated Garland

4. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

You can hang a Christmas decorated garland in the front entry door by using adhesive hooks, doorway garland hangers, or upside-down adhesive hooks.

You can wrap stringed Christmas lights around your garland and allow it to bring light and stand out in the night. You can also have fake flowers such as holly and poinsettias, and leaves. You can also hang ornamental Christmas baubles to make it look like a Christmas Tree hanging around your front door.

Pic from Pinterest

15. Metal Front Door with Wooden Star

A metal or steel front door is often made of high-grade galvanized steel with surfaces coated with vinyl or polymer. A wooden star can contrast the hard-looking metal front door.

You can have a large wooden star at the center of your front door with gold-colored Christmas ornaments to add glitz and glamour to your metal front door.

You can also dress your metal front door with a garland of wooden gold-glittered stars. You can also opt to cover your garland with stars in unfinished wood. The stars can be star cut-outs or in outline shape in laser-cut plywood.

5. Stone Backsplash

16. Craftsman Style Front Doors with Potted Plant

5. Stone Backsplash

The upper third of craftsman style front doors are typically made of glass with a thick piece of trim below. They are often made of hardwood or the more modern wood grain with a realistic wood appeal. The glass panels on the upper third of the door usually come with decorative designs.

Potted plants can be placed beside craftsman style front doors. For the Christmas season, red flowers or colorful plants will look great beside this door. Poinsettias are the most popular potted plants placed beside craftsman style front doors.

Pic from Pinterest

17. White Front Door with Christmas Gift Bag

A white front door shows that the homeowners are organized, clean, serene and simple. Feng shui also dictates that west-facing front doors should be painted white or gray.

You can hang a Christmas gift bag on your white front door or make a door hanger made from a gift bag. Hang a big Christmas gift bag with colorful designs and insert some Christmas candy canes and gift wrappers. These should be protruding from the gift bag. You can also make some hanging or long Christmas ornaments dangle from the gift bag.

7. Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

18.Stained Glass Front Door with Wheat Sheaf Wreath

8. Metal Backsplash

Stained glass front doors offer a unique aesthetic and can be incorporated into any home style. The glass can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The geometric glass in the door can form anything your heart desired from landscapes, designs, or portraits.

Wheat is a symbol of generosity. A wheat wreath hanging in your stained-glass front door exudes a feeling of welcome and hospitality to anyone who enters your home. Hang a wheat sheaf wreath in your stained-glass front door to welcome the Christmas season.

The wheat sheaf wreath can come in golden wheat, white wheat, and green wheat decorated with colorful Christmas decors to create an inviting and gorgeous wheat sheaf wreath.

19. Green Front Door with Red Lanterns

Green is one of the most popular green front door colors in Britain and is fast gaining some popularity in many modern homes in the US. Green symbolizes wealth and prosperity but it offers a peaceful and serene natural appeal. Many homeowners are weaning out of being too neutral because they want to avoid their front door looking bland.

Red and green are the colors of Christmas. A Christmas garland decorated with red lanterns will give your green front door an amazing and festive look for the season. You can also opt to have 2 or 3 garden-type red Christmas lanterns beside your green front door.

Pic from Pinterest

9. Peel and Stick Backsplash

20. Front Entrance Door with Christmas Hanging Mitten

10. Stove Backsplash

Mittens keep your hands warm during the cold Christmas month. They also make amazing Christmas door decors.

You can place a lighted hanging mitten with a Christmas design in the center of your front entrance door. Hanging mittens with lights are often made from plastic and resin. They come with LED lights and glittery accents. You can place some wheat grass, pinecones, or any Christmas ornament that can dangle from the mittens. You can also wrap a wide Christmas bow around it.

You can also create a unique arrangement with a bunch of old mittens, decorate them with Christmas ornaments, bundle them, and hang on your front entrance door.

21. Iron Front Doors with Dried Flowers

An iron front door is one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. Iron front doors come in various decorative patterns, styles, and colors offering a unique way to customize your home’s entranceway. You can have a full iron door or an iron-accentuated front door.

For the Christmas season you can adorn your iron front door with a wreath composed of dried flowers. You can also have a bouquet of dried flowers and assemble them in a ring that you can hang on your front iron door. Wreaths are always great Christmas decors,

Dried Flowers Decor

22. Double Wooden Front Door with Pinecone Bundle

2. Subway Tile Backsplash

A double wooden front door incorporates a welcoming and grand feature to increase the curb appeal of your home. Wooden double doors add a bold statement to the entryway to your home. It provides stately elegance and classic quality to your home.

Pinecone bundles will make great Christmas decors for your double wooden front door. You can paint the pine cones including all the nooks and corners in Christmas colors such as green, gold, or silver.

Bundle about 12 pieces of pinecone, depending on their sizes, and transform them into a decorative pinecone bundle hanging décor. You can tie a ribbon at the top of each pinecone and bundle the pinecones neatly together.

Tie the bundle of pine cones at the top with a Christmas-themed ribbon hanger. You can add a big bow or ribbon to conceal the know. You can now hang them on each panel of your double wooden front door.

23. Contemporary Exterior Front Door with Weatherproof Gift Tags

Present or modern defines a contemporary exterior front door. Contemporary doors deliver distinctive styles, architecture designs of modernism, and minimalism.

Contemporary exterior front doors will look great during the Christmas season with weatherproof gift tags hanging on them. a pair of large-sized gift tags with Christmas elements and colors matching the festive environment made of pine and hand-painted with a Christmas message can beautifully hang with jute rope accentuated with a simple ribbon.

Large weatherproof gift tags can also be attached to your exterior front door with two dowels and a screw and door hangers to keep them secure on the door. These large gift tags are often made of wood, stained, hand-painted, and sealed with polyurethane. These large weatherproof Christmas gift tags typically measure 18-inches x 7.5 inches.

3. Brick Backsplash

24. Double Front Entry Door with Door Hanging Snowflake

4. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Double front entry doors are, as the name implies, two doors that close as one. Double front entry doors are often made of wood so the door hanging snowflake-design Christmas décor should match the wooden design of the door.

A door hanging snowflake décor can come as personalized monogram snowflake door hangers in colorful Christmas designs. These Snowflake door hangers are perfect additions to the holiday decors of your home exterior, particularly on your double front entry door.

Door hanging Snowflake decors often come in 12-inches x 14-inches in diameter and hang on the door with a jute rope. Some door hanging Snowmen are made of PVC and are personalized. They can have 21-inch x 18-inch measurements to perfectly fit on the center of your double front entry door.

25.House Front Door with Candy Cane Swirl

There is nothing more iconic than having a candy cane hanging on your house front door for Christmas. The original candy cane was made over 350 years ago. It has become the tradition and symbol of Christmas.

Candy canes come in the typical red and white design and of course shaped like a cane. Many candy canes today come in different colors and shapes. The red and white candy cane, however, continues to be the favorite candies and decors for Christmas.

Candy cane swirls for house front door decors come in many variations. Your Christmas will be festive and sweet with a candy cane hanging foil swirl décor hanging on your front door. These shiny spirals often come in green, red, and system. You can bundle these swirls and hang them on your front door.

Candy cane swirls are tweaked variations of the typical candy cane. Instead of having the usual cane-style, candy cane swirls are creatively designed to look gorgeous and more modern. You can have a wreath made of wooden candy cane Christmas button swirls for your front door. Christmas candy cane swirl wreath can be hanged on your front door with a wall hanger.

You can also have swirling red and green candy cane ribbons and cutouts dangle around the frame of your front door like a garland.

5. Stone Backsplash

26. Fiberglass Front Doors with Handcrafted Snowflakes

Fiberglass front doors look like real wood doors without the disadvantage of wood. Many fiberglass doors are stained to look exactly like a wooden door. Over fifty years ago, wood was the material you can use for front doors. Today, you have several options and fiberglass front doors can compete with traditional wood doors but come at a much cheaper price.

5. Stone Backsplash

You can decorate your fiberglass front door in the same way you wood a wooden front door. Decorate your fiberglass front door with a snowflake wreath.

You can have a snowflakes wreath that can reflect the flickering of candles in the snow in your fiberglass front door. Adorn the wreath frame with twinkling lights and nestle them in doily-like paper bouquet holders.

You can also coat some dollies in fabric softener until they are saturated. Dry them overnight. Hang these dollies in a non filament wire or thread. Hang these snowflakes at the center of your fiberglass door.

Framed handcrafted snowflakes hanging in your fiberglass front door can also surround your home with a lot of Christmas cheer.

27. Grey Front Door with Dazzling Satin Ribbon Ornaments

A grey front door is always associated with being dignified and intelligent. It can also be a standout, depending on the shade you choose.

Gray front doors are easy to decorate for the holidays. You can drape the front door with greens, hang a fashion wreath, have a Christmas lantern beside the door, or use satin ribbon ornaments to create a glamorous grey front door to give your guests a warm welcome this holiday season.

  • Create a holiday wreath surrounded with satin ribbon ornaments and accentual it with a big red bow.
  • Decorate your front door with cascading satin ribbon ornaments.
  • Create a large satin ribbon ornament with paper roll and red satin ribbon. Hang it in the grey front door with a wreath hanger.
  • Create a flower swag and accentuate it with a large satin ribbon
  • Make a lot of cute Christmas bows using satin ribbons. Surround a Christmas wreath with these ribbons and hang it on your front door.
  • Create wreaths with hand tied satin ribbons and mini gingham checkered satin ribbons.
  • Make your front door resemble a big gift and wrap it in ribbons top with a big satin ribbon bow ornament.
7. Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

28. White Exterior Door with Adorable Snowman Creation

A white exterior door is the easiest to decorate for the Christmas season because white goes well with any color. If you are thinking of hanging an adorable snowman in your front door, a white door is the best background.

8. Metal Backsplash
  • Hang an adorable Snowman wreath

Create a Christmas wreath for your front door playing on the traditional snowman design. Create a grapevine wreath and decorate with a few Christmas ornaments. Add on a snowman foam hat. Hang your snowman wreath on the door with a wreath hook.

  • Hang a Snowman Burlap

Hang a stylish snowman burlap made from poly-burlap fabric and hang on the door with a decorative door hanger or use a Christmas-design ribbon.

  • Hang a Snowman wood Christmas door sign

A snowman wood Christmas door sign is a great welcome treat for guests in your home. You can make the snowman out of lightweight wood painted in red and green. Highlight the door with a snowman’s nose, mouth, and cap.

29.Farmhouse Wood Front Door with Burlap Christmas Tree Decoration

A modern farmhouse wood front door will look stunning with burlap Christmas tree decorations. Instead of going with traditional Christmas decors, go the burlap way this time. Burlap is an amazing fabric and has been well-loved by crafters for many years. At first sight, burlap may have a rustic appeal but it actually radiates a refined, elegant, cozy, and warm look.

You can create wonderful Christmas tree decorations you can hang on your farmhouse wood front door using burlap fabric and burlap ribbon.

  • Burlap Christmas tree door hanger
  • Burlap snowmen
  • Burlap poinsettia ornament
  • Burlap Jingle Bell trees

You can also decorate your front door with a garland of fresh pine branches and leaves and hang large burlap bows on each side of the front door.

9. Peel and Stick Backsplash

30. Shaker Front Door with Basket Wreath

10. Stove Backsplash

A shaker door is a popular front door design with a square indent. The center of the door is flat and the frame around the door is also flat. All edges of this door are squares. Shaker front doors are often made of MR MDF (moisture resistant medium density fibreboard) and painted with the same polyurethane paint typically used in cars.

Why settle for a traditionally-designed Christmas wreath to hang in your shake front door? Be different and bolder this time with a basket wreath hanging on your front door.

  • Convert a small stainless red pail into a basket. Stuff it with different kinds of Christmas ornaments. Place a big bow around the pail. Use a ribbon of Christmas rope to hang the pail on a sanction cap on the door. Tie the ribbon into a beautiful bow.
  • You can also use a hanging basket and fill it with fresh greenery. Accentuate the wreath basket with a few pinecones and a single stand-out Jingle bell. Hang it on your front door with a rope.

Greenery, pinecones, wreaths, snowball, garlands, wheat sheaf, mitten, stocking and ribbon ornaments all make front door decorations the holiday season ranging from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year. Happy decorating and enjoy the DIY work.

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